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A complete GeoJSON implementation for Android. Table of Contents Requirements Installation Sample Usage Parsing GeoJSON Creating GeoJSON Requirements Android SDK 8 or Higher Installation Android...,基于特征提取和深度学习的三维语义实时分割新方法,3D建模使用专门的软件来创建物理对象的数字模型。它是3D计算机图形的一个方面,用于视频游戏,3D打印和VR,...


This project is an Android application for assisting students in recording their Experimental Data, usually for Academic purposes. The functionalities in the app are: Record data for experiments - ...


This code is reference material for the Android Makers Paris 2018 talk titled: "The JPEG of 3D: Bringing 3D scenes and objects into your 2D Android app with glTF". It provides a straightforward look ...,解析功能的使用示例。通用解析器能够处理自定义语法并提供读/写功能。

Android代码-Widget for Trello?

Widget for Trello is an android home screen widget. Choose and display lists from your Trello boards on your home screen for a quick glance at your cards. Tools and Tech Trello's API Volley - ...

Unidac v6.1.6 pro for Delphi 7, XE5-XE8

- Bug in IProviderSupport.PSExecuteStatement with parsing a SQL query is fixed - Bug with missing in Trial version is fixed SQLServer data provider - 'Catastrophic failure' on data ...


The fastest JSON parsing and serializing library available for Android. Based on Jackson's streaming API, LoganSquare is able to consistently outperform GSON and Jackson's Databind library by 400% or ...

activiti-explorer-5.22.0.jar(修复Activiti5.22 explorer部署流程图的中文字符乱码的BUG)

修复了Activiti5.22 explorer部署程序图中文乱码的BUG,完美解决了activiti explorer中使用modeler画的含有中文的流程发布后,中文字符乱码的问题。 操作方法:下载activiti-explorer-5.22.0.jar,找到此文件所在...

Foundations for Analytics with Python: From Non-Programmer to Hacker

You’ll also learn how to use several Python modules for parsing files, grouping data, and producing statistics. No programming experience is necessary. Create and run your own Python scripts by ...


This is a library for parsing command-line arguments. It can parse both options and positional arguments. It aims to be easy to use and concise yet powerful and robust. Overview Defining options and ...

kubectl, kubectl代码的问题跟踪程序和镜像.zip

kubectl, kubectl代码的问题跟踪程序和镜像 Kubectl repo 用于跟踪带有的kubectl cli的问题。 它还包含供客户端程序使用的软件包。 比如 这些软件包是vendored到


HNReader is an Android app for the hacker news website. The app parses the actual html of the hackernews website instead of parsing the rss feed. This is because there are not easily accessible rss ...


SEXP gives callbacks for all parsing events and being written in pure java allows faster and more comprehensive testability. Moreover SEXP is a pull-parsing XML deserialiser which affects both ...

clothes_parsing, 纸张'A High Performance CRF Model for Clothes Parsing'的代码.zip

clothes_parsing, 纸张'A High Performance CRF Model for Clothes Parsing'的代码 衣服解析概述这里代码提供了研究论文的实现: A High Performance CRF Model for Clothes Parsing Edgar Simo-Serra, Sanja Fidler...


The library of PinyinSearch,a Java Library which provide data parsing methods, data matching method and so on for T9 search and Qwerty search. PinyinSearch = T9Search QwertySearch If you're looking ...

Assets, Files, and Data Parsing Tutorial #11 - Adding Simple Content Tutorial #12 - Displaying the Book Using Preferences Tutorial #13 - Using Some Preferences SQLite Databases Tutorial #14 - Saving ...

Foundations for Analytics with Python

You’ll also learn how to use several Python modules for parsing files, grouping data, and producing statistics. No programming experience is necessary. Create and run your own Python scripts by ...



MCRInstaller 7.14,Matlab2010b运行环境,C++,C#调用,不用安装matlab

MCRInstaller 7.14,Matlab2010b运行环境,适用于C++,C#调用,不用安装matlab,适用于matlab2010b编译的dll,可以用于C#,C++和matlab的混编译程序,在用户机上不需要安装matlab也可调用matlab的相关函数

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