Where can i fand a downloadable J2EE's Class Hierarchy Diagrams

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Can someone give me a downloadable .apk file?

<div><p>It is a huge headache to compile Android applications within Linux, so can anyone do me a favor and compile it into an executable (.apk file) application?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:...

Provide a release download url can be downloadable via wget

<div><p>You provide the release on mega links but ...s impossible to wget mega via terminal. Can you provide Bitcannon on other hosting ?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:stephen304/bitcannon</p></div>

[Feature suggestion] Automatically add new files in albums to a .zip and make it downloadable

I propose that all albums have a zip file that is hidden from the album view, but downloadable through a button. Of course, this would be optional and could be disabled in the config. <p>I'm not ...

Generate a downloadable figure from the content of any widget and/or 3D canvas

<div><p>It would be useful for scientists to be able to ...- [ ] Allow the user to give a name and a caption to each of the figures</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:openworm/org.geppetto</p></div>

No Downloadable videos and You can access 0 courses? Edx dashboard has been changed again!!!

<div><p>f6a8;Please review the <a href="../#troubleshooting">Troubleshooting</a> section before reporting any issue. Don't forget also to check the current issues to avoid duplicates. <h3>...


本文概要介绍什么是LoRa,什么是LoRaWAN,以及使用他们的场景和优缺点。 LoRa的技术要点,LoRaWAN的协议架构和设备分类。

Plans for a Downloadable Tool?

<div><p>Hey man, just wanna say, this is a fantastic tool and I applaud you for your time and effort. <p>Now, what I would like to know is if you plan to release a downloadable version of it. I love ...

please grant me write access to this repo so that I can submit a pr to bump the tf version

<div><p>Since the version in the image is 0.12 and the current downloadable version is 0.12.1 new users will get the following error: <p>exit status 1: running "terraform init -input=false -...

Need a downloadable exe file

<div><p>I just want to use NUglify as a command line tool on Windows. Where can I get a downloadable exe file? <p>Thanks!</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:trullock/NUglify</p></div>

Create a downloadable pdf

<div><p>There are been several requests for a downloadable PDF. <p>Requirements: - devs will generate a PDF once (might need to be update every few months if our content changes) - add a "Download...

variations and downloadable files

<p>IF this is not a bug and its how its built then i think we should hide the product download box on the main product if the product has variations and display a message. Just like we do with the ...

Export a page/form textarea to a downloadable file

<p>A button or icon to export the contents of a page / form textarea to a downloadable text file, similar to the way we do it in the installer with <code>config.php</code>.</p> <p>From a UI ...

Ability to generate a downloadable file on CHT

Generate a downloadable file on CHT that can be shared with the testing lab, downloadable file can be in form of an excel sheet or pdf. <p><strong>Describe alternatives you've considered A clear ...

GENSIM KeyedVectors and downloadable Models

<div><p>It appears that when I download any model from the downloader api in gensim or saved a Word2Vec and re-load it using a KeyedVectors format, the vocab object is storing a reverse index in the &...

Create a downloadable .deb please

<div><p>To have more people test this POL5 version you should create an downloadable/installable .deb package. I'm interested in a 64bit version for Debian 9.4 :wink: </p><p>该提问来源于开源项目&#...

Adding mutation and query to configurable and downloadable product endpoints

<div><h2>This PR is a: <ul><li>[ ] New topic...Added query and mutation to the <a href="https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.3/graphql/reference/configurable-product.html">configurable</a> and <a href=...

Gradle build and maven, downloadable jar

a downloadable jar would be handy too. Also, I can't find a build script(gradle or maven) in the project, so i assume that you are using ADT's build feature. I would recommend migrating to ...

support grabbing keys from a downloadable link

<div><p>Instead of inserting a public key, users could have an option to insert a link where the public key is located, such as: <p>http://www.shadowscape.eu/pgp/laur ...<p>Then a simple get request ...

Export to an input field instead of a downloadable file.

As importing is done by pasting JSON into an input field, it would be a much slicker workflow to be able to just do an export on the first site into a text field that can be copied, and then I all ...

imported data-library datasets are not displayable and downloadable

<div><p>I have a strange issue with datasets downloaded from a data library. All items in our data library are symlinked via path and can be imported. The imported datasets <em>can</em> be used by ...

ubuntu18.04上安装virtualbox win10虚拟机

ubuntu18.04上安装virtualbox win10虚拟机 Created: 2019-11-08 LastChange: 2019-11-27 ...ubuntu18.04 中虚拟机装win10, 用win10来装周立功usb-can适配器调试软件。 1. ubuntu18.04上安装virtualb...

MSI#822 Source deduction for virtual and downloadable products

<p>Source Deduction logic for virtual and downloadable products. <h3>Fixed Issues (if relevant) <ol><li>magento-engcom/msi#822: Downloadable and Virtual products remain In Stock after all quantity is...

fileobject.py doesn't generate a downloadable malware-sample

<div><p>When generating a fileobject with fileobject.py and pushing it on MISP, the malware-sample attribute has no downloadable malware-sample in MISP. <p>I think it might be due to the validation ...

is the source of the downloadable plugin somewhere?


[OMP] Remote galley links are not displayed unless there is a downloadable galley

<div><p>With OMP 3.1.0-0, we published a book that’s only available online. When only the one remote galley was available, the catalog page displayed no content access links at all. When we added a ...

Where to get pretrained city scape model (cityscapes_rna-a1_cls19_s8_ep-0001.params)?

<div><p>I can download the city scape dataset, but there's no model....<p>Where can I get these param files? <p>Thanks</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:itijyou/ademxapp</p></div>

Present the speaker with a easily downloadable QR code to the events feedback form

<div><p>To improve the feedback rate of any talk, I'd like to suggest a feature. <p>You could generate a QR code per event, which encodes a link to the feedback form of the event. This QR code ...

Copy and Reference All Downloadable Fonts to OUJS Pro/Dev Server

<div><ol><li>Not thrilled that I have to (and any visitor/user)</em> allow cloudflare and googleusercontent to the whitelist of NoScript</li><li>Just now it took 4 page reloads to show the icons......

Google independent zmNinja via F-Droid or downloadable packages (apk)

<div><p>For security / privacy reasons I am using a gapps-free phone with F-Droid as main repository. I would appreciate if zmNinja could be made available on F-Droid or as downloadable package files ...

Download Plugin - Download Button for each class and membership upgrade path

All downloads are visible to everyone, however, if a guest, or member (if the member tries and download a premium member file) tries to download a file, no matter what download class is defined, it ...

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