WinRT: An Object Orientated Replacement for Win32 对于C++开发者是个好消息吧!?

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成功解决ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1: command: 'f:\program files\python\python36\...

成功解决ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1: command: 'f:\program files\python\python36\pyt ... Building wheel for av ( ... error ERROR: Command errored out with exit st...

[记录][问题]Win32调用C++/WinRT DLL

项目场景:Win32调用C++/WinRT DLL Win32调用C++/WinRT DLL 问题描述: Win32调用C++/WinRT DLL 原因分析: 提示:这里填写问题的分析: 例如:Handler 发送消息有两种方式,分别是 Handler.obtainMessage()和 ...

Windows Machine Learning ImageFeatureValue and TensorFloat object cannot convert to winrt::object::...

winrt-19041">LearningModelBinding Bind Method</a> Bind(String, Object) cannot bind ImageFeatureValue and TensorFloat even though they both inherit from Object. <pre><code> let input_image_feature_...

Microsoft C++ exception: winrt::hresult_error at memory location

<div><p><strong>Describe the bug</strong></...win10-arm64</runtimeidentifiers> </propertygroup> </project></code></pre>该提问来源于开源项目:microsoft/microsoft-ui-xaml</p></div>

How to cast winrt::Windows::IInspectable const & sender to Button?

ve seen the following quoted in a handler for a button click: <pre><code> Button sendButton =<Button>(); </code></pre> <p>In the current environment this won't compile - the ...


winrt/Windows.Foundation.Collections.h> #include <winrt/Windows.Web.Syndication.h> #include <iostream> #pragma comment(lib, "windowsapp") using namespace winrt; using namespace Windows...

C++/WinRT 中的线程切换体验带到 C# 中来(WPF 版本)

如果你要在 WPF 程序中使用线程池完成一特殊的任务,那么使用 .NET 的 API Task.Run 并传入一 Lambda 表达式可以完成。不过,使用 Lambda 表达式会带来变量捕获的一些问题,比如说你需要区分一变量作用于是在 ...

WinRT(C++/CX) UTF8类型转换为std::string和Platform::String^的Unicode字符串

Gist 仓库地址: #include &lt;string&gt; #include &...std::string UTF8_To_Std_Str(const std::string &... int nwLe...


WinRTWin32的面向对象替代品 转载: 作者 Jonathan Allen 译者 高翌翔 发布于 2011年9月18日 WinRT不是另一抽象层;它就像Win32 API一样,直接驻留在...

how to return custom error messages through winrt::Result?

<div><p>I want to return my own error message in winrt::Result. To do that I'm doing this: <pre><code> winrt::import!( dependencies os types ); fn main() { let e = winrt::Error::new(winrt...

Should I bother converting Microsoft::WRL::ComPtr to winrt::com_ptr?

<div><p>While working on a DirectX sample (available for test in PR: I stumbled upon this: <p>Should I at all be trying to convert the Microsoft::WRL::...

Can winrt::event deliver invocations asynchronously?

<div><p>Currently, <code>winrt::delegate<T>::operator()</code> delivers its invocations on the calling thread. This can be problematic if the delegate <em>implementation</em> is not reentrant, ...

error C2039: 'wait_for': is not a member of 'winrt::impl'

/winrt 2.0.190620.2), build is now failing at: <p>Windows.Foundation.0.h(983,26): error C2039: 'wait_for': is not a member of 'winrt::impl' <p>Looks like impl::wait_for is defined ...

C++/WinRT: Please always show what files to #include

e74f6cdb-2ac4-5a4d-8f73-0e97958f997b</li><li>Content: <a href="">Boxing and unboxing scalar values to IInspectable with C+...

Exception thrown in .exe Microsoft C++ exception: winrt::hresult_error at memory location

<div><p><img alt="image" src="" /></p> <p>This exception was thrown after the process had started and already appeared on ...

Can't import winrt::windows::data or ::ui

<div><pre> rustc 1.18.0 (03fc9d622 2017-06-06) cargo 0.19.0 (28d1d60d4 2017-05-16) </code></pre> <p>My Cargo.toml: <pre><code> [package] name =...contextfree/winrt-rust</p></div>

Is support for C++/WinRT and the DataGrid control planned?

/WinRT transpiler to generate a projection for it. <p>It seems like it would be a lot of work since you would have to rewrite a lot of it so that it becomes a windows runtime component as far I ...

Making winrt::impl::lock more standard and probably open

<p>As an addition, the <code>lock</code> class could be moved outside of the <code>winrt::impl</code> namespace to be a slim version of <code>std::mutex</code> and <code>std::shared_mutex</code> ...

[学习][笔记]C++/WinRT入门 01Hello world

微软 C++/WinRT简介 windows RT开发笔记:WinRT DLL及其调用研究 How to access the Windows 10 APIs from C++ sample

WinRT: Windows 8.1 SafeFireAndForget issue "No overload for method

<p>I noticed an error on my WinRT project (Windows 8.1) using your package. I can't use the SafeFireAndForget extension method because I have this message : <code>No overload for method '...

Provide a conversion from winrt::ABI::* to ::ABI::*

<div><p>By declaring your own ABI types you lead to frustrating errors like this one: .../winrt for functions like this.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:microsoft/cppwinrt</p></div>

pplx::create_task does not compile with winrt::Windows::Foundation::IAsyncOperation return type

<p>typedef winrt::SomeXDKResultType TokenResult; TokenResult tokenResult = nullptr; pplx::task t = pplx::create_task(firstUser.SomeXDKFunction(TEXT("POST"), *uri, TEXT(""))) ...

winrt::array_view cannot convert from gsl::span or other such representations

<div><p>Trying to use something in an already safe structure like a gsl::span or a std::basic_string_view (until C++20's std::span) should be easily convertable to winrt::array_view. <p>I&...

Compilation error: 'winrt::impl::produce_dispatch_to_super'

<p>On the other hand, there is a <code>WinRtComponent.Composables.2.h</code> file that contains an empty namespace definition: <pre><code>cpp namespace winrt::impl { } </code></pre> <p>If I move the ...

How can I new a winrt object?

<div><p>I want to new a winrt object , but can not , the compiler said the operator has been deleted.. <img alt="image" src="https://img-blog.csdnimg....

How to not use Visual Studio IDE to compile C++/WinRT programs?

Exception thrown at 0x76F7B832 (KernelBase.dll) in main.exe: 0x40080201: WinRT originate error (parameters: 0x80070057, 0x0000000A, 0x00EFEF94). Exception thrown at 0x76F7B832 in main.exe: Microsoft C...

OpenGL ES2.0基础

初级学习OpenGL ES2.0的课程,从无到有,从进本的函数讲起,每一课时都附带一个例子程序。深入浅出的讲解可编程管线技术,令人费解的文理,以及混合技术,各种优化技术:顶点缓冲区,索引缓冲区,帧缓冲区,介绍精灵的使用,并使用shader制作粒子特效。 掌握OpenGL ES2.0可编程管线,以及OpenGLES2.0的特性,带领初学者入门。


本课程使用Qt技术实现了网络电子白板,支持直线、矩形、椭圆、三角形、涂鸦等图形元素。本课程实现的电子白板,可以在多人之间共享,每个人都可以进行任意绘制,每个人的绘制都可以同步显示在其它人的白板上。服务器端使用Qt Network开发,客户端使用Qt Network和Qt Graphics View Framework开发,数据传输使用JSON数据格式。 本课程一步一步演示了网络电子白板的实现,通过不断迭代的方式,综合展示了Qt框架中Network、GraphicsView Framework、JSON等多种技术的运用。通过本课程的学习,一方面可以学习到如何使用Qt的网络和图形视图模块进行综合性项目开发,另一方面也可以了解如何进行实战项目开发,丰富实战项目开发经验。




汇编语言是一门低级程序设计语言,在数以千计的计算机语言中,有着不可替代的重要地位,广泛地用于开发操作系统内核、设备驱动程序等。随着近年来物联网、嵌入式系统的发展,汇编语言在行业中的地位也再次攀升,在2017年1月的TIOBE排行榜上,再次进入前十。对大多数学习计算机的人士而言,是理解计算机系统核心知识的一个桥梁,在人才培养中也起着特殊的作用。课程面向计算机初学者,介绍汇编语言程序设计基础的部分。 课程的目标是帮助学习者掌握汇编语言程序设计的基础部分。课程分7个部分,循序渐进地介绍寄存器、内存、程序结构、模块化程序设计、中断等内容,课程重视对学习方法的指导和引导,提倡和支持用实践的方式开展学习,目标是培养学习者的自学能力和实践能力,以此支持对最新的汇编语言开发技术的学习。

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