A field or property with the name 'JudgeTime' was not found on the selected data source.

ggzgeguoz 2008-07-16 05:52:26
Server Error in '/zxks' Application.

A field or property with the name 'JudgeTime' was not found on the selected data source.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: A field or property with the name 'JudgeTime' was not found on the selected data source.

Source Error:

Line 52: {
Line 53: GridView1.DataSource = ds;
Line 54: GridView1.DataBind(); (出错行)
Line 55: }
Line 56: else

Source File: e:\MyOnLineExam\Web\StudentIndex.aspx.cs Line: 54

Stack Trace:

[HttpException (0x80004005): A field or property with the name 'JudgeTime' was not found on the selected data source.]
System.Web.UI.WebControls.BoundField.GetValue(Control controlContainer) +432
System.Web.UI.WebControls.BoundField.OnDataBindField(Object sender, EventArgs e) +60
System.Web.UI.Control.OnDataBinding(EventArgs e) +98
System.Web.UI.Control.DataBind(Boolean raiseOnDataBinding) +208
System.Web.UI.Control.DataBind() +12
System.Web.UI.Control.DataBindChildren() +212
System.Web.UI.Control.DataBind(Boolean raiseOnDataBinding) +218
System.Web.UI.Control.DataBind() +12
System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridView.CreateRow(Int32 rowIndex, Int32 dataSourceIndex, DataControlRowType rowType, DataControlRowState rowState, Boolean dataBind, Object dataItem, DataControlField[] fields, TableRowCollection rows, PagedDataSource pagedDataSource) +221
System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridView.CreateChildControls(IEnumerable dataSource, Boolean dataBinding) +3013
System.Web.UI.WebControls.CompositeDataBoundControl.PerformDataBinding(IEnumerable data) +59
System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridView.PerformDataBinding(IEnumerable data) +12
System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataBoundControl.OnDataSourceViewSelectCallback(IEnumerable data) +111
System.Web.UI.DataSourceView.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments arguments, DataSourceViewSelectCallback callback) +25
System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataBoundControl.PerformSelect() +149
System.Web.UI.WebControls.BaseDataBoundControl.DataBind() +68
System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridView.DataBind() +4
Web_StudentIndex.ScoreInitData() in e:\MyOnLineExam\Web\StudentIndex.aspx.cs:54
Web_StudentIndex.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in e:\MyOnLineExam\Web\StudentIndex.aspx.cs:19
System.Web.Util.CalliHelper.EventArgFunctionCaller(IntPtr fp, Object o, Object t, EventArgs e) +13
System.Web.Util.CalliEventHandlerDelegateProxy.Callback(Object sender, EventArgs e) +45
System.Web.UI.Control.OnLoad(EventArgs e) +98
System.Web.UI.Control.LoadRecursive() +71
System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint) +4310

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.42; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.42

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搜索下用到'JudgeTime' 这个字段的地方去掉或修改
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绑定的数据源中没有找到'JudgeTime' 这个字段
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Version 1.7 ----------- - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder 10.2 Tokyo now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder 10.1 Berlin now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder 10 Seattle now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder XE8 now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder XE7 now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder XE6 now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder XE5 now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder XE4 now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder XE3 now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder XE2 now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder XE now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder 2010 now supported. - ADD: Delphi/CBuilder 2009 now supported. - ADD: New demo project FlexCADImport. - FIX: The height of the TFlexRegularPolygon object incorrectly changes with its rotation. - FIX: Added division by zero protect in method TFlexControl.MovePathSegment. - FIX: The background beyond docuemnt wasn't filled when TFlexPanel.DocClipping=True. - FIX: In "Windows ClearType" font rendering mode (OS Windows mode) the "garbage" pixels can appear from the right and from the bottom sides of the painted rectangle of the TFlexText object. - FIX: The result rectangle incorrectly calculated in the TFlexText.GetRefreshRect method. - FIX: Added FPaintCache.rcPaint cleanup in the TFlexPanel.WMPaint method. Now it is possible to define is the drawing take place via WMPaint or via the PaintTo direct call (if rcPaint contain non-empty rectangle then WMPaint in progress). - FIX: The TFlexPanel.FPaintCache field moved in the protected class section. Added rcPaint field in FPaintCache that represents drawing rectangle. - ADD: In the text prcise mode (TFlexText.Precise=True) takes into account the rotation angle (TFlexText.Angle). - FIX: Removed FG_NEWTEXTROTATE directive (the TFlexText Precise mode should be used instead). - FIX: The TFlexRegularPolygon object clones incorrectly drawed in case when TFlexRegularPolygon have alternative brush (gradient, texture). - ADD: Add TFlexPanel.InvalidateControl virtual method which calls from TFle
VCLZip Native Delphi Zip/UnZip Component! (VCLZip Lite: Version 2.23 April 14th, 2002) (VCLZip Pro: Version 3.10 Buid 1 - November 25th, 2007) IMPORTANT: If installing the registered version, please be sure to always re-install/rebuild the components (VCLZip and VCLUnZip) to the component pallette (or rebuild the design time package) so that the ThisVersion property and any other new properties will be properly updated. If your application still does not run without the IDE, open up VCLZip's package, click on options and look at the Directories/Conditionals tab. If KPDEMO is defined, remove it and recompile the package. ***IMPORTANT: Please remember do not install these components into a package by the name of either VCLZip or VCLUnZip. You will receive an error if you do. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE "WHAT's NEW IN THIS VERSION" LINK IN THE HELP FILE AS IT HAS CONVENIENT LINKS TO ALL OF THE NEW TOPICS. ==================== Version 3.10 Build 1 - Several bug fixes. - Added support for Delphi 2006, 2007 - Added support for BCB 2006, 2007 - Improved memory performance when working with archives containing extremely high number of compressed files. ==================== Version 3.06 Build 2 Made Delphi 2005 compatible Other assorted fixes ==================== Version 3.05 Build 1 Fixed a lot of incompatabilities between VCLZip and WinZip Other assorted fixes ==================== Version 3.04 Build 1 New ZLib methods for optimized compression and decompression of single entities of data in standard ZLib format, without the overhead of the PKZip format. This is excellent for compression of data to be sent across the net, compressing web pages (http compliant compression), blobs, etc. - ZLibCompressStream - ZLibDecompressStream - ZLibCompressBuffer - ZLibDecompressBuffer - ZLibCompressString - ZLibDecompressString Overloaded TStream Methods for Delphi 4,5, BCB 4, and 5 - UnZipToStream - UnZipToStreamByIndex - ZipFromStream Special OnGetNextTStream Event for Delphi 4,5, BCB 4, and 5 - Allows zipping multiple TStreams in one process - More efficient than calling ZipFromStream multiple times Capability to use the latest version of ZLib 1.2.1. - VCLZip currently uses 1.4.1 by default. - By defining ZLIB121, VCLZip will use the latest version of ZLib which is included with the registered version. Some optimization improvements which should show some improvement in zipping and unzipping speed when using TkpStreams with D4, D5, BCB4, and BCB5. ============ Version 3.03 (VCLZip Pro) - Please test your application thoroughly with this new version of VCLZip Pro. While it has been tested and has even been used in at least two production applications for several months now prior to initial release, there are so many combinations of property settings, environment differences, and ways to use VCLZip that you should always test VCLZip completely in your application before deploying. *** New Zip64 capabilities, properties, methods and events: - Uncompressed, Compressed, and Archive file sizes can be up to 2^63-1 bytes in length. - You can compress up to 2147483647 files into an archive. This is compatible with PKZip's Zip64 format. - If a file does not extend beyond any of the original limitations (filesizes of 4 gig or 65535 files) then no Zip64 format information is included in the archive. - property isZip64 - tells you when you are working with a zip file that is using Zip64 format. Much faster processing due to linking to Zlib object files for compression and decompression routines. Blocked Zip Files (spanned zip archives split onto hard drive) - Now completely compatible with PKZip and WinZip split archives file naming format. - For backwards compatability you can tell VCLZip to use the old VCLZip filenaming format by using the BlockMode property. - New method OnFileNameForSplitPart called just before each split filepart is created. VCLZip supplies a default implementation of this method so for most purposes you won't need your own. - method DefaultFileNameForSplitPart - VCLZip calls this internally if you don't define your own OnFileNameForSplitPart. You can also call it from your own OnFileNameForSplitPart if you wish to add some processing to the default behavior. - property BlockMode - determines whether VCLZip uses PKZip/WinZip standard naming convention or VCLZip classic method. - method DefaultGetNextDisk - VCLZip calls this internally if you don't define your own OnGetNextDisk. You can also call it from your own OnGetNextDisk event if you wish to add some processing to the default behavior. - Properties for controlling which files are zipped... - IncludeHiddenFiles - default False; - IncludeSysFiles: - default False; - IncludeReadOnlyFiles: - default True; - IncludeArchiveFiles: - default True; - Event OnGetNextStream - Allows you to zip from multiple streams when using the ZipFromStream method. This improves performance since repeated calls to ZipFromStream causes the archive to be updated on each subsequent call. - property ThisBuild - Tells you the current build. See also ThisVersion - property OnHandleMessage - Handles interactive messages with VCLZip. There is a default, so you don't need to define your own unless you wish to eliminate interactive messages and handle them on your own. This is helpful if you are using VCLZip as a service or on a webserver for instance. ******** Upgrading existing applications that use VCLZip 2.X ********** For the most part, existing applications will work as-is. Just install VCLZip 3.X and recompile your code. Here are some things to be aware of though... 1) If your app currently creates mmBlock archives (spanned directly to hard drive) and you define your own OnGetNextDisk in VCLZip 2.X, you should move your code from this event that handles mmBlock events to the new event OnFileNameForSplitPart. However, if you simply rely on VCLZip's default OnGetNextDisk then you don't have to worry about this. 2) If your app creates mmBlock archives, the default naming convention has changed to match the PKZip/WinZip standard. If you wish to keep the same naming convention then set BlockMode := mbClassic. 3) OnGetNextDisk and OnPrepareNextDisk events are called for the 1st disk now. VCLZip 2.X only calls these events starting with the 2nd disk. 4) properties CompressedSize[Index], UncompressedSize[Index], ZipSize are now Int64 types. 5) Delphi 4, Delphi 5, BCB 4, and BCB5 are all capable of using the Zip64 format. However they use the TkpHugeStream decendants which act just like TStreams except they handle files/stream sizes larger than 2gig. There is a TkpHugeFileStream and a TkpHugeMemoryStream which should handle 99% of all necessary actions. If you currently work with VCLZip 2.X with TBlobStreams or some other type of streams, you can either define your own TkpBlobStream for instance which inherits from TkpHugeStream, or use the TkpHugeStream.CopyFrom(TStream, Count) and the TkpHugeStream.GetStream: TStream methods to give VCLZip your stream and get it back. Ofcourse when using regular TStream decendants in D4,4,BCB4,and 5, you cannot create Zip64 archives. If you use Delphi 6, 7, or BCB 6, you don't have to worry about any of this as the normal TSTream is used by VCLZip and handles large file/stream sizes. ============ Version 2.23 (VCLZip Lite) Added the OEMConvert property. Filenames stored in a PKZip compatible archive normally go through an OEM conversion to make them ascii compatible. When opening the zip file the conversion is undone. If you do not plan on having other zip utilities opening up your archives this conversion process is not really necessary. Setting this property to False will eliminate this process. The default value for this property is True for normal PKZip compatability. Added OnEncrypt and OnDecrypt events. These allow you to replace the standard pkzip encryption with your own. Data is passed to these events a buffer at a time. Use this with care as this is still somewhat experimental and I'm not sure how useful it is yet. You must make all changes within the buffer sent in to you. Treat the entire file as a stream. Byte for byte replacement only. No additional keys can be saved. Added OnRecursingFile event. Sometimes when using wildcards and recursing directories, there was no reporting of progress. This will be fired each time a file matches as the file list is being built while recursing directories. Added the EncryptBeforeCompress boolean property. The default for this property is False and if left like this VCLZip will behave like normal. If set to True, VCLZip will encrypt each buffer prior to compressing it instead of afterwards. This will cause files to not be decryptable by normal zip utilities thereby adding a bit of extra security. Bugs Fixed: IMPORTANT!!! Behavior of freeing the ArchiveStream (compressed stream) has been modified. VCLZip will now no longer try to free ArchiveStream, you must free it yourself. This was due to a problem where it would be freed automatically if there was a problem with the ArchiveStream when trying to open it as a zip file (possibly corrupt). Best practice is that ArchiveStream should always point toward a TMemoryStream that you create anyway. Modified the SFX code (the code used to create the SFX stub distributed with VCLZip) so that it handles filenames that have been run through an OEM Conversion. The SFX was losing accented characters. This modification means that if you are creating zip files to be used as SFX's you will want to leave the OEMConvert property mentioned above, set to it's default value of True. Modified so that when cursor is changed to hourglass by VCLZip, previous cursor is saved correctly instead of just changing it back to default cursor. Now saves Central Directory Extra Fields correctly. Fixed the SFX code so that it works properly if you use Copy /B to concatenate a zip file to the stub. Due to a Delphi strange behavior sometimes path names for directory only entries would become corrupted. Removed reference to QConsts, replaced with RTLConsts. Sometimes a GPF would result if a corrupt zip file was opened. Using a wildcard in pathname added to FilesList did not work. Using '*.*' as a wildcard in files added to FilesList now is the same as using '*'. VCLZip will now check for CancelTheOperation during initial building of the fileslist instead of just during compression processing. Added a final call to OnTotalPercentDone with 100% because this didn't always happen. Attributes were not getting set correctly for directory-only entries. Fixed a problem that was not allowing ZipComment's to be added correctly to spanned or blocked zip files. Not the same fix as in 2.22. Directories (directory-only entries) were not being restored properly unless DoAll was True. You were unable to delete a directory from which files were recursively zipped until exiting your application. ============ Version 2.22 Now Delphi 6 compatible. New event called {link=93,OnRecursingFile} which gets called as VCLZip recurses directories searching for files that match a wildcard that is entered in the FilesList. This gets called each time a file matches the wildcard. Fixed a bug which kept diskettes from being labeled when creating spanned zip files on WIN31. Fixed a bug which sometimes did not allow zip comments to be added to blocked zip sets. Fixed a bug which caused VCLZip to not properly handle the IncompleteZip exception on spanned zip sets unless you called ReadZip prior to calling UnZip. Version 2.21 (Changes are shown in the build stages as they were implemented) Pre-Release Build 5: When working with temporary files, VCLZip will now rename, instead of copy, the temp file if the destination is on the same drive. This will speed up the adding of files to an existing zip file when the resulting zip file is very large. Pre-Release Build 4: New event called OnPrepareNextDisk which is an event that will allow you, when creating spanned zip files across diskettes, to do things like format a diskette that has just been inserted, or to add or delete files from the diskette before continuing with the zipping process. Fixed a problem that was causing the CancelTheOperation Method to not work properly. Pre-Release Build 3: Fixed bug which caused VCLZip to miscalculate space needed for zfc file if wildcards are put into the FilesList. Fixed bug so you could have FilePercentDone without needing TotalPercentDone when creating spanned zip files Fixed so relative_offset set correctly for spanned zips. Side effect of removing needless write of header. Added code to read local fileheaders if exception thrown when reading a central fileheader. Fixed problem where directories couldn't be created from directory entries because the fullpath wasn't known yet. Result of having moved this code to earlier. Fixed typo in creation of LOC header values which could cause error if reading local headers. Changed so Zip Comment starting position is calculated based on end of central record instead of end of file. Pre-Release Build 2: IMPORTANT: Changed default for FileOpenMode back to fmShareDenyNone as it had been for all but version 2.20. Fixed a problem where drivepart (i.e. C:\) was not being stripped when saving relative paths. Added a BufferedStreamSize property which can increase the speed of creating zips to floppy (and other slow media) dramatically. The new default for this should increase the speed by as much as 3 times, but you can now tweak this especially for your application! Added an ImproperZip property which gets set when VCLZip detects an inconsistency with the zip. This can be useful for detecting when VCLZip was able to open the zip in spite of an inconsistency found. There was no way to know this in the past. Fixed a problem where zip comments in zfc files were not being read correctly. Added a setZipSignatures procedure which allows you to modify the signatures of your zip file. This will cause other zip utilities to not be able to recognize or read your zip files created with VCLZip. Useful if you want to add further security to your zip files. Pre-Release Build 1: Some zip files would not open correctly, throwing an incomplete zip file exception due to an erroneous "extra field length" identifier in headers of some compressed files. These zip files are rare, but a very few people seemed to have several of them. This problem would not affect zip files created by VCLZip, and this problem should only occur in VCLZip 2.20, not in any previous version. If you had Range Checking turned on, VCLZip would get a range check error when using a wildcard that ended with a * as in 'somefile.*'. Under certain circumstances, drive information would not be stripped from path information if zipping recursively (including subdirectories) "Retrying" to zip a file that could not be opened using the OnSkippingFile event would not always work correctly. Creating spanned zip set to floppy should be faster now due to removing a needless header write to disk for each file. VCLZip would not compile correctly with MAKESMALL defined. Added code to make VCLZip work with BCB5. Haven't tested this yet though since I don't have BCB5 myself yet. Added readonly boolean ImproperZip property which will be set to True when some sort of problem is found when opening the zip file, even if recoverable. This property will be enhanced and refined in the future. If KeepZipOpen is set to True, when putting in the wrong disk in a spanned zip set, VCLZip would not always properly close the file on the old diskette before trying to open the file on the next diskette. Added ECantWriteUCF exception which will be thrown if VCLZip runs out of room to write the uncompressed file when unzipping. Timestamp was not being set properly when unzipping readonly files. Moved setting of the timestamp to before the attributes get set. ============ Version 2.20 Changes have been made in the following areas: --Performance There are a few code optimizations that should speed up the zipping process slightly. --Spanned Zip Files A new feature, turned on with the SaveZipInfoOnFirstDisk allows VCLZip to create and read spanned zip files starting with the first disk instead of the normally required last disk of the spanned disk set by saving a Zip Configuration File on the first disk. This feature can be used even if creating the spanned zip file directly to your hard drive. A new property, SaveOnFirstDisk, allows you to save room on the first disk when creating a spanned zip file, to allow room for other files, such as setup programs, data files, or a Zip Configuration File. Spanned zip files can now be directed toward disks greater than 2 gig in size as long as you are using Delphi 5 or BCB 4. --UnZipping The new Selected indexed property offers another way to flag files to be unzipped. Files that have the Selected property set to True can be unzipped using the UnZipSelected method. The Selected property will be cleared (set to False) for each file as it is unzipped, but you can also call the ClearSelected method to clear them all. At anytime the NumSelected property can be checked to see how many files have been selected. Also, the UnZipToBufferByIndex and UnZipToStreamByIndex methods allow you to unzip files specified by their index instead of by name or wildcard. The BufferLength property allows buffered output (buffer smaller than the total uncompressed filesize) when unzipping directly to memory (see UnZipToBuffer and UnZipToBufferByIndex). This will cause the OnGetNextBuffer Event to be called everytime BufferLength bytes have been output by VCLZip. Modified to work in all ways with zip files that have "extra fields" in their headers. These tend to be quite rare, but they do show up from time to time. --Zipping Added a property called FileOpenMode which allows you to define the file open mode for files when they are opened to be zipped. Added a Retry parameter to the OnSkippingFile Event that can be used to re-attempt to open a file for zipping that is open by another process. This gives the chance to close the file and continue with the zipping process rather than having to start over again. Added a ENotEnoughRoom exception which will be thrown if there is not enough room to write to the archive, i.e. out of disk space. The new OnUpdate Event gets fired when updating or freshening an existing archive. It is triggered for each file that already exists in the archive as it is either replaced or kept in the updated archive. The AddDirEntriesOnRecurse will cause separate directory entries to be included in archives when doing recursive zips through subdirectories. --Integrity Checking A new method, CheckArchive, will perform an integrity check on all files in an archive. This is much faster than using FileIsOK on each file if testing all files in an archive with VERY MANY files. Further improved checking for corrupted zip files when opening zip files. --Encryption The following new properties and methods allow lower level work with password encrypted archives: DecryptHeader Gets the decryption header for a particular compressed file in an archive GetDecryptHeaderPtr Same as DecryptHeader but easier to use in BCB. DecryptHeaderByte Method Tests a password against the decryption header found in the DecryptHeader property. GetDecryptHeaderByteByPtr Same as DecryptHeaderByte but easier to use in BCB. --Self Extracting Executables Changes were made to the ZIPSFX32.BIN stub itself: - Modified to work with zip files containing "extra fields" in their headers. - Modified to change mouse cursor to an hour glass during processing. - Check for correct file size is now done automatically - Now uses the end of central and central headers to find the first local header. - Added a progress meter - Better checking for corrupted zip files. - Added an information window that can optionally be shown when the sfx is initially started up. - Added an AutoRun option to make the sfx stub run automatially when double clicked with no other interaction from the user. For the new modified sfx stub, ZIPSFX32.BIN, instead of using kpSFXOpt, you should now use the TSfxConfig component to set the options for the sfx stub. The new sfx can be found in the sfx\ subdirectory as usual and is called ZIPSFX32.BIN and the original sfx can be found in the same subdirectory except it is now called ORGSFX32.bin. Just rename it if you prefer that one (use KPSFXOPT instead of TSfxConfig with the old stub). --Miscellaneous The installation is now easier, atleast for first time installers of the source code. The .DPK files for Delphi and .CPP files for BCB are now included. Now these files simply have to be compiled and that's it. There is a separate option in the installation for installing to the different versions of Delphi and BCB. Added a property called FlushFilesOnClose which will cause all files opened for write by VCLZip to have their disk buffers flushed to disk when closed. Added the capability to delete Selected files from an archive using the DeleteEntries Method. The behavior of the OnInCompleteZip Event has been greatly improved. You can now use this event to ask the user to insert the last disk of a spanned disk set rather than having to handle this situation from outside VCLZip. The register procedures were changed so that the components now get installed to the "VCLZip" tab on the palette. I found that for all but Delphi 1 I had to actually manually move the components to the "VCLZip" tab. You may find that you have to do this too if you have already installed VCLZip before. The components now use new bitmaps in place of the old ones on the component palette. Separated many compiler defines into a new file called KPDEFS.INC. ==================================== Version 2.18: 1) Thanks to the hard work of a fellow registered user, added the capability to remove all dependencies on the Dialogs, Forms, Controls, and FileCtrl units by defining the conditional MAKESMALL, which results in a smaller footprint. This can be quite useful when putting VCLZip into a DLL for instance. In order to make this work, go into your Project | Options and select the Directories/Conditionals tab and enter MAKESMALL in the conditional defines text box. In Delphi you can add this conditinal define to the project options of your application that uses VCLZip and then do a "build all". In BCB you will have to add this to the project options of the package that contains VCLZip and then rebuild the package. If you define MAKESMALL, the only things you lose are: a) ZIP file open dialog box that appears when the ZipName is set to "?" b) Select Directory dialog box that appears when the DestDir is set to "?" c) Changing the cursor to an hour glass during some operations. d) No long filename support in Delphi 1 2) Made VCLZip completely BCB4 compatible. 3) Added some exception handling to KPUNZIPP and KPINFLT, mainly to handle unexpected situations when wrong passwords are entered. This fixes the problem with PRP, the password recovery program. 4) For Borland C++ Builder, changed any COMP types to double, getting rid of the compiler warnings for unsupported comp type. This affects the OnStartZipInfo and OnStartUnZipInfo events, so you'll have to change the comp parameter to double in these events if you use them (in both your header files and in the CPP files). 5) Modified OnStartUnZip event so that FName (the filename of the file that is about to be unzipped along with complete path) is now a VAR parameter and can be modified. This allows you to change the path and name of a file that is about to be unzipped. This is especially helpfull in applications like Install Programs. NOTE: You will need to change your current code to add the VAR to the event definition and implementation if you already use this event in your application. (In BCB, add a & just before the parameter instead of VAR) 6) Moved many type definitions to VCLUNZIP.PAS so that kpZipObj won't have to be included in your USES list. 7) Fixed bug that caused GPF when setting Zip Comment to '' (empty string). 8) Moved strings in VCLZip/VCLUnZip into a string table, making the code size a little smaller as well as making it much easier to localize string information. However you have the option of not using the new string table, for whatever reason, by defining NO_RES in your project options (in the conditional defines text box on the Directories/Conditionals tab). 9) Removed the need for several files. No longer included are kpstrm.res, kpstrm.rc, kpsconst.res, kpsconst.rc, kpstres.pas, and for Delphi 1, kpdrvs.pas. In some cases the need for these files was eliminated and in other cases just rolled into the newly included kpzcnst.rc, kpzcnst.pas, and kpzcnst.res. Definining NO_RES in your project options will elimiate the need for these new files but will make your code size slightly larger and you won't be able to localize your application without changing VCLZip source code. 10) Modified the OnFilePercentDone and OnTotalPercentDone progress events to work better when creating spanned disk sets and blocked zip sets. They no longer report 100% when the compressed file still has to be copied to disk. 11) Added the ReplaceReadOnly property. Setting this to true will allow files with the ReadOnly attribute to be replaced during the unzip process. 12) Added the ifNewer and ifOlder options to the OverwriteMode property. (This had somehow made it into the help file but not into VCLUnZip) 13) Added the SFXToZip method which will convert an SFX file to a regular zip file. The header pointers will be properly adjusted during the conversion. 14) Fixed a problem where the OnGetNextDisk event would always revert to the DefaultGetNextDisk method instead of what you entered into the Object Inspector each time your project was re-opened. 15) Fixed a bug that caused CRC errors when unzipping files from spanned disk sets if they were STORED (no compression) and spanned across disks. 16) Added the OnZipComplete and OnUnZipComplete events. If defined, these will fire at the very end of a zip or unzip operation (after all files have been processed, not after each file). These events will rarely be used since, normally you will be able to do the same thing at the point that the call to Zip or UnZip returns, but these events can be useful when using VCLZip in threads where in certain circumstances the return from the Zip or UnZip methods are not seen. 17) Creation of SFX files has never been easier!!! The addition of the MakeNewSFX method allows you to create Self Extracting Executables without the need to create a zip file first. The files that you specify in the FilesList property will be zipped, using all the normal VCLZip property settings, and the SFX will be created, all in one step! In addition, you can create configurable SFX files using this method, and you can do this especially easy by adding the new unit kpSFXOpt to your application's USES list and using the new 32bit SFX stub that is now distributed with VCLZip. This allows you to easily set things like SFX Dialog caption, default target extraction directory, file to launch after extraction, etc. 18) Fixed a memory leak that only affects applications using VCLZip that are compiled with Delphi 2, and that use wildcard specifications in the FilesList property. Version 2.17a: 1) Fixed a bug that was keeping VCLZip from reading truncated zip files or sfx files that did not have their headers adjusted. 2) Fixed a bug that was causing a directory to be created on the C drive when doing integrity checking with the FileIsOK property. 3) Added {$V-} to kpZipObj.PAS 4) Moved two AssignTo methods to public instead of private in kpZipObj.PAS Version 2.17: 1) Added Memory zipping and unzipping capabilities through the UnZipToBuffer and ZipFromBuffer methods. See the documentation for these methods in the Help File for more information. 2) New FileIsOK Property allows you to check for the integrity of individual files within an archive without actually unzipping the file. 3) Fixed a bug that kept checking of volume labels from working on WIN31 when working with spanned disk sets. 4) Removed all references to ChDirectory so that VCLZip will be more thread safe allowing separate instances of VCLZip in separate threads to be performing zip/unzip operations at the same time. 5) A new public property PreserveStubs allows you to make modifications to sfx archives and have the archive remain an SFX rather than revert back to a normal zip file. 6) Added a default OnGetNextDisk event. If one is not defined, then the default event will be called when the situation arises that a new disk is needed when zipping or unzipping a spanned or blocked zip archive. 7) Added more power to the wildcard capabilities. Now you can qualify the * wildcard character, for instance: * would satisfy any number of contiguous characters as long as they are all a thru e. * would satisfy any number of contiguous characters as long as none of them were a thru e. This allows you to do things like include files in specific direcories into your ExcludeList. For instance: VCLZip1.ExcludeList.Add('c:\test\*.txt') would exclude the zipping of all .txt files in the test directory but not in any subdirectories. 8) Fixed other minor bugs and made other code enhancements. Version 2.16: ***Please be aware that if you currently use the OnSkippingFile event in any of your applications, version 2.16 will require a small modification as this event has an added parameter and one of the current parameters is used a little differently when being called by the zip operation. Please see the help file for more information. 1) The OnSkippingFile Event has been changed slightly, adding a parameter for the filename. 2) OnSkippingFile is now called when a file to be zipped is skipped because it is locked by another application. See the Help File for more information. 3) Fixed a bug with the Exclude and NoCompressList where they were ignoring entries with anything before the extention (i.e. 'somefile.*' as opposed to '*.zip') if you were saving directory information. 4) Fixed a bug that caused an error if you added a wildcard with a non-existent directory to the FilesList. 5) A few other minor bug fixes. Modifications for 2.15 include: 1) PackLevel can now be set to 0 (zero) which means no compression at all (STORED only). 2) New property ExcludeList is a new stringlist that you can add filenames and wildcards to in order to specify files that you do not wish to be included in an archive. 3) New property NoCompressList is a new stringlist that you can add filenames and wildcards to in order to specify files that you wish to be STORED with a PackLevel of 0 (zero), no compression. 4) All compiler warnings and hints were removed. Modifications for 2.14 include: 1) Delphi 4 compatability. 2) Added ability to use complex wildcards when specifying which files are to be zipped. This includes wildcard characters not only in the filename but also in the pathname. This allows you to specify directories using wildcards, for instance: VCLZip1.FilesList.add('c:\test\w*\mycode*.pas'); would get all PAS files beginning with mycode in subdirectories under TEST that begin with the letter w. Wilcards may be much more complex than this. Please see the help file for more information. 3) Added the ability to override the RECURSE property setting when specifying files to be zipped. By adding the following characters to the beginning of the filenames being added, you can override whatever the current setting is for the RECURSE property: '>' will force recursion into subdirectories '|' will force NO-recursion For instance: VCLZip1.FilesList.add('>c:\windows\*.ini'); will get all .ini files in and below the windows directory reguardless of what the recurse property setting is. and: VCLZip1.FilesList.add('|c:\windows\sys*\*.dll'); will get all .dll files in subdirectories of the windows directories that start with 'sys' but will not recurse into any directories below the sys* directories. 4) The [ and ] characters previously used as special wildcard characters have been changed to since [ and ] are valid filename characters. If you still need to use the previous characters for backward compatability, I can show registered users how to easily modify a couple of constants in the source code in order to go back to the old style. See "Using Wildcards" in the help file for more information. 5) A few bug fixes. Modifications for 2.13 include: 1) New property ResetArchiveBitOnZip causes each file's archive bit to be turned off after being zipped. 2) New Property SkipIfArchiveBitNotSet causes files who's archive bit is not set to be skipped during zipping operations. 3) A few modifications were made to allow more compatibility with BCB 1. 4) Cleaned up the Help File some. 5) KWF file now works for Delphi 1 and Delphi 2 again. Still can't get context sensitive help in Delphi 3. 6) Cleaned up some of the code that was causing compiler warnings and hints. Modifications for 2.12 include: 1) Added a TempPath property to allow the temporary files path to be different from the Windows default. 2) Modified VCLZip so that any temporary files that are created receive a unique temporary filename so as not to clash with any other files in the temporary directory. This also allows working with zip files residing in the temporary directory. 3) Fixed a bug in the relative path feature. 4) Fixed a bug that caused a "list out of bounds" error if a file in the FilesList did not actually exist. Modifications for 2.11 include: 1) Fixed password encryption bug for 16 bit. 2) Fixed "invalid pointer operation" when closing application bug. 3) Fixed path device truncation bug which caused inability to modify existing archives in 16 bit. 4) Fixed inability to cancel during wilcard expansion bug. 5) Added capability to better handle corrupted timestamps. 6) Added capability to open and work with SFX files that were created with the COPY/B method (header files not adjusted). 7) Other small bug fixes. I'm still working on a bug which causes a GPF when continually unzipping the same file thousands to millions of times. This mainly affects programs like the Password Recovery Program (PRP) which uses the brute force method of searching for an archive's password. Modifications for 2.10 include: 1) Capability for 16bit VCLZip to store long file/path names when running on a 32bit OS. 2) New property (Store83Names) which allows you to force DOS 8.3 file and path names to be stored. 3) Better UNC path support. 4) Fixed a bug to allow files to be added to an empty archive. Modifications for 2.03 include: 1) Volume labels now get written correctly to spanned disk sets in Delphi 1 for all versions of Windows. 2) Delphi 1 VCLZip now correctly recognizes when it is running on Windows NT. 3) Fixed a problem with zipping files in the root directory when StorePaths = True. 4) File and Zip Comments are now read correctly from spanned/blocked zip archives. 5) Fixed a buf that was causing "Duplicate Object" errors. Modifications for 2.02 include: 1) Fix for file comments which were supposed to be fixed in version 2.01 but weren't. 2) Fix for stream zipping. Version 2.01 would not create a new archive if using a stream. (The Stream Demo now allows creating new zip files to streams too) 3) A few other minor modifications to further solidify the code. 4) A modification to the Zip Utility Demo which allows unzipping from Blocked zip files as if they were single zip files. 5) Added a read-only, published ThisVersion property which reflects the version of the VCLZip/VCLUnZip that you are currently working with. Modifications for 2.01 include: 1) Fixes for exceptions that were caused when CANCELING a zip or unzip of a spanned zip file. 2) Fix for a possible problem when zipping or unzipping a spanned zip file when one or more of the compressed files resided on more than 2 of the spanned parts. 3) Fix for file comments which were broken in version 2.00. Additional features for version 2.00 include: 1) Modify/Add internal file details (filename, pathname, timestamp, comment) for any file while zipping, in the OnStartZip event. 2) Add an Archive Comment while zipping in the OnStartZipInfo event. 3) Delphi 1 compatiblity for VCLZip. 4) Stream to Stream Zipping - Archives themselves can now be TStreams! 5) New Relative Path Information option. 6) Unzip archives that weren't zipped with the Relative Path option turned on as if they had been by determining how much path information to use with the Rootpath property. 7) Modify timestamps for files in existing archives (you could already modify filenames and pathnames for files in existing archives) 8) The OnBadPassword event now allows you to supply a new password and try the same file again when unzipping. 9) Source code has been cleaned up so that it will compile under Borland C++ Builder with no modifications. Also some bugs were fixed, most importantly: 1) An empty file, that had been compressed into an archive would cause any file added to the archive to cause the archive to approximately double in size. Any archives containing empty files are not corrupted, they are OK. This was simply a fix to the way the archive was processed. 2) After creating an SFX file, you had to close the zip file before you could modify it in any way, otherwise a stream read error was encountered. See the Help file for more information on new features. This zip file is part of a self contained installation program. Just run it and the installation program will begin. Contact vclzip@bigfoot.com for further information Thanks! Kevin Boylan
SakEmail components Copyright ?1997 - 2003 Sergio A. Kessler web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sakemail/To subscribe to the mailing list of sakemail, just go tohttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/sakemail/History:0.9 - First released version0.9.1b -Fixed when a mail server reply on the connection with more than one line0.9.2b - I forget to return a value in functions retrieveHeader/Message =) and fixed it. Some minor bugs that I don‘t remember fixed.- Added MIME-compliant base64 support (not for use by now). Added examples. Fixed a bug when send a mail and the first line disappear (thanks to Arun)- Now, you could do MySMTP.MsgTo := ‘a@doma.com; b@domb.com;c@domc.com‘; the spaces before/after semicolon doesn‘t matter (I hope ;)).0.9.3b- Many changes, I added a SakMsg component that make send binary attachments a snap. But have one problem, if you send as attach a file > 20 Kb, it doesn‘t work (I don‘t know why, maybe a problem of sockets). Developed with a version 2.0b of WSockets and D3. Changed the POP.login to a function that return the number of new msgs.- Added the event OnRetrieveProgress on the SakPOP, and fixed the example, sorry =)- Minor changes to the code.1.0- Developed with WSockets 1.2 POP.Login now return a boolean depending id the user is authorized, and POP.Init return the number of new msgs.1.01- Fixed a bug with a bounced mail.1.02- Minor bugs fixed (some variants of boundary)14/10/971.1.0- Warning: WSockets1.2 have some bugs that result in bad attachments. So I decided to use the sockets of Delphi 3 founded in D3 c/s D3.01 pro and D3.01 c/s. Now all seems to work fine and much more smooth. And of course the interface of SakEmail hasn‘t changed.26/10/971.2.0- Added the Reply-To field to TSakMsg comp. Now you must use ‘,‘ when you want to send the msg. to multiple recipients, i.e.: ‘a@doma.com, b@domb.com,c@domc.com‘ This change is done for better compatibility with other emails clients.- Better formatting of the field Date of TSakMsg. Some changes to the code.17/11/971.2.1- Now, all searches are made in case-insensitive, it could prevent some unexpected responses (no one reported, but...). Some changes to the code (again).20/11/971.2.2- Some bugs fixed. (Thanks to Serge Wagener from .lu)24/11/971.2.3- Added the field ‘MIME-Version: 1.0‘. It seems that is necessary :)25/11/971.3.0- Added compatibility with SCO and VAX servers. Fixed a minor bug with the boundary.- Change the generator of the message id.- Added the field MessageId and InReplyTo to the TSakMsg component.- Added the field In-Reply-To that is added to the message generated when it is <> ‘‘.30/11/971.3.1- Almost rewrote the parsing code. Now is more easy for you if you want hack/modify the code.- Better treatment of emails with html inside.15/12/971.4- Added support for UUCoded attachments.- Added a small delay when sending the email, seems that some servers can‘t deglut the info too fast, causing problems with sockets buffers and leading to crash the client machine, I don‘t know if is a Borland bug or Microsoft bug. (thanks to Don Higgins).19/12/971.4.1- Fixed a bug that send double ‘<‘ and ‘>‘ (ie. <>) when the full user name is used. Check the new SMTP demo. Thanks to Serge Wagener for locate this bug, track it down and send me the fix.2/2/981.5.0- Added the Canceled property to TSakPOP and to TSakSMTP. Due to this addition now RetrieveAllMessages is a function that return the number of msgs. retrieved and SendMessage is a boolean function (maybe someone has pressed the cancel btn).- Fixed a bug when the subject field is too large.9/2/981.5.1- Fixed a bug with a message within a message (recursive msgs).18/2/981.5.2- Fixed a bug what happens when after the field ‘To:‘ appear a blank line(Thanks to Osvaldo Fillia). Fixed a bug when sending email to more than two address (the separator is still ‘,‘).9/3/981.6.0- Sometimes the filenames of an attachment contain invalid chars making very dificult to open a TSaveDialog (you have noted this ?), now SakEmail deletes the invalid chars.- Applied a patch from Matjaz Bravc, that resolve the problem of localized dates, letting you choose (in design time) if you want localized dates (NOT recommended) or standards dates (english) via the LocalizedDates boolean property in the TSakSMTP comp. Thanks also to Serge Dosyukov for sending me a fix.- Also I applied another patch of Gregor Duchalski that cure a bug with PChar when this unit is used under NT. - It seems that some machines need more delay when sendig a msg (see previous posting 19/12/97), thanks to Matjaz Bravc.- I discover a bug in the transparency code, it is fixed now. Did you see the benefits of Open Source Software ? :)26/3/981.6.1- Added a FUNCFileName private variable to manage the complete path of the attached file. I receive problems reports with this, it work now ?.- Reduced the line sleep to 30 (tell me if this value doesn‘t work for you).27/4/981.7.0- Fixed a memory leak, thanks to Don Higgins.- Moved the string esErrorInFormatOfMsg to a property of SakPOP.- Because some people need to use IP addresses instead of Host names, I‘ve added a new property IPAddress to SakPOP and SakSMTP. If both are filled, then the Host name will be used, thanks to Roger F. Reghin for reporting this. The side effect for this is that YOUR app must check if the host is a host name or a IP address, in my app I remove the periods and try to convert the result to a float (long integers don‘t work, but float accept chars ‘e‘) if it doesn‘t work I assume that is a host name (someone has a better and simple idea ?).- Added the property FileStream to the class TAtachedFile and the procedure SaveToStream, this was done by Brian Sheperd- The address separator (in the TO: field) is ‘,‘ and ‘;‘ now (before it was ‘,‘ only).1.7.1- Roger F. Reghin has sended me a pair of nice patches that resolve in a good behavior when the destination address is something like "Roger Reghin" and some servers says that they couldn‘t relay that mail, etc. Also Roger has made the IPAddress property obsolete (do not use it, use Host instead), SakEmail will resolve the host properly no matter if it is a host name or a IP address. So in the next version I will remove the IPAddress property. Thank you, Roger.1.8.0- Well, it seems that I made a mistake, I investigated the previous behavior and it is a fault of the SMTP (RFC 821), so I fixed it.- The IPAddress property has been removed, use Host. Goeran Strehl (asem) has sended me a patch that fix a memory leak and one problem with the object inspector and the Text property of a SakMsg. Dmitry Bondarenko say that some servers do not send the msg size after the RETR command, so he fix that issuing a LIST n command first (work nicely).- Added the property CC (Carbon Copy) to the SakMsg object.1.8.1- Added the property ReturnPath to the SakMsg comp. Minor changes to the scanning code for the filename of attachments.1.8.2- Fixed a bug with the filename of attachments (thanks to Taufer Pavel Ing.).- Added the function IsIPAddress from hou yg (the actual code don‘t work if the server is 265.net :) Fixed a minor bug with html pages like attachments. Some fucking email server return a bounded message declaring the boundary like ‘boundary = ‘ and not ‘boundary=‘ wich is clear in the RFC, fixed.1.8.3- A obscure bug was found by HuangYeJun from china, in the RetrieveHeaders function if the retrieved text was larger than 1024 bytes and the crlf.crlf fall in the middle of two chunks, the function is blocked. I don‘t use this function, btw. Just cleaned up a bit the FindUUAtachs function. Not bug or enhancements release. Serge Wagener put me to work >:|1.8.4- Dmitry Bondarenko (again) has found a bug in wich I do not respect the RFC, wich say that replys from the SMTP server could be multi-line, and the previous version just manage as far as two lines. He also send me a nice patch, so the bug is fixed.- Craig Manley added a ExtraHeaders property, please, use with care, it‘s just not valid to put inside it whatever thing.- The CC header was not being added to the headers that were being sent, so Craig fixed it.- Warning: I‘ve put try/except in the TSakPOP.Connect and TSMTP.Connect function around the line FSocket.Open, so you will need to write something like: myPOP.Connect; if POPError then ... in your code, the old way was: try myPOP.Connect; except ..... end; If you are strongly opossed to this change, drop me a line and tell me why (I‘m in doubts).1.8.5- Greg Nixon added the priority property. The default priority for each msg created will be prNormal, so you don‘t need to change your code any bit.1.8.6- Ulf Sturegren has added D4 compatibility, not many changes to the source (one letter), but he found the error.- Hou yg has sent to me a revisited IsIPAddress function, so I put the newer function in, infortunely my reply to him doesn‘t want to go.1.8.7- Ok, I discovered a weird bug, some old emailers (navigator 2) does not format the message in multipart mode if people send an attach, without writing any text and with no MIME settings. Fixed. This could be serious, I recommend upgrading.1.8.8- A small fix with the CC field. Some stupid mail servers put tabs in some fields (CC:, TO:) when they want to make a new line, the correct is to put at least a space in the beginning of the line, added a little code to "fix" that.1.8.9- Some ‘moderns‘ pop3 servers doesn‘t support the LAST command, so I‘ve added a little code to cope with this and added a boolean property ServerSupportLastCmd. See TSakPOP.Init for more details. Reported by Jan Najvarek.1.9.0- Kaufman Alex has added two properties to the SakMsg object, the ContentType and the Headers property, that should be self explaining (I modified a little the code he sended me, btw).1.9.1- I rewrote and greatly simplified the code that deal with the multiple address in the TO: field and remove some possible bugs in it.1.9.2- Alex discovered and fix a bug when a file attached is not enclosed between quotes, resulting in the filename without the first and last character.1.9.3- Better detection of the boundary in multipart messages. Fixed a bug when the attached file is empty.1.9.4- Chris G黱ther send me *lots* of memory leaks fixes, very good job, Chris. - Some weird PGP messages are now processed well.- Yang Qiandong from china fixed a compiler hint and a warning.- Modified TSakSMTP.FReceiveTextFromSocket as suggested by Greg Nixon.- Dmitry Bondarenko send me a patch that fixes some issues with the LAST command (that some servers don‘t implement) and other patch that fixes a problem when servers add spare words in the tail of the answer.- Some minor changes suggested by Matthew Vincent.- Support for _big_ attachments files (me).- Make the code more modular and simple (still is not very modular).1.10.0- Move some stuff to a sak_util unit.- Support for quoted-printable msgs, thanks to Chris G黱ther.- Fix the BCC field.- New property sakMsg.ContentTransferEncoding.2.0.0- Major reestructure of the files and the source code.- Simplifyied sakPOP3.pas a _lot_- Support encapsulated messages (message/rfc822).- Nested multipart messages are processed fine.- Attachs with quoted-printable are processed fine.- Many bugs fixes.2.0.1- A fiasco, sorry.2.0.2- Fixed a bug in the sak_CleanUpAddress.- Do the rigth job if the ContentType is ‘plain/text‘ and the encoding is base64.- Redone sak_ExtractAddress and sak_ExtractAlias.- New ‘Sender‘ property in SakMsg (normally not used, so do not use it, unless you know what you are doing) ‘Thanks‘ to Alex Kaufman for this.2.0.3- A *severe* bug with multiple addresses was fixed.2.0.4- Fixed bogus Message-number (Message-id is the correct) Thanks to Peter Honan- Added SizeInBytes property to the SakMsg component. (petition of Alex Kaufman)- Fixed a minor bug in TSakPOP.RetrieveHeaders. Fix from Alex.- Added RetrieveMessageOnlyHeaders and - RetrieveAllMessagesOnlyHeaders.2.0.5- Fix when the mail server reply is like (two cr).- Fix function IsIpAddress.- Both fixes by Alessandro Rossi.2.0.6- Fix a bug in the sak_Base64Decode function when the data to decode is null (I found it in the hard way).- Andy Charalambous make it sure you can send more than one email without disconnecting and connecting again.- And Chris ‘Memory Hunter‘ G黱ther killed some memory leaks (again).2.2.0- the f* sleep line that was bothering us for years is gone, gone, gone. Thanks to Syed Ahmed.- a getUIDL method of SakPOP. Thanks to Alex Kaufman.- a UIDL property on SakMsg. (me)- a SakPOP.GetUIDLsOnRetrieve boolean property (default false) (me)- change some ‘Exception.Create()‘ to ‘raise Exception.Create()‘ Thanks to Anton Saburov.- change SakPOP.Init from function to procedure (me)- new SakPOP.NewMsgsCount property (me)- changed SakPOP.Password to SakPOP.UserPassword (me)- changed SakPOP.ErrorInFormatOfMsg to SakPOP.StrErrorInFormatOfMsg- OnLookup event on SakPOP and SakSMTP. Thanks to Syed Ahmed.- OnConnecting event on SakPOP and SakSMTP (me).- OnReceiveTextFromSocket event on SakPOP and SakSMTP (me). (mostly for debug)- OnSendTextToSocket event on SakPOP and SakSMTP (me). (mostly for debug)- Headers are retrieved without the mail body (ugly bug, fix from Alex Kaufman)2.4.0- I‘ve revamped TSakMsg, many funcionality from SakPOP was moved to SakMsg, where it belongs.- Now SakMsg has a RawMail property wich you may find useful, now you can do: SakMsg1.RawMail.LoadFromFile(‘(uidl).mail‘); SakMsg1.ParseMsg; or SakMsg1.RawMail.LoadFromStream( myStream); SakMsg1.ParseMsg; or SakMsg1.RawMail.SaveToFile( ‘(uidl).mail‘); etc, etc...- Added a property TSakMsg.ClearRawMailAfterParse for memory saving.- the return of the f* sleep line (it causes freezes on winsock 1.1 systems like win95, win98 has winsock 2 so there is no problem if you remove the line)- lost of the DecodeProgess events :( (sorry, I don‘t know how to fit this events on the new SakMsg)2.6.0- the sleep() line is dead, it will never come back. Sending an email is a pleasure now.- SakMsg has a TextEncoding (8Bit, Base64) property, I think this will be useful to people with others charset than iso-8859-1- the base64 routines have been rewritten, they are more OO and faster (they are now in SakMIME.pas).- cosmetic changes all over the place.2.6.1- simplifyed ParseMsg2 a lot, it work better now.- speed up the search for uucoded attachs (the previous search was very dumb)- fixed bug Msg.SizeInBytes always 0- added a couple of Application.ProcessMessages to make the app more responsive.2.6.2- moved some functions from sak_utils to SakMIME.- make const parameters all over the place.- fix the bug that introduces a final crlf in quoted-printable attachs.- fix a division by zero if attached file is 0 bytes long, fixed by Peter Kollanyi.2.6.3- fix a rare bug when the header of a email (more probably a encapsulated one) has first line/s in blank. Easy and innocuous bug.2.6.4- fix the bug that insert the attachs of type text/* on the body of the email.- change the Smtp.SendMessage for Smtp.SendTheMessage to avoid a BCBuilder problem. Both problems reported by Andreas Franzen. SendMessage is still there, but it‘s now deprecated, I will remove it in the future.2.6.5- moved the ParseMsg activation from SakPOP to SakMsg (where it belong), this means that after setting the RawMail property of SakMsg, this does a ParseMsg automatically. before: SakMsg1.RawMail := ... SakMsg1.ParseMsg; now: SakMsg1.RawMail := ... hope I‘m not breaking too much code out there ... :)- some changes in the way attachments are processed (now the html part is separated correctly and images within the html are recognized)- RetrieveMessage() and RetrieveMessageOnlyHeaders() now take an additional parameter, a TSakMsg var, so people can change some parameters before parsing, see the source in SakPOP3.pas (the old way is still supported, but they will be removed in the future)- bug fixes that I do not remember.3.0.0- moved code around.- removed deprecated functions (I told you about this)- new SakAttFile unit.- Base64Encode( AttFile), Base64Decode( AttFile), UUDecode( AttFile) has been moved to the TAtachedFile object, so you can do AttFile.Base64Encode, AttFile.Base64Decode, etc- SakSMTP have lost EncodeStart, EncodeProgess and EncodeEnd events as a consequence of the previous change.- SakPOP.Canceled and SakSMTP.Canceled properties have been made read-only and SakPOP.Cancel and SakSMTP.Cancel procedures (or methods) have been added.- add a SakMsg.FillRawMail method that will fill the RawMail property with a rfc822 message based on the properties of SakMsg.- changed SakSMTP.Quit & SakPOP.Quit to Disconnect- deleted TAttachedFile.FileStream (redundant), use BodyBin- removed the function sak_getTempFileName (as it should no be trusted) use function sak_GetTempPath- the new SakIMAP component !, this make a pleasure to work with incoming emails (as you can have folders, etc). Note: the IMAP component has only been tested with the Uni. of Washington server, but it should work with any *STANDARD COMPLIANT* server. Anyways, the code of this component is very simple, so if you have problems, a look in the source code can enligthen you.3.0.1- fixed a brown paper type of bug.3.0.2- support the case where attachs do not come from files (Lars Karlslund)- minor bugfix in UUDecode function (Lars Karlslund)- if the SakMsg.Username is empty, do a VRFY command at the smtp server to try to get the full user name (sergio)- function TSakIMAP.GetFolderList (Peter Nagel)- function TSakIMAP.GetHierarchyDelim (Peter Nagel)- frustrated intent (ie. commented out) to remove memory leaks in POP, SMTP & IMAP destroy functions (Ronald Moesbergen)3.0.3- actually create (and free) the FolderList in sakIMAP (Neculau Andrei)- try to send the FQDM to the HELO command in SMTP (sergio)- commented out the VRFY command in SakSMTP, and cut the from address in the From field (in SakMsg), so if the username is empty, the SMTP server rewrite the from address in a complete way, with username & full address (sergio)- fix a minor bug in TBase64DecodingStream.Write function (Lars Karlslund)3.4.0- many, many improvements to the IMAP component by Peter Honan (I applied the patch with minor modifications, mainly to respect delphi coding standard, taking out the overloading, the selectFolder function was overcomplicated, etc)- FAQ updated (me)3.4.1- minimize the chance for two temporal messages stored on disk to collide (can be hit in previous versions if you run multiple instances of retrieveMessage at the same time)- FAQ updated.3.4.2- a new sak_CleanUpAddresses() implementation, by Knut Baardsen- better handling for temporal messages, suggested by Andrew- many improvements (including ACL -Access Control List) to the IMAP component by James Chaplin3.4.3- reverted to the old sak_CleanUpAddresses() implementation Knut‘s one is almost rigth, but don‘t let us use addresses without domains- add Headers.Clear before filling headers, by "Antonio Carlos Ribeiro Faria" 3.5.0- add TSakMsg.LoadFromTextFile from Oak Chantosa- big jumbo mambo patch from James Chaplin first patch: 1) Operation timeout - OperationTimeout timeout for non-responding receive operations. 2) Forced abend - ForceAbend method that will disconnect and reset state. 3) Optional folder lists - AvFolderList and AvSUBFolderList provide alternatives to FolderList and SUBFolderList that ensure the lists do not contain inacessible folders ( flagged by the server ). 4) Folder name fix - Provided a function to "fix" folder names before submission. Currently it fixes names containing spaces. second patch: 1) Capability - Ask for server capabilities/extensions. 2) Noop - Basic noop command - updates message counts as well - preferred alternative to status. 3) Status - Explicit status command - generally useful for status of a non-selected mailbox. 4) Fetch - Retrieve message data. 5) FetchBody - Retrieve the body of the message. 6) ExamineFolder - A read-only select command. 7) CloseSelectedFolder - Close the currently selected folder. 8) Idle - RFC2177 extension - not implemented on very many servers. 9) Search - Search based on RFC2066 criteria. 10) UIDSearch - Search based on RFC2066 criteria - results are in UID form. 11) UIDStoreFlags - Store message flags based on UID. 12) UIDFetch - Fetch message data by UID. 13) UIDCopyMessageToFolder - Copy a message by UID. 14) Authenticate - Basic framework. Only plain authentication extension implemented. 15) CloseOnError - A new property that allows the user to turn off the default behaviour of disconnecting from the server when an IMAP error is received 16) Namespace - RFC2342 Namespace query command. 17) ListFullHierarchy - Property which allows a switch between "*" ( default ) or "%" as the wilcard for default folder/list methods. 18) List - Explicit list command in case it is needed. third patch: 1) fix problem with imapd 2001a, reported by Holger Mauermann. 2) remove all warnings.3.5.1- revert change to the base64 encoding routine.3.5.2- changes from James Chaplin: 1) TSakIMAP will now properly process non-numeric UIDs for messages ( there was a sak_StrWord2Int transform being used before - which always produced a 0 value for non-numeric UIDs ). 2) TSakIMAP.RetrieveMessageExt ( private method ) was modified to provide a retrieval by either MsgID or UID. 3) TSakIMAP.RetrieveMessageByUID was modified to use the slightly more efficient TSakIMAP.RetrieveMessageExt(UID) method specified in 2) above. I also made an update to the SakMIME.pas unit. The changes that were implemented are: 1) sak_Base64Encode - a basic Base64 encoder. String input and string output with the option for CRLF splitting. 2) sak_Base64Decode - a basic Base64 decoder. String input and string output with a control for CRLF interpretation. 3) sak_Base64Verify - a very basic Base64 string verifier.3.5.3- robustify and code cleanups by Paul Vernon.3.5.4- access violation fix by Paul Vernon.3.5.5- go back to good old trusty this time, all the cleanup & fixes from Paul Vernon seems to work well.3.6.0- Paul Vernon latest minor fixes- added basic SMTP authentication, by Delfi and Antonio Carlos Ribeiro Faria3.6.1- fix a mayor bug when sending to many addresses (by sergio)3.7.0- add full support for html mails, by Paul Vernon. (The TAttachedFile now has an extra boolean property called embedded. This property lets you use the syntax in your HTML mails)- fix a weird typo for BCC fields- add Content-ID, by alejandro Castro- fix "_" characters in subject, regression fix.- cleanups all around, by Paul Vernon.- SMTP example updated to cope with html emails.**warning** from this version, the html part of mails will not be stored as attachments by default, if you want this behavior, you just do something like: aSakMsg := TSakMsg.Create( self); aSakMsg.HTMLAsAttachment := true; ...3.7.1- fix TSakMsg.PopulateList (Jalin)3.7.2 (codenamed "melissa")- fixed a bug when the Populatelist procedure got re-written in sakMsg. It wasn‘t populating the SendTo field if there was only one e-mail address... (Paul Vernon)3.7.3 - Congratulations to Sergio on the addition to his family. This release was made by Paul Vernon who has temporarily taken over the release functions for the SakMail components whilst Sergio spends time AFK!- The 3.7.2 bug fix added blank entries to the address lists. The PopulateList procedure has been re-written again to hopefully cope with any type of e-mail address formatting.- The SMTP example noted in 3.7.0 actually shipped with this release!3.7.4- Bugfix for detecting UUEncoded mails correctly. Previous versions processed MIME mails with the value ‘begin xyz‘ if it appeared at the beginning of a line as a UUEncoded mail when they should not have.- POP and SMTP connect procedures are now functions. Existing code is unaffected. However, you can now use the following code if (sakPOP.Connect) then begin end;- POP gracefully quits if it receives an error now by calling Disconnect correctly.3.7.5- Further code to improve identification of UUEncoded mails. Essentially looking for the end as well as the beginning to ensure that it is correct.- Code optimisation of certain UUEncoded mail id functions.- Fix to ensure that the body of a mail that is UUEncoded is not lost.- MIME-Version string introduced into TsakMsg component to help with UUEncoded mail identification.- SizeInBytes property altered to read private variable using a function. If the private variable is 0, the function reads the length of the FRawMail.Text property.- Fix to make sure that the filename is not overwritten by a blank value when parsing mail-headers.3.7.6- Fixed list index out of bounds error.- Added POP3 RSET call TSakPOP.Reset.3.7.7- Altered SizeInBytes and Octets values to return server-side size when d/l headers only and use actual size once the entire message is downloaded.- Fixed a bug in GetBasicHeaders where To and CC fields could be mishandled if the mail headers were formed in a particular way.4.0.0 beta- All methods are now wrapped in classes. sak_util is now included for backwards compatibility only.- Several changes to make sakMail thread safe including the introduction of Mutexes which are cross process safe. Critical sections were an option however, although mutexes are a little slower, they are much more effective when you aren‘t sure how the code is going to be deployed...- Made several changes to the way connections are tracked, now making better use of the underlying Delphi components own properties and functions.- Several bug fixes included from solutions posted on mailing lists. Including change to datetime function to respect local time separator. There are more including one that Adem re-raised.- Removed almost all pointers as per Adems suggestion. Makes for neater code.- Hopefully backwards compatibility is kept. This is one of the objectives of the excersice although, internally, the components no longer use any of the non-object based methods. Also some of the non-object based methods actually have been re-written to create an object use the instance of the original method and then destroy the object again. This introduces a minor overhead however, because the objects are discreet, the trade is for much better memory usage and greater thread safety.- Introduced an include file to define compiler directives. Currently there are two directives. One defines whether to use the VCL or not, the other defines whether or not to use the FastStrings components. - With the intoduction of the Include file, this allows the development of code that is optional for users. One of these such changed is the use of the FastStrings base64 decoder. If you install the FastStrings components and turn on the compiler directive, you should have no functional changes however, the base64 decoder routines should have a much higher performance rating. Tests clock in at over 2000% faster attachment decoding on a P4 1.8GHz machine. (1.2Mb file 1686mS native sak Base64 Decoder, 79mS using FastStrings!)- This version is being released as a beta as the changes are pretty drastic. If the code is deemed to be stable and backwards compatible then it will be re-released as v4.0.1 with no changes.4.0.1 beta- Fixed an issue where Range Checking highlighted that the Attachment b64 decode routine raise a Range Error if the line that was to be decoded was empty. i.e. ‘‘.- Introduced a compiler directive to turn off range checking in the sakMIME procedure TBase64DecodingStream.Write to make sure that it runs correctly as Range Checking causes issues in this function.4.0.2 beta- Changed MailDateToDateTime function to the one provided by DengZhaoHui with a few modifications as even though it has better date processing than the original it caused EConvertErrors with some non-rfc dates.- Added the compiler directive to allow the inclusion of MD5 components from the DCPCrypt suite of encryption components. This allows the components to do APOP and SMTP AUTH functions as specified in RFCs 2095, 2104, 2449 and 2554. {UseDCP} ***** NOTE: These functions are experimental as although they are RFC compliant, they have not been tested against a secure mail server yet... *****- Using EurekaLog during load testing of the POP mail component, found and fixed several AV‘s in sakMSG, sakMIME and sakPOP. Mainly simple mistakes that required re-ordering of code or more checks before trying to manipulate data.- Altered the sockets code to be more stable with some servers. The previous implementation was totally incompatible with SendMail NT v3.0.2.- Fix added to compensate for incorrect operation of Connected property in some versions of Delphi.- Altered GetMultiLineFieldBody as per Adems suggestion. Also took some of Adems code and added it to GetFieldValueFromLine as the escape characters can appear in single line headers as well as multi-line ones.- TClientSocket is deprecated in Delphi 7. This may be the next large change in the sakEmail components. - Updated distribution to include more RFC‘s regarding the message format, POP and IMAP and hashing functions for CRAM mechanisms.- Fixed the handling of redirected mails as created by Eudora.- Force PopulateList to clear the list before populating it again.- Created a Delphi 6 package file.4.0.3 - Fixed AUTHSMTP buffer initialisation error. (Dmitry G. Kozhinov and Gabi Slonto)- Improved identification of servers that do not support the UIDL command. A small overhead is intorduced on servers that do support the command and have several mails to download but the feature allows better interaction with those servers that do not support UIDL.- Priority is now reported correctly when an e-mail is being decoded rather than only being used when sending an e-mail.4.0.4- Fixed an issue with a malformed header in a mail sent from MS Word through an Exchange server- Added a couple of try...finally blocks to the sakIMAP component.- Altered the sakIMAP components connected function to mirror the more accurate sakPOP method.- Consolidated all compiler directives into sakDef.inc- Added versioning compiler directives to allow the compilation of sakemail under Delphi 4.- General tidying of code. 4.0.5- Created a Delphi 7 package- Added properties to the IMAP component to allow read access to the LocalAddr and LocalHost socket properties.- Bugfix to sakMsg PopulateList function where a comma separated list did not contain any spaces- Access violation in sakPOP component due to incorrect use of free,freeandnil and compiler directives4.0.6- Added several features to the IMAP components.- Tidied up SMTP authentication routines (Improved use of MD5 for authentication using DCP components)- Included capability to send messages without an SMTP server (using Indy DNS components for MX lookups)- Bugfix in message parsing to stop a recursion loop due to a malformed mail.4.0.7- Memory leaks found by Amos and Paul regarding the sakMsg and sakPOP units respectively.- Bug fixes to attachment save code including stripping out invalid .. sequences from filenames- Improved the GetConnectedState method to check against the RemoteHost value on the Socket.- Updated POP example to be more responsive when downloading mail. Fixed a memory leak.Don‘t forget to subscribe to the mailing list (see the web pages at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sakemail/)
EhLib 6.3 Build 6.3.176 Russian version. Full source included. ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Library contains components and classes for Borland Delphi versions 7, 8 & 9 , Borland Developer Studio 2006, CodeGear Delphi 2007, RAD Studio 2009, Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010, RAD Studio XE-XE6. TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------- Overview Installation Library Installation Help Demonstration Programs Registering and Prices Other information About author Where to start. ------------------- Star overview of the library with the main Demo project .\Demos\Bin\MainDemo.Exe. (Compiled Demo files are available in the Evaluation version of the library) Then you can read a summary of the new features and changes in the file history-eng.html. More detail about new features can be found in the file - About EhLib 6.2 Eng.doc To install a new version of the library in the IDE, use the installation program in .\Installer\EhLibInstaller.exe Overview -------- The Library contains several components and objects. TDBGridEh component TDBGridEh provides all functionality of TDBGrid and adds several new features as follows: Allows to select records, columns and rectangle areas. Special titles that can correspond to several/all columns. Footer that is able to show sum/count/other field values. Automatic column resizing to set grid width equal client width. Ability to change row and title height. Allows automatic broken of a single line long title and data row to a multiline. Title can act as button and, optionally show a sort marker. Automatically sortmarking. Ability to truncate long text with ellipsis. Lookup list can show several fields. Incremental search in lookup fields. Frozen columns. DateTime picker support for TDateField and TDateTimeField. Allows to show bitmaps from TImageList depending on field value. Allows to hide and track horizontal or vertical scrollbars. Allows to
Delphi 7.1 Update Release Notes=======================================================This file contains important supplemental and late-breakinginformation that may not appear in the main productdocumentation, and supersedes information contained in otherdocuments, including previously installed release notes.Borland recommends that you read this file in its entirety.NOTE: If you are updating a localized version of Delphi 7, visit the Borland Registered User web site to obtain a localized readme file that may contain important late- breaking information not included in this readme file.IMPORTANT: Delphi must be closed before installing this update. =====================================================CONTENTS * INSTALLING THIS UPDATE * UPDATING LOCALIZED VERSIONS OF DELPHI 7 * KNOWN ISSUES * ISSUES ADDRESSED BY THIS UPDATE - IDE - CORE DATABASE - DATASNAP - DBGO (ADO COMPONENTS) - dbExpress - dbExpress COMPONENTS AND DB VCL - dbExpress CORE DRIVER AND METADATA - dbExpress VENDOR ISSUES - dbExpress CERTIFICATION - WEB SNAP - ACTIVEX - COMPILER - RTL - VCL - THIRD PARTY - BOLD FOR DELPHI * VERIFYING THAT THE UPDATE WAS SUCCESSFUL * FILES INSTALLED BY THIS UPDATE =======================================================INSTALLING THIS UPDATE* This update can not be applied to Delphi 7 Architect Trial version. * This update can not be removed after it is installed.* You will need the original Delphi 7 installation CD available to install this update.* To install this update from the CD, insert the CD, and launch the d7_ent_upd1.exe file appropriate for your locale.* To install this update from the Web, double-click the self-executing installation file and follow the prompts. * The Delphi 7 documentation PDF files are available on the update CD.========================================================UPDATING LOCALIZED VERSIONS OF DELPHI 7* This update can be applied only to the English version of Delphi 7. There are separate updates for the German, French and Japanese ver



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