What happened to 51JS?

freewizard 2002-11-04 07:21:07
Anyone knows?
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希默软件 2002-11-04
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下载须知:英文版,但是内容是真的清楚,超清....... Reacting to the Virtual World 1 Tired of thinking of the Web in terms of passive pages? Been there, done that. They’re called books. And they’re good for reading, learning... lots of good things. But they’re not interactive. And neither is the Web without a little help from JavaScript. Sure, you can submit a form and maybe do a trick here and there with some crafty HTML and CSS coding, but you’re really just playing Weekend at Bernie’s propping up a lifeless web page. Real live interactivity requires a bit more smarts and a little more work... but it has a much bigger payoff. the interactive web (Online) people have needs 2 Like talking to a brick wall... nothing happens 3 But JavaScript talks back 4 Lights, camera, interaction! 6 Use the [removed] tag to tell the browser you’re writing JavaScript 11 Your web browser can handle HTML, CSS, AND JavaScript 12 Man’s virtual best friend... needs YOUR help 15 Making iRock interactive 16 Create the iRock web page 17 Test drive 17 JavaScript events: giving the iRock a voice 18 Alerting the user with a function 19 Add the iRock greeting 20 Now let’s make the iRock really interactive 22 Interaction is TWO-way communication 23 Add a function to get the user’s name 24 Instant replay: what just happened? 27 Test drive iRock 1.0 28 table of contents xi Everything Has Its Place 2 In the real world, people often overlook the importance of having a place to store all their stuff. Not so in JavaScript. You simply don’t have the luxury of walk-in closets and three-car garages. In JavaScript, everything has its place, and it’s your job to make sure of it. The issue is data—how to represent it, how to store it, and how to find it once you’ve put it somewhere. As a JavaScript storage specialist, you’ll be able to take a cluttered room of JavaScript data and impose your will on it with a flurry of virtual labels and storage bins. storing data Your scripts can store data 34 Scripts think in data types 35 Constants stay the SAME, variables can CHANGE 40 Variables start out without a value 44 Initialize a variable with “=” 45 Constants are resistant to change 46 What’s in a name? 50 Legal and illegal variable and constant names 51 Variable names often use CamelCase 52 Plan the Duncan’s Donuts web page 56 A first take at the donut calculations 58 Initialize your data...or else 61 NaN is NOT a number 62 You can add more than numbers 64 parseInt() and parseFloat() convert text to a number 65 Why are extra donuts being ordered? 66 Duncan discovers donut espionage 70 Use getElementById() to grab form data 71 Validate the web form’s data 72 Strive for intuitive user input 77



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