pb11.5打到哪个补丁比较稳定,在用pb11.5的兄弟说一下。 [问题点数:20分,结帖人lionkings]

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非常漂亮的PB源码,在学习中 n_svc_mgr lnv_svc n_svc_theme lnv_t str_theme lstr_theme //get default theme lnv_svc.
pb11.5 补丁
<em>pb11.5</em><em>补丁</em> <em>pb11.5</em><em>补丁</em><em>pb11.5</em><em>补丁</em>
PB11.5 3050 补丁
PB11.5 3050 <em>补丁</em> 使用说明:解压后放在pb的安装目录下,然后运行
pb11.5 3127补丁CR
List of Fixes for EBF 16640 --------------------------- Following is a list of fixes which are cumulative to this release. Each fix is listed along with the EBF in which it was first released and the description of the problem. The list is sorted by the EBFID column. EBFID BugID Description ----- ------ ------------------------------------------------- 16640 558503 When the customer uses a JCM_Sybase connection cache the second time he runs calls the component he gets the following error: Error text = ct_exit(): user api layer: external error: This routine cannot be called because another command structure has results pending. fatal When using either JDBC and regular PB connections he does not see the error. 16640 556961 The WebForm "Unit of Measure Setup" screen "New" selection causes an "Unexpected error the browser will be closed". 16640 556701 Code error in javascript file dwcommon.js 16640 556124 A datawindow with header text that wraps in Win32, does not wrap in Webforms. They look truncated and don't display correctly. 16640 555928 When tabbing in a dwc, dddw expands unexpectedly using IE 6 and columns will then lose their tab order and cannot be tabbed to. Works ok using IE 7 browser. 16640 555379 When tabbing out of a column to retrieve, the following error appears: Windows Internet Explorer Unexpected error was thrown, the browser will be closed! Please report the error to administrator. Error: Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled or of a type that does not accept focus Line: 1615 16640 555249 Change in behavior in PB 11.5 from PB 9.0.3. String default conversion of decimal numbers loses precision. The following code behaves differently in PB9 than in PB11.5: // **************************************** decimal lr_amount=0.1000 string lr_amount1 lr_amount1=string(lr_amount*100) messagebox('',lr_amount1) //messagebox 1 lr_amount=0.1234 lr_amount1=string(lr_amount*100) messagebox('',lr_amount1) //messagebox 2 lr_amount1=string(lr_amount*100,"###.00") messagebox('',lr_amount1) //messagebox 3 // **************************************** PB9: MessageBox 1 shows 10.0000 MessageBox 2 shows 12.3400 MessageBox 3 shows 12.34 PB11.5: MessageBox 1 shows 10 MessageBox 2 shows 12.34 MessageBox 3 shows 12.34 The customer used string conversion without specifying the precision in many places in his application. Can we support the same precision in PB11.5 as we did in PB9? 16640 554375 When using an ODBC connection and creating a datawindow where there is a SQL error, the error message does not display until the last wizard screen appears and there is no way to correct the errors in the datawindow, if you click ok to the error message. When the error message displays and you click ok, the selection you made so far are gone. There is no way to click on the 'Back'cb and correct the errors. If you connect to OLEDB or SNC, the error message happens when you try to click on the 'Next'cb. 16640 553810 If column of WebForm is edited with a popup window shown, it will lose contents. 16640 553807 Multiple PrimaryKey columns cannot be updated in .Net WebForm. 16640 553646 PB Non-Visible objects not generated for HTML. 16640 553468 PB.Net WebForms Postback with inheritance A script in the itemchanged event of an ancestor datawindow will cause a postback when there is an itemchanged event. This cannot be overrided in a standard way within the Window Painter. Work- around define a javascript handler for the ItemChanged event in the constructor event of the child datawindow: #IF DEFINED PBWEBFORM THEN dw_x.JavaScriptFile = "TheScriptFile.js" dw_x.OnClientItemChanged = "DummyItemChanged" #END IF Add code to the Itemchanged, so that Extend Ancestor Script can be disabled: #IF DEFINED PBWEBFORM THEN #END IF 16640 553031 Soap call to webservices The milliseconds part of a Timestamp gets dropped when the seconds part is 59. 16640 552845 .Net Webform: Clicking rapidly on the Next Page link (>) in a DataWindow with multiple pages can cause a javascript error: Error: 'psPage' is undefined Line: 6470 16640 552794 When using the EAServer component wizard to create a easerver component as a webservice, pb is crashing in the IDE in the pbvm: PBVM115!TriggerEvent+2a [e:\pb115\runtime\function\fntrig.cpp @ 1074] 004b378a 837a1c00 cmp dword ptr [edx+1Ch],0 Faulting code in the TriggerEvent of fntrig: if (!fnThis->bSuspended && ob_inst_defined (pTrig->obInst)) 16640 552682 Scripting menu object using paste SQL update cause PB to crash. 16640 552616 PSE NOTES: ----------------------- OS: Windows XP SP3 Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.2_7791, PB 11.2_8616 and PB 11.5_3050 Database/Driver: N/A Comments: RTE Control does not display encrypted RTF documents correctly. Works ok in old PB 7.0.3, by displaying exactly what is displayed in Wordpad. 16640 552289 The activate event is only firing once upon the window opening for the first time in winforms. When you click on the command button that fires a messagebox, only the windows deactivate event fires. In PB Native the deactivate and activate events will fire. 16640 551976 Customer is experiencing a SyntaxFromSQL error after migrating from PB 9 to 11.5. 16640 551567 With EjbClient proxy generation the type string is generated in the proxies for java public string arrays. 16640 551467 OLEDB to MS SQL Server 2005. Customer has a table with almost 400 columns. He has a datawindow and is using a stored procedure to update. When updating a row PB crashes. 16640 551454 In PB 11.5 calling an Oracle stored procedure as an RPC via the transaction object. Passing in an array of strings. In Oracle there are 2 extra characters added to each array element string; a null, and some other character. So an array element say of one character "1" arrives in Oracle as "1 e" with the middle character a null. This also failed in earlier builds of 11.2. But it does not fail in 11.2 build 8649. In the 11.2 builds that do fail with the O10 driver, using O84 driver does not fail. In PB 11.5 there is no O84 driver, so it is paramount that this is fixed in 11.5 as it is in PB 11.2 build 8649 as there is no other alternative. 16640 551309 You can not copy a .jpg file and then paste (Ctrl V) it into an RTE control at runtime. You can paste a copied .bmp file. However you can copy and paste a .jpg file into Word. 16640 551125 The customer calls an Oracle stored procedure function via a transaction object RPC call. The function is overloaded in Oracle and PB is calling one of the overloaded functions. Three of the arguments in the function call are arrays. This worked fine in PB 8.0.2 using the O84 driver. They migrated to PB 11 and it still works fine with the O84 driver. However using the O10 driver it crashes PB. If the function is not overloaded,it works OK with O10. If the array arguments are removed it also works. This appears to be a PB problem as it works with O84 and it also works when calling the function from SQLPlus. Only PB 11 using O10 driver crashes. 16640 550665 .Net Webform Application With a long operation sometimes the pointer doesn't return back from hourglass to the default pointer until the mouse is moved. 16640 550638 When opening a response or popup window with center property set, it will show top left for a moment and then centers. When running another time, it will appear centered right away. 16640 550505 The rbuttondown event of a datawindow is not triggered in the right way after closing respondswindow and do a right mouse button click the first time. 16640 550500 The setrowfocusindicator icon (hand!) overlaps dw edit type of checkbox in PB .NET Webform. 16640 550413 After opening several sheets from the toolbar in an mdi application and then clicking on the menu item of 'Window', pb will crash with an access violation in the PBVM: FAULTING_IP: PBVM105!OwnerMeasureItem+4a pMRenderer- >OnMeasureItem(pRTMenu, pMeasureItem); 16640 550409 When rmb in the toolbar area and then clicking on the 'Window' menu item, the items appended to the Window menu appear corrupt. What shows up is: - Window - Tile Horizontal - Tile Vertical - Layer - Cascade ---------------- - Arrange Icons ---------------- - Alliant Tools - Tools for Instances - Tools for Instances - Alliant Tools What should be showing up is: - Window - Tile Horizontal - Tile Vertical - Layer - Cascade ---------------- - Arrange Icons ---------------- - Alliant Tools - Tools for Instances ---------------- - 1 Instances 16640 549804 Sometimes a black line appears in header while scrolling a DataWindow in printpreview mode. 16640 549624 There is a problem with polish characters in the Rich Text Edit Control. The ?"z" with dot above ("&#380;") entered as Right Alt (Alt Gr) + Z on a Polish keyboard clears text in RTE instead of entering the z dot. 16640 549474 Cannot enter data in column when querymode = 'yes' override edit is checked and modified background.color. dw_1.modify('datawindow.querymode=yes') dw_1.modify("lname.background.Color=536870912") 16640 549416 Memory leaks are experienced in a complex nested report. 16640 548908 When a tooltip is being set dynamically for a column and then the datawindow is reset, the previous value tooltip still shows up even though that row is no longer there. For example, a datawindow has 5 rows. Tooltip.tip is being set at runtime in a computed expression using setitem. You place the cursor at row 4 then dw.reset is processed and 1 row is then added. When you move the cursor over to where it was previously to the dw_1.reset, the tooltip for the 'reset' row still shows. 16640 548711 When libraries are located in other directory than target it will result in empty PBDs in the deplomyment directory. 16640 548569 Datawindow not displayed when a dataobject was not set for ancestor. 16640 548295 The customer has a PBDOM application that runs well. But if he uses SetLibraryList to change the library list in an exe it crashes. AddToLibraryList appears to work OK. 16640 548019 Setfilter function in dynamic crosstab datawindow is not working when columns returned from Describe function are used to build filter string. 16640 547953 A GetItemString function will execute the computing column of row not existing. 16640 547589 When using DWSyntax for the script to modify a column's UseFormat or UseEllipses the script is not displayed. 16640 547537 The dddw (U/M) column appears to disappear when a message box appears. Works ok in PBNative. 16640 547227 Customer has an InfoMaker form with a checkbox. Three states is not checked for the checkbox on form but when run it acts as though it is. You see checked, unchecked and the green icon indicating third state the same as if you had a three state checkbox. 16640 547192 Instance variables defined as Arrays in a PB Component crashes Jaguar. 16640 546065 Customer seeing an access violation error in the pbshr: FAULTING_IP: PBSHR110!PbHeap_free+412 07d2c502 833800 cmp dword ptr [eax],0x0 EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff) ExceptionAddress: 07d2c502 (PBSHR110!PbHeap_free+0x00000412) ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation) ExceptionFlags: 00000000 NumberParameters: 2 Parameter[0]: 00000000 Parameter[1]: 240a0d0d Attempt to read from address 240a0d0d 16640 545982 Exception access violation in the pbvm: FAULTING_IP: PBVM110!ob_type_vtable_module_srch+aa 082aa05a 668b5cd102 mov bx,[ecx+edx*8+0x2] EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff) ExceptionAddress: 082aa05a (PBVM110!ob_type_vtable_module_srch+0x000000aa) ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation) RESOLUTION: Problem was a group loader issue in the pbvm. Fix is in PB 11.2 (build 8669) and after. 16640 545928 Customer getting a random exception access violation error. FAULTING_IP: PBDWE110!dwTableAggrSortCmp+9303 08a5c1e3 8b6d00 mov ebp,[ebp] EXCEPTION_RECORD: ffffffff -- (.exr ffffffffffffffff) ExceptionAddress: 08a5c1e3 (PBDWE110!dwTableAggrSortCmp+0x00009303) ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation) ExceptionFlags: 00000000 NumberParameters: 2 Parameter[0]: 00000000 Parameter[1]: 00000007 Attempt to read from address 00000007 16640 545778 When running an executable where a user does not have admin privileges, the following error appears: Unicode Font Substitution PowerBuilder failed to change the Unicode font substitution. You must run at least once with administrator privileges to complete this process Problem happens on winxp and vista. Worked ok in PB 11.2 where user did not have admin privileges. PowerBuilder Engineering has determined that this font substitution logic is no longer necessary in PB 11.5. With this fix applied, the initialization logic that leads to this FDCC warning has been removed. 16640 545675 Text in Header not displayed after making a column visible in a DW grid 16640 545634 A datawindow that has a rich text column will cause the Powerbuilder ide to crash when setting the autosize height of the column and the detail band to true. According to the PB 11.5 release notes this is a known issue and installing the .NET 3.5 Framework would solve the problem. 16640 545569 Clicking on a treeview item gets Unexpected error was thrown, the browser will be closed! 16640 545555 Checkbox text displays differently in Webforms than Win32. 16640 545479 Groupboxes are not sizing properly on .net webform. Group boxes appear longer and it interferes with the rest of the format of the page. Using the w_m_ftp_account_setup window in the ftpacct.pbl. 16640 545441 A WebForm Window Dynamic Function call causes a CS0645: Identifier too long error on deployment. 16640 545361 The customer is using the PowerBuilder PrintSetup() function and selecting a printer and an orientation of landscape. But if the printer name is long, greater than 30 characters, the orientation is lost and the datawindow is printed as Portrait. 16640 545197 OS: Windows XP SP2 Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 10.5.2_7757 Database/Driver File/Version: MS SQL Server 2000 - connecting via PB ODB interface Comments: DECLARE...PROCEDURE / EXECUTE fails when executed from within a PB NVO component. But the same code works fine when executed within standard client server application and procedure returns one row in resultset as expected. 16640 544957 Customer is calling a stored procedure in MS SQL Server as an RPC declared in the transaction object. Connection is SNC or OLE DB. The routine is returning a value of 40243717 declared as a numeric(14,0) into a decimal argument in the RPC and a decimal variable in PB. The value in PB is just 4. If you use a PB double as the argument and variable, then the correct value is returned. 16640 544906 Wrong value for bNilIsNull property in the XHTML javascript generated. 16640 544884 Strange phenomenon when a response window has a datawindow containing several DropDownDatawindows on it. The Fonts are not fitting into the columns any longer. After changing the edit style back to edit, the phenomen is gone. 16640 544602 Internal SOAP Processing Failure The .Net SOAP enveloppe request is found to be empty with certain complex datatypes 16640 544600 When a datawindow query is created in graphical mode in PB, it contains copious white space in the form of tabs and spaces. This is a request to decrease query size sent to the database by eliminating the unnecessary white spaces in query prior to executing the query. 16640 544462 When adding a computed field in the header of a group datawindow, pb will crash at: FAULTING_IP: PBDWE110!dwexpr_eval_aggr+6c [e:\pb11\dw\engine\common\dwexprd.cpp @ 284] 1087a1dc 8b14b2 mov edx,[edx+esi*4] STACK_TEXT: 0012de30 1087aeff 05c5f994 00000000 0012dfc0 PBDWE110!dwexpr_eval_aggr+0x6c [e:\pb11\dw\engine\common\dwexprd.cpp @ 284] 0012df34 1087e8a8 0012df5c 01531e48 0012dfc0 PBDWE110!dwexpr_eval_datetime+0x49f [e:\pb11\dw\engine\common\dwexprd.cpp @ 218] 0012df64 1087fae4 0012dfc0 00000000 0153138c PBDWE110!dwexpr_eval_stringdatetime+0x18 [e:\pb11\dw\engine\common\dwexprs.cpp @ 2690] 0012df74 1087f945 015313b4 0012dfc0 0153138c PBDWE110!dwexpr_eval_string+0x344 [e:\pb11\dw\engine\common\dwexprs.cpp @ 238] 0012df8c 10868323 0153138c 0012dfc0 012226b8 PBDWE110!dwexpr_eval_string+0x1a5 [e:\pb11\dw\engine\common\dwexprs.cpp @ 287] 0012e804 107fcd3f 012073b0 0102fb88 0012e848 PBDWE110!dwexpr_compute_gob+0x213 [e:\pb11\dw\engine\common\dwexpr.cpp @ 605] Trying to add the following computed field: string(first(start_date for group 1)) 16640 544377 The customer has an ASE stored procedure that has a float datatype as the resultset. He is retrieveing this into a datawindow column of type decimal. It works OK in PB 10.2. But after migrating to PB 10.5 where decimals have changed and have 28 digits of precision he is gettimg the wrong value. Wrong by many magnitudes. The value in the database was loaded as scientific notation. Database value: 2.06479860179892282E-016. PB 10.2 decimal column: 0.000000000000000206 (correct for 18 digits precision) PB 10.5 decimal column: 20647986017989224 (incorrect decimal point) 10.5 decimal value should be 0.00000000000000020647986017989224 16640 543262 11.5 Webforms on Vista SP1. A tab page with raggedright = false is chopping off tab text, and one tab is completely missing. On XP the same thing happens and there is an additional error message. 16640 542169 When running webform app, behavior is not the same as running in pbnative. The WebForm datawindow is not populated with the Search Criteria. 16640 541300 Memory leak in dynamic SQL statement. 16640 537564 The PB/IM installation installed the Code Examples,Help and TransTlk to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Sybase\PowerBuilder 11.5 It also installed the InfoMaker Help to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Sybase\InfoMaker 11.5 16640 536946 The customer has a datawindow with some fields in the header. The t_title field is marked autosize height and has a font size of 12. The t_title field initially has no text in it and has a small hieght of only 10. Other header fields below t_title are marked slide up all above, and the header band is marked autosize height. At run time in script the customer is putting text into the t_title field and is printing the datawindow: dw_summary.Object.t_title.Text = 'Management Audit Summary Report' dw_summary.print() In the printout, the header data is getting truncated on the bottom. You see the 'Management Audit Summary Report' correctly at the top and it has autosized correctly, but the header band seems to be in the same place as it was initially, cutting off the bottom of the header because t_title has increased in height but the header band has not moved to allow for that. 16640 536927 There are 2 problems with protected datawindow fields in Webforms. Problem 1: ---------- In a Webform application, datawindow fields with edit styles of checkbox or radiobutton that have tab orders but are protected will crash when the user tabs to that field. The following error occurs: Unexpected error was thrown, the browser will be closed! Please report the error to the administrator. Error: Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled or of a type that does not accept focus. The error happens tabbing forward or backward (Shift+tab). If you click on a protected field it just ignores the click as it should. In a client server application it simply skips to the next allowable field, webforms should do the same. Problem 2: -- -------- If the field has an Edit Style of Edit and has a tab order but is protected, in webforms it allows you the click on the field or tab to the field and it becomes highlighted. This should not happen. On a tab protected fields should be skipped and focus should go to the next allowable field. A click should be ignored and focus remain where it is. 16640 535642 PocketBuilder needs to provide MobiLink support for SQL Anywhere 11 16640 535051 Graph datawindows are in changed mode when no changes have been made. Open a graph datawindow, make no changes and close it out. You will be prompted to save changes. 16640 534987 When using datawindow print() to print a datawindow to a .XPS file using the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, the only output that gets generated is if the datawindow has text in the footer band. 16640 534958 To further support SQL Anywhere 11, PocketBuilder needs to have the ODBC Utilities folder support Sybase Central 6.0 16640 532630 When using Web Datawindow on a page that has 4GL mode enabled the 3D Lowered style is not correctly rendered with XHTML. 16640 531019 CR#491073 is reproduced when a classic style option on XP is on. 16640 530295 The description of the aFlag parameter in the online help for GetFileOpenName transposes the function name to GetOpenFileName. 16640 497660 In the App Techniques manual, Chapter 24: Building an EAServer Component, About service components, the doc refers you to the Automated Configuration Guide for EAServer 6.x. The documentation probably should clarify that besides deploying a service component to EAServer 6.x, you must create a Service Component Entity. Refer to the Automated Configuration Guide manual in EAServer 6.x on how to create the entity. 16640 494586 From the online help for showheadfoot, it list the following as a code example to use to insert the current page number in a footer: rte_1.showheadfoot(true,false) rte_1.setalignment( Center! ) rte_1.inputfieldinsert("PAGENO") rte_1.showheadfoot(false,false) Please clarify in the documentation that the headerfooter property must be checked at design time. The above code should be added to the Application Techniques Manual, Implementing Rich Text. Also in the Application Techniques Manual, Implementing Rich Text, Preview and Printing, theres a section on Setting the page number. I believe that code is obsolete. For more info, see cr433830. 16640 493334 Customer have an application set running on Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 compiled with Version 11.1 Build 8204 that has the application crash in PBVM110.dll.This is an application that uses tcp/ip as a communication protocol between other applications runing on the same machine and remote clients over TCP/IP. This program set runs as a server for remote clients. There are several administrators that will connect to the Windows Server 2003 machine using remote desktop. If their display setting of remote desktop are different from the last user then the PowerBuilder application will crash. Testing revealed that changing the "desktop size" or the "color resolution" between connections will crash the program. Customer set up a simple midi application with three empty sheets and that application does not crash. App doesn't crash outside of Terminal Services. Customer tried changing resolution and color depth about 15 times with no failure outside of Terminal Services. While using Terminal Services customer notice that when you reconnect with a different resolution that all applications will minimize. (Both Task Manger and the MobileServ application). Apparently, Terminal Services is triggering an event to cause this to happen. This is just an observation. 16640 489723 Display problems appear in controls with images defined in the CMYK (Cyan,Magenta, Yellow and Black) format as oppose to images defined with RGB (Red,Green, and Blue). RESOLUTION: CMYK pictures are not supported
pb11.5 4740 补丁
<em>pb11.5</em> 4740破解<em>补丁</em>覆盖同文件即可,WIN7可用。
完美破解PB11.5 你懂的。绝对好用,里面有使用说明,破解后,about里时间限制没有了,只是还是为试验,但不影响使用
在客户的机器上运行时报这个错:error initializing sysam licensing <em>兄弟</em>们见过这问题吧。好像是反盗版机制。在我装了PB11.5的机器上没有问题。
PB6.5 PB7.0 PB8.0 PB9.0 PB10.0 PB11.5 PB12.0 安装包下载
看见很多人经常到处找各版本安装包下载,现提供一个下载的地方,免费下载, 各版本<em>补丁</em>也都有下载的 华软源码 工具 栏目:http://www.hur.cn/Soft/progtool/progtool0
pb11.5 web开发 - 安装详解
1、准备工作      <em>pb11.5</em>POWERBUILDER 11.5:http://download.sybase.com/eval/pb115eval/PowerBuilder115.zip<em>补丁</em>PB11.5-EBF16640-3127 : http://origin1.sybase.com/swx/12180/EBF16640.zip破解:http://download
简单易用的 <em>pb11.5</em> 最 新 破 解 版
PB11.5 license
PowerBuilder 11.5 许可文件 下载后,打开PB,添加License即可 仅限于PB11.5 其他版本激活稍后发布
pb11.5 web界面 。
由于pb9.0对webservice支持不好,因此将程序升级到<em>pb11.5</em>下面是本人在升级过程中的一些体会,希望对大家有用:    <em>pb11.5</em>已经不再提供mss microsoft SQL SERVER数据库接口,取而代之的是SNC SQL Native Client接口和ole mimcrosoft ole db接口,因SNC 需要安装专门的客户端比较麻烦,因此本人采用的是ole db数据接
pb11.5 web开发 - webservice之proxy的创建
图片说明 <em>pb11.5</em>中创建webservice的proxy的各个步骤 
pb11.5 web开发 - treeview的使用没有任何问题
 看到很多网友都有使用treeview的问题,而且还有人总是给出一些误导性的回答,特此写了此文证实treeview在web中依然很好用首先看我的两个treeview:1、是一个设置功能的:打开时: 点开节点  在浏览器里:  2、这个大家应该比较熟   再来一个treeview的datawindow:  
我运行setup,说需要sql anywhere,运行文件包里的sql anywhere里的setup,说不是由pb主installer驱动的,不理俺,晕了,哪位玩过的指点<em>一下</em>!
如题,本人一直用pb9.03开发,近来有套源码是11.5的,所以也想升级下,不知道pb9to11.5,还是to12好? 看网上介绍pb9升级到10以上可能会有字符编码问题。那11.5to12有什么需要
pb 11.5教程;powerbuilder 11.5 教程
pb 11.5难得的中文教程.powerbuilder 11.5 教程
PB11.5 好看的登录界面
PB11.5 好看的登录界面 设计为主,技术为辅 美观按钮控件
PB11.5 + FastReport4.15
pb +fastreport PowerBuilder+ fastreport pb +fastreport PowerBuilder+ fastreport
下面是我写的函数:rnlong i,k,id,count,levels =1, lastpoi=0rnstring ls_code,ls_b,ls_sj,ls_bj,ls_namernstring ls_code1,ls_dir,ls_fdirrnlong parent_idrnif lenw(code) = 0 then rn messagebox('提示信息','文件夹名称为空')rn return 1rnend ifrn//code = '\'+code+'\'rnif leftw(code,1)<>'\' thenrn ls_code = '\'+code+'\'rnelsern ls_code = code+'\'rnend ifrnrnfor i =1 to lenw(ls_code)rn ls_b = midw(ls_code,i,1) rn if ls_b = '\' thenrn //目录名称rn ls_name = midw(ls_code,lastpoi,i - lastpoi)//过滤名称rn //当前的相当路径rn ls_dir = midw(ls_code,1,i)rn //父级相对路径rn ls_fdir = midw(ls_code,2,lastpoi - 1 )rn rn if lenw(ls_name)>0 and ls_name <>'\'thenrn levels = levels+1rn //相对路径rn ls_dir = midw(ls_dir,2,lenw(ls_dir) - 1 )rn rn //rn ls_name = midw(ls_name,2,lenw(ls_name) - 1 )rn rn select count(*) into :count from zl_a where name = :ls_name and levels = :levels and zl_id = :a_id and dir =:ls_dir;rn if count = 0 thenrn select id into :parent_id from zl_a where dir = :ls_fdir and zl_id = :a_id ;//父接点rn if parent_id = 0 thenrn parent_id = 1rn end ifrn rn select NVL(max(id),0)+1 into :id from zl_a where zl_id = :a_id ;//自己接点rn rn insert into zl_a(zl_id,id,parent_id,code,name,levels,dir)rn values(:a_id,:id,:parent_id,:ls_name,:ls_name,:levels,:ls_dir);rn if sqlca.sqlcode<>0 thenrn messagebox('提示信息','维护资料A区树错误'+sqlca.sqlerrtext)rn return 1rn elsern rn rn end ifrn rn end ifrn end ifrn lastpoi = irn rn end if rnnextrnrnreturn 0rnrnrn主要作用是建立资源管理器中的目录树.rn可是升级到<em>pb11.5</em>后,midw,lenw用什么函数代替!rn不能用mid,len,因为日文或者其他语言,在进行分割取时,可能有'\'字符.rnrnrnrnrnrn
PB11.5 数据查询
已连接数据库 想要查询显示 两段日期之间的记录rnselect * from t_cangku where bzqz between '2000-1-1' and '2009-1-1'rn如果是在SQL中似乎是这样rnrn可是pb里似乎不认 rnsyntax errorrnrn= =||| 是不是不可以这么写?rn可不可以用PB的filter做?rnrn新学PB 不是很清楚哈 请教下
dw2xls for pb11.5
dw2xls for pb11 源码,<em>pb11.5</em>版本下调试通过。
PB11.5高级UI控件库,这是由SYBASE 公司出品的API UI,可以帮助开发人员开发出类似OUTLOOK XP 等风格的控件。
pb11.5 经典100例
目 录 第1部分 API函数调用 实例1 使用动态链接库扩展PowerBuilder 实例2 任务状态区图标的创建 实例3 使用API 函数的磁盘卷标 实例4 透明图像的绘制 实例5 用PowerBu
从网上下载了<em>pb11.5</em>,安装时告诉我从主安装开始安装,可主安装那有??? rnset has detected that this installation was not launched by the rn sybase common installer.please use the common install er rn to install powerbuilder 11.5 rn setup will now terminate
PB11.5 框架
PB11.5 源码框架,可以作为应用系统开发框架使用 PB11.5 源码框架,可以作为应用系统开发框架使用
pb11.5 webservice
我用了一个月不到,已经出现了好几个奇怪的问题了。 一个数据窗口用dw.update()死活保存不了数据,debug跟了都是正确的,不得已重建了遍数据窗口 用open(window)死活打不开窗口,窗口
PB 11.5.1 Build 5097 的补丁
PowerBuilder 11.5.1 Build 5097 的<em>补丁</em>, 文檔名PBSHR115.DLL, 解開後, 直接取待系統裏的文檔
PB11 5多版本破解 内含PN11 5多个版本的破解注册器 支持多版本
PB11.5 连接数据库
请问:PB11.5 中连接数据库的方式改变了???rnrn第一种方法,是按PB9.0中连接数据库的方法(但始终连接不上数据库)rnSQLCA.DBMS = "MSS Microsoft SQL Server"rnSQLCA.Database = "Sale"rnSQLCA.ServerName = "."rnSQLCA.LogId = "sa"rnSQLCA.AutoCommit = FalsernSQLCA.DBParm = ""rnConnect;rnrn第二种方法,使用.net方法(连接数据库成功)rnrnSQLCA.DBMS = "ADO.Net"rnSQLCA.LogId = "sa"rnSQLCA.AutoCommit = FalsernSQLCA.DBParm = "Namespace='System.Data.SqlClient',DataSource='.',Database='Sale'"rnrn是不是原先PB9.0的方法没法用在PB11.5中,若可以,那又怎么用法子?
pb11.5 破解补丁
注意版本哦,这个是<em>pb11.5</em>-3127-crack.rar的破解<em>补丁</em>! 还有 <em>pb11.5</em>-2506/1502,请留言索取!
pb11.5 版本控制
在库画板下右击对象会显示show differences 点击后没有反应。 在什么情况下点击以后才能有用?rn还有workspace中右击选择属性>advanced>pbnative command options 选择文件后ok 没有弹出对话框 rnrn
请问 哪有pb11.5安装包的下载地址
请问 哪有<em>pb11.5</em>安装包的下载地址谢谢!
pb 11.5 http文件下载实例
PB11.5的PFC类库源码,有说明文档,有示例,比较完整。从国外网站下载,没有经过任何修改。其实也是来源于PB11,以下是网站的原文描述:Release Notes: This is just a migration from the 11.0 code. No changes have been made yet (and they are needed) for it to work properly with 11.5.
以前用PB9 string(12.00)会等于12rn现在PB11.5 string(12.00)会等于12.00rnrnrn怎么能不要后边的.00?
pb11.5补丁 作者Study qq:937207115
<em>pb11.5</em><em>补丁</em>作者Study qq:937207115 本文来自: 华软论坛 详细出处参考:http://www.huarw.com/bbs/dispbbs.asp?boardid=85&replyid=724122&id=70231&skin=0&page=1&star=3
网页下载程序for pb11.5
<em>pb11.5</em> 网页下载程序,用于下载web页面上的附件
dw2xls已升级至<em>pb11.5</em> dw2xls已经开发了好几年了,最近也把这个程序开源了,由于自已一直以来都是用pb9开发程序,还没有升级到更高的版本,所以一直都没去 升级这个程序.这两年经常会收到一
原来的<em>pb11.5</em>的破解方式:用UE打开(PBSHR110.DLL)查找:85C00F85C2010000  替换为85C0E9C301000090 
作为一款功能强大的族谱制作软件,已经成为国内最受欢迎的族谱软件、家谱软件之一。她有如下特点:   1.最详尽、多媒体化的成员信息录入。包括基本信息、多配偶信息、详细信息、家族往事、图像资料、声音资料和视频资料的录入。   2.丰富的成员操作功能,您可以轻轻松松创建父亲、<em>兄弟</em>姐妹、儿女,并可自由移动、断开、复制、剪切、删除选定的成员。   3.强大的查找功能,您可以通过名字、辈分、排行、配偶、字、号、身份证、字辈方式查找你需要的成员。   4.带有概况、性别、民族、在世人数和各代人数的统计功能,以及西元/中国纪年法换算、错误检查功能。   5.拥有丰富的管理功能,包括备份、恢复、合并、拆分、整理族谱。   6.强大的打印功能!一次录入即能全自动生成苏式、欧式、现代3种族谱版式供您选择。打印内容包括封面、族训、世系图、详细内容和家族统计。可自由选择打印哪些页面,可自由决定分时段打印,可对有错别字的内容进行修补,可自由决定分成几册。   7.首创了“原版”、“文字版”两种附加录入方式。“原版”能使族谱的真实面貌得以长期保存下来,“文字版”的录入,让族谱内容和背景图像、音乐结合在一起,在多媒体化的同时,又不失传统风味。   8.高效率的成员处理,载入一本15000人的中型族谱,只需要几秒钟时间!   9.高效的加密方法,族谱内容用用户的密码加密,安全性高。所有族谱内容都是用你的密码加密的,这样即使别人盗走了你的族谱,也无法正常打开。
pb9与pb11.5 的ole问题
把数据库的blob读出内容赋给ole_1.objectdata 在pb9中运行正确但是在<em>pb11.5</em>的时候 出现“bad runtime function”的错误 这是为什么呢?
PB11.5 sqlserver如何连接?
[img=http://hi.csdn.net/attachment/201104/21/9948981_130338694551tv.gif][/img]rnrnrnPB11.5的这玩意哪去了?rnrn求高手 图文并茂的详细指导 。。。。
PB11.5连接SQL2000数据库 采用 "SNC SQL Native Client(OLE DB)" 在编译EXE程序的时候 客户端需要拷贝连接数据库的那些DLL文件, 还是必须要安装 "SNC SQL Native Client(OLE DB)" ?? rn只需要SNC SQL Native Client(OLE DB) 的DLL文件名就可以 谢谢rnrn我用PowerBuilder Runtime Packager 生成了安装DLL包 但是还是连接不上
这两个版本究竟该怎么连接?rn我看了树上的方法,可是连不上。rn我想问下,共有几种方法?分别是什么?[img=C:\Users\zhusong\Desktop][/img]rn那个SNC SQL NATIVE CLIENT 能不能连接它们?rn还有那个OLE microsoft OLE DB 呢?这是干什么的?是否也是可以连接?这个好像以前的版本里面没有啊?rn我用书上讲的最多的ODB ODBC连接时,提示说 不存在或拒绝访问 。rnrn现在是在是很急,毕业设计,连不上。。。。rn
PB11.5 2506 破解补丁
下载的总是病毒,我直接把破解后的PBSHR115.DLL 和PBSYS115.DLL两个文件放上来供大家下载。直接粘贴到\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder 即可。
PB12.5、12.6在win10 64位下都可以安装,但安装完后打不开啊,都提示程序并行配置不正确 哪位大神知道怎么解决的? 非常感谢,在线等
PowerBuilder 11.5新特性介绍!!(1个半小时的教程)
使用ULTRAEDIT打开C:/Program Files/Sybase/Shared/PowerBuilder/PBSHR110.DLL 查找:85C00F85C2010000 替换为85C0E9C301000090 可解除PB试用时间到期问题,至于还有没有其他问题,暂时没发现 美中不足的是,在About窗口中显示license为 trial
安装完成启动时提示如下: --------------------------- License Initialization --------------------------- Failed t
PB11.5 GUI问题
我主要是用outlook的这块功能.rn1.因为我要在xplistbar里面of_AddGroup很多的组,比如 第一个组是"营业",第二个是"采购".但是我又希望营业部的用户打开只显示营业的,不显示出来采购的,各位大哥大姐有什么好建议吗?rn2.我想把Group、like的信息都写到一个表里面,open时通过查找该用户的权限来判断哪些需要显示出来,但是我在uo_xplistbar的itemselected事件中只能得到as_group, as_item, ll_group,ll_item这些参数,如果每个用户打开显示的东西不一样的话凭刚刚那四个参数不能判断出需要打开的sheet窗口哦,不知道怎么解决。rn3.或者各位大哥大姐给我介绍下你们的判断权限的想法。rnrn先谢谢大家。
pb11.5的 GetCurrentDirectoryA问题
gs_curdir=Space(144) rnGetCurrentDirectoryA(144,gs_curdir) rn为什么取出来的路径是乱码!被干败了!!1
//设置为当前打印机rninteger li_testrnli_test = PrintSetPrinter (ls_test) //ls_test是用函数printgetprinters()获得的打印机列表中的一个打印机rnmessagebox("温馨提示",string(li_test))rnrnrnlong li_printer_staternli_printer_state = print_idw_dw.print()rnIF li_printer_state <> 1 THENrn messagebox("温馨提示","打印失败,请重新选择打印机进行打印 ",StopSign!)rn returnrnEND IFrnrnrn为什么选择本地打印、网络打印机都可以打印,唯独选择别人共享的打印机不能打印呢?
ulong ll_handlernint li_looprnrun("rar.exe x -e -o+ Update.RAR,Minimized!)rnll_handle = 0rn//循环至窗口打开rnstring ls_null rnsetnull(ls_null) rnDo While ll_handle = 0rnll_handle = FindWindowA(ls_null,"rar.exe")rn messagebox('',ll_handle) rnyield()rnloop rnll_handle怎么总是为0,进入死循环。应该是FindWindowA参数错在哪里了?试过把rar.exe改成“E:\rar.exe”也不行.rar.exe是WINRAR软件带的一个命令行程序。RUN运行正常。rnFunction ulong FindWindowA (String lpClassName , String lpWindowName ) Library "user32.dll" rnFunction boolean IsWindow (Long hwnd ) Library "user32.dll"
powerbuilder 11.5-破解
powerbuilder11.5破解 最新版PowerBuilder11.5破解程序,喜欢的人可以下来试用<em>一下</em>。
新版的开发框架,珍藏级的 newui v5.1
PB11.5 版本号与版本补丁求助!
11.5.1 5097 与 11.5.2506 <em>哪个</em>版本高些 请问<em>哪个</em>版本稳定 呢! 5097的破解<em>补丁</em>去哪里下载呢!!!!csdn上面的下载的不行还是试用标记
真正的pb11.5 3050破解补丁
真正的<em>pb11.5</em> 3050破解<em>补丁</em>,压缩包内有两个执行文件用来破解两个文件。仅供学习用,请在下载后24小时内删除!否则后果自负!
pb11.5 build3050 crack
<em>pb11.5</em> build3050 crack 密码:qq:937207115
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