调试出现Debug Assertion Failed!和Detected memory leaks!怎么回事

csdnzhwk 2015-08-18 11:02:37
f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\dlgcore.cpp(971) : AppMsg - ERROR: Dialog with IDD 0x0136 must have the child style.
Debug Assertion Failed!

Program: C:\Windows\system32\mfc140ud.dll
File: f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\bardlg.cpp
Line: 39

For information on how your program can cause an assertion
failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts.

(Press Retry to debug the application)
线程 0x1f68 已退出,返回值为 3 (0x3)。
线程 0x181c 已退出,返回值为 3 (0x3)。
线程 0x1ab8 已退出,返回值为 3 (0x3)。
线程 0x17d4 已退出,返回值为 3 (0x3)。
Detected memory leaks!
Dumping objects ->
f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\plex.cpp(29) : {6228} normal block at 0x00280B98, 168 bytes long.
Data: < F \) > 00 00 00 00 CD CD CD CD 46 00 00 00 B0 5C 29 00
{6227} normal block at 0x0027D2B8, 68 bytes long.
Data: < > 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\afxstatusbar.cpp(520) : {5889} normal block at 0x00289550, 6 bytes long.
Data: <1\ ~ > 31 5C EA 7E 00 00
f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\plex.cpp(29) : {5750} normal block at 0x002B14C0, 128 bytes long.
Data: < > 00 00 00 00 CD CD CD CD 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\plex.cpp(29) : {5741} normal block at 0x002B1200, 128 bytes long.
Data: <P + + + > 50 11 2B 00 CD CD CD CD 14 12 2B 00 C4 11 2B 00 。。。。。。。。。
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LostSpeed 2015-08-20
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用VLD跑一遍, 退出时, 就直接指出在你的工程中那里new却没有deltete, 利器啊 这么好用的工具都不用, 自己琢磨多别扭啊:) http://download.csdn.net/detail/lostspeed/5013106 超好用的内存泄漏检查工具, 程序在Debug模式下跑一遍.退出时,就能看到具体的内存泄漏发生在哪行. current v2.2.3 date Wed Feb 15, 2012 at 8:00 AM status Stable Visual Leak Detector is a free, robust, open-source memory leak detection system for Visual C++. It's pretty easy to use. After installing it, you just need to tell Visual C++ where to find the included header and library file. Then it can be used with any C/C++ project simply by adding the following line to your code: #include <vld.h> When you run your program under the Visual Studio debugger, Visual Leak Detector will output a memory leak report at the end of your debugging session. The leak report includes the full call stack showing how any leaked memory blocks were allocated. Double-click on a line in the call stack to jump to that file and line in the editor window. It's a very effective way to quickly diagnose, and fix, memory leaks in C/C++ applications. The main difference between the CRT Debug Library and VLD, is that Visual Leak Detector shows you the complete callstack used for memory allocation has led to the leak.
Eleven 2015-08-19
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Debug模式下打开call stack,看看函数调用堆栈,看到出错的函数调用先~
rxguoblp 2015-08-19
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1.对话框的style属性需要设置为child 2.内存泄露。new了指针变量但是没有释放。检查new-delete是否成对出现。
jinling4388 2015-08-18
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Detected memory leaks!表示内存泄露了,你把代码贴出来
大鱼> 2015-08-18
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大鱼> 2015-08-18
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上面说的很清楚了在你bardlg.cpp 39行有问题,你看一下。
Changes in 2.4.6 (February 22, 2011): Brief summary : - Support more host OS to run on: - Include win64 native binary in the release. - Fixed failures on big endian hosts. - BIOS: Support for up to 2M ROM BIOS images. - GUI: select mouse capture toggle method in .bochsrc. - Ported most of Qemu's 'virtual VFAT' block driver (except runtime write support, but plus FAT32 suppport) - Added write protect option for floppy drives. - Bugfixes / improved internal debugger + instrumentation. Detailed change log : - CPU and internal debugger - Implemented Process Context ID (PCID) feature - Implemented FS/GS BASE access instructions support (according to document from http://software.intel.com/en-us/avx/) - Rewritten from scratch SMC detection algorithm - Implemented fine-grained SMC detection (on 128 byte granularity) - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness and stability - Fixed failures on Big Endian hosts ! - Print detailed page walk information and attributes in internal debugger 'page' command - Updated/Fixed instrumentation callbacks - Configure and compile - Bochs now can be compiled as native Windows x86-64 application (tested with Mingw gcc 4.5.1 and Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010) - Added ability to configure CPUID stepping through .bochsrc. The default stepping value is 3. - Added ability to disable MONITOR/MWAIT support through .bochsrc CPUID option. The option is available only if compiled with --enable-monitor-mwait configure option. - Determine and select max physical address size automatically at configure time: - 32-bit physical address for 386/486 guests - 36-bit physical address for PSE-36 enabled Pentium guest - 40-bit physical address for PAE enabled P6 or later guests - Update config.guess/config.sub scripts to May 2010 revisions. - Update Visual Studio 2008 project files in build/win32/vs2008ex-workspace.zip - Added Bochs compilation timestamp after Bochs version string. - GUI and display libraries (Volker) - Added new .bochsrc option to select mouse capture toggle method. In addition to the default Bochs method using the CTRL key and the middle mouse button there are now the choices: - CTRL+F10 (like DOSBox) - CTRL+ALT (like QEMU) - F12 (replaces win32 'legacyF12' option) - display library 'x' now uses the desktop size for the maximum guest resolution - ROM BIOS - Support for up to 2M ROM BIOS images - I/O Devices - 3 new 'pseudo device' plugins created by plugin separation (see below) - Fixes for emulated DHCP in eth_vnet (patch from @SF tracker) - Added support for VGA graphics mode with 400 lines (partial fix for SF bug #2948724) - NE2K: Fixed "send buffer" command issue on big endian hosts - USB - converted common USB code plus devices to the new 'usb_common' plugin Now the USB device classes no longer exist twice if both HC plugins are loaded. - added 'pseudo device' in common USB code for the device creation. This makes the HCs independent from the device specific code. - USB MSD: added support for disk image modes (like ATA disks) - USB printer: output file creation failure now causes a disconnect - re-implemented "options" parameter for additional options of connected devices (currently only used to set the speed reported by device and to specify an alternative redolog file of USB MSD disk image modes) - hard drive - new disk image mode 'vvfat' - ported the read-only part of Qemu's 'virtual VFAT' block driver - additions: configurable disk geometry, FAT32 support, read MBR and/or boot sector from file, volatile write support using hdimage redolog_t class, optional commit support on Bochs exit, save/restore file attributes, 1.44 MB floppy support, set file modification date/time - converted the complete hdimage stuff to the new 'hdimage' plugin - new hdimage method get_capabilities() that can return special flags - vmware3, vmware4 and vvfat classes now return HDIMAGE_HAS_GEOMETRY flag - other disk image modes by default return HDIMAGE_AUTO_GEOMETRY if cylinder value is set to 0 - multiple sector read/write support for some image modes - new log prefix "IMG" for hdimage messages - floppy - added write protect option for floppy drives (based on @SF patch by Ben Lunt) - vvfat support - bugfix: close images on exit - SB16 - converted the sound output module stuff to the new 'soundmod' plugin - SF patches applied [3164945] hack to compile under WIN64 by Darek Mihocka and Stanislav [3164073] Fine grain SMC invalidation by Stanislav [1539417] write protect for floppy drives by Ben Lunt [2862322] fixes for emulated DHCP in eth_vnet - these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed [2588085] Mouse capture [3140332] typo in mf3/ps2 mapping of BX_KEY_CTRL_R [3111577] No "back" option in log settings [3108422] Timing window in NE2K emulation [3084390] Bochs won't load floppy plugin right on startup [3043174] Docbook use of '_' build failure [3085140] Ia_arpl_Ew_Rw definition of error [3078995] ROL/ROR/SHL/SHR modeling wrong when dest reg is 32 bit [2864794] BX_INSTR_OPCODE in "cpu_loop" causes crash in x86_64 host [2884071] [AIX host] prefetch: EIP [00010000] > CS.limit [0000ffff] [3053542] 64 bit mode: far-jmp instruction is error [3011112] error compile vs2008/2010 with X2APIC [3002017] compile error with vs 2010 [3009767] guest RFLAGS.IF blocks externel interrupt in VMX guest mode [2964655] VMX not enabled in MSR IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL [3005865] IDT show bug [3001637] CMOS MAP register meaning error [2994370] Cannot build with 3DNow support - these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented [1510142] Native Windows XP x64 Edition binary [1062553] select mouse (de)activation in bochsrc [2930633] legacy mouse capture key : not specific enough [2930679] Let user change mouse capture control key [2803538] Show flags for pages when using "info tab" ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.4.5 (April 25, 2010): Brief summary : - Major configure/cpu rework allowing to enable/disable CPU options at runtime through .bochsrc (Stanislav) - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness and stability - Implemented X2APIC extensions (Stanislav) - Implemented Intel VMXx2 extensions (Stanislav) - Extended VMX capability MSRs, APIC Virtualization, X2APIC Virtualization, Extended Page Tables (EPT), VPID, Unrestricted Guests, new VMX controls. - Implemented PCLMULQDQ AES instruction - Extended Bochs internal debugger functionality - USB HP DeskJet 920C printer device emulation (Ben Lunt) Detailed change log : - Configure rework - Deprecate --enable-popcnt configure option. POPCNT instruction will be enabled automatically iff SSE4_2 is supported (like in hardware). - Make --ignore-bad-msrs runtime option in .bochsrc. Old --ignore-bad-msrs configure option is deprecated and should not be used anymore. - Enable changing part of CPU functionality at runtime through .bochsrc. - Now you could enable/disable any of SSEx/AES/MOVBE/SYSENTER_SYSEXIT/XSAVE instruction sets using new CPUID option in .bochsrc. - When x86-64 support is compiled in, you could enable/disable long mode 1G pages support without recompile using new CPUID option in .bochsrc. Configure options: --enable-mmx, --enable-sse, --enable-movbe, --enable-xsave, --enable-sep, --enable-aes, --enable-1g-pages are deprecated and should not be used anymore. - Local APIC configure option --enable-apic is deprecated and should not be used anymore. The LAPIC option now automatically determined from other configure options. XAPIC functionality could be enabled using new CPUID .bochsrc option. - Changed default CPU configuration (generated by configure script with default options) to BX_CPU_LEVEL=6 with SSE2 enabled. - CPU - Implemented PCLMULQDQ AES instruction - Implemented X2APIC extensions / enable extended topology CPUID leaf (0xb), in order to enable X2APIC configure with --enable-x2apic - Implemented Intel VMXx2 extensions: - Enabled extended VMX capability MSRs - Implemented VMX controls for loading/storing of MSR_PAT and MSR_EFER - Enabled/Implemented secondary proc-based vmexec controls: - Implemented APIC virtualization - Implemented Extended Page Tables (EPT) mode - Implemented Descriptor Table Access VMEXIT control - Implemented RDTSCP VMEXIT control - Implemented Virtualize X2APIC mode control - Implemented Virtual Process ID (VPID) - Implemented WBINVD VMEXIT control - Implemented Unrestricted Guest mode In order to enable emulation of VMXx2 extensions configure with --enable-vmx=2 option (x86-64 must be enabled) - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness - Fixed Bochs crash when accessing the first byte above emulated memory size - Internal Debugger - Introduced range read/write physical watchpoints - Allow reloading of segment registers from internal debugger - Improved verbose physical memory access tracing - BIOS - Fix MTRR configuration (prevented boot of modern Linux kernels) - Fix interrupt vectors for INT 60h-66h (reserved for user interrupt) by setting them to zero - Fix BIOS INT13 function 08 when the number of cylinders on the disk = 1 - I/O Devices - USB HP DeskJet 920C printer device emulation (Ben Lunt) - Misc - Updated Bochs TESTFORM to version 0.5 - SF patches applied [2864402] outstanding x2apic patches by Stanislav [2960379] Fix build with -Wformat -Werror=format-security by Per Oyvind Karlsen [2938273] allow instrumentation to change execute by Konrad Grochowski [2926072] Indirection operators in expressions by Derek Peschel [2914433] makesym.perl misses symbols by John R. Jackson [2908481] USB Printer by Ben Lunt - these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed [2861662] dbg_xlate_linear2phy needs to be updated [2956217] INT13 AH=8 returns wrong values when cylinders=1 [2981161] Allow DMA transfers to continue when CPU is in HALT state [2795115] NX fault could be missed [2964824] bad newline sequence in aspi-win32.h [913419] configure options and build process needs some work [2938398] gdbstub compile error with x86_64 enabled [2734455] shutdown/reset type 05 should reinit the PICs [1921294] extended memory less than 1M wrong size [1947249] BX_USE_EBDA_TABLES and MP table placement [1933859] BX_USE_EBDA_TABLES and memory overlapping [2923680] "help dregs" is a syntax error [2919661] CPU may fail to do 16bit near call [2790768] Memory corruption with SMP > 32, Panic BIOS Keyboard Error [2902118] interrupts vectors 0x60 to 67 should be NULL ! [2912502] Instruction Pointer behaving erratically [2901047] Bochs crashed, closed by guest os [2905385] Bochs crash [2901481] Instruction SYSRET and SS(PL) [2900632] Broken long mode RETF to outer priviledge with null SS [1429011] Use bx_phyaddr_t for physaddr vars and bx_adress for lin adr - these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented [2955911] RPM preuninstall scriptlet removes /core [2947863] don't abort on unrecognised options [2878861] numerics in the disassembler output [2900619] make more CPU state changeable ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.4.2 (November 12, 2009): - CPU and internal debugger - VMX: Implemented TPR shadow VMEXIT - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (mostly for VMX support). - Bugfixes and updates for Bochs internal debugger - On SMP system stepN command now affects only current processor - Memory - Bugfixes for > 32-bit physical address space. - Allow to emulate more physical memory than host actually could or would like to allocate. For more details look for new .bochsrc 'memory' option. - Cleanup configure options - All paging related options now will be automatically determined according to --enable-cpu-level option. Related configure options --enable-global-pages, --enable-large-pages, --enable-pae, --enable-mtrr are deprecated now. Only 1G paging option still remaining unchanged. - Deprecate --enable-daz configure option. Denormals-are-zeros MXCSR control will be enabled automatically iff SSE2 is supported (like in hardware). - Deprecate --enable-vme configure option, now it will be supported iff CPU_LEVEL >= 5 (like in hardware). - I/O Devices - Bugfixes for 8254 PIT, VGA, Cirrus-Logic SVGA, USB UCHI - SF patches applied [2817840] Make old_callback static by Mark Marshall [2874004] fix for VMWRITE instruction by Roberto Paleari [2873999] fix CS segment type during fast syscall invocation by Roberto Paleari [2864389] Debugger gui maximize on startup by Thomas Nilsen [2817868] Rework loops in the memory code by Mark Marshall [2812948] PIT bug by Derek - these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed [2833504] GUI debugger bug-about GDT display [2872244] BIOS writes not allowed value to MTRR MSR causing #GP [2885383] SDL GUI memory leak [2872290] compilation in AIX5.3 ML10 failes [2867904] crash with cirrus bx_vga_c::mem_write [2851495] BIOS PCI returns with INT flag = 0 [2860333] vista 64 guest STOP 109 (GDT modification) [2849745] disassembler bug for 3DNow and SSE opcodes [1066748] Wrong registers values after #RESET, #INIT [2836893] Regression: Windows XP installer unable to format harddrive [2812239] VMX: VM-Exit: Incorrect instruction length on software int [2814130] bx_debug lex/yacc files incorrectly generated [2813199] MP Tables Missing From BIOS [2824093] VMX exception bug [2811909] VMX : CS Access-rights Type.Accessed stays 0 [2810571] Compile Errors on OSX [2823749] GCC regression or VM_EXIT RDMSR/WRMSR bug [2815929] Vista/XP64 unnecessary panic [2803519] Wrong example in man page bochsrc - these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented [422766] Large Memory configurations [1311287] Idea for a better GUI [455971] USB support [615363] debugger shortcut for repeat last cmd ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.4.1 (June 7, 2009): - Fixed bunch of CPUID issues - Bochs is now able to install and boot 64-bit Windows images! (special thanks to Mark Ebersole for his patch) - Several bugfixes in CPU emulation (mostly for x87 instructions) - Fixed two critical deadlock bugs in the Win32 gui (patches from @SF tracker) - Fixes related to the 'show ips' feature - removed conflicting win32-specific alarm() functions ('win32' and 'sdl' gui) - feature now works in wx on win32 - Added support for gdb stub on big endian machine (patch by Godmar Back) - Rewritten obsolete hash_map code in dbg symbols module (patch from @SF) - BIOS: implemented missing INT 15h/89h (patch by Sebastian Herbszt) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.4 (May 3, 2009): Brief summary : - Added graphical Bochs debugger frontend for most of the supported platforms. - Thanks for Chourdakis Michael and Bruce Ewing. - Many new CPU features in emulation - Support for > 32 bit physical address space and configurable MSRs - VMX, 1G pages in long mode, MOVBE instruction - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness, debugger and CPU instrumentation. - New config interface 'win32config' with start and runtime menu - USB: added OHCI support, external hub and cdrom - Added user plugin interface support. Detailed change log : - CPU and internal debugger - Support for VMX hardware emulation in Bochs CPU, to enable configure with --enable-vmx option Nearly complete VMX implementation, with few exceptions: - Dual-monitor treatment of SMIs and SMM not implemented yet - NMI virtualization, APIC virtualization not implemented yet - VMENTER to not-active state not supported yet - No advanced features like Extended Page Tables or VPID - Support for configurable MSR registers emulation, to enable configure with --enable-configurable-msrs option Look for configuration example in .bochsrc and msrs.def - Support new Intel Atom(R) MOVBE instruction, to enable configure with --enable-movbe option - Support for 1G pages in long mode, to enable configure with --enable-1g-pages option - Support for > 32 bit physical address space in CPU. Up to 36 bit could be seen in legacy mode (PAE) and up to 40 bit in x86-64 mode. Still support the same amount of the physical memory in the memory object, so system with > 4Gb of RAM yet cannot be emulated. To enable configure with --enable-long-phy-address option. - Implemented modern BIOSes mode limiting max reported CPUID function to 3 using .bochsrc CPU option. The mode is required in order to correctly install and boot WinNT. - Added ability to configure CPUID vendor/brand strings through .bochsrc (patch from @SF by Doug Reed). - Many bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (both x86 and x86-64). - Updated CPU instrumentation callbacks. - Fixed Bochs internal debugger breakpoints/watchpoints handling. - Configure and compile - Added ability to choose Bochs log file name and Bochs debugger log file name from Bochs command line (using new -log and -dbglog options) - Removed Peter Tattam's closed source external debugger interface from the code. - Removed --enable-guest2host-tlb configure option. The option is always enabled for any Bochs configuration. - Removed --enable-icache configure option. The option is always enabled for any Bochs configuration. Trace cache support still remains optional and could be configured off. - Added configure option to compile in GUI frontend for Bochs debugger, to enable configure with --enable-debugger-gui option. The GUI debugger frontend is enabled by default with Bochs debugger. - Removed --enable-port-e9-hack configure option. The feature now could be configured at runtime through .bochsrc. - Added configure option to enable/disable A20 pin support. Disabling the A20 pin support slightly speeds up the emulation. - reduced dependencies between source files for faster code generation - BIOS - Added S3 (suspend to RAM) ACPI state to BIOS (patch by Gleb Natapov) - Implemented MTRR support in the bios (patches by Avi Kivity and Alex Williamsion with additions by Sebastian Herbszt) - Bug fixes - I/O Devices - Added user plugin support - remaining devices converted to plugins: pit, ioapic, iodebug - added 'plugin_ctrl' bochsrc option to control the presence of optional device plugins without a separate option. By default all plugins are enabled. - added register mechanism for removable mouse and keyboard devices - Hard drive / cdrom - PACKET-DMA feature now supported by all ATAPI commands - ATAPI command 0x1A added (based on the Qemu implementation) - sb16 - Added ALSA sound support on Linux (PCM/MIDI output) - FM synthesizer now usable with MIDI output (simple piano only) - Fixed OPL frequency to MIDI note translation - Fixed MIDI output command - keyboard - added keyboard controller commands 0xCA and 0xCB - USB - USB code reorganized to support more HC types and devices - added USB OHCI support written by Ben Lunt - added external USB hub support (initial code ported from Qemu) - added USB cdrom support (SCSI layer ported from Qemu) - added status bar indicators to show data transfer - VGA - VBE video memory increased to 16 MB - implemented changeable VBE LFB base address (PCI only, requires latest BIOS and VGABIOS images) - I/O APIC - implemented I/O APIC device hardware reset - Config interface - new config interface 'win32config' with start and runtime menu is now the default on Windows ('textconfig' is still available) - win32 device config dialogs are now created dynamicly from a parameter list (works like the wx ParamDialog) - changes in textcofig and the wx ParamDialog for compatibility with the new win32 dialog behaviour - Bochs param tree index keys are case independent now - some other additions / bugfixes in the simulator interface code - Misc - updated LGPL'd VGABIOS to version 0.6c - Updated Bochs TESTFORM to version 0.4 - SF patches applied [2784858] IO Handler names are not compared properly [2712569] Legacy bios serial data buffer timeout bug by grybranix [2655090] 64 bit BSWAP with REX.W broken by M. Eby [2645919] CR8 bug when reading by M. Eby [1895665] kvm: bios: add support to memory above the pci hole by Izik Eidus [2403372] rombios: check for valid cdrom before using it by Sebastian [2307269] acpi: handle S3 by Sebastian [2354134] TAP networking on Solaris/Sparc repaired [2144692] The scsi device can not complete its writing data command by naiyue [1827082] [PATCH] Configurable CPU vendor by Marcel Sondaar [2217229] Panic on EBDA overflow in rombios32 by Sebastian [2210194] Log pci class code by Sebastian [1984662] red led for disk write and titlebar mod by ggbsf [2142955] Fix for monitor/mwait by Doug Gibson [2137774] Patch to fix bug: cdrom: read_block: lseek returned error by Gabor Olah [2134642] Fix scan_to_scanascii table for F11 and F12 by Ben Guthro & Steve Ofsthun [2123036] sdl fullscreen fix by ggbsf [2073039] Remove CMOS accsess from AML code by Gleb Natapov [2072168] smbios: add L1-L3 cache handle to processor information by Sebastian [2055416] bochsrc cpu options for cpuid vendor and brand string by Doug Reed [2035278] rombios: Fix return from BEV via retf by Sebastian [2035260] rombios: El Torito load segment fix by Sebastian [2031978] Fix VMware backdoor command 0Ah by Jamie Lokier [2015277] Remove obsolete comment about DATA_SEG_DEFS_HERE hack by Sebastian [2011268] Set new default format and unit only if both are supported by Sebastian [2001919] gdbstub: fix qSupported reply by Sebastian [2001912] gdbstub: enclose packet data by apostrophes by Sebastian [1998071] fix missing SIGHUP and SIGQUIT with term ui on mingw by Sebastian [1998063] fix wrong colors with term ui by Sebastian [1995064] Compile fix needed for --enable-debugger and gcc 4.3 by Hans de Goede [1994564] Fix typo in RDMSR BX_MSR_MTRRFIX16K_A0000 by Sebastian [1994396] Change hard_drive_post #if by Sebastian [1993235] TESTFORM email address update by Sebastian [1992322] PATCH: fix compilation of bochs 2.3.7 on bigendian machines by Hans de Goede [1991280] Shutdown status code 0Ch handler by Sebastian [1990108] Shutdown status code 0Bh handler by Sebastian [1988907] Shutdown status code 0Ah handler by Sebastian [1984467] two typos in a release! (2.3.7) [1981505] Init PIIX4 PCI to ISA bridge and IDE by Sebastian - these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed [2784148] an integer overflow BUG of Bochs-2.3.7 source code [2695273] MSVC cpu.dsp failure in 2.3.7.zip [616114] Snapshot/Copy crash on Win2K [2628318] 'VGABIOS-latest' bug [1945055] can't 'make install' lastest bochs on loepard [2031993] Mac OS X Makefile bug [1843199] install error on mac osx [2710931] Problem compiling both instrumentation and debugger [2617003] ExceptionInfo conflicts with OS X api [2609432] stepping causes segfault (CVS) [2605861] compile error with --enable-smp [1757068] current cvs(Jul19, 07) failed to boot smp [2426271] cannot get correct symbol entry [2471982] VGA character height glitches [1659659] wrong behaviour a20 at boot [1998027] minwg + --with-term + --with-out-win32 = link failure [1871936] bochs-2.3.6 make fails on wx.cc [1684666] info idt for long mode [2105989] could not read() hard drive image file at byte 269824 [1173093] Debugger totally not supports x86-64 [1803018] new win32debug dialog problems [2141679] windows vcc build broken [2162824] latest cvs fails to compile [2164506] latest bochs fails to start [2129223] MOV reg16, SS not working in real mode due to dead code [2106514] RIS / startrom.com install ALMOST works [2123358] SMP (HTT): wbinvd executed by CPU1 crashes CPU0 [2002758] Arch Linux: >>PANIC<< ATAPI command with zero byte count [2026501] El Torito incorrect boot segment:offset [2029758] BEV can return via retf instead of int 18h [2010173] x command breaks after one error about x/s or x/i [1830665] harddrv PANIC: ATAPI command with zero byte count [1985387] fail to make using gcc4 with --enable-debugger [1990187] testform feedback [1992138] Misspell in cpu/ia_opcodes.h - these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented [2175153] Update MSVC project files [658800] front end program and bios [1883370] Make cd and floppy images more usable [422783] change floppy size without restarting [2552685] param tree names should be case insensitive [1214659] PC Speaker emu turnoff. Plugin Controll. [1977045] support 40 bit physical address [1506385] Intel Core Duo VT features [1429015] Support for user plugins [1488136] debugger access to floppy controller [1363136] Full debugger SMP and 64 bit support [2068304] Support for ACPI [431032] debugger "x" command [423420] profiling ideas (SMF) [445342] Add FM support? [928439] alsa ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.3.7 (June 3, 2008): Brief summary : + More optimizations in CPU code - Bochs 2.3.7 is more than 2x faster than Bochs 2.3.5 build ! - Implemented LBA48 support in BIOS - Added memory access tracing for Bochs internal debugger - Implemented Intel(R) XSAVE/XRSTOR and AES instruction set extensions - Many fixes in CPU emulation and internal debugger - MenuetOS64 floppy images booting perfect again ! - updated LGPL'd VGABIOS to version 0.6b Detailed change log : - CPU - Support of XSAVE/XRSTOR CPU extensions, to enable configure with --enable-xsave option - Support of AES CPU extensions, to enable configure with --enable-aes option - Fixed Bochs failure on RISC host machines with BxRepeatSpeedups optimization enabled - Implemented SYSENTER/SYSEXIT instructions in long mode - More than 100 bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (both x86 and x86-64) - MenuetOS64 floppy images booting perfect again ! - Updated CPU instrumentation callbacks - Bochs Internal Debugger and Disassembler - Added memory access tracing for Bochs internal debugger, enable by typing 'trace-mem on' in debugger command line - Many bug fixes in Bochs internal debugger and disassembler - System BIOS (Volker) - Implemented LBA48 support - Added generation of SSDT ACPI table that contains definitions for available processors - Added RTC device to ACPI DSDT table - Added implementation of SMBIOS - I/O devices (Volker) - VGA - Implemented screen disable bit in sequencer register #1 - Implemented text mode cursor blinking - Serial - new serial modes 'pipe-server' and 'pipe-client' for win32 - new serial mode 'socket-server' - Configure and compile - Fixed configure bug with enabling of POPCNT instruction, POPCNT instruction should be enabled by default when SSE4.2 is enabled. - Removed --enable-magic-breakpoint configure option. The option is automatically enabled if Bochs internal debugger is compiled in. It is still possible to turn on/off the feature through .bochsrc. - Allow boot from network option in .bochsrc - Added Bochs version info for Win32 - Display libraries - implemented text mode character blinking in some guis - improved 'X' gui runtime dialogs - SF patches applied [1980833] Fix shutdown status code 5h handler by Kevin O'Connor [1928848] "pipe" mode for serial port (win32 only) by Eugene Toder [1956843] Set the compatible pci interrupt router back to PIIX by Sebastian [1956366] Do not announce C2 & C3 cpu power state support by Igor Lvovsky [1921733] support for LBA48 by Robert Millan [1938185] Fix link problem with --enable-debugger by Sebastian [1938182] Makefile.in - use @IODEV_LIB_VAR@ by Sebastian [1928945] fix for legacy rombios - e820 map and ACPI_DATA_SIZE by Sebastian [1925578] rombios32.c - fix ram_size in ram_probe for low memory setup by Sebastian [1908921] rombios32.c - move uuid_probe() call by Sebastian [1928902] improvements to load-symbols by Eugene Toder [1925568] PATCH: msvc compilation by Eugene Toder [1913150] rombios.c - e820 cover full size if memory <= 16 mb by Alexander van Heukelum [1919804] rombios.c - fix and add #ifdef comments by Sebastian [1909782] rombios.c - remove segment values from comment by Sebastian [1908918] SMBIOS - BIOS characteristics fix by Sebastian [1901027] BIOS boot menu support (take 3) [1902579] rombios32.c - define pci ids by Sebastian [1859447] Pass segment:offset to put_str and introduce %S by Sebastian [1889057] rombios.c - boot failure message by Sebastian [1891469] rombios.c - print BEV product string by Sebastian [1889851] Win32 version information FILEVERSION for bochs.exe by Sebastian [1889042] rombios.c - fix comment by Sebastian [1881500] bochsrc, allow boot: network by Sebastian [1880755] Win32 version information for bochs.exe by Sebastian [1880471] SMBIOS fix type 0 by Sebastian [1878558] SMBIOS fixes by Sebastian [1864692] SMBIOS support by Filip Navara [1865105] Move bios_table_area_end to 0xcc00 by Sebastian [1875414] Makefile.in - change make use by Sebastian [1874276] Added instrumentation for sysenter/sysexit by Lluis [1873221] TLB page flush: add logical address to instrumentation by Lluis [1830626] lba32 support by Samuel Thibault [1861839] Move option rom scan after floppy and hard drive post by Sebastian [1838283] Early vga bios init by Sebastian [1838272] rom_scan range parameter by Sebastian [1864680] Save CPUID signature by Filip Navara - these S.F. bugs were closed [1976171] Keyboard missing break code for enter (0x9C) [666433] physical read/write breakpoint sometimes fails [1744820] info gdt and info idt shows the entire tables [1755652] graphics: MenuetOS64 shows black screen [1782207] Windows Installer malfunction, Host=Linux, Guest=Win98SE [1697762] OS/2 Warp Install Failed [1952548] String to char * warnings [1940714] SYSENTER/SYSEXIT doesn't work in long mode [1422342] SYSRET errors [1923803] legacy rombios - e820 map and ACPI_DATA_SIZE [1936132] Link problem with --enable-debugger & --enable-disasm [1934477] Linear address wrap is not working [1424984] virtual machine freezes in Bochs 2.2.6 [1902928] with debugger cpu_loop leaves CPU with unstable state [1898929] Bochs VESA BIOS violates specs (banks == 1) [1569256] bug in datasegment change in long mode [1830662] ACPI: no DMI BIOS year, acpi=force is required [1868806] VGA blink enable & screen disable [1875721] Bit "Accessed" in LDT/GDT descriptors & #PF [1874124] bx_Instruction_c::ilen() const [1873488] bochs-2.3.6 make fails on dbg_main.cc - these S.F. feature requests were implemented [1422769] SYSENTER/SYSEXIT support in x86-64 mode [1847955] Version information for bochs(dbg).exe [939797] SMBIOS support ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.3.6 (December 24, 2007): Brief summary : + More than 25% emulation speedup vs Bochs 2.3.5 release! - Thanks to Darek Mihocka (http://www.emulators.com) for providing patches and ideas that made the speedup possible! + Up to 40% speedup vs Bochs 2.3.5 release with trace cache optimization! - Lots of bugfixes in CPU emulation - Bochs benchmarking support - Added emulation of Intel SSE4.2 instruction set Detailed change log : - CPU - Added emulation of SSE4.2 instruction set, to enable use --enable-sse=4 --enable-sse-extension configure options to enable POPCNT instruction only use configure option --enable-popcnt - Implemented MTRR emulation, to enable use --enable-mtrr configure option. MTRRs is enabled by default when cpu-level >= 6. - Implemented experimental MONITOR/MWAIT support including optimized MWAIT CPU state and hardware monitoring of physical address range, to enable use --enable-monitor-mwait configure option. - Removed hostasm optimizations, after Bochs rebenchmarking it was found that the feature bringing no speedup or even sometimes slows down emulation! - Merged trace cache optimization patch, the trace cache optimization is enabled by default when configure with --enable-all-optimizations option, to disable trace cache optimization configure with --disable-trace-cache - Many minor bugfixes in CPU emulation (both ia32 and x86-64) - Updated CPU instrumentation callbacks - Bochs Internal Debugger and Disassembler - Many fixes in Bochs internal debugger and disassembler, some debugger interfaces significantly changed due transition to the param tree architecture - Added support for restoring of the CPU state from external file directly from Bochs debugger - Configure and compile - Renamed configure option --enable-4meg-pages to --enable-large-pages. The option enables page size extensions (PSE) which refers to 2M pages as well. - Removed --enable-save-restore configure option, save/restore feature changed to be one of the basic Bochs features and compiled by default for all configurations. - Added new Bochs benchmark mode. To run Bochs in benchmark mode execute it with new command line option 'bochs -benchmark time'. The emulation will be automatically stopped after 'time' millions of emulation cycles executed. - Another very useful option for benchmarking of Bochs could be enabled using new 'print_timestamps' directive from .bochsrc: print_timestamps: enable=1 - Added --enable-show-ips option to all configuration scripts used to build release binaries, so all future releases will enjoy IPS display. - Enable alignment check in the CPU and #AC exception by default for --cpu-level >= 4 (like in real hardware) - SF patches applied [1491207] Trace Cache Speedup patch by Stanislav [1857149] Define some IPL values by Sebastian [1850183] Get memory access mode in BX_INSTR_LIN_READ by Lluis Vilanova [1841421] pic: keep slave_pic.INT and master_pic.IRQ_in bit 2 in sync by Russ Cox [1841420] give segment numbers in exception logs by Russ Cox [1801696] Allow Intel builds on Mac OS X [1830658] Fix >32GB disk banner by Samuel Thibault [1813314] Move #define IPL_* and typedef ipl_entry by Sebastian [1809001] Save PnP Option ROM Product Name string in IPL Boot Table by Sebastian [1821242] Fix for #1801285, Niclist.exe broken by Sebastian [1819567] Code warning cleanup [1816162] Update comment on bios_printf() by Sebastian [1811139] Trivial Fix when BX_PCIBIOS and BX_ROMBIOS32 not defined by Myles Watson [1811190] Improve HD recognition and CD boot by Myles Watson [1811860] Implement %X in bios_printf by Sebastian [1809649] printf %lx %ld %lu by Myles Watson [1809651] move BX_SUPPORT_FLOPPY by Myles Watson [1809652] dpte and Int13DPT fixes by Myles Watson [1809669] clip cylinders to 16383 in hard drive by Myles Watson [1799903] Build BIOS on amd64 by Robert Millan [1799877] Fix for parallel build (make -j2) by Robert Millan - these S.F. bugs were closed [1837354] website bug: View the Source link broken [1801268] Reset from real mode no longer working [1843250] Using forward slashes gives invalid filename [1823446] BIOS bug, local APIC #0 not detected [1801285] Niclist.exe broken [1364472] breakpoints sometimes don't work [994451] breakpoint bug [1801295] NSIS installer vs Windows Notepad [1715328] Unreal mode quirk [1503972] debugger doesn't debug first instruction on exception [1069071] div al, byte ptr [ds:0x7c18] fails to execute [1800080] Wrong "BX_MAX_SMP_THREADS_SUPPORTED" assertion - these S.F. feature requests were implemented [1662687] Download for Win32-exe with x64 Mode and debugging [604221] Debugger command: query lin->phys mapping ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.3.5 (September 16, 2007): Brief summary : - Critical problems fixed for x86-64 support in CPU and Bochs internal debugger - ACPI support - The release compiled with x86-64 and ACPI - Hard disk emulation supports ATA-6 (LBA48 addressing, UDMA modes) - Added emulation of Intel SSE4.1 instruction set Detailed change log : - CPU - Fixed critical bug with 0x90 opcode (NOP) handling in x86-64 mode - implied stack references where the stack address is not in canonical form should causes a stack exception (#SS) - Added emulation of SSE4.1 instruction set (Stanislav) - Do not save and restore XMM8-XMM15 registers when not in x86-64 mode - Fixed zero upper 32-bit part of GPR in x86-64 mode - CMOV_GdEd should zero upper 32-bit part of GPR register even if the 'cmov' condition was false ! - Implemented CLFLUSH instruction, report non-zero cache size in CPUID - Fixed PUSHA/POPA instructions behavior in real mode - Fixed detection of inexact result by FPU - Fixed denormals-are-zero (DAZ) handling by SSE convert instructions - Implemented Misaligned Exception Mask support for SSE (MXCSR[17]) - Implemented Alignment Check in the CPU and #AC exception, to enable use --enable-alignment-check configure option - General - 2nd simulation support in wxBochs now almost usable (simulation cleanup code added and memory leaks fixed) - Configure and compile - several fixes for MacOSX, OpenBSD and Solaris 10 - enable save/restore feature by default for all configurations - reorganized SSE configure options to match Intel(R) Programming Reference Manual, new option introduced for SSE extensions enabling. To enable Intel Core Duo 2 new instructions use --enable-sse=3 --enable-sse-extension enabling of SSE4.1 (--enable-sse=4) will enable SSE3 extensions as well - removed old PIT, always use new PIT written by Greg Alexander, removed configure option --enable-new-pit - I/O devices (Volker) - Floppy - partial non-DMA mode support (patch by John Comeau) - Hard drive / cdrom - hard disk emulation now supports ATA-6 (LBA48 addressing, UDMA modes) - VMWare version 4 disk image support added (patch by Sharvil Nanavati) - PCI - initial support for the PIIX4 ACPI controller - Serial - added support for 3-button mouse with Mousesystems protocol - USB - experimental USB device change support added - rewrite of the existing USB devices code - new USB devices 'disk' and 'tablet' (ported from the Qemu project) - Bochs internal debugger - fixed broken debugger "rc file" option (execute debugger command from file) - implementation of a gui frontend ("windebug") for win32 started - gdbstub now accepts connection from any host - several documentation updates - a lot of disasm and internal debugger x86_64 support fixes - Configuration interface - fixes and improvements to the save state dialog handling - Display libraries - text mode color handling improved in some guis - win32 fullscreen mode (patch by John Comeau) - System BIOS (Volker) - 32-bit PM BIOS init code for ACPI, PCI, SMP and SMM (initial patches by Fabrice Bellard) - PCI BIOS function "find class code" implemented - SF patches applied [1791000] 15h 8600h is reading the wrong stack frame by Sebastian [1791016] rombios32.c, ram_probe(), BX_INFO missing value by Sebastian [1786429] typo in bochsrc.5 by Sebastian [1785204] Extend acpi_build_table_header to accept a revision number by Sebastian [1766536] Partial Patch for Bug Report 1549873 by Ben Lunt [1763578] ACPI Table Revision 0 -> 1 [1642490] implement alignment check and #AC exception by Stanislav Shwartsman [1695652] [PATCH] .pcap pktlog and vnet PXE boot by Duane Voth [1741153] Add expansion-ROM boot support to the ROMBIOS [1734159] Implemented INT15h, fn 0xC2 (mouse), subfn 3, set resolution [1712970] bios_printf %s fix [1573297] PUSHA/POPA real mode fix by Stanislav Shwartsman [1641816] partial support for non-DMA access to floppy by John Comeau [1624032] shows where write outside of memory occurred by John Comeau [1607793] allow fullscreen when app requests it by John Comeau [1603013] Bugfix for major NOP problem on x64 by mvysin [1600178] Make tap and tuntap compile on OpenBSD by Jonathan Gray [1149659] improve gdbstub network efficiency by Avi Kivity [1554502] Trivial FPU exception handling fix - these S.F. bugs were closed [1316008] Double faults when it shouldn't - gcc 4.0.2 [1787289] broken ABI for redolog class when enable-compressed-hd [1787500] tftp_send_optack not 64bit clean [1264540] Security issue with Bochs website [1767217] Debugger Faults including ud2 [1729822] Various security issues in io device emulation [1675202] mptable hosed (bad entry count in header) [1197141] 'make install' installs to bad location [1157623] x86Solaris10 cannot recoginize ACPI RSD PTR [1768254] large HDD in Bochs/bximage [1496157] Windows Vista Beta2 dosn't boot [1755915] Illegal Hard Disk Signature Output [1717790] info gdt and info idt scrolls away, too long result [1726640] Debugger displays incorrect segment for mov instruction [1719156] Typo in misc_mem.cpp [1715270] Debugger broken in/beyond 2.3 [1689107] v8086 mode priviledge check failed [1704484] A few checks when CPU_LEVEL < 4 [1678395] Problem with zero sector... [876990] SA-RTL OS fails on PIC configuration [1673582] save/restore didn't restore simulation correctly [1586662] EDD int 13h bug, modify eax [666618] POP_A Panic in DOS EMU [1001485] panic: not enough bytes on stack [1667336] delay times an order of magnitude slow [1665601] crash disassembling bootcode [1657065] CVS sources won't compile [1653805] bochs's gdbstub uses incorrect protocol [1640737] ASM sti command frezzes guest OS [1636439] latest CVS sources don't compile under Cygwin [1634357] disasm incorrect (no sign ext) displacement in 64-bit mode [1376453] pcidev segfaults bochs [1180890] IOAPIC in BOCHS - WinXP 64 in MP version [1597528] 2.3 fails to compile on amd64 [1526255] FLD1 broken when compaling with gcc 4.0.x [1597451] eth_fbsd is broken under FreeBSD [1571949] Bochs will not compile under Solaris [1500216] Bochs fails to boot BeOs CD [1458339] bochs-2.2.6 WinXP Binary ACPI error installing FreeBSD 6.0 [1440011] patches needed for FreeBSD 6.0 to compile Bochs [431674] some devices don't have a prefix [458150] QNX demo disk crashes with new pit [818322] Bochs 2.1 cvs: OS/2 - read verify on non disk [906840] KBD: bogus scan codes generated in set 3 [1005053] No keyboard codes translation [1109374] Problem with Scancodeset 2 [1572345] Bochs won't continue [1568153] Bochs looks for (and loads?) unspecified display libraries [1563462] Errors in /iodev/harddrv.h [1562172] TLB_init() fails to initialize priv_check array if USE_TLB 0 [1385303] debugger crashes after panic [1438227] crc.cpp missing in bx_debug version 2.2.6 [1501825] debugger crashes on to high input [1420959] Memory leak + buffer overflow in Bochs debugger [1553289] Error in Dis-assembler [542464] I cannot use FLAT [1548270] Bochs won't die with its pseudo terminal [1545588] roundAndPackFloatx80 does not detect round up correctly ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.3 (August 27, 2006): Brief summary : - limited save/restore support added (config + log options, hardware state) - configuration parameter handling rewritten to a parameter tree - lots of cpu and internal debugger fixes - hard disk geometry autodetection now supported by most of the image types - hard disk emulation now supports ATA-3 (multiple sector transfers) - VBE memory size increased to 8MB and several VGA/VBE fixes - updated LGPL'd VGABIOS to version 0.6a Detailed change log : - CPU and internal debugger fixes - Fixed bug in FSTENV instruction (Stanislav Shwartsman) - Recognize #XF exception (19) when SSE is enabled - Fixed bug in PSRAW/PSRAD MMX and SSE instructions - Save and restore RIP/RSP only for FAULT-type exceptions, not for traps - Correctly decode, disassemble and execute multi-byte NOP '0F F1' opcode - Raise A20 line after system reset (Stanislav Shwartsman) - Implemented SMI and NMI delivery (APIC) and handling in CPU (Stanislav) - Experimental implementation of System Management Mode (Stanislav) - Added emulation of SSE3E instructions (Stanislav Shwarstman) - Save and restore FPU opcode, FIP and FDP in FXSAVE/FRSTOR instructions - Fixed bug in MOVD_EdVd opcode (always generated #UD exception) - Fixed critical issue, Bochs was not supporting > 16 bit LDT.LIMIT values - Many fixes in Bochs internal debugger and disassembler - CPU x86-64 fixes - Fixed SYSRET instruction implementation - Fixed bug in CALL/JMP far through 64-bit callgate in x86-64 mode - Correctly decode, disassemble and execute 'XCHG R8, rAX' instruction - Correctly decode and execute 'BSWAP R8-R15' instructions - Fixed ENTER and LEAVE instructions in x86-64 mode (Stanislav) - Fixed CR4 exception condition (No Name) - Fixed x86 debugger to support x86-64 mode (Stanislav) - APIC and SMP - Support for Dual Core and Intel(R) HyperThreading Technology. Now you could choose amount of cores per processor and amount of HT threads per core from .bochsrc for SMP simulation (Stanislav Shwartsman) - Allow to control SMP quantum value through .bochsrc CPU option parameter. Previous Bochs versions used hardcoded quantum=5 value. - Fixed interrupt priority bug in service_local_apic() - Fixed again reading of APIC IRR/ISR/TMR registers. Finally it becomes fully correct :-) - Configure and compile - Moved configure time --enable-reset-on-triple-fault option to runtime, the 'cpu' option in .bochsrc is extended and the old configure option is deprecated (Stanislav Shwartsman) - Removed --enable-pni configure option, to compile with PNI use --enable-sse=3 instead (Stanislav Shwartsman) - enable SEP (SYSENTER/SYSEXIT) support by default for Penitum II+ processor emulation (i.e. if cpu-level >= 6 and MMX is enabled) - general - Limited save/restore support added. The state of CPU, memory and all devices can be saved now (state of harddisk images not handled yet). - Fixed several memory leaks - configuration interface - Configuration parameter handling rewritten to a parameter tree. This is required for dynamic menus/dialogs, user-defined options and save/restore. - Support for user-defined bochsrc options added - help support at the parameter prompt in textconfig added - I/O devices (Volker) - Floppy - partial sector transfers fixed - Hard drive / cdrom - several fixes to the IDE register behaviour (e.g. in case of a channel with only one drive connected) - fixed data alignment of 'growing' hard drive images (sharing images between Windows and Linux now possible) - disk geometry autodetection now supported by most of the image types (unsupported: external, dll and compressed modes) - multi sector read/write commands implemented - hard disk now reporting ATA-3 supported - ATAPI 'inquiry' now returns a unique device name - Keyboard - reset sent to keyboard has no effect on the 8042 (scancode translation) - PCI - forward PIRQ register changes to the I/O APIC (if present) - attempt to fix and update the emulation part of 'pcidev' (untested) - VGA - VBE memory size increased to 8MB and several VBE fixes - VGA memory read access fixed (bit plane access and read mode) - VGA memory is now a part of the common video memory - System BIOS (Volker) - enable interrupts before executing INT 19h - fixed ATA device detection in case of one drive only connected to controller - improved INT 15h function AX=E820h - real mode PCI BIOS now returns IRQ routing information (function 0Eh) - keyboard LED flags handling fixed and improved - fixed handling of extended keys in INT 09h - Updated LGPL'd VGABIOS to version 0.6a - SF patches applied [1340111] fixes and updates to usb support by Ben Lunt [1539420] minor addition to pci_usb code by Ben Lunt [1455958] call/jmp through call gate in 64-bit mode [1433107] PATCH: fix compile with wxwindows 2.6 (unicode / utf8) by jwrdegoede [1386671] Combined dual core and hyper-threading patch - these S.F. bugs were closed [833927] TTD: System Error TNT.40025: Unexpected processor exception [789230] Sending code that shows lock up when setting idt [909670] Problems with Symantec Ghost [1540241] include missing in osdep.cc [1539373] Incorrect disasm for "mov moffset,bla" in 64bit [1538419] incorrect disassembly of [rip+disp] with rex.b [1535432] shift+cursor key maps to a digit [1504891] Knoopix 5.0.1 error [1424355] bochs-2.2.6 ata failure in windoze 98se [1533979] wrong disassembly of IN instruction [620059] paste won't stop [1164904] status bar doesn't show num/caps/scroll lock status [1061720] ATA Support level for HD [1522196] Broken CHANGES link in main page [1438415] crash if screen scrolled downwards [778441] Shouldn't interrupts be enable after BIOS? [1514949] I got a problem with the 8253 timer [1513544] disasm of 0xec (in AL,DX) returns ilen of 2 instead of 1 [1508947] APIC interrupt priority checking and interrupt delivery [766286] Debugger halts after any GPF exception [639143] va_list is not a pointer on linuxppc [1501815] debugger examines memory over page-boundary wrong [1503978] movsb/w/d doesn't work when direction is stored [1499405] WinPCap has changed URL hosting [1498519] APIC IRR bits not set while interrupts disabled [1498193] Bochs segfaults on LTR instruction [787140] Guest2HostTLB optimization bug [1492070] instrument stop [1487772] No SEP on P4 [1488335] Growing hard disk images severe interoperability errors! [1076312] Shadow RAM and TLB [1282249] The real i440FX chipset Award bios hangs [1479763] mistake "mov ax,[es:di]" for "mov ax,[ds:di]" [1453575] Misconfigured floppy DMA transfers do not terminate. [1460068] Incorrect handling for the Options Menu Item [910203] bochs-2.1.1 wx.lo failed [1438654] PANIC when trying to run install-amd64-minimal-2005.0.iso [1458320] compile hdimage.h fails [1455880] bochs-2.2.6,2: make error on FreeBSD [696890] Network wouldn't run under W2k hosting MSDOS [673391] SMP timer problems [1291059] wxWindows GUI on non-windows/configure issue [1356450] bochs 2.2.1 errors-omittions [1178017] Win98 guest cannot receive network packets from host [1076315] a20_mask after restarting [1436323] real hw does not panic when bad Ib in CMPSS_VssWssIb [1435269] cdrom_amigaos is not compilable [1433314] disasm issues [1170614] relative jumps/calls wrong in debugger [758121] user might get confused when interrupt handler invoked [1170622] You cannot toggle OFF "show" flags [1406387] JMP instruction should display absolute address [1428813] PANIC: ROM address space out of range [1426288] DR-DOSs EMM386 problem [1412036] Bochs cannot recognize PCI NIC correctly [435115] dbg: modebp broken and no docs [1419366] disasm cs:eip does not work anymore [1419393] SSE's #XF exception -> "exception(19): bad vector" [1419429] disassembly of "260f6f00" show DS: instead of ES: prefix [1417583] Interrupt behaviour changed from 2.2.1 to 2.2.5 [1418281] 'push' (6A) incorrectly disassembled [1417791] FLDENV generating exception when real hw does not. [1264583] OS/2 1.1 doesn't run ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.2.6 (January 29, 2006): - First major SMP release ! - several APIC and I/O APIC fixes make SMP Bochs booting Windows NT4.0 or Knoppix 4.0.2 without noapic kernel option in SMP configuration. - critical APIC timer bug fixed - obsolete SMP BIOS images removed (MP tables created dynamicaly) - determine number of processors in SMP configuration through .bochsrc new .bochsrc option 'CPU' allows to choose number of processors to emulate - new configure option --enable-smp to configure Bochs for SMP support, the old --enable-processors=N option is deprecated - CPU and internal debugger fixes - enabled #PCE bit in CR4 register, previosly setting of this bit generated #GP(0) fault - enabled LAHF/SAHF instructions in x86-64 mode - fixed bug in PMULUDQ SSE2 instruction - fixes in Bochs debugger - Configure and compile - enable VME (virtual 8086 mode extensions) by default if cpu-level >= 5 - enable Bochs disassembler by default for all configurations - win32 installer script improvements - ips parameter moved to new 'CPU' option - show IPS value in status bar if BX_SHOW_IPS is enabled - Other - several fixes in the hard drive, keyboard, timer, usb and vga code - new user button shortcut "bksl" (backslash) - updated Bochs instrumentation examples - user and development documentation improved ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.2.5 (December 30, 2005): Brief summary : - added virtual 8086 mode extensions (VME) implementation - several fixes/improvements in x86-64 emulation, debugger and disassembler - new serial mode 'socket' connects a network socket - IDE busmaster DMA feature for harddisks and cdroms completed and enabled - many improvements in Bochs emulated I/O devices (e.g. floppy, cdrom) - Updated LGPL'd VGABIOS to version 0.5d Detailed change log : - CPU - fixed XMM registers restore in FXRSTOR instruction (Andrej Palkovsky) - print registers dump to the log if tripple fault occured - fixed PANIC in LTR instruction (Stanislav) - added virtual 8086 mode extensions (VME) implementation, to enable configure with --enable-vme (Stanislav) - flush caches and TLBs when executing WBINVD and INVD instructions - do not modify segment limit and AR bytes when modifying segment register in real mode (support for unreal mode) - fixed init/reset values for LDTR and TR registers - reimplemented hardware task switching mechanism (Stanislav) - generate #GP(0) when fetching instruction cross segment boundary - CPU (x86-64) (Stanislav Shwartsman) - implemented call_far/ret_far/jmp_far instructions in long mode - fixed IRET operation in long mode - fixed bug prevented setting of NXE/FFXSR bits in MSR.EFER register - implemented RDTSCP instruction - do not check CS.limit when prefetching instructions in long mode - fixed masked write instructions (MASKMOVQ/MASKMOVDQU) in long mode - fetchdecode fixes for x86-64 - APIC - Fixed bug in changing local APIC id (Stanislav) - Fixed reading of IRR/ISR/TMR registers (patch by wmrieker) - Implemented spurious interrupt register (Stanislav, patch by wmrieker) - Fixed interrupt delivery bug (anonymous #SF patch) - Correctly implemented ESR APIC register (Stanislav) - Bochs debugger - Fixed bug in bochs debugger caused breakpoints doesn't fire sometimes (Alexander Krisak) - watchpoints in device memory fixed (Nickolai Zeldovich) - new debug interface to access Bochs CPU general purpose registers with support for x86-64 - Disassembler (Stanislav Shwartsman) - Fixed disassembly for FCOMI/FUCOMI instructions - Full x86-64 support in disassembler. The disassembler module extended to support x86-64 extensions. Still limited by Bochs debugger which is not supporting x86-64 at all ;( - I/O devices (Volker) - general - memory management prepared for large BIOS images (up to 512k) - slowdown timer sleep rate fixed (now using 1 msec on all platforms) - some device specific parameter handlers moved into the device code - serial - new serial mode 'socket' connects a network socket (#SF patch by Andrew Backer) - hard drive / cdrom - assign a unique serial number to each drive (fixes harddrive detection problems with Linux kernels 2.6.x: "ignoring undecoded slave") - geometry autodetection for 'flat' hard disk images added. Works with images created with bximage (heads = 16, sectors per track = 63) - ATAPI command 'read cd' implemented, some other commands improved - cdrom read block function now tries up to 3 times before giving up - emulation of raw cdrom reads added, some other lowlevel cdrom fixes - IDE busmaster DMA feature for harddisks and cdroms completed and enabled - disk image size limit changed from 32 to 127 GB - split ATA/ATAPI emulation code and image handling code - floppy - fixes for OS/2 (patch by Robin Kay) - disk change line behaviour fixed (initial patch by Ben Lunt) - end-of-track (EOT) condition handling implemented - more accurate timing for read/write data and format track commands using a motor speed of 300 RPM - timing of recalibrate and seek commands now depends on the step rate, date rate and the steps to do - floppy controller type changed to 82077AA - cmos - RTC 12-hour and binary mode implemented - number of CMOS registers changed from 64 to 128 - bochsrc option 'cmosimage' improved - save cmos image on exit if enabled - speaker - simple speaker support for OS X added (patch by brianonn@telus.net) - pci - BeOS boot failure fix in the PCI IDE code - don't register i/o and memory regions during PCI probe - vga - memory allocation for vga extensions fixed - usb - some bugfixes by Ben Lunt (mouse and keypad are usable now) - networking modules - VDE networking module now enabled on Linux - display libraries - general - new syntax for the userbutton shortcut string and more keys supported - win32 - fixed keycode generation for right alt/ctrl/shift keys - runtime dialog is now a property sheet - x11 - simple dialog boxes for the "ask" and "user shortcut" feature implemented - Slovenian keymap added (contributed by Mitja Ursic) - configuration interface - ask dialog is now enabled by default for win32, wx and x display libraries - bochsrc option floppy_command_delay is obsolete now (floppy timing now based on hardware specs) - floppy image size detection now available in the whole config interface - some device specific parameter handlers moved into the device code - calculate BIOS ROM start address from image if not specified - System BIOS (Volker) - PCI i/o and memory base address initialization added - several keyboard interrupt handler fixes (e.g. patch by japheth) - several floppy fixes (e.g. OS/2 works with patch by Robin Kay) - some more APM functions added - Updated LGPL'd VGABIOS to version 0.5d - generate SMP specific tables dynamicly by the Bochs memory init code - SF patches applied [1389776] Disk sizes over 64 Gbytes by Andrzej Zaborowski [1359162] disasm support for x86-64 by Stanislav Shwartsman [857235] task priority and other APIC bugs, etc by wmrieker [1359011] build breaks for 386 + debugger + disasm by shirokuma [1352761] Infinite loop when trying to debug a triple exception [1311170] small APIC bug fix (interrupt sent to the wrong CPU) [1309763] Watchpoints don't work in device memory by Nickolai Zeldovich [1294930] change line status on floppy by Ben Lunt [1282033] SSE FXRESTORE not working correctly by Ondrej Palkovsky [816979] wget generalizations by Lyndon Nerenberg [1214886] No more pageWriteStamp / unified icache by H. Johansson [1107945] com->socket redirection support by Andrew Backer - these S.F. bugs were closed [669180] win95 install : unknown SET FEATURES subcommand 0x03 [1346692] bochs 2.2.1 VGA BIOS error [1354963] floppy in KolibriOS [1378204] error: bochs-2.2.1, --enable-sb16, --disable-gameport [1368412] VDE problems in BOCHS [533446] CPU and APIC devices appear twice [1000796] bximage fails to create image of specified size [1170793] Quarterdeck QEMM doesn't work [923704] Multiple opcode prefixes don't reflect Trap 13 [1166392] DocBook/documentation issues [1368239] broken grater than 4GB size of sparse type hd image [1365830] i386 compile breaks on paging [427550] Incomplete IRETD implementation [1215081] MSVC workspace STILL not fixed [736279] Jump to Task [1356488] FD change fail & occur error [957615] [CPU ] prefetch: RIP > CS.limit [1353866] not booting linux-2.6.14 [1351667] load32bitOSImage does not work with --enable-x86-debugger [1217476] Incorrect (?) handling of segment registers in real mode [1184711] OS2 DOS crash [2.2.pre2] [624330] support for disks > 32GiB [1348368] bochs 2.2.1 bximage error [1342081] Configuration Menu option failed [1138616] OS/2 Warp 4 hangs when booting [1049840] mouse and video conflict [1164570] Unable to perform Fedora Core 4 test 1 installation [1183201] Windows 2000 (MSDN build 2150?) does not completely install [1194284] Can't boot from CD-ROM (Windows NT) [962969] Windows NT crashes while trying to intall them. [1054594] WinXP install halts (redo) [1153107] Windows XP fails with BSOD on 'vga' [938518] Win XP installation fails [645420] getHostMemAddr vetoed direct read [1179985] MS XENIX: >>PANIC<< VGABIOS panic at vgabios.c, line 0 [1329600] WBINVD and INVD should flush caches and TLB [638924] eliminate BX_USE_CONFIG_INTERFACE [1048711] Funny behaviour with CTRL [1288450] keyboard BIOS error [1310706] Keyboard - about key SHIFT [1295981] Ubuntu 5.04 Live-CD won't boot in Bochs [879047] APIC timer behavior different before reset and after [1188506] I still can't install the german Windows XP! [1301847] Windows XP dosn't boot - FXRSTOR problem ? [661259] does not boot QNX under WinX [924412] Keyboard lock states all whacked [681127] MIPSpro compiler (IRIX) is allergic to ^M [1285923] BIOS keyboard handler [516639] ATA controller revisited... [657918] does not boot BeOS under WinX [649245] BeOS CD locks halfway on boot [1094385] Attachment for bug 1090339 (beos failure) [1183196] BeOS 4.5 developer CD does not install [1090339] BeOS fails to boot [639484] panics when int 13 is called [711701] divide by zero [704295] ATAPI/BIOS call missing [682856] hard drive problems [627691] Cursor keys problem [588011] keyboard not working [542260] os/2 warp crashes with floppy handling [1273878] SB16 doesn't work in pure DOS [542254] OS/2 FDC driver dies [1099610] Windows 98 SE Does not install [875479] cr3 problem on task switch [731423] NE2000 causing PANIC on Win2K detection [1156155] bochs fails to boot plan9 iso [1251979] --enable-cpu-level=3 should assume --without-fpu [1257538] Interupt 15h 83h - set wait event interval [658396] Panic for DR DOS emm386 [679339] /? doesn't divulge Bochs command-line syntax [1167016] call/jump/return_protected doesn't support x86-64 [1252432] Mac OS X compile bug [881442] Bochs 2.1 PANIC when loading DOS Turbo Pascal protected mode [1249324] Boch2.2.1 Buffer Overfollow in void bx_local_apic_c::init () [1197144] 'make install' has dependency on wget [1079595] LTR:386TSS: loading tr.limit < 103 [1244070] Compilation Error in gui/rfb.cc [761707] CPU error when trying to start Privateer [517281] Crash running Privateer in DOS... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.2.1 (July 8, 2005): - Fixed several compilation warnings and errors for different platforms (Volker) - Fixed FPU tag word restore in FXRSTOR instruction (Stanislav) - Added missing scancodes for F11 and F12 to BIOS translation table (Volker) - Bochs disassembler bugfixes (h.johansson) - About 5% emulation speed improvement (h.johansson) - Handle writing of zero to APIC timer initial count register (Stanislav) - Enable Idle-Hack for 'TERM' GUI (h.johansson) - Reduced overhead of BX_SHOW_IPS option to minimum. Now every simulation could run with --enable-show-ips without significant performance penalty. (Stanislav) - Fixed pcipnic register access (Volker) - Limited write support for TFTP server in 'vnet' networking module added (Volker) - Changed some timing defaults to more useful values (Volker) - WinXP/2003 style common controls now supported (Vitaly Vorobyov) - Updated LGPL'd VGABIOS to version 0.5c (Volker) - Added new BX_INSTR_HLT callback to instrumentation (Stanislav) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in 2.2 (May 28, 2005): Brief summary : - New floating point emulator based on SoftFloat floating point emulation library. - improved x86-64 emulation - Cirrus SVGA card emulation added - status bar with indicators for keyboard, floppy, cdrom and disk (gui dependant) - many improvements in Bochs emulated I/O devices (e.g. PCI subsystem) Detailed change log : - CPU - fixes for booting OS/2 by Dmitri Froloff - fixed v8086 priveleged instruction processing bug (was also reported by LightCone Aug 7 2003) - exception process bug (was reported by Diego Henriquez Sat Nov 15 01:16:51 CET 2003) - segment validation with IRET instruction - CS segment not present exception processing with IRET - several fixes by Kevin Lawton - add MSVC host asm instructions (patch by suzu) - fixed bug in HADDPD/HSUBP



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