mysql 4.0发布了!!!

yorgo 北京酷粉网络科技有限公司 副总裁  2001-10-16 03:45:11
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hjw 2001年10月17日
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zxyufan 2001年10月17日
god ... 有e文好点的朋友来当一下翻译吗?看了1/3我就开始头痛了~~
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jnsky521 2001年10月17日
我有mysql for WindowsXX的商业版,它的确比免费下载的稳定。
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Nizvoo 2001年10月16日
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yorgo 2001年10月16日
暂时没有for NT的

F.1.1 Changes in release 4.0.0

Added boolean fulltext search code. It should be considered early alpha.
Added documentation for libmysqld, the embedded MySQL server library. Also added example programs (a mysql client and mysqltest test program) which use libmysqld.
Removed all Gemini hooks from MySQL.
Removed my_thread_init() and my_thread_end() from mysql_com.h, and added mysql_thread_init() and mysql_thread_end() to mysql.h.
Secure connections (with SSL).
Unsigned BIGINT constants now work. MIN() and MAX() now handles signed and unsigned BIGINT numbers correctly.
New character set latin_de which provides correct German sorting.
TRUNCATE TABLE and DELETE FROM table_name are now separate functions. One bonus is that DELETE FROM table_name now returns the number of deleted rows.
DROP DATABASE now executes a DROP TABLE on all tables in the database, which fixes a problem with InnoDB tables.
Added support for UNION.
DELETE and UPDATE can now operate on multiple tables.
A new HANDLER interface to MyISAM tables.
Added support for INSERT on MERGE tables. Patch from Benjamin Pflugmann.
Changed WEEK(#,0) to match the calender in the USA.
COUNT(DISTINCT) is about 30% faster.
Speed up all internal list handling.
Speed up IS NULL() and some other internal primitives.
Creating full text indexes are now much faster.
Tree-like cache to speed up bulk inserts and myisam_bulk_insert_tree_size variable.
Searching on packed (CHAR/VARCHAR) keys are now much faster.
Optimized queries of type: SELECT DISTINCT * from table_name ORDER by key_part1 LIMIT #
SHOW CREATE TABLE now shows all table attributes.
ORDER BY ... DESC can now use keys.
LOAD DATA FROM MASTER "auto-magically" sets up a slave.
Renamed safe_mysqld to mysqld_safe.
Added support for symbolic links to MyISAM tables. Symlink handling is now enabled by default for Windows.
LOAD DATA FROM MASTER "auto-magically" sets up a slave.
Added SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and FOUND_ROWS(). This makes it possible to know how many rows a query would have returned without a LIMIT clause.
Changed output format of SHOW OPEN TABLES.
Allow SELECT expression LIMIT ....
Added IDENTITY as a synonym for AUTO_INCREMENT (like Sybase).
Added ORDER BY syntax to UPDATE and DELETE.
SHOW INDEXES is now a synonym for SHOW INDEX.
Added ALTER TABLE table_name DISABLE KEYS and ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE KEYS commands.
Allow one to use IN instead of FROM in SHOW commands.
Allow ANSI SQL syntax X'hexadecimal-number'
Cleaned up global lock handling for FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK
Fixed problem with DATETIME = constant in WHERE optimization.
Added options --master-data and --no-autocommit to mysqldump (Thanks to Brian Aker for this).
Added script to distribution. (Thanks to
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zxyufan 2001年10月16日
没有找到for NT的呀~~只有等等先了~~yorgo能找到相关的中文资料吗?
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zxyufan 2001年10月16日
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scxy 2001年10月16日
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ice_berg16 2001年10月16日
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jnsky521 2001年10月16日
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