ReportBuilder3.0 #Error的处理

ballatong 2015-11-30 11:18:48
大家好,我有个表单ReportBuilder3.0 做的,现在其中有一项字段返回可能为#Error (可能是程序中没有赋值),
我想做个判断如果返回为#Error,就赋值它为0,请问怎么实现用 IIF() ?
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EurekaLog 7.5 (18-August-2016) 1)..Important: Installation layout was changed. All packages now have version suffix (e.g. EurekaLogCore240.bpl). No files are copied to \bin folder of IDE. Run-time package (EurekaLogCore) is copied to Windows\System32 folder. Refer to help for more info. 2)....Added: RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support 3)....Added: IDE F1 help integration (on CHM-based IDEs only, i.e. XE8+) 4)....Added "--el_injectjcl", "--el_createjcl", and "--el_createdbg" command-line options for ecc32/emake to inject JEDI/JCL debug info, create .jdbg file, and create .dbg file (Microsoft debug format). Later is supported when map2dbg.exe tool is placed in \Bin folder of EurekaLog installation (separate download is required) 5)....Added: Exception2HRESULT in EAppDLL to simplify developing DLLs with "DLL" profile 6)....Added: Use ShellExecute option for mailto send method 7)....Added: "Mandatory e-mail only when sending" option 8)....Added: Exception line highlighting in disassember view in EurekaLog exception dialog and Viewer 9)....Added: Detection/logging Delphi objects in disassembly view 10)..Added: Support for multi-monitor info 11)..Added: Support for detection of Windows 10 updates 12)..Added: OS edition detection 13)..Added: "User" and "Session" columns to processes list, processes list is also sorted by session first 14)..Added: Support for showing current user processes only 15)..Added: Expanding environment variables for "Support URL" 16)..Fixed: Range-check error on systems with MBCS ACP 17)..Fixed: 64-bit shared memory manager may not work 18)..Fixed: Possible "Unit XYZ was compiled with a different version of ABC" when using packages 19)..Fixed: FastMM shared MM compatibility 20)..Fixed: Minor bugs in stack tracing (which usually affected stacks for leaks) 21)..Fixed: Rare deadlocks in multi-threaded applications 22)..Fixed: Taking screenshot of minimized window 23)..Fixed: NT service may not log all exceptions 24)..Fixed: SSL port number for Bugzilla 25)..Fixed: Disabling "Activate Exception Filters" option was ignored 26)..Fixed: Missing FTP proxy settings 27)..Fixed: IntraWeb support is updated up to 14.0.64 28)..Fixed: Retrieving some process paths in processes list 29)..Fixed: CPU view rendering in EurekaLog exception dialog and Viewer 30)..Fixed: Some issues in naming threads 31)..Fixed: Removed exported helper _462EE689226340EAA982C5E8307B3F9E function (replaced with mapped file) 32)..Changed: Descriptions of EurekaLog project options now list corresponding property names of TEurekaModuleOptions class. 33)..Changed: Default template of HTML/web dialog now includes call stack by default 34)..Changed: EurekaLog 7 now can be installed over EurekaLog 6 automatically, with no additional actions/tools EurekaLog 7.4 (, 26-January-2016 1)....Fixed: Performance issue in DLL exports debug information provider 2)....Fixed: Range-check error in Send dialog 3)....Fixed: Possible FPU control word unexpected change 4)....Fixed: JIRA sending to project with no version info 5)....Fixed: Viewer sorting affected by local region settings 6)....Fixed: Exception filters ignore settings for restart/terminate EurekaLog 7.3 Hotfix 2 (, 20-October-2015 1)....Fixed: Added workaround for codegen bug in Delphi 7 (possibly - other), bug manifests itself as wrong date-time in reports or integer overflows 2)....Fixed: Some MAPI DLLs may not be loaded correctly 3)....Fixed: Handling SEC_I_INCOMPLETE_CREDENTIALS in SSPI code (added searching client certificate) 4)....Fixed: Range-check error when closing WinAPI dialog EurekaLog 7.3 Hotfix 1 (, 2-October-2015 1)....Fixed: Long startup time on terminal services servers EurekaLog 7.3 (, 24-September-2015 1)....Added: RAD Studio 10 Seattle support 2)....Added: Performance counters for run-time (internal logging with --el_debug) 3)....Fixed: spawned by ecc32/emake processes now start with the same priority 4)....Fixed: ThreadID = 0 in StandardEurekaNotify 5)....Fixed: Dialog auto-close timer may reset without user input 6)....Fixed: Possible hang when quickly loading/unloading EurekaLog-enabled DLL 7)....Fixed: Possible hang in COM DLLs 8)....Fixed: Removed some unnecessary file system access on startup 9)....Fixed: Possible wrong font size in EurekaLog tools 10)..Fixed: Ignore timeouts from Shell_NotifyIcon 11)..Fixed: Possible failure to handle/process stack overflow exceptions 12)..Changed: VCL/CLX/FMX now will assign Application.OnException handler when low-level hooks are disabled EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 6 (, 14-July-2015 1)....Added: csoCaptureDelphiExceptions option 2)....Fixed: Handling of SECBUFFER_EXTRA in SSPI code 3)....Fixed: Several crashes in sending code for very old Delphi versions 4)....Fixed: Regression (from hotfix 5) crash in some IDEs EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 5 (, 1-July-2015 1)....Added: HKCU\Software\EurekaLab\Viewer\4.0\UI\Statuses registry key to allow status customizations in Viewer 2)....Added: "Disable hang detection under debugger" option 3)....Fixed: Wrong button caption in standalone "Steps to reproduce" dialog 4)....Fixed: Wrong passing of Boolean parameters in JSON (affects JIRA) 5)....Fixed: Wrong sorting of BugID, Count and DateTime columns in Viewer 6)....Fixed: Empty "Count" field/column is now displayed as "1" in Viewer 7)....Fixed: Generic names with "," could not be decoded in Viewer 8)....Fixed: Updated Windows 10 detection for latest builds of Windows 10 9)....Fixed: Sleep and hybernation no longer trigger false-positive "application freeze" 10)..Fixed: Wrong function codes for hooking (affects ISAPI application type) 11)..Fixed: Wrong button caption in "Steps to Reproduce" dialog 12)..Fixed: Crash when taking snapshot of some proccesses by Threads Snapshot tool 13)..Fixed: Minor improvements in leak detection EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 4 (, 10-June-2015 1)....Added "ECC32TradeSpeedForMemory" option - defaults to 0/False, could be changed to 1 via Custom/Manual tab. This option will switch from fast-methods to slower methods, but which take less memory. Use 0 (default) for small projects, use 1 for large projects (if ecc32 runs out of memory). 2)....Added: --el_DisableDebuggerPresent command-line option for compatibility with 3rd party debuggers (AQTime, etc.) 3)....Added: AQTime auto-detect 4)....Fixed: Performance optimizations 5)....Fixed: Windows 8+ App Menu shortcuts 6)....Fixed: Unmangling on x64 EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 3 (, 20-May-2015 1)....Added: Support for token auth in Bugzilla (latest 4.x builds) 2)....Added: Support for API key auth in Bugzilla (5.x) 3)....Added: Support for /EL_DisableMemoryFilter command-line option 4)....Added: Asking e-mail when user switches to "details" from MS Classic without entering e-mail 5)....Fixed: Compatibility issues with older Bugzilla versions (3.x) 6)....Fixed: Passing settings between dialogs 7)....Fixed: "Ask for steps to reproduce" dialog is now DPI-aware 8)....Fixed: Silently ignore and fix invalid values in project options EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 2 (, 30-April-2015 1)....Fixed: Confusing message in Manage tool when using with Trial/Pro 2)....Fixed: Range check error in processes information for x64 machines (affects startup of any EurekaLog-enabled module) 3)....Fixed: Auto-detect personality by project extension if --el_mode switch is missing 4)....Fixed: More details for diagnostic sending 5)....Fixed: Wrong settings for MAP files in C++ Builder 6)....Fixed: Wrong code page was used to decode ANSI bug reports 7)....Fixed: Attaching .PAS files instead of .OBJ in C++ Builder 2006+ Pro/Trial EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 1 (, 3-April-2015 1)....Fixed: Wrong float-str convertion when ThousandSeparator is '.' EurekaLog 7.2 (, 1-April-2015 1)....Important: TEurekaLogV7 component was renamed to TEurekaLogEvents. Please, update your projects by renaming or recreating the component 2)....Important: File layout was changed for BDS 2006+. Delphi and C++ Builder files are now located in StudioNum folders instead of old DelphiNum and CBuilderNum folders. Update your search paths if needed 3)....Added: Major improvements in DumpAllocationsToFile function (EMemLeaks unit) 4)....Added: MemLeaksSetParentBlock, MemLeaksOwn, EurekaTryGetMem functions (EMemLeaks unit) 5)....Added: Improvements for call stack of dynarrays/strings allocations (leaks) 6)....Added: "Elem size" when reporting leaks in dynarrays 7)....Added: Streaming unpacked debug info into temporal files instead of memory - this greatly reduces run-time application memory usage at cost of slightly slower exception processing. This also reduces memory footprint for ecc32/emake 8)....Added: Showing call stacks for 2 new types of fatal memory errors 9)....Added: EMemLeaks._ReserveOutOfMemory to control reserve size of out of memory errors (default is 50 Mb) 10)..Added: "MinLeaksLimitObjs" option (EMemLeaks unit) 11)..Added: Fatal memory problem now pauses all threads in application 12)..Added: Fatal memory problem now change thread name (to simplify debugging) 13)..Added: boPauseELThreads and boDoNotPauseELServiceThread options (currently not visible in UI) 14)..Added: Support for texts collections out of default path 15)..Added: Support for relative file paths to text collections and external settings 16)..Added: Support for environment variables in project option's paths 17)..Added: Support for relative file paths and environment variables for events and various module paths 18)..Added: Logging in Manage tool 19)..Added: Windows 10 version detection 20)..Added: Stack overflow tracing 21)..Added: Major improvements in removal of recursive areas from call stack 22)..Added: Statistics collection 23)..Added: Support for uploading multiple files in JIRA 24)..Added: EResLeaks improvements (new funcs: ResourceAdd, ResourceDelete, ResourceName; support for realloc-like functions) 25)..Fixed: Added workaround for bug in JIRA 5.x 26)..Fixed: Rare EurekaLog internal error 27)..Fixed: Ignored unhandled thread exceptions (when EurekaLog is disabled) now triggers default OS processing (WER) 28)..Fixed: Irnored exceptions (via per-exception/events) now bring up default RTL handler 29)..Fixed: Format error in Viewer 30)..Fixed: Leak of EurekaLog exception information object 31)..Fixed: Wrong chaining exceptions inside GetMem/FreeMem 32)..Fixed: Memory leak after low-level unhook of function 33)..Fixed: Re-parenting after ReallocMem 34)..Fixed: Editing SMTP server options 35)..Fixed: SMTP server not using real user e-mail in FROM field 36)..Fixed: Some multi-threading crashes 37)..Fixed: Fixed crashes in Manage tool 38)..Fixed: Range-check error in Viewer 39)..Fixed: EurekaLog error dialog appearing under other windows 40)..Fixed: AV when parsing TDS (emake/C++ Builder specific) 41)..Fixed: Unable to build call stacks for other threads due to insufficient rights 42)..Fixed: Version checks for BugZilla and JIRA 43)..Fixed: Not catching out-of-module AVs when "Capture exceptions only from current module" option is checked 44)..Fixed: Checking for remaining exceptions at shutdown (C++ Builder specific, AcquireExceptionObject returns wrong info) 45)..Fixed: "get call stack of ... threads" / "suspend ... threads" options (avoid rare multithreading race conditions) 46)..Fixed: Crash when naming thread without EurekaLog thread info 47)..Fixed: Detection of immediate caller for memory funcs 48)..Fixed: Non-working Assign for options 49)..Fixed: Handling of explicitly chained exceptions 50)..Fixed: Various exception/threading fixes for MS debug provider 51)..Fixed: Processing hardware unhandled exceptions (QC #55007) 52)..Fixed: Unchecking dialog options when export/import 53)..Fixed: BSTR leak 54)..Fixed: JIRA decimal separator bug 55)..Changed: Now unhandled exceptions will be handled by EurekaLog even if EurekaLog is disabled in the thread - only global EurekaLog-enabled status is respected 56)..Changed: Viewer version now matches version of EurekaLog 57)..Changed: DeleteServiceFilesOption now always False by default 58)..Changed: Speed improvements for known memory leaks (reserved leaks) 59)..Changed: Improved logging for sending 60)..Changed: Switching to detailed mode without entering (mandatory) e-mail: now EL will not block this 61)..Changed: .ToString for exception info now uses compact stack formatter 62)..Removed: Custom field editor (replaced it with link to "Custom" page) 63)..Removed: EurekaLog 7 no longer could be installed over EurekaLog 6. Manage tool from EurekaLog 7 will no longer work with EurekaLog 6. EurekaLog 7.1 update 1 (, 19-October-2014 1)....Added: "Send in separated thread" option 2)....Added: Hang detection will now use Wait Chain Traversal (WCT) on Vista+ systems to detect deadlocks in any EurekaLog-enabled threads 3)....Added: OS install language and UI language fields in bug report 4)....Fixed: Viewer is not able to decrypt reports with generics 5)....Fixed: EVariantTypeCastError in Viewer when changing status of some bug reports 6)....Fixed: EcxInvalidDataControllerOperation in Viewer 7)....Fixed: Stack overflow at run-time for certain combination of project options 8)....Fixed: BMP re-draw bug in UI dialogs 9)....Fixed: Rogue "corrupted" error message for valid ZIPs of certain structure 10)..Fixed: Various range check errors in Viewer 11)..Fixed: Possible encoding errors for non-ASCII reports in Viewer on certain environments 12)..Fixed: Wrong count in Viewer when importing reports without proper "count" field 13)..Fixed: Duplicate reports may appear in bug report file when "Do not save duplicate errors" option is checked 14)..Fixed: False-positive detection of some virtual machines 15)..Fixed: Processing of exceptions from message handlers during message pumping cycle inside exception dialogs 16)..Fixed: Access Violation if exception dialog was terminated by exception 17)..Fixed: Hardware exceptions from unit's initialization/finalization may be unprocessed 18)..Changed: "VIEW" action for Viewer now will open ALL bug reports inside bug report file; reports will not be merged by BugID. "IMPORT" action remains the same: duplicate reports are merged, "count" is increased 19)..Changed: Charset field in bug report now shows both charset and code page EurekaLog 7.1 (, 23-September-2014 1)....Added: XE7 support 2)....Added: XE6 support 3)....Added: New DLL demo 4)....Added: Custom profiles are now shown in "Application type" combo-box 5)....Added: Non-empty "steps to reproduce" will be added to existing bug tracker issues with empty "steps to reproduce" 6)....Added: Support for custom fields in FogBugz (API version 8 and above) 7)....Added: Support for unsequenced line numbers in PDB/DBG files (--el_source switch) 8)....Fixed: XML bug report were generated wrong 9)....Fixed: Strip relocations code for Win64 10)..Fixed: EurekaLog conditional symbols removed improperly when deactivating EurekaLog 11)..Fixed: Sending reports to non-default port numbers (affects web-based methods) 12)..Fixed: SSL validation check may reject valid SSL certificate (SMTP Client/Server) 13)..Fixed: SSL errors may be not reported 14)..Fixed: Viewer did not consider empty bug reports as corrupted 15)..Fixed: "DLL" profile now can be used with packages properly 16)..Fixed: Few rare memory leaks 17)..Fixed: Possible deadlock when using MS debug info provider 18)..Fixed: C++ Builder project files was saved incorrectly (RAD Studio 2007+) 19)..Fixed: "Show restart checkbox after N errors" counts handled exceptions 20)..Fixed: IDE expert's DPR parser (added support for multi-part idents) 21)..Fixed: Rare access violation in hook code 22)..Fixed: Thread handle leaks (added _NotifyThreadGone/_CleanupFinishedThreads functions to be called manually - only when low-level hooks are not installed) 23)..Fixed: EurekaLog's installer hang 24)..Fixed: Bug in object/class validation 25)..Fixed: Bug when using TThreadEx without EurekaLog 26)..Fixed: Leaks detection may not work with certain combination of options 27)..Fixed: Deadlock in some cases when using EurekaLog threading option set to "enabled in RTL threads, disabled in Windows threads". 28)..Changed: TEurekaExceptionInfo.CallStack will be nil until exception is actually raised 29)..Changed: FogBugz and BugZilla: changed bugs identification within project (to allow two bugs exists with same BugID in different projects) 30)..Changed: Blocked manual creation/destruction of ExceptionManager class and EurekaExceptionInfo 31)..Changed: ECC32/EMAKE runs from IDE without changing priority, added ECC32PriorityClass option 32)..Improved: Minor help and text improvements EurekaLog 7.0.07 Hotfix 2 (, 11-December-2013 1)....Fixed: Delphi compiler code generation bug (Delphi 2007 and below) 2)....Fixed: Code hooks may rarely be set incorrectly (code stub relocation fails) 3)....Fixed: Win64 call stacks functions now work more similar to 32 bit call stacks EurekaLog 7.0.07 Hotfix 1 (, 2-December-2013 1)....Added: Alternative caption for e-mail input control when e-mail is mandatory 2)....Fixed: Rare range check error in WinAPI visual dialogs 3)....Fixed: Wrong error detection for OnExceptionError event 4)....Fixed: Wrong TResponce processing 5)....Fixed: Problems with encrypted call stack decoding 6)....Fixed: OnPasswordRequest event may have no effect EurekaLog 7.0.07 (, 25-November-2013 1)....Added: Ability to use Assign between call stack and TStrings 2)....Added: 64-bit disassembler 3)....Added: Support for variables and relative file paths in "Additional Files" send option 4)....Added: --el_source switch for ecc32/emake compilers 5)....Added: support for post-processing non-Embarcadero executables 6)....Added: EOTL.pas unit for better OmniThreadLibrary integration 7)....Added: RAD Studio XE5 support 8)....Added: New "Capture call stacks of EurekaLog-enabled threads" option 9)....Added: "Deferred call stacks" option for 64-bit 10)..Added: Copy report to clipboard now copies both report text and report file 11)..Added: "AttachBothXMLAndELReports" option to include both .elx and .el files into bug report 12)..Added: EMemLeaks.MemLeaksErrorsToIgnore option to exclude certain memory errors from being considered as fatal 13)..Added: Call stack with any encrypted entry will be fully encrypted now 14)..Added: Option to exclude certain memory errors from being considered as fatal (EMemLeaks.MemLeaksErrorsToIgnore) 15)..Added: New "HTTP Error Code" option for all web-based dialogs (CGI, ISAPI, etc.) 16)..Added: Support for Unicode in Simple MAPI send method (requires Windows 8 or latest Microsoft Office) 17)..Added: New value for call stack detalization option (show any addresses, including those not belonging to any executable module) 18)..Fixed: Wrong JSON escaping for strings (affects JIRA send method) 19)..Fixed: Range-check error in Viewer when viewing bug reports with high addresses 20)..Fixed: Selecting Win32 service application type is no longer resets to custom/unsupported 21)..Fixed: Possible hang when testing dialogs from EurekaLog project options dialog 22)..Fixed: Rare resetting of some options when saving .eof file 23)..Fixed: Exception pointer could be removed from call stack due to debug details filtering 24)..Fixed: Rare case when LastThreadException returned nil while there was active thread exception 25)..Fixed: Rare case when ShowLastThreadException do nothing 26)..Fixed: Improved compatibility for OmniThreadLibrary and AsyncCalls 27)..Fixed: Included fix for QC #72147 28)..Fixed: 64-bit MS Debug Info Provider (please, re-setup cache options using configuration dialog) 29)..Fixed: "Deferred call stacks" option failed to capture call stack when exception is re-raised between threads 30)..Fixed: "Deferred call stacks" option may produce cutted call stack in rare cases 31)..Fixed: Several minor call stacks improvements and optimizations 32)..Fixed: Several 64-bit Pointer Integer convertion issues 33)..Fixed: Multi-threading deadlock issue 34)..Fixed: Black screenshots in 64 bit applications 35)..Fixed: Copying to clipboard hot-key was registered globally 36)..Fixed: Shell (mailto) send method may fail (64 bit) 37)..Fixed: Possible wrong file paths for attaches in (S)MAPI send methods 38)..Fixed: Environment variables were not expanded in MAPI send method 39)..Fixed: (non-Unicode IDE) EurekaLog is not activated when application started from folder with Unicode characters 40)..Fixed: Encrypted call stacks may be encrypted partially by EurekaLog Viewer in rare cases 41)..Fixed: Crash when sending leak report with visual progress dialog (only some IDEs are affected) 42)..Fixed: ecc32/emake could not see external configuration file with the same name as project (e.g. Project1.eof for Project1.dpr) 43)..Fixed: Added missed RTL implementation for ExternalProps in Delphi 6 (affects Mantis sending) 44)..Fixed: IDE crash when switching to threads window 45)..Changed: Removed temporal solution which was used before option to defer call stack creation was introduced 46)..Changed: "Default EurekaLog state in new threads" option is changed from Boolean flag into enum. You need to re-setup this option 47)..Changed: Disable EurekaLog for thread when creating call stack or handle exception - this increases stability and performance 48)..Changed: LastException property is remove from exception manager as not thread safe. Use LastThreadException property instead 49)..Changed: Lock/Unlock from thread manager and exception manager are removed to avoid deadlocks 50)..Changed: ThreadsSnapshot tool now tries to capture call stack without injecting DLL 51)..Changed: Build events now runs with CREATE_NO_WINDOW flag (console window is hidden) 52)..Improved: More articles in help EurekaLog 7.0.06 (, 1-June-2013 1)....Added: Experimental 64 bit C++ Builder support 2)....Added: New tab in EurekaLog project options: "External tools" 3)....Added: Option to catch all IDE errors (to debug your own IDE packages) 4)....Added: Option to catch only exceptions from current module 5)....Added: Option to defer building call stack 6)....Added: RAD Studio XE4 support 7)....Added: Support for AppWave 8)....Fixed: Fixed event handlers declarations for the EurekaLog component 9)....Fixed: Infinite recursive calls when using ToString from EndReport event handler 10)..Fixed: UPX compatibility issue 11)..Fixed: Range check errors for system error codes 12)..Fixed: Rare IDE stack overflow 13)..Fixed: JIRA unit was not added automatically 14)..Fixed: EurekaLog no longer tries to check for leaks when memory manager filter is disabled 15)..Fixed: Possible deadlock on shutdown with freeze checks active 16)..Fixed: Issues with settings dialog and Win32 Service application type 17)..Fixed: ThreadSnapshot tool was not able to take snapshots of Win64 processes 18)..Fixed: WCT is disabled for leaks 19)..Fixed: TContext declarations for Win64 20)..Fixed: Check for updates now correctly sets time of last check 21)..Fixed: (Win64) Several Pointer Integer convertion errors 22)..Fixed: Internal error when exception info object was deleted while it was still used by SysUtils exception object 23)..Fixed: Semeral problems with "EurekaLog look & feel" style for EurekaLog error dialog 24)..Fixed: Using text collection resets exception filters 25)..Fixed: Rare access violation if registering event handlers is placed too early 26)..Fixed: SMTP RFC date formatting 27)..Fixed: Rare empty call stack bug 28)..Fixed: Hang detection was not working if EurekaLog was disabled in threads 29)..Fixed: AV for double-free TEncoding 30)..Changed: ecc32/emake no longer alters arguments for dcc32/make unless new options --el_add_default_options is specified 31)..Changed: Save/load options methods was moved to TEurekaModuleOptions class 32)..Changed: Saving options to EOF file now adds hidden options and removes obsolete options (only when compatibility mode is off) 33)..Changed: Compiling installed packages now silently ignores EurekaLog instead of showing "File is in use" error message 34)..Improved: More readable disk/memory sizes in bug reports 35)..Improved: More descriptive settings dialog when using external configuration 36)..Improved: ThreadSnapshot tool now aquired DEBUG priviledge for taking snapshot. This allows it to bypass security access checks when opening target process. 37)..Improved: Changed BugID default generation to include error code for OS errors and error message for DB errors 38)..Improved: Mantis API (WSDL) was updated to the latest version (1.2.14) 39)..Improved: IntraWeb compatibility (old and new versions) 40)..Improved: COM applications compatibility 41)..Improved: Build events now accept shell commands 42)..Improved: More articles in help EurekaLog 7.0.05 (, 7-February-2013 1)....Added: JIRA support 2)....Added: Virtual machine detection (new field in bug reports) 3)....Fixed: "Use Main Module options" option was loading empty options for some cases 4)....Fixed: Wrong record declarations for Simple MAPI on Win64 5)....Fixed: Performance issues with batch module options updating 6)....Fixed: Wrong leaks report with both MemLeaks/ResLeaks options active 7)....Fixed: Wrong info for nested exceptions in some cases 8)....Fixed: AV under debugger for Win64 (added support for _TExitDllException) 9)....Fixed: Wrong record declarations for process/thread info on Win64 10)..Fixed: Support for FinalBuilder on XE2/XE3 with spaces in file paths 11)..Fixed: Rare double-free of module information (ModuleInfoList) 12)..Fixed: Rare External Exception C000071C on shutdown (only under debuggger) 13)..Fixed: Added large addresses support in Viewer 14)..Fixed: Counter options in memory leaks category is now working properly 15)..Fixed: Rare range-check error in TEurekaModulesList.AddModuleFromFileName 16)..Fixed: FTP force directories dead lock 17)..Fixed: Fixed wrong index being used when clearing compatibility mode (EurekaLog project options dialog) 18)..Fixed: Default thread state do not affect main thread now 19)..Fixed: Sometimes wrong thread may be used when altering EurekaLog active state for external thread 20)..Fixed: Wrong DNS lookup on ANSI 21)..Fixed: Problems with IDE expert and projects on network paths 22)..Fixed: Added support for arguments in URLs (HTTP sending) 23)..Fixed: Possible deadlock in multithreaded applications 24)..Fixed: Problems with unicode characters in project files on non-Unicode IDEs 25)..Fixed: Infinite recursive calls when using ToString from EndReport event handler 26)..Fixed: Win64 GetCaller now returns pointer to call instruction, not return address 27)..Improved: Standalone Editor do not force save/load folder by default 28)..Improved: DLL profile now can use additional application type hooks automatically 29)..Improved: EurekaLog now able to work with read-only projects (see help for more info) EurekaLog 7.0.04 (, 2-December-2012 1)....Added: Support for nested exceptions in DLLs 2)....Fixed: Options bug in EurekaLogSendEmail function 3)....Fixed: Weird behaviour for steps to reproduce and custom fields 4)....Fixed: Installation for single personality (BDS) 5)....Fixed: Range check error in EModules 6)....Fixed: Bug in exception destroy hook 7)....Fixed: OnExceptionNotify event is no longer called for handled exceptions without option checked 8)....Fixed: DEP checks on startup no longer cause exception 9)....Fixed: Invalid declaration for MS Debug API 10)..Fixed: OLE mode change error for "Test" send button 11)..Fixed: Fixes for multiply loading of the same DLL 12)..Fixed: Removed PNG compression from icons (tools) 13)..Fixed: Range-check error in dialogs with EurekaLog style enabled 14)..Fixed: Send progress dialog may keep busy forever processing window messages (message flood from rapid application GUI updates) 15)..Fixed: Thread pausing options now work correctly 16)..Improved: New features in exception filters - marking exceptions as "expected", filtering by properties (RTTI) 17)..Improved: Recovery from memory errors without debugging memory manager 18)..Improved: Viewer's password edit now hides password with asterisks 19)..Updated: Changed names of .inc files to avoid name conflicts with other libraries 20)..Updated: Help EurekaLog 7.0.03 (, 6-October-2012 1)....Fixed: Removed some consts keywords for event handlers, so now C++ Builder can alter arguments (this change may require you to adjust your custom code) 2)....Fixed: Fallback code for false-positive results on memory probing 3)....Fixed: Range check errors in SSL/TLS implementation 4)....Fixed: "EurekaLog is not active" error message during send testing 5)....Fixed: Incorrect memory probing when DEP is off (old systems) 6)....Fixed: Installation of 64-bit BPLs 7)....Fixed: Dialog preview 8)....Fixed: Win64 fixes for XE3 9)....Fixed: Support for project groups (mixed project types) 10)..Fixed: Windows 2000 hooks compatibility 11)..Fixed: mailto double quotes escaping 12)..Fixed: Simple MAPI WOW compatibility 13)..Fixed: Simple MAPI modal issues 14)..Fixed: Various range check errors 15)..Changed: Removed minor version number from program group name 16)..Updated: Help EurekaLog 7.0.02 hot-fix 1 (, 12-September-2012 1)....Fixed: Range check error in Viewer 2)....Fixed: Bug in hooking code EurekaLog 7.0.02 (, 11-September-2012 1)....Added: Improved memory problems detection 2)....Added: Minor IDE Expert usability improvements 3)....Added: Auto-size feature for detailed error dialog 4)....Added: Workaround for QC #106935 5)....Added: Workaround for bug in InvokeRegistry (SOAP/Mantis) 6)....Fixed: Nested OS exceptions 7)....Fixed: Multiply Win64 fixes 8)....Fixed: Compatibility mode fixes 9)....Fixed: Altered behaviour of "Add BugID/Date/ComputerName" options 10)..Fixed: Blank screenshots 11)..Fixed: Check file for corruptions 12)..Fixed: Viewer is unable to decrypt certain bug reports 13)..Fixed: Internal DoNoTouch option now works for post-processing and condtionals 14)..Fixed: Possible out of memory error for "Do not store class/procedure names" option 15)..Fixed: EurekaLog did not properly install itself when there is only Delphi installed, but no C++ Builder of the same version (or visa versa) 16)..Fixed: Wrong argument for OnRaise event 17)..Fixed: Handling memory errors in initialization/finalization sections 18)..Fixed: Updating steps to reproduce and user e-mail in bug report 19)..Fixed: Proper Success/Failure for some errors during SMTP send 20)..Added: Workaround for wrong GUI fonts 21)..Added: Delphi XE3 support 22)..Added: Individual options for each exception EurekaLog 7.0.01 (, 28-June-2012 1)....Added: New "Modal window" option (MS Classic and EurekaLog dialogs) 2)....Added: New "Owned window" option (MS Classic and EurekaLog dialogs) 3)....Added: New "Catch EurekaLog IDE Expert errors" option 4)....Added: Backup memory manager to recover from critical errors 5)....Added: Alternative methods to provide additional features when memory filter is not set 6)....Fixed: Contains fixes from hotfixes 1-3 7)....Fixed: Performance improvements 8)....Fixed: Improved IDE Expert's speed, stability and compatibility with other 3rd party extensions 9)....Fixed: MS Classic dialog size adjustments for large "click here" translations 10)..Fixed: Fixed resetting few EurekaLog project options to defaults 11)..Fixed: Multiplying exception filters when options are assigned (for example: when switching to/from "Custom" page in project options) 12)..Fixed: (Compatibility mode) Fixed send options merging 13)..Fixed: Updated help EurekaLog 7.0 hot-fix 3 (, 20-June-2012 --------------------------- 1)....Fixed: ERangeError in EResLeaks (THandle Integer) 2)....Fixed: C++ Builder breakpoints for large projects 3)....Fixed: Help (updates policy changed) 4)....Fixed: Text collections applying 5)....Fixed: Build events are now called for unlocked file 6)....Fixed: Proper handling of C++ Builder project options files from Delphi code (settings editor and IDE expert) 7)....Fixed: Terminate/Checked sub-option for MS Classic dialog 8)....Fixed: Confusing message for already post-processed executables 9)....Fixed: Access violation for some EurekaLog IDE menu items when no project was loaded 10)..Fixed: Invoking help for "Variables" window 11)..Fixed: EurekaLog Viewer version info 12)..Fixed: Events in components 13)..Added: Retry option for "Sorry, you must close all running IDE instances before installation" 14)..Added: Italian translation 15)..Added: Actual change log is now included into installer 16)..Added: Even more setup logging 17)..Added: New help articles (recompilation and manual installation) EurekaLog 7.0 hot-fix 2 (, 10-June-2012 --------------------------- 1)....Fixed: Wrong version info reporting to IDE 2)....Added: Workaround for Delphi 2005 TListView bug 3)....Added: Workaround for possible invalid FPU state in exception handlers 4)....Added: Missed declarations for ExceptionLog (compatibility mode) 5)....Fixed: Work for unsaved projects 6)....Added: Escaping for '--' in options (confuses IDE's XML parsing) 7)....Added: Storing thread's class/name in call stack for terminated threads 8)....Added: More setup logging 9)....Fixed: Help (broken links) 10)..Added: "Upgrade to EurekaLog 7" help topic 11)..Fixed: Clean up installed files EurekaLog 7.0 hot-fix 1 (, 6-June-2012 --------------------------- 1)....Fixed: Invalid Format() arguments in ELogBuilder. EurekaLog 7.0, 1-June-2012 --------------------------- 1)....Improved: Main change - EurekaLog's core was rewritten (refactored) to allow more easy modification and remove hacks. 2)....Improved: New plugin-like architecture now allows you to exclude unused code. 3)....Improved: New plugin-like architecture now allows you to easily extends EurekaLog. 4)....Improved: Greatly extended documentation. 5)....Improved: Installer is now localized. 6)....Improved: Greatly speed ups creation of minimal bug report (with most information disabled). 7)....Changed: EurekaLog's root IDE menu was relocated to under Tools and extended with new items. 8)....Added: New examples. 9)....Added: New tools (address lookup, error lookup, threads snapshot, standalone settings editor). 10)..Added: Support for DBG/PDB formats of debug information (including symbol server support and auto-downloading). 11)..Added: Support for madExcept debug information (experimental). 12)..Added: WER (Windows Error Reporting) support. 13)..Added: Full unicode support. 14)..Added: Professional and Trial editions: added source code (interface sections only) 15)..Improved: Dialogs - new options and new customization possibilities: 16)..Added: All GUI dialogs: ability to test dialog directly from configuration dialog by displaying a sample window with currently specified settings. 17)..Improved: All GUI dialogs: dialogs are DPI-awared now (auto-scale for different DPI). 18)..Added: MessageBox dialog: added detailed mode (shows a compact call stack). 19)..Added: MessageBox dialog: added ability for asking a send consent. 20)..Added: MessageBox dialog: added support to switch to "native" message box for application. 21)..Added: MS Classic dialog: added control over "user e-mail" edit's visibility. 22)..Added: MS Classic dialog: added ability to personalize dialog view with application's name and icon. 23)..Added: MS Classic dialog: added ability to show terminate/restart checkbox initially checked. 24)..Added: EurekaLog dialog: added ability to personalize dialog view with application's name and icon. 25)..Added: EurekaLog dialog: added ability to show terminate/restart checkbox initially checked. 26)..Added: EurekaLog dialog: added ability to switch back to non-detailed view. 27)..Added: WEB dialog: added new tags to customize bug report page. 28)..Improved: WEB dialog: improved support for unicode and charset. 29)..Added: New dialog type: RTL dialog. 30)..Added: New dialog type: console output. 31)..Added: New dialog type: system logging. 32)..Added: New dialog type: Windows Error Reporting. 33)..Improved: Sending - new options and new customization possibilities: 34)..Added: All send methods: added ability to setup multiply send methods. 35)..Added: All send methods: added ability to change send method order. 36)..Added: All send methods: added separate settings for each send method. 37)..Added: All send methods: ability to test send method directly from configuration dialog by sending a demo bug report. 38)..Added: SMTP client send method: added SSL support. 39)..Added: SMTP client send method: added TLS support. 40)..Added: SMTP client send method: added option for using real e-mail address. 41)..Added: SMTP server send method: added option for using real e-mail address. 42)..Added: HTTP upload send method: added support for custom backward feedback messages. 43)..Added: FTP upload send method: added creating folders on FTP (like remote ForceDirectories). 44)..Added: Mantis send method: added API support (MantisConnect, out-of-the-box since Mantis 1.1.0, available as add-on for previous versions). 45)..Added: Mantis send method: added support for custom "Count" field. 46)..Added: Mantis send method: added options for controlling duplicates. 47)..Added: Mantis send method: added support for SSL/TLS. 48)..Added: FogBugz send method: added API support (out-of-the-box since ForBugz 7, available as add-on for FogBugz 6). 49)..Added: FogBugz send method: EurekaLog will update "Occurrences" field (count of bugs). 50)..Added: FogBugz send method: EurekaLog will respect "Stop reporting" option (BugzScout's setting). 51)..Added: FogBugz send method: EurekaLog will respect "Scout message" option (BugzScout's setting). 52)..Added: FogBugz send method: EurekaLog will store client's e-mail as issue's correspondent. 53)..Added: FogBugz send method: added options for controlling duplicates. 54)..Added: FogBugz send method: added support for "Area" field. 55)..Added: FogBugz send method: added support for SSL/TLS. 56)..Added: BugZilla send method: added API support. 57)..Added: BugZilla send method: added support for custom "Count" field. 58)..Added: BugZilla send method: added options for controlling duplicates. 59)..Added: BugZilla send method: added support for SSL/TLS. 60)..Added: New send method: Shell (mailto protocol). 61)..Added: New send method: extended MAPI. 62)..Added: Support for separate code and debug info injection. 63)..Added: Ability to use custom units before EurekaLog's units. 64)..Added: Support for external configuration file in IDE expert. 65)..Added: Now EurekaLog stores only those project options which are different from defaults (to save disk space and reduce noise in project file). 66)..Added: Now EurekaLog stores project options sorted (alphabet order). 67)..Added: Separate settings for saving modules and processes lists to bug report. 68)..Added: Support for taking screenshots of multiply monitors. 69)..Added: More screenshot customization options. 70)..Added: More control over bug report's file names. 71)..Added: New environment variables. 72)..Added: Deleting .map file after compilation. 73)..Added: Support for different .dpr and .dproj file names. 74)..Improved: memory leaks detection feature - new options and new customization possibilities: 75)..Added: Ability to track memory problems without activation of leaks checking. 76)..Added: Support for sharing memory manager. 77)..Added: Support for tracking leaks in applications built with run-time packages. 78)..Added: Option to zero-fill freed memory. 79)..Added: Option to enable leaks detection only when running under debugger. 80)..Added: Option for manual activation control for leaks detection (via command-line switches). 81)..Added: Option to select stack tracing method for memory problems. 82)..Added: Option to trigger memory leak reporting only for large leaked memory's size. 83)..Added: Option to control limit of number of reported leak. 84)..Added: CheckHeap function to force check of heap's consistency. 85)..Added: DumpAllocationsToFile function to save information about allocated memory to log file. 86)..Added: Registered leaks feature. 87)..Added: Run-time control over memory leak registering. 88)..Added: New recognized leak type: String (both ANSI and Unicode are supported). 89)..Added: Memory features support for C++ Builder. 90)..Added: Resource leaks detection feature. 91)..Improved: Compilation speed increased. 92)..Added: Support for generics in debug information. 93)..Added: Chained/nested exceptions support. 94)..Added: Wait Chain Traversal support. 95)..Added: Support for named threads. 96)..Added: Additional information for threads in call stack. 97)..Improved: EurekaLog Viewer Tool: 98)..Added: Now Viewer has its own help file 99)..Added: Viewer now supports a FireBird based database on local file or remote server. 100).Added: You can have more that one user account for FireBird based database. 101).Added: Viewer now can be launched in View mode (Viewer can be configured to any DB or View mode). 102).Added: Viewer's database now supports storing files, associated with the report (you can also add and remove files manually). 103).Added: Viewer supports "Import" and "View" commands for report files. 104).Improved: Extended support for more log formats (XML, packed ELF, etc). 105).Added: Columns in report's list now can be configured (you can hide and show them). 106).Added: There are a plenty of new columns added to report's list. 107).Added: Ability of auto-download reports from e-mail account. 108).Improved: printing - now you can print the entire report (including screenshots). Old behaviour of printing just one tab (call stack only, for example) also remains. 109).Added: Viewer can now have more that one run-time instance . 110).Added: File import status dialog is now configurable (you can disable it, if you want to). 111).Added: There is a preview area for screenshots, available in reports. 112).Improved: Now Viewer is more Vista-friendly (i.e. file associations are managed in HKCU, rather that in HKLM, storing configuration in user's Application Data, etc, etc). 113).Added: Report's list now supports multi-select, so operations can be performed on many reports at time. 114).Added: There are plenty of new command line abilities, like specifying several files and new switches. 115).Improved: Bunch of minor changes and improvements. WARNING: -------- There are many changes in this release. See the "Changed from the old 6.x version" help topic for further information! EurekaLog 7 also have "EurekaLog 6 backward compatibility mode". Please, refer to help file for more information. We also have the detailed "Upgrade guide" in our help system.
ant-1.6.2.jar asm-analysis-3.2.jar asm-commons-3.2.jar asm-tree-3.2.jar asm-util-3.2.jar aspectjweaver-1.7.4.jar avalon-framework-4.1.3.jar bsf-api-3.1.jar cache-api-0.4.jar cglib-nodep-2.2.jar citrus-webx-all-3.0.8.jar classworlds-1.1-alpha-2.jar classworlds-1.1.jar commons-beanutils.jar commons-cli-1.0.jar commons-collections-3.2.jar commons-digester-1.6.jar commons-httpclient-2.0.2.jar commons-io-1.3.2.jar commons-io-2.1.jar commons-lang-2.5.jar commons-logging-1.1.jar commons-validator-1.2.0.jar curator-framework-1.1.16.jar cxf-rt-frontend-simple-2.6.1.jar cxf-rt-transports-http-2.6.1.jar doxia-core-1.0-alpha-11.jar doxia-core-1.0.jar doxia-decoration-model-1.0-alpha-11.jar doxia-decoration-model-1.0.jar doxia-module-apt-1.0-alpha-11.jar doxia-module-apt-1.0.jar doxia-module-fml-1.0-alpha-11.jar doxia-module-fml-1.0.jar doxia-module-xdoc-1.0-alpha-11.jar doxia-module-xdoc-1.0.jar doxia-module-xhtml-1.0-alpha-11.jar doxia-module-xhtml-1.0.jar doxia-sink-api-1.0-alpha-10.jar doxia-sink-api-1.0-alpha-11.jar doxia-sink-api-1.0-alpha-4.jar doxia-sink-api-1.0.jar doxia-site-renderer-1.0-alpha-11.jar doxia-site-renderer-1.0.jar dummy1.0.jar easymock-1.2_Java1.3.jar easymock-3.0.jar easymockclassextension-3.0.jar fastjson-1.1.31.jar fastjson-1.2.28.jar fastjson-1.2.31.jar file-management-1.2.1.jar fst-1.55.jar grizzly-core-2.1.4.jar hessian-lite-3.2.1-fixed-2.jar hibernate-validator-4.2.0.Final.jar hsqldb-1.7.1.jar htmlunit-1.9.jar httpclient-4.0.1.jar httpclient-4.1.2.jar httpclient-4.2.5.jar httpclient-4.4.jar httpcore-4.0.1.jar httpcore-4.1.2.jar jackson-core-2.8.8.jar jackson-core-asl-1.9.13.jar jackson-databind-2.3.3.jar jackson-datatype-joda-2.4.0.jar jackson-mapper-asl-1.9.12.jar javassist-3.20.0-GA.jar jaxen-core-1.0-FCS.jar jaxen-jdom-1.0-FCS.jar jdependency-0.6.jar jdom-1.1.jar jedis-2.1.0.jar jetty-4.2.10.jar jetty-4.2.12.jar jfreechart-1.0.13.jar jmockit-0.999.8.jar jsch-0.1.23.jar jsch-0.1.27.jar jsr305-2.0.1.jar jtid



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