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delphi xe 10.2 tokyo 和谐包全集
<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em> 10.2 tokyo 和谐包全集 包含多个和谐工具。
ICS delphixe10源码版
ICS - Internet Component Suite - V8 - Delphi 7 to RAD Studio 10 Seattle ======================================================================= (Aka FPIETTE's Components) Revised: March 3, 2016 Table of content: ----------------- - Legal issues - Donate - Register - Contributions - Latest Versions - Version Control repository - Installation - Available VCL Components - Sample applications - About SSL - Support - Release notes - Midware - Known problems - Special thanks Legal issues: ------------- Copyright (C) 1997-2016 by Fran鏾is PIETTE Rue de Grady 24, 4053 Embourg, Belgium SSL implementation includes code written by Arno Garrels, Berlin, Germany, contact: ICS is freeware. This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it freely, subject to the following restrictions: 1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented, you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required. 2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software. 3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution. 4. You must register this software by sending a picture postcard to the author. Use a nice stamp and mention your name, street address, EMail address and any comment you like to say. 5. As this code make use of OpenSSL, your rights are restricted by OpenSSL license as soon as you use any SSL feature. See for details. Donate ------ ICS is freeware. You can use it without paying anything except the registration postcard (see "register" below). But of course donations are welcome. You can send cash (Euro currency or US Dollars) in an envelop to my street address or buy a gift certificate at Amazon in the UK. I will then use it to buy books. Here is the direct URL at Amazon UK (nearest to my home, please don't use another):<em>xe</em>c/obidos/gc-email-order1/ref=g_gc_email/202-6198323-6681414 For more generous amount, contact me by email. Register -------- ICS is freeware. If you use the components, you must register by sending a picture postcard showing the area you live in and some beautiful stamps for my kids who are stamp collectors. Do not use an envelop, I collect USED postcards sent to me. Write on the postcard that it is your ICS registration. Address your card to: Francois PIETTE, rue de Grady 24, 4053 Embourg, Belgium. Don't forget to mention your name, street address, EMail and web site. Contributions: -------------- ICS has been designed by Fran鏾is PIETTE but many other peoples are working on the components and sample programs. The history of changes in each source file list all developers having contributed (When no name is given, the change is by F. Piette). I can't list all contributors here but I want to specially thanks two specially active contributors: - Arno Garrels - Angus Robertson Latest versions: --------------- The latest versions of ICS can be downloaded from the ICS Wiki web site: ICS V5 and V6 are archive releases no longer updated, last supported release was 2007. ICS V7 is a stable release that may still be updated for major bugs, but not for new releases of Delphi, latest it supported was XE3. ICS V8 is the current development release which is held in a public Version Control repository that is zipped each night for easy download. The download page above also includes the OpenSSL binaries needed to support SSL. ICS V8 supports Delphi 64-bit and Mac OS-X projects. Note that latest C++ Builder version supported is XE3 (lack of spare time, sorry). ICS V9 is in early development and is planned to support Android. There are no current plans for ICS for iOS. Version Control repository: --------------------------- svn:// or (Usercode = ics, password = ics) Installation: ------------- ICS V8 has been designed for Embarcadero Delphi 2009 and up, and C++ Builder 2009 and up, but is fully compatible with Borland Delphi 7 and CodeGear 2006 and 2007. Embarcadero RAD Studio includes Delphi and C++ Builder. With Delphi XE2 and later, VCL 64-bit Windows targets are supported for Delphi only. Currently FireMonkey is partly supported for Delphi only (there are still a few non-ported components). ICS for Mac OSX is currently experimental. The zip file has sub-directories in it. You must use the WinZip "Use folder names" option to restore this directory tree or you will have problems because the files would not be in their proper subdirectories. Please note most of these directories are differently named to ICS V7 and earlier, to ease support of multiple versions of Delphi and platforms, and to ease location of similar sample projects. Please don't install V8 over an existing V7 installation, it will be a mess of old and new. This is the new V8 sub-directory layout: .\ Info directory .\Install Component <em>package</em>s project groups for all versions .\Packages (was Delphi\Vc32) Delphi (7 and up) and C++Builder (2006 and up) <em>package</em>s projects .\Source (was Delphi\Vc32) ICS Delphi source code built into <em>package</em>s .\Source\Include (was Delphi\Vc32) .inc files (including .\Source\Extras (was Delphi\Vc32) Extra source code not built into <em>package</em>s .\Source\zobj125 (was Delphi\Vc32) ZLIB C OBJ include files .\Lib Unit output directories for all <em>package</em> builds, subdirectories | for 2007+ will be created on building the <em>package</em>s \$(Config) Release / Debug | \$(Platform) Win32 / Win64 / OSX32 | \ D7..XE8, 10 Seattle includes .dcu and .dfm files for Delphi and .obj and .hpp files for C++ Builder .\Samples Delphi Win32/Win64 common source for all demos .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\BroswerDemo Delphi Win32/Win64 Web Browser sample application (all Delphi versions) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\BroswerDemo\Resources Resource file, web pages and movie linked into browser demo .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\FtpDemos Delphi Win32/Win64 FTP sample applications (all Delphi versions) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\MailNewsDemos Delphi Win32/Win64 SMTP, POP3, NNTP sample applications (all Delphi versions) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\MiscDemos Delphi Win32/Win64 Miscellaneous applications (all Delphi versions) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\OtherDemos Delphi Win32/Win64 DNS, Ping, SNMP, Syslog sample applications (all Delphi versions) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\PlatformDemos Delphi FireMonkey and cross-platform samples (Delphi XE2+) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\SocketDemos Delphi Win32/Win64 Socket sample applications (all Delphi versions) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\sslinternet Delphi Win32/Win64 SSL-enabled sample applications (all Delphi versions) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\WebDemos Delphi Win32/Win64 HTTP sample applications (all Delphi versions) .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\WebDemos\WebAppServerData Directory for WebAppServ demo data files .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\WebDemos\WebServData Directory for WebServ demo data files .\Samples\cpp\internet C++Builder sample applications .\Samples\cpp\internet\cb2006 C++Builder 2006 projects .\Samples\cpp\internet\cb2007 C++Builder 2007 projects .\Samples\cpp\internet\cb2009 C++Builder 2009 projects .\Samples\cpp\internet\cb2010 C++Builder 2010 projects .\Samples\cpp\internet\cbXE C++Builder XE projects .\Samples\cpp\internet\cbXE2 C++Builder XE2 projects UPGRADING and REINSTALLING Uninstall an existing ICS <em>package</em> (Menu | Component | Install Packages, select the component <em>package</em> and click Remove). Rename the old ICS directory and unzip to a new or empty directory, remove the old path from the library path and add either the new .\Source directory to the library path under Tools | Options |... or the appropriate .\Lib subdirectory according to version, ie .\Lib\Debug\Win32\D2007 for Delphi 2007. The latter has the advantage that the ICS source code won't be recompiled whenever your project is build. Also under Tools | Options |... add the new .\Source directory to the Browsing path. All DELPHI and C++ BUILDER VERSIONS/WIN32 Always upgrade your compiler with the latest update available from Embarcadero. Always update your system with SSL or not SSL? By default the SSL code is compiled into the run-time <em>package</em> and additional SSL- enabled components are installed. In order to not compile the SSL code into the run-time <em>package</em> and to not install the SSL-Enabled components you need to remove the conditional define USE_SSL from both the run-time and design-time <em>package</em>. However if you do not build your applications with run-time <em>package</em>s it is recommended to build the <em>package</em>s with default settings. The SSL code will the be compiled into your applications depending on whether the conditional define USE_SSL is set in the project options or not (this requires having the .\Source directory in either in the library path or in projects Search path). Actual use of SSL in your applications also requires the OpenSSL files LIBEAY32.DLL and SSLEAY32.DLL being available somewhere in the path. Note different DLLs are needed for Win32 and Win64 applications. The ICS distribution includes the latest Win32 OpenSSL files in the .\OpenSSL-Win32 directory and the two main DLLs duplicated in .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\sslinternet. Other OpenSSL files, including older and Win64, may be downloaded from: INSTALLATION USING THE INSTALL PROJECT GROUPS For each Delphi and C++ Builder version one project group is provided in directory .\Install: Delphi 7 : D7Install.bpg Delphi 2006 : D2006Install.bdsgroup Delphi 2007 : D2007Install.groupproj Delphi 2009 : D2009Install.groupproj Delphi 2010 : D2010Install.groupproj Delphi XE : DXeInstall.groupproj Delphi XE2 : DXe2Install.groupproj // VCL only, no FireMonkey components Delphi XE2 : DXe2InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components Delphi XE3 : DXe3Install.groupproj // VCL only, no FireMonkey components Delphi XE3 : DXe3InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components Delphi XE4 : DXe4Install.groupproj // VCL only, no FireMonkey components Delphi XE4 : DXe4InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components Delphi XE5 : DXe5Install.groupproj // VCL only, no FireMonkey components Delphi XE5 : DXe5InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components Delphi XE6 : DXe6Install.groupproj // VCL only, no FireMonkey components Delphi XE6 : DXe6InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components Delphi XE7 : DXe7Install.groupproj // VCL only, no FireMonkey components Delphi XE7 : DXe7InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components Delphi XE8 : DXe8Install.groupproj // VCL only, no FireMonkey components Delphi XE8 : DXe8InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components Delphi 10 Seattle : D10SInstall.groupproj // VCL only, no FireMonkey components Delphi 10 Seattle : D10SInstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components C++ Builder 2006 : CB2006Install.bdsgroup C++ Builder 2007 : CB2007Install.groupproj C++ Builder 2009 : CB2009Install.groupproj C++ Builder 2010 : CB2010Install.groupproj C++ Builder XE : CBXeInstall.groupproj C++ Builder XE2 : CBXe2Install.groupproj // VCL only no FireMonkey components C++ Builder XE2 : CBXe2InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components C++ Builder XE3 : CBXe3InstallVclFmx.groupproj // Both VCL and FireMonkey components 1 - Do a File/Open Project, navigate to the Install directory, select the correct file and open it. The project manager view should now display two <em>package</em> projects, one run-time and one design-time <em>package</em>. The run-time <em>package</em> name contains the "Run" suffix. The design-time <em>package</em> name contains the "Design" suffix. 2 - Select and Build the run-time <em>package</em> (do not install). 3 - Select and Install the design-time <em>package</em>. After a few seconds, you should have a dialog box telling you the <em>package</em> has been installed with a bunch of new components registered in the Tool Palette under "Overbyte ICS" and "Overbyte ICS SSL". Then do a "Save All" and a "Close All". 4 - One <em>package</em> is installed, called 'Overbyte ICS Design-Time Package for Delphi xxx'. 5 - Various directories under .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\ include samples that illustrate use of all the ICS components, see later. FIREMONKEY CROSS PLATFORM PACKAGES: 1 - For XE2 and later, DXe?Install (where ? is the version) installs VCL components only, while DXe?InstallVclFmx also installs FireMonkey cross platform components (three run time <em>package</em>s). In order to use this feature first uninstall the old design-time <em>package</em>. 2 = Build all three run-time <em>package</em>s for all available platforms (32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X) in the order they are listed in project manager. 3 - Next build and install the three design-time <em>package</em>s in the order they are listed in project manager. 4 - Three <em>package</em>s are installed, called: 'Overbyte ICS Common Design-Time Package for Delphi xxx' 'Overbyte ICS FMX Design-Time Package for Delphi xxx' 'Overbyte ICS VCL Design-Time Package for Delphi xxx' Note that the new packaging is still beta/alpha, both <em>package</em> names and included units might change in a future beta drop. The old VCL <em>package</em>s are still there however they do no longer support FireMonkey and of course only one set of <em>package</em>s can be installed in the IDE at the same time, if you want both VCL and FMX install DXe2InstallVclFmx.groupproj only. Currently the XE2 <em>package</em> cache is buggy and should be disabled by adding the -nocache parameter. 5 - The .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\PlatformDemos\ folder contains FireMonkey sample projects that may all be built with FireMonkey for Mac OS X (and Windows). ALTERNATE INSTALLATION USING THE PACKAGE PROJECT FILES: For each Delphi and C++ Builder version two <em>package</em> project files exist in the .\Packages directory. One run-time and one design-time <em>package</em> project file. The run-time file name contains the "Run" suffix. The design-time file name contains the "Design" suffix. PACKAGE PROJECT FILE NAMES - VCL: Delphi 7 : OverbyteIcsD7Run.dpk, OverbyteIcsD7Design.dpk Delphi 2006 : OverbyteIcsD2006Run.bdsproj, OverbyteIcsD2006Design.bdsproj Delphi 2007 : OverbyteIcsD2007Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsD2007Design.dproj Delphi 2009 : OverbyteIcsD2009Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsD2009Design.dproj Delphi 2010 : OverbyteIcsD2010Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsD2010Design.dproj Delphi XE : OverbyteIcsDXeRun.dproj, OverbyteIcsDXeDesign.dproj Delphi XE2 : OverbyteIcsDXe2Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsDXe2Design.dproj Delphi XE3 : OverbyteIcsDXe3Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsDXe3Design.dproj Delphi XE4 : OverbyteIcsDXe4Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsDXe4Design.dproj Delphi XE5 : OverbyteIcsDXe5Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsDXe5Design.dproj Delphi XE6 : OverbyteIcsDXe6Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsDXe6Design.dproj Delphi XE7 : OverbyteIcsDXe7Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsDXe7Design.dproj Delphi XE8 : OverbyteIcsDXe8Run.dproj, OverbyteIcsDXe8Design.dproj Delphi 10 Seattle : OverbyteIcsD10SRun.dproj, OverbyteIcsD10SDesign.dproj C++ Builder 2006 : OverbyteIcsCB2006Run.bdsproj, OverbyteIcsCB2006Design.bdsproj C++ Builder 2007 : OverbyteIcsCB2007Run.cbproj, OverbyteIcsCB2007Design.cbproj C++ Builder 2009 : OverbyteIcsCB2009Run.cbproj, OverbyteIcsCB2009Design.cbproj C++ Builder 2010 : OverbyteIcsCB2010Run.cbproj, OverbyteIcsCB2010Design.cbproj C++ Builder XE : OverbyteIcsCBXeRun.cbproj, OverbyteIcsCBXeDesign.cbproj C++ Builder XE2 : OverbyteIcsCBXe2Run.cbproj, OverbyteIcsCBXe2Design.cbproj C++ Builder XE3 : OverbyteIcsCBXe3Run.cbproj, OverbyteIcsCBXe3Design.cbproj PACKAGE PROJECT FILE NAMES - FireMonkey and VCL: Delphi XE2 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonDXe2Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe2Design.dproj Delphi XE2 VCL : IcsVclDXe2Run.dproj, IcsVclDXe2Design.dproj Delphi XE2 FMX : IcsFmxDXe2Run.dproj, IcsFmxDXe2Design.dproj Delphi XE3 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonDXe3Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe3Design.dproj Delphi XE3 VCL : IcsVclDXe3Run.dproj, IcsVclDXe3Design.dproj Delphi XE3 FMX : IcsFmxDXe3Run.dproj, IcsFmxDXe3Design.dproj Delphi XE4 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonDXe4Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe4Design.dproj Delphi XE4 VCL : IcsVclDXe4Run.dproj, IcsVclDXe4Design.dproj Delphi XE4 FMX : IcsFmxDXe4Run.dproj, IcsFmxDXe4Design.dproj Delphi XE5 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonDXe5Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe5Design.dproj Delphi XE5 VCL : IcsVclDXe5Run.dproj, IcsVclDXe5Design.dproj Delphi XE5 FMX : IcsFmxDXe5Run.dproj, IcsFmxDXe5Design.dproj Delphi XE6 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonDXe6Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe6Design.dproj Delphi XE6 VCL : IcsVclDXe6Run.dproj, IcsVclDXe6Design.dproj Delphi XE6 FMX : IcsFmxDXe6Run.dproj, IcsFmxDXe6Design.dproj Delphi XE7 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonDXe7Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe7Design.dproj Delphi XE7 VCL : IcsVclDXe7Run.dproj, IcsVclDXe7Design.dproj Delphi XE7 FMX : IcsFmxDXe7Run.dproj, IcsFmxDXe7Design.dproj Delphi XE8 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonDXe8Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe8Design.dproj Delphi XE8 VCL : IcsVclDXe8Run.dproj, IcsVclDXe8Design.dproj Delphi XE8 FMX : IcsFmxDXe8Run.dproj, IcsFmxDXe8Design.dproj Delphi 10 Seattle FMX/VCL: IcsCommonD10SRun.dproj, IcsCommonD10SDesign.dproj Delphi 10 Seattle VCL : IcsVclD10SRun.dproj, IcsVclD10SDesign.dproj Delphi 10 Seattle FMX : IcsFmxD10SRun.dproj, IcsFmxD10SDesign.dproj C++ Builder XE2 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonCBXe2Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe2Design.dproj C++ Builder XE2 VCL : IcsVclCBXe2Run.dproj, IcsVclCBXe2Design.dproj C++ Builder XE2 FMX : IcsFmxCBXe2Run.dproj, IcsFmxCBXe2Design.dproj C++ Builder XE3 FMX/VCL : IcsCommonCBXe3Run.dproj, IcsCommonDXe3Design.dproj C++ Builder XE3 VCL : IcsVclCBXe3Run.dproj, IcsVclCBXe3Design.dproj C++ Builder XE3 FMX : IcsFmxCBXe3Run.dproj, IcsFmxCBXe3Design.dproj 1 - Open and Build the run-time <em>package</em> project (do not install!). 2 - Open and Install the design-time <em>package</em> project. (Do a File/Open Project, browse to the .\Packages directory. Select the correct file and open it. Then in the project manager view, right-click on the <em>package</em>, then click on either the Build or Install button.) 3 - For Delphi XE2 and later, a 64-bit run-time <em>package</em> can be built by changing the <em>package</em> target platform to 64-bit Windows. This has the same name as the 32-bit <em>package</em>, so a different <em>package</em> output directory needs to be specified in Tools / Options / Delphi Options for 64-bit Windows. After a few seconds, you should have a dialog box telling you the <em>package</em> has been installed with a bunch of new components registered in the Tool Palette under "Overbyte ICS" and "Overbyte ICS SSL". Then do a "Save All" and a "Close All". DELPHI 2006/WIN32, 2007/WIN32, 2009/WIN32, 2010/WIN32, XE/WIN32: Having installed the <em>package</em>, verify that the appropriate Win32 Library Path (Tools / Options / Delphi Options / Library - Win32 / Library Path) has been added, .\Lib subdirectory according to version, ie .\Lib\Debug\Win32\D2007 for Delphi 2007. If not, add it manually. It is not mandatory to add .\Lib to the global Delphi path, but it will be much easier for you because otherwise you'll have to add it to each project. DELPHI XE2/WIN32, XE3/WIN32, XE4/WIN32, XE5/WIN32, XE6/WIN32, XE7/WIN32, XE8/WIN32, 10 Seattle/WIN32, XE2/WIN64, XE3/WIN64, XE4/WIN64, XE5/WIN64, XE6/WIN64, XE7/WIN64, XE8/WIN64, 10 Seattle/WIN64: Similar to above, but the Library path is specified separately for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Platforms. DELPHI 7: Add VC32 directory path to your library path (Tools menu / Environment Options / Library / Library Path. Add .\Lib\Debug\Win32\D7 path at the end of the existing path). SAMPLE DELPHI PROJECTS Once the <em>package</em> is installed, you may open the sample projects. The samples are split into several directories according to protocols, most with a project group that can be opened in all versions of Delphi. .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\BroswerDemo .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\FtpDemos\FtpDemos.bpg .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\MailNewsDemos\MailNewsDemos.bpg .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\MiscDemos\MiscDemos.bpg .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\OtherDemos\OtherDemos.bpg .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\PlatformDemos\XSamples.groupproj .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\SocketDemos\SocketDemos.bpg .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\sslinternet\SslDemos.bpg .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\WebDemos\WebDemos.bpg Full details of the sample projects are shown later in this document. You might get some dialog box telling you that resource files are missing (they may not have been included in the zip file to save space) and are recreated by Delphi. It is OK. Any other error message is a problem you should fix. After all resource files have been recreated, you should see in the project manager a group of projects. To compile all samples in the group at once, do Project / Build all projects. This may take a few minutes. Note 1: Delphi may run out of memory if you ask to compile all projects at once. If you have not enough RAM, then compile each project individually. Note 2: Delphi has warnings which triggers a lot of messages for 100% OK code. You can turn those warnings off in the project/ options / Compiler messages and deselecting: "Deprecated symbol", "Platform symbol", "unsafe type", "unsafe code", "unsafe typecast". Those are intended for .NET and Linux portability. You can safely ignore them if you run windows. For you facility, I included a utility SetProjectOptions (source code, you must compile it) in the internet directory. This utility will update project options to disable the warnings. Once the components are all installed, you may open the sample projects each one after the other and compile them. For each project, do file/open and select the dpr file in the internet directory. Then Project/Build All. C++ BUILDER 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3: Follow the installation procedure described for Delphi 2006. Just change the project group and <em>package</em> name: use CB2006, CBXe, etc, see above. You can't have Delphi 2006 and CBuilder 2006 <em>package</em>s installed at the same time in the IDE. So when switching from one to the other, be sure to remove the one you don't need. Building the FireMonkey CBXE2InstallVclFmx C++ <em>package</em>s for OSX may trigger an ILINK32 error, this is a bug in C++ Builder reported as QC #103668 the Win32 <em>package</em>s should build without errors. Once the components are all installed, you may open the sample projects each one after the other and compile them. For each project, do file/open and select the dpr file in the internet directory. Then Project/Build All. Projects are located in SAMPLES\CPP\INTERNET\CB2006\ (or CB2006, CBXE, etc) with a project group in each directory, OverbyteIcsCB2006Sam.bdsgroup, OverbyteIcsCBXe2Sam.groupproj, etc. It is likely that for each project, C++ Builder complains about a missing .res file. This is not a problem, C++ Builder will recreate it as needed. They have not been included to save space in the zip file. Once the components are all installed, you may open the sample projects each one after the other and compile them. For each project, do file/open and select the dpr file in the internet directory. Then Project/Build All. NOTES: - You may have an error message, using Delphi or C++ Builder complaining about Font.Charset, OldCreateOrder and other properties. Those are new properties in newer Delphi or C++ Builder versions, newer than the version you use. You can safely ignore those errors because those properties are not used by the components nor sample programs. You may encounter this error at run time. To avoid it, you must open each form at design time and ignore the error. Then recompile. If you don't ignore the error at design time, you'll have it at runtime ! - If you have Delphi or C++ Builder complaining about a file not found, add .\source directory to your library path. - If you are using C++ Builder you may encounter an error at link time such as "Unable to open file MWBCB30.LIB" (or other libs). This is a bug in C++ Builder. To solve it, you can edit project option file (right click in project manager) and remove any reference to the missing libraries. - Don't forget that the C++Builder components are located in .\<em>delphi</em>\vc32 which is object pascal source code (not a problem for C++Builder, just indicate that the *.pas files are displayed when installing). C++Builder will create the *.hpp files. There are some on-line help files in the VC32 directory. Available VCL Components ------------------------ - The following is a list of the files that should be installed in order to properly add all of the available components in this collection: > OverbyteIcsCharsetComboBox.pas Provides easy MIME charset selection > OverbyteIcsDnsQuery DNS lookup component - useful for getting MX records > OverbyteIcsDprUpdFix.pas IDE plugin for Delphi 2009 and 2010 to update old projects > OverbyteIcsEmulVT.pas ANSI terminal emulation in a control > OverbyteIcsFingCli.pas FINGER client protocol - Find information about user > OverbyteIcsFtpCli.pas FTP client protocol - file transfer > OverbyteIcsFtpSrv.pas FTP server protocol - file transfer > OverbyteIcsFtpSrvT.pas FTP server protocol - helpers > OverbyteIcsHttpAppServer.pas HTTP server protocol - used to build advanced web servers > OverbyteIcsHttpProt.pas HTTP client protocol - used by the web > OverbyteIcsHttpSrv.pas HTTP server protocol - used to build web servers > OverbyteIcsLogger.pas A component to log information > OverbyteIcsMimeDec.pas MIME component - decode file attach, use with POP3 > OverbyteIcsMultiProgressBar.pas A segmented progress bar > OverbyteIcsMultipartFtpDownloader.pas FTP client protocol - download one file using simultaneous connections to speedup download > OverbyteIcsMultipartHttpDownloader.pas HTTP client protocol - download one file using simultaneous connections to speedup download > OverbyteIcsNntpCli.pas NNTP client protocol - send and receive newsgroups messages > OverbyteIcsPing.pas ICMP echo protocol - ping a host > OverbyteIcsPop3Prot.pas POP3 client protocol - get mail from mail server > OverbyteIcsReg.pas Register design components > OverbyteIcsSmtpProt.pas SMTP client protocol - send mail to server > OverbyteIcsSmtpSrv.pas SMTP server protocol - receive mail from client > OverbyteIcsSnmpCli.pas SNMP client protocol - network management > OverbyteIcsSnmpMsgs.pas SNMP client protocol - message helper > OverbyteIcsSysLogClient.pas Syslog Client Protocol - receive syslog messages > OverbyteIcsSysLogDefs.pas Syslog Protocol - helpers > OverbyteIcsSysLogServer.pas Syslog Server Protocol - send syslog messages > OverbyteIcsTnCnx.pas TELNET client protocol - terminal emulation protocol > OverbyteIcsTnEmulVT.pas TELNET and ANSI terminal emulation combined > OverbyteIcsTnOptFrm.pas TELNET Client configuration form > OverbyteIcsTnScript.pas TELNET client protocol - with automation > OverbyteIcsWSocket.pas Winsock component - TCP, UDP, DNS,... > OverbyteIcsWSocketE.pas Register procedure and property editor for TWSocket > OverbyteIcsWSocketS.pas Winsock component for building servers > OverbyteIcsWSocketTS.pas Winsock component for building multithreaded servers - The following list support and utilities units: > OverbyteIcsAsn1Utils.pas ASN1 utilities (for TSnmpClient component) > OverbyteIcsAvlTrees.pas Implements a fast cache-like data storage > OverbyteIcsCharsetUtils.pas MIME-charset functions > OverbyteIcsCookies.pas Client Cookie Handling > OverbyteIcsCRC.pas 32 bit CRC computation > OverbyteIcsCsc.pas character set routines > OverbyteIcsDES.pas Implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) > OverbyteIcsDigestAuth.pas HTTP Digest Access Authentication > OverbyteIcsFormDataDecoder.pas Decode a MIME data block as generated by a HTML form > OverbyteIcsHttpCCodZLib.pas Supports GZIP coding for HttpContCod > OverbyteIcsHttpContCod.pas HTTP Content Coding support, uses extra units > OverbyteIcsIcmp.pas ICMP protocol support, used by the PING component > OverbyteIcsIconv.pas Headers for iconv library (LGPL) > OverbyteIcsLIBEAY.pas Delphi encapsulation for LIBEAY32.DLL (OpenSSL) > OverbyteIcsMD4.pas Implementation of the MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm > OverbyteIcsMD5.pas Implementation of the MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm > OverbyteIcsMimeUtil.pas Support routines for MIME standard > OverbyteIcsMLang.pas A few header translations from MS mlang.h > OverbyteIcsNtlmMsgs.pas Client NTLM authentification messages used within HTTP protocol > OverbyteIcsNtlmSsp.pas Server NTLM authentification of user credentials using Windows SSPI > OverbyteIcsOneTimePw.pas One Time Password support functions, used by FTP > OverbyteIcsSHA1.pas Implementation of US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) > OverbyteIcsSocketUtils.pas Cross platform socket utilities for ICS > OverbyteIcsSSLEAY.pas Delphi encapsulation for SSLEAY32.DLL (OpenSSL) > OverbyteIcsSslSessionCache.pas A very fast external SSL-session-cache component > OverbyteIcsSslThrdLock.pas Implementation of OpenSsl thread locking (Windows); > OverbyteIcsSspi.pas A few header translations from MS sspi.h and security.h > OverbyteIcsStreams.pas Fast streams for ICS > OverbyteIcsThreadTimer.pas A custom timer class using custom timer messages from one or more threads > OverbyteIcsTicks64.pas GetTickCount64 support for all versions of Windows > OverbyteIcsTimeList.pas List of items with expiry times, used for WebSessions > OverbyteIcsTypes.pas Common types, mainly for backward compiler compatibility > OverbyteIcsURL.pas Support routines for URL handling > OverbyteIcsUtils.pas Vast number of common utilities, many supporting Unicode for D7/2007 > OverbyteIcsWSockBuf.pas FIFO buffers for TWSocket > OverbyteIcsWebSession.pas Web session support for THttpAppSrv and MidWare > OverbyteIcsWinnls.pas A few header translations for Unicode Normalization in winnls.h > OverbyteIcsWinsock.pas Some Winsock initialisations > OverbyteIcsWndControl.pas A class that encapsulates a windows message queue and a message map > OverbyteIcsZLibDll.pas Zlib support, interface to external zlib.dll functions > OverbyteIcsZlibHigh.pas Zlib support, high level interface for compression and decompression > OverbyteIcsZLibObj.pas Zlib support, interface to zlib linked C OBJ functions FireMonkey Cross Platform Support: ---------------------------------- For Delphi and C++ Builder XE2 and later, FireMonkey Desktop applications are an alternate to VCL Forms applications, supporting cross platforms of Windows 32-bit and 64-bit and Mac OS X (and perhaps other platforms in future). FireMonkey uses different visual components to VCL, while some non-visual components can be used for both VCL and FMX projects, while other components need special versions, such as ICS. Earlier betas of V8 used the conditional define "FMX" which is *no longer required in project options. Instead in your existing ICS FireMonkey app. add either "Ics.Fmx" to the unit scope names in project options or apply the following changes in the uses clause, rename: OverbyteIcsWndControl -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWndControl OverbyteIcsWSocket -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWSocket OverbyteIcsFtpCli -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsFtpCli OverbyteIcsFtpSrv -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsFtpSrv OverbyteIcsHttpProt -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsHttpProt OverbyteIcsWSocketS -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWSocketS OverbyteIcsSmtpProt -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsSmtpProt.pas OverbyteIcsPop3Prot -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsPop3Prot.pas OverbyteIcsNntpCli -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsNntpCli.pas OverbyteIcsPing -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsPing.pas OverbyteIcsDnsQuery -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsDnsQuery.pas OverbyteIcsFingCli -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsFingCli.pas OverbyteIcsSslSessionCache -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsSslSessionCache.pas OverbyteIcsSslThrdLock -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsSslThrdLock.pas OverbyteIcsHttpSrv -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsHttpSrv.pas OverbyteIcsSocketUtils -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsSocketUtils.pas OverbyteIcsMultipartFtpDownloader -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsMultipartFtpDownloader.pas OverbyteIcsMultipartHttpDownloader -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsMultipartHttpDownloader.pas OverbyteIcsHttpAppServer -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsHttpAppServer.pas OverbyteIcsThreadTimer -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsThreadTimer.pas OverbyteIcsCharsetComboBox -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsCharsetComboBox.pas { Demo units } OverbyteIcsWebAppServerCounter -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWebAppServerCounter OverbyteIcsWebAppServerMailer -> Ics.Fmx.OverbyteIcsWebAppServerMailer The list above is also the list of units that now have different names in the FireMonkey framework however most of them share the same source file. Dropping a ICS component on the form will add the correct unit name for each framework automatically (don't forget to disable the <em>package</em> cache as described above). Unit OverbyteIcsLibrary.pas has been *deprecated* and ICS IPv8 doesn't use it anymore. If you used it in your own code read the comment in OverbyteIcsLibrary.pas, search for "deprecated". Sample applications: -------------------- With V8, the sample applications are now grouped into directories according to general functionality, to make it easier to compare related samples. Many samples are similar. When searching for something, always look at the date the demos where created. The most recent is always the best code! In the lists below, ACTIVE!! indicates applications that are actively maintained to test and support new functionality in the ICS components. These may not be simplest samples, but are usually the first to try when learning about a component. Delphi Win32/Win64 Web Browser sample application ------------------------------------------------- .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\BroswerDemo > FrameBrowserIcs.dpr Web Browser using HtmlViewer component - ACTIVE!! Note this sample needs HtmlViewer component installed Delphi Win32/Win64 FTP sample applications ------------------------------------------ .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\FtpDemos\FtpDemos.bpg - Project group > OverbyteIcsBasFtp.dpr Basic FTP client program > OverbyteIcsConFtp.dpr Basic console mode FTP client > OverbyteIcsFtpAsy.dpr Example of asynchronous FTP client > OverbyteIcsFtpMulti.dpr Demo to do several FTP downloads in parallel to get a list of files > OverbyteIcsFtpMultipartDownload.dpr Demo to FTP download a single large file in several parts in parallel > OverbyteIcsFtpServ.dpr General purpose FTP server, uses TSocketServer - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsFtpThrd.dpr Demo of multithreaded FTP client, see also FTPASY > OverbyteIcsFtpTst.dpr Basic graphical FTP client - ACTIVE!! Delphi Win32/Win64 SMTP, POP3, NNTP sample applications ------------------------------------------------------- .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\MailNewsDemos\MailNewsDemos.bpg - Project group > OverbyteIcsBasNntp.dpr Basic NNTP client program > OverbyteIcsConPop3.dpr Basic console mode demo for POP3 (mail receive) > OverbyteIcsConSmtp.dpr Basic console mode demo for SMTP (mail send) > OverbyteIcsMailHtml.dpr Example of HTML formatted EMail sending, including embedded images - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsMailRcv.dpr Internet EMail access using POP3 protocol - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsMailSnd.dpr Example of EMail sending using SMTP, including file attach - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsMailSndAsync.dpr Example of parallel EMail sending with multiple connections > OverbyteIcsMimeDemo.dpr Example of EMail decoding (attached files are extracted) - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsNewsReader.dpr Example of TNntpCli component (Send/receive newsgroups) - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSmtpServer.dpr Internet EMail server using SMTP protocol - ACTIVE!! Delphi Win32/Win64 Miscellaneous applications --------------------------------------------- .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\MiscDemos\MiscDemos.bpg - Project group > OverbyteIcsBufStrmTst.dpr Test of buffered stream classes > OverbyteIcsCacheTest.dpr Test of TCacheTree class used in TSslAvlSessionCache > OverbyteIcsMD4Test.dpr Test program for MD4 unit > OverbyteIcsMD5File.dpr Example of MD5 unit: computer MD5 checksum for files > OverbyteIcsMD5Test.dpr Test program for MD5 unit > OverbyteIcsOneTimePassword.dpr One Time Password test routines for OverByteIcsOneTimePw unit > OverbyteIcsSHA1Test.dpr Test program for SHA unit > OverbyteIcsThreadTimerDemo.dpr Demo for TIcsThreadTimer > OverbyteIcsTicks64Demo.dpr GetTickCount64 test routines for OverbyteIcsTicks64 unit > OverbyteIcsTimerDemo.dpr Very simple demo for TIcsTimer > OverByteIcsWndControlTest.dpr Test program for windows and threads Delphi Win32/Win64 DNS, Ping, SNMP, Syslog sample applications -------------------------------------------------------------- .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\OtherDemos\OtherDemos.bpg - Project group > OverbyteIcsBatchDnsLookup.dpr Batch async DNS lookup using DnsLookup (IPv6 and IPv4) > OverbyteIcsConPing.dpr Basic console mode demo for ping component > OverbyteIcsDll1.dpr Demo showing how to use a TWSocket component in a DLL > OverbyteIcsDll2.dpr Demo showing how to use a THttpCli component in a DLL > OverbyteIcsDllTst.dpr Test program calling ICSDLL1 and ICSDLL2 > OverbyteIcsDnsLook.dpr Example of name resolution (IPv6 and IPv4) > OverbyteIcsDnsResolver.dpr Batch async DNS lookup event driven using DnsQuery > OverbyteIcsFinger.dpr Example of TFingerCli component > OverbyteIcsNsLookup.dpr Demo for the DnsQuery component > OverbyteIcsPingTst.dpr Demo for the ping component, includes trace route > OverbyteIcsSnmpCliTst.dpr Demo for SNMP (simple network management protocol) component > OverbyteIcsSysLogClientDemo.dpr Demo for SysLog client component > OverbyteIcsSysLogServerDemo.dpr Demo for SysLog server component Delphi FireMonkey cross-platform samples (Delphi XE2 and later) --------------------------------------------------------------- All these samples may be built for Mac OS X (and Windows). .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\PlatformDemos\XSamples.groupproj > IcsCliDemo.dproj Example of client for SRVDEMO, IPV4 only > IcsTcpSrvIPv6.dproj Basic server without client forms, event-driven, IPv4/IPV6 > IcsConSmtp.dproj Basic console mode demo for SMTP (mail send) > IcsMailSnd.dproj Example of EMail sending using SMTP, including file attach > IcsMailRcv.dproj Internet EMail access using POP3 protocol > IcsHttpsTst.dproj Example of THttpCli component (GET), show many features > IcsWebServ.dproj Demo of HTTP server, uses TSocketServer > IcsWebAppServ.dproj Advanced HTTP server demo, uses WebServ, adds sessions > IcsFtpTst.dproj Basic graphical FTP client > IcsFtpServ.dproj General purpose FTP server, uses TSocketServer > IcsUdpLstn.dproj UDP listen demo > IcsUdpSend.dproj UDP send demo > IcsBatchDnsLookup.dproj Batch async DNS lookup using DnsLookup (IPv6 and IPv4) > IcsDll1.dproj Demo showing how to use a TWSocket component in a DLL > IcsDll2.dproj Demo showing how to use a THttpCli component in a DLL > IcsDllTst.dproj Test program calling ICSDLL1 and ICSDLL2 > IcsThreadTimerDemo.dproj Very simple demo for TIcsTimer Delphi Win32/Win64 Socket sample applications --------------------------------------------- .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\SocketDemos\SocketDemos.bpg - Project group > OverbyteIcsBinCliDemo.dpr Client program to receive binary and delimited text data. Works with BinTcpSrv demo. > OverbyteIcsCliDemo.dpr Example of client for SRVDEMO, IPV4 only - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsClient5.dpr Basic client GUI applications > OverbyteIcsClient7.dpr Simple client application demonstrating TWSocket > OverbyteIcsConCli1.dpr Basic client/server console applications > OverbyteIcsConCli2.dpr Basic client/server console applications with thread > OverbyteIcsConSrv1.dpr Basic server application in console mode > OverbyteIcsConUdpLstn.dpr Console application to listen for UDP messages > OverbyteIcsDynCli.dpr Demo of dynamically created TWSocket components > OverbyteIcsMtSrv.dpr Basic server, multi-threaded, see THRDSRV for better code > OverbyteIcsRecv.dpr Simple file receive (server), use with SENDER demo (client) > OverbyteIcsSender.dpr Simple file send (client), use with RECV demo (server) > OverbyteIcsServer5.dpr Basic server GUI applications > OverbyteIcsSocksTst.dpr How to use TWSocket with SOCKS protocol (firewall traversing) > OverbyteIcsSrvDemo.dpr Example of server using a TTable - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSrvTcp.dpr Basic server without client forms, event-driven > OverbyteIcsSvcTcp.dpr Same as SRVTCP but as an NT/2K/XP service > OverbyteIcsTWSChat.dpr Chat program (both client and server in a single program) > OverbyteIcsTcpSrv.dpr Basic server without client forms, event-driven, IPv4 only - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsTcpSrvIPv6.dpr Basic server without client forms, event-driven, IPv4/IPV6 - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsTelnetClient.dpr Telnet client using a TnEmulVT > OverbyteIcsThrdSrv.dpr Basic multithreaded TCP server, banner sent in main thread > OverbyteIcsThrdSrvV2.dpr Basic multithreaded TCP server, banner sent in worker thread > OverbyteIcsThrdSrvV3.dpr Basic TCP server showing how to use TWSocketThrdServer > OverbyteIcsTnDemo.dpr Telnet client using a TMemo > OverbyteIcsTnSrv.dpr Basic TCP server with client forms, event-driven > OverbyteIcsUdpLstn.dpr UDP listen demo > OverbyteIcsUdpSend.dpr UDP send demo Delphi Win32/Win64 SSL-enabled sample applications -------------------------------------------------- .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\sslinternet\SslDemos.bpg - Project group > OverbyteIcsHttpsTst.dpr Example of TSslHttpCli component (GET) - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsPemTool.dpr ICS Pem Certificate Tool - Create and import certificates in OpenSLL PEM format > OverbyteIcsSimpleSslCli.dpr Example of simple SSL client using TSslWSocket - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSimpleSslServer.dpr Example of SSL server using TSslWSocket - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslFtpServ.dpr General purpose FTP SSL server, uses TSocketServer - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslFtpTst.dpr Basic graphical FTP SSL client - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslMailRcv.dpr Internet EMail access using POP3 protocol and SSL - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslMailSnd.dpr Example of EMail sending using SMTP and SSL - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslNewsRdr.dpr Example of TSslNntpCli component (Send/receive newsgroups) - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsMsVerify.dpr Verify and show an OpenSSL certificate or certificate chain using class TMsCertChainEngine which uses MS crypto API - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslSniSrv.dpr Test of Server Name Indication (SNI) in server mode - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslWebServ.dpr Demo of HTTPS server, uses TSocketServer - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslWebAppServer.dpr Advanced HTTPS server demo, uses WebServ, adds sessions - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsSslSmtpServer.dpr Internet EMail server using SMTP protocol and SSL - ACTIVE!! Delphi Win32/Win64 HTTP sample applications ------------------------------------------- .\Samples\<em>delphi</em>\WebDemos\WebDemos.bpg - Project group > OverbyteIcsConHttp.dpr Basic console mode HTTP client > OverbyteIcsHttpAsp.dpr Example of THttpCli component with cookie (POST to an ASP page) > OverbyteIcsHttpAsy.dpr Example of THttpCli component with multiple async requests (GET) > OverbyteIcsHttpChk.dpr Example of THttpCli to check for valid URL using HEAD request > OverbyteIcsHttpDmo.dpr Simple HTTP client demo with proxy > OverbyteIcsHttpGet.dpr Example of THttpCli component (GET into a file) > OverbyteIcsHttpMultipartDownload.dpr Demo application for TMultipartHttpDownloader to download files using simultaneous connections > OverbyteIcsHttpPg.dpr Example of THttpCli component (POST to CGI script) > OverbyteIcsHttpPost.dpr Example of THttpCli component (POST), work with WebServ sample - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsHttpThrd.dpr Example of THttpCli component (multi-threaded GET) > OverbyteIcsHttpTst.dpr Example of THttpCli component (GET), show many features - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsIsapi.dll Example of FTP client component within an ISAPI extension > OverbyteIcsWebAppServer.dpr Advanced HTTP server demo, uses WebServ, adds sessions - ACTIVE!! > OverbyteIcsWebServ.dpr Demo of HTTP server, uses TSocketServer - ACTIVE!! Two samples are not in the project group since they need extra components installed > OverbyteIcsRestDemo.drp Demo program showing how to use REST API from Google and Yahoo > OverbyteIcsRestJsonDemo.drp Demo program showing how to use REST API from Google Search and JSON Sample Notes ------------ Note 1: Not all samples have been rewritten in C++ for C++ Builder. And those rewritten are frequently much simpler. So C++ Builder user: have a look at the Delphi sample too ! Note 2: Follow "UserMade" link on ICS web site to find more sample programs written by ICS users. As explained in the component installation, you may encounter an error loading a sample application or running it. This may be because the last time I loaded the form, I was using another Delphi or C++ Builder version which has new properties. You can safely ignore messages related to those new properties. They are not used in the samples. (The properties are CharSet, OldCreateOrder and others). You can also encounter error about duplicate resources. You can ignore them safely. If you have those errors, open each form in the IDE, ignore the error then recompile. If you don't open the form in the IDE, you'll get the errors at runtime and your program will abort. When installing a new version, always delete old dcu, obj, dcpil and always recompile everything ! Close everything before recompiling the library or <em>package</em>s. When installing a new version, be sure to unzip it in the same directory tree as the old one or you'll mess both versions. About SSL: ---------- TSslWSocket and TSslWSocketServer component are derived from the standard TWSocket and TWSocketServer component. The SSL code is compiled into the component only if you define USE_SSL symbol to your <em>package</em>s and projects. Just add USE_SSL to the defines in the project or <em>package</em> options and recompile everything. The components make use of LIBEAY32.DLL and SSLEAY32.DLL to handle SSL protocol stuff. The DLLs are dynamically loaded at runtime. It means that the DLLs will only be required at runtime when you first make use of a SSL function. Your applications will run on systems without OpenSSL DLLs as long as you don't call any SSL function. The files may be downloaded from: Most ICS components have their SSL enabled counter part. They work exactly the same way as the regular component except when SSL specific stuff is needed, for example certificates. To support SSL stuff, the SSL-enabled version use some new properties, events and methods. Many sample programs have their SSL-enabled counter part in a separate sources located in SslInternet folder. SSL certificates: To make use of SSL, you frequently need certificates. I provide some demo certificates I built using command line OpenSSL tool. PEM certificates can be opened by a text editor, LF as well as CRLF are allowed as line breaks. CACERT.PEM : A demo certificate for "Example CA" 01CERT.PEM : A demo certificate which is signed by CACERT.PEM 01KEY.PEM : A demo private key for 01CERT.PEM Passphrase is "password". CLIENT.PEM : A demo certificate and private key. Passphrase is "password". SERVER.PEM : A demo certificate and private key. Passphrase is "password". ROOT.PEM : A demo CA certificate. Passphrase is "password". TRUSTEDCABUNDLE.PEM : A demo CA file in PEM format containing multiple well known root CA certificates to be specified in property CA Path of the demo applications. Read the comments included in this file. 6F6359FC.0 : Located in sub directory SslInternet\TrustedCaStore, it's the file CACERT.PEM stored with a hashed file name. Directory TrustedCaStore can be specified in property CA Path of the demo applications. For details about certificate, see the excellent book: "Network security with OpenSSL", O'Reilly, ISBN 10: 0-596-00270-X The SSL demo project OverbyteIcsPemTool may be used to create self signed PEM certificates, certificate requests for commercial use, to convert existing certificates in the Windows Certificate Store to PEM format understood by OpenSSL and to examine PEM certificates. You will find more information in IcsSslHowTo.txt file. Commercial SSL certificates: To avoid browsers giving certificate warning messages, you need to purchase a SSL certificate from one of numerous companies, such as Verisign, Thawte GeoTrust or RapidSSL. Prices vary dramatically and are often cheaper from resellers such as Servertastic than from the main issuing companies. The main purpose of an SSL certificate is to prove the identity of the owner of a web site, ideally the company behind the web site. That usually requires paper work identifying the company is submitted and also proof the domain being protected is owned by that company, it usually also involves telephone calls. Such certificates are usually called fully validated and cost $120 or more each year for a single domain, ie Wild card certificates cost $350 or more, but protect multiple sub-domains, ie as well. Extended Validation certificates cost from $450 a year, and show the company name in green in the address bar. For testing and simple use, instant issued SSL certificates cost from $15 per year and protect a single domain only with automated checking reducing the cost (an email to to prove you receive email for the domain, perhaps a telephone call as well). Note these instant certificates do not include a company name. To buy and install an SSL certificate for use with ICS and OpenSSL follow these steps: 1 - Build the SSL demo project OverbyteIcsPemTool. Take Extras, Create Certificate Requests, fill in the various fields (check other certificates if uncertain, the Common Name is the domain to protect, ie and E-Mail should be an email address at the than domain, ideally admin or administrator, 2048 bits. Click Create, and specify two file names, first for the private key (mykey.pem) then the certificate request file (myreq.pem). The request can also be done using OpenSSL command line arguments, or you can build it into your own application. 2 - Choose you SSL supplier and certificate type, at some point during the ordering process you will be asked for the certificate request, so open the PEM file you saved with a text editor and copy the base64 encoded block starting -BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST- into the web form. It should be decoded and displayed so you check it's correct. The private key is not needed for the certificate to be issued. At this point the validation process starts as mentioned above, which might take hours or weeks to complete. 3 - Eventually the SSL certificate should be issued, either by email or made available to download from the supplier's web site. It should be in X.509 format in a base64 encoded block starting -BEGIN CERTIFICATE- which should be saved as a PEM file (mycert.pem). There should also be an Intermediate CA certificate, with which your new certificate was signed, which should also be saved as a file (mycacert.pem). This may also be downloadable from the supplier as a bundle file and should be common to any certificates they issue, ie RapidSSL_CA_bundle.pem. 4 - The OverbyteIcsPemTool tool has a View PEM button that allows examination of your new PEM files. 5 - The three PEM files now need to be attached to the SslContext component in your application, with properties SslCertFile, SslPrivKeyFile and SslCAFile. The request certificate file has no further use. Support: -------- There is a mailing list to discuss F. Piette's components and applications. To subscribe surf to Do not use an aliased EMail address, use your real EMail address, the one you'll use to post messages. After asking for subscription, you'll receive a confirmation email you must reply to it or you will _not_ be added to the subscriber's list (this is to check for email path and also make sure someone doesn't subscribe you without your consent). Once you have been registered with the mailing list processor, you can send messages to Every subscriber will receive a copy of your message. I will respond, but anybody is welcome to respond to each other's messages. So every body can share his expertise. There are many other useful mailing lists at ! Before asking a question, browse the message archive you can download from the support page on the web site (click the "support" button from main page) and from the mailing list web site Google is also archiving the list with some delay. If you found a bug, please make a short program that reproduces the problem attach it to a message addressed to me. If I can reproduce the problem, I can find a fix ! Do not send e<em>xe</em> file but just source code and instructions. Always use the latest version (beta if any) before reporting any bug. You are also encouraged to use the support mailing list to ask for enhancements. You are welcome to post your own code. The support mailing list has sometimes a heavy traffic. If it is too much for you, you can select "digest" mode in which mailing list processor will mail you only one big message per day. To select digest mode goto You can also subscribe to another mailing list called twsocket-announce which will receive only very few messages when major bug fi<em>xe</em>s or updates are done. The subscription process is the same as for the other mailing list. See above procedure. Release notes ------------- There is no global release notes. Each component and sample has his own history. You can find those histories in the comment in the beginning of each source file. There are also a bunch of useful comments in the source code. You should at least browse the source for the components you are interested in. MidWare ------- If you wants to build client/server applications using TCP/IP protocol, you can do it easily with ICS. But you can do it much more easily using another freeware product from Fran鏾is Piette: MidWare. Available from the same web site
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Delphi <em>10.2.1</em> Tokyo 最新破解,亲自测试 能用。
Delphi XE 10.2.2破解
完美支持<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em> 10.2.2破解,<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em> 10.2.2破解,支持的最新版本:<em>delphi</em>cbuilder10_2_2_2004.iso
Delphi XE7~10 串口控件;ComPort Library V4.14
Delphi XE 串口控件;ComPort Library V4.14串口组件,支持Delphi 5 - XE7,~XE10和C++ Builder 3 - XE7; XE7之后的版本编译安装方法采用XE7的即可;
Delphi xe7组件和控件的安装方法
暂时我所遇到的所有控件安装方法大体与下面两种相同。 若有不同大家提出来,一起想办法解决。 .dproj格式的组件安装方法: raise组件 安装详细步骤如下: 一、设置搜索路径 1. 将本包中的文件连同子文件夹一起解压到一个自己希望的文件夹下。 2. 设置Delphi Xe7 的库搜索路径包含你释放源代码子文件夹:Source    方法:在Delphi <em>xe</em>7中,使用
Delphi XE8 程序瘦身.编译后EXE最低90KB.
目前网络上 XE8程序瘦身基本为XE5以前的方法,虽然该方法也必须援用之前方法.但需要说明一下,现在release比debug瘦身效果相差无几.我的XE8单独窗体EXE文件为11056KB.瘦身后e<em>xe</em>文件最低可以达到 90KB. 下面是方法介绍. 第一步:关闭debug infomation. 打开工程后,依次点击project--option--<em>delphi</em> compiler--link
delphi XE 文件名无效的解决办法 msimg32.bpl
<em>delphi</em> XE 无法保存文件的解决办法 在<em>delphi</em>中 install <em>package</em> msimg32.bpl 之后就可以解决文件名无效的问题
Delphi XE 条码_二维码扫描
Delphi XE 条码_二维码扫描,附详细步骤
delphi XE在线安装包和注册机
1.解压后使用<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em>安装包先安装程序。 2.安装完毕, 开启XE, 在注册页面输入安装时的序列号和Registration Code, 点Generate Activation File按钮,获取 破解文件,将此文件放到安装目录\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\8.0\License文件夹下,重开XE即可。
第一步:关闭debug infomation. 打开工程后,依次点击project–option–<em>delphi</em> compiler–linking 将右边Debug information改为False(记住 四个版本都要) 第二步: 关闭RTTi. 点击Project–view source.在第二行添加编译开关代码 { Reduce EXE size by disabling as much o...
获取文件的图标 在win7的文件状态栏中能显示最大256x256的程序应用图标。 在XP下测试无法正常获取256的巨型图标 Shell提供了一个函数 SHGetFileInfo 可以获取文件信息,在使用此函数有需要处理Icon句柄的释放(DestroyIcon),否则每次会有3个GDI句柄泄漏问题。 使用此函数后会一次性产生47个GDI句柄,只要Icon句柄释放,就不会再增长。现...
Delphi XE10.2 判断汉字的方法
查了一下网上的方法,大部分用ord、bytetype或ord+bytetype方法,但不知道为什么,XE10.2下判断的结果不对。用ORD的,函数的参数应该是WideChar,string无论如何转变都不行,查了一下,有的说以前版本可以支持直接强制转换,可是在高版本下就是不行。研究了一下,XE10.2版本下通过:var s1:string;if (ord(s1[1]) &amp;lt; 40869) an...
Delphi XE 安卓开发实例(源码+PDF教程)
delphi xe 10.2.3 与delphi xe 8发布文件的写法不一样
这是从网上摘录:   用Delphi XE做移动开发的时候,有些情况下可能需要我们把一些文件打包到安装程序中,如网页、图片、数据库文件等,那么如何实现呢 1.首先,打开菜单 Project - Deployment 2.点击添加按钮,选择要添加的文件(文件最好放在工程目录中,这样,即使该工程在其他电脑上打开,也能找到该文件) 3.修改Remote Path:     当开发Andro...
SN:MAAF-SPD7DK-BLAGAD-FEBN 破解方法: 1、先用MAAF-SPD7DK-BLAGAD-FEBN序列号安装。 2、安装完后删除8.0\License目录下所有.slip文件,再复制RADStudioXE.slip到此目录下. 3、在把bds.e<em>xe</em>复制到8.0\bin目录下覆盖。 4、完成。
XE 10.2.1 source.7z
XE <em>10.2.1</em> source.7z
eclipse或IDEA连接魅蓝 ,魅族手机 用于android开发
10分钟了解Delphi XE全平台开发流程
NB_10分钟10行代码_做出来的程序让人惊叹     (10分钟了解Delphi XE全平台开发流程 ) 视频不能嵌套到网页里面,只能放链接了哦。。。 超清晰观看和下载地址:
DELPHI XE下面获取CPu序列号,亲测
DELPHIXE 10.3 rido 全系列注册机
XE10全系列注册机 支持Delphi 10.3 已亲测可以使用 支持 之前版本的 和谐 版。
Delphi7升级到Delphi 2010、Delphi XE、Delphi XE2总结
Delphi7升级到Delphi 2010、Delphi XE、Delphi XE2总结 !最后有个项目要移植到64位,所以这个很有用。在2010中PChar已经不再表示PAnsiChar而是表示PWideChar,如果依然这样写,运行时很可能会得到一个内存访问错误。因为每 次Inc(P),实际上指针向前移动了2字节,因为SizeOf(WideChar)=2,Inc(P)相当于 P:=P+SizeOf(WideChar)。 解决方法是把PChar替换成PAnsiChar
  Unifalcon是一组基于unigui的第三方UI组件,是一套漂亮实用的UI控件,用这套控件可以轻易设计出漂亮美观的界面。控件的安装方法如下:(控件官方网站 将压缩包完全解压 我用那个安装文件直接安装提示日期不对,不给安装,不知什么意思。所以我是手动安装源码包。安装方法如下:在<em>xe</em>中打开如下的项目文件(源码包只...
慎用DelphiXE的TTask.WaitForAll/WaitForAny 一不小心会造成内存泄露!
很多时候我们会用ttask.waitforall等待一组任务的结果,然后在主线程UI里面报告运行结果, 因为waitforall方法是阻塞式的等待,如果直接在主线程里执行,会卡死UI, 所以就尝试开另一个task用来等待这组任务的结束,如下代码: lvT:=TTask.Create(procedure() var i:integer; begin TTask.WaitForAll(l
Delphi XE 10.2自带的帮助文件(main部分)-pdf格式
本文档是Delphi XE 10.2自带的帮助文件(main部分),本人已将其从chm文件转为pdf文档,非扫描,带详细目录,适合Delphi开发人员和学习者将其拷贝到手机或电纸书上阅读。
dspack - delphi xe 播放视频的最佳
dspack - <em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em> 播放视频的最佳 ,里面demo下面目录,DSVideoWinDowEx 能解决你不部分问题。
Delphi XE手势滑动
Delphi XE手势滑动,类似QQ的滑动界面
DelphiXE 一行代码完成多文件的压缩和解压缩
不用VCL压缩控件,仅用Delphi XE2 新增的 System.Zip 单元,一行代码即可完成整个文件夹内文件的压缩和解压缩,简单实用。
找到一个Delphi xe帮助文档剥离的方法
1. F1打开帮助文档,如: 2. 看地址栏,复制文件名称,此处是:Program_Control.html 3. everything搜索Program_Control.html,果然找到了 4. 接下来就是想办法批量找到所有的文件了,尝试中。。。。。。
     之前写《原子自旋锁》时,也是第一次研究原子操作方法,看着测试结果出来时,自己兴奋了很久,后来在实际改造项目时,由于需要解决单链表、HASH、对象池这三种常用数据存储方式,索性一鼓作气将这三种一起实现了,相关源代码会放到CSDN上,这里先将Delphi原子操作函数介绍清楚,以便对源码进行改造时,能够避免问题的发生。一、Delphi的原子操作函数    在System.SyncObjs单元中...
Delphi XE android 自动 在线更新升级APP,然后自动安装的代码实现
Delphi XE android 更新 升级 自动 在线更新升级APP 然后自动安装的代码实现
Delphi XE系列皮肤插件
Delphi XE系列皮肤插件,适合对窗口系统外观美化,该皮肤插件支持所有XE系列。
Delphi XE10.3 破解
Delphi XE10.3 破解文件
delphi xe dll 中 使用自带的 皮肤
首先在 Dll 中 加入 vsf资源文件    2,在窗口创建 时 : TStyleManager.trySetStyle(vs); 这一句就 ok。   3,去掉 Popmenu的 stylehook,不然dll中使用 会出现bug,导致程序崩溃(特别是win10)   initialization   TStyleManager.SystemHooks := [];  ...
使用delphi XE的IdHTTP控件POST的例子
使用<em>delphi</em> XE的IdHTTP控件POST的例子,IDHTTP速度很快,是个不错的控件
解决Delphi XE里 字符数组转字符串 使用StrPas报错的问题
<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em>10.2 strpas用于字符数组转换为字符串报错其实不是strpas不能用而是字符数组需要结束符,举例:procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);var  aa: array[0..1]of AnsiChar;  bb1: string;begin  aa[0] := AnsiChar('1');  aa[1] := Ansi...
Delphi XE 及以前版本破解
Delphi 最新版本 的破解文件,也支持破解以前的版本。
delphi xe ide 无法单步调试
最近遇到多起<em>delphi</em> ide无法单步调试的情况,几经折腾无果,只能showmessage,不方便无以言表,但这种情况并不是在所有的项目中出现,当IDE崩溃后出现,在删除项目xxx.dproj文件后,一切OK。
DELPHI XE7 安卓条码扫描图文详解
使用 <em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em>7 开发条码扫描目前最好,最方便的解决方案。文档中,每一步抓图,详解,编程步骤。经测试在 <em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em>7 <em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em>7 up1 下可用, DELPHI XE6 已删未测试。
DELPHI XE 编译开关-一套代码不同平台编译
随便找个地方用就行,省的每个平台都要一个工程了 {$IFDEF ANDROID} 这里是安卓 {$ELSE} {$IFDEF IOS} 这里是苹果 {$ELSE} 这里是除了安卓和苹果 {$ENDIF} {$ENDIF} ...
delphi xe 开发rabbitmq应用(三)
【rabbitmq的核心数据类型】在AMQP V0.9.1定义了一套核心的数据类型,在<em>delphi</em>中做了如下定义:type   amqp_octet = byte;  amqp_2octet = word;  amqp_4octet = LongWord;  amqp_8octet = UInt64;  amqp_boolean = Boolean;  amqp_bit = amqp_boolea...
Delphi Xe10 实现的LZW解压缩算法
由于最近因为工作需要使用到LZW解压缩算法,找遍全网也没有发现DELPHI的版本,痛苦之下留下一个印记,献给有类似需要的人unit LzwDecompression; interface uses Winapi.Windows,System.SysUtils, System.Classes; function LZWDecode(pin,pout:pbyte):Integer;...
参考了网上搜索的Delphi并行代码,修改后实现矩阵乘法的并行计算。 源码 unit UnitTest; interface uses Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, Grids, StdCtrls, Buttons, SyncObjs, CodeSi...
Delphi XE10.1 写的语音播放软件
支持PC IOS ANDROID多环境,可以播放英文,但不支持中文。
从Delphi xe10.2 1023_3231各个版本破解以及XE10.3破解 合集
从Delphi <em>xe</em>10.2 1023_3231各个版本破解以及XE10.3破解 合集,Delphi安卓开发,每个破解工具都是亲测,根据破解文件内下载iso,对应版本下载,多个版本支持。10.2-10.3都没问题
开源的DELPHI XE10移动开发框架(完整版)
很难得的一套 DELPHI 10开发框架。网上很多不是完整版调试不通过,这个我在 XP WIN7 WIN10 下调试通过,并找到了所有三方控件,都放在包里。其中有的控件是 XE8 版,放心可以直接装在 DELPHI 10上。
Delphi XE10.2 TCPIP服务端及客户端程序
自己的TCP/IP测试程序,Delphi XE10.2下可用,TCP/IP服务端及客户端程序。
Delphi XE之后调用SMS.dll的例子(调用短信模块,适用于支持通用的AT命令的短信猫)
近来一个小项目需要用到短信猫,由于Delphi XE之后对于字符串的支持发生了变化,搞得焦头烂额。经过重新学习,总算完成了,现在对原例程进行了修改,主要是调用SMS.dll的例子,该例子适用于支持通用的AT命令的短信猫。希望能帮到你们。
BDE For Delphi XE 10.2 BDEInstall
bde installer for rad studio <em>delphi</em> c_builder 10.2 tokyo,该BDE为支持最新版本的Delphi XE 10.2,本人已经测试,可以用。该资源仅仅用于个人学习,严禁用于商业开发,学习完毕自行删除,不得传播!
delphiXE10 二维码生成
delphi xe android 蓝牙扫描
自己写的ble 蓝牙检索程序,用于寻找蓝牙的服务uuid 和特征uuid
Delphi XE10 简体中文版开发手册
Delphi XE10 简体中文版开发手册 .
Delphi xe8 FMX StringGrid根据内容自适应列宽
Delphi <em>xe</em>8 FMX StringGrid根据内容自适应列宽。 网上的资料比较复杂,而且不是根据字体字号等设置列宽。故自己写了个function来用。 function GetColMaxDataLength(ASGrid: TStringGrid): TObject; var   MaxColLength,                  //列数据的最大长度
Report Machine 3.0 f(for delphi XE5- XE10)RM 报表打印组件
Report Machine 3.0 f(for <em>delphi</em> XE5- XE10)RM 报表打印组件 支持XE10 解压后运行 ProjectGroup_<em>xe</em>10.groupproj 然后 安装 rm_d_<em>xe</em>7 编译 rm_r_<em>xe</em>7 设置lib到 source 目录
Delphi XE10 开发DataSnap服务端驱动问题解决
 用XE10开发DataSnap服务端程序时,不管是用DBXEXPress还是FireDAC连接服务器数据库时经常出现驱动错误警示,通过摸索终于找到了解决问题的办法。 由于我们经常在win7(32/64位)系统编写32位和64位程序,所以数据库的驱动程序要分别下载32位和64位的,以MYSQL为例子,就要把你下载的libmysql.dll 和 libMysqld.dll(32位)拷贝到:P
DelphiXE10.3 破解文件+图解
***传参定义*** >字符串组成格式(多个边框时以“|”为分隔符): width,RGB,x,y,shape,revise|width,RGB,x,y,shape,revise|...... 定义参数说明: width:画笔宽度; RGB:组织成以“:”为分割符的R、G、B的值组成的字符串; x: 起始点横坐标; y: 起始点纵坐标; shape: 边框形状(目前仅支持直角矩形、圆角矩形、椭圆或圆形),传参标识按前述顺序分别为1、2、3; revise: 边框收缩控制修正值,最小值为0; >字符串格式示例:5,0:98:176,0,0,1,0|5,255:0:0,25,25,2,0|5,50:205:50,50,50,3,0
DosCommand 很多做过服务端控制的人都用过。 遗憾的是它只能在D2006以下环境中使用 我把它改好了,现在,你可以在XE-XE5的环境中使用它
     基于《DelphiXE10.2.3实现线程安全访问数据和对象(一)——Delphi原子操作函数介绍》中的原子操作函数,我们再来逐渐理解和实现一个原子自旋锁。     “原子自旋锁”中的“自旋”其实就是一个读或写数据过程中的一个while循环,只不过while的条件是用原子操作函数来判断条件是否成立,不成立会一直循环自旋直到条件成立为止,看上去似乎会很消耗cpu资源,但其实我们可以灵活处理...
Delphi xe 10.2 Tokyo v25.0.26309.314 Lite.v14.0下载地址
这是Delphi Rad Studio 10.2 Tokyo v25.0.26309.314 Lite.v14.0下载地址。网上找了下载分是30分,我这个3分就行了,福利给大家。
delphi xe 安卓非阻塞式对话框示例
Delphi xe10开发常用资源(界面部分)
1、安卓图标生成下载工具:ICONS8(英文版) 下载地址: 官方版,如果全功能使用,需要获得许可。 2、APP界面模板:网站资源 站酷: UI制造者: 第一篇技术性微博先写这些,有时间会后续更新。
Delphi xe10对json的解析应用
Json语句 {"code":100,"state":"true","data":["hero","npc","pet"]} 引用单元 System.JSON类型说明 //申明变量 Root:TJSONObject; //赋值 Root:= TJSONObject.ParseJSONValue(Trim(JsonStr)) as TJSONObject; 获取Json对象数
SPComm串口控件 DelphiXE10.1可用
SPComm串口控件,源代码,Delphi XE10.1完全可用,串口收发数据已经测试。
功能性的代码可以在WINDOWS下先调试好(代码中增加WINDOWS与ANDROID的编译开关,方便调试),否则在ANDROID里太费劲。 一、用LAYOUT控件布局,使用控件的ALIGN属性来适应不同的屏幕大小 二、先布局,后调整界面。 三、有确定按钮的地方尽量放在屏幕上方,否则弹出输入法后,还得调整界面。 ...
Delphi XE10.3 破解文件
Delphi XE10.3 破解文件
Gdiplus for Delphi(包含两个成熟版本,支持到delphi XE10)
Gdiplus for Delphi(包含两个版本及全部单元文件),支持到<em>delphi</em> XE10,且都编译成功
Delphi XE10.2 for linux环境配置
One of the more exciting features of the pending 10.2 release of Delphi and RAD Studio, is support for targeting Linux. In this post, I’m going to step you through setting up your development environment to deploy applications to either RedHat Enterprise or Ubuntu 16.04.
Delphi XE10.2之控件ListView强大功能
Delphi XE10.2之控件ListView强大功能, 源码 直接运行, 没有第三方控件。 绝对值得你拥有。 技术互相交换。
Dspack for d7-xe10
dspack 开发控件 7 <em>xe</em>10 10.1 berlin都可用
使用delphi XE创建ActiveForm成功经历
        1 在资源文件中加入个24*24的BMP图片,命名为控件的类名(全大写包括T)         2 项目文件中加入对应的 {$R *.dres} 缺省为项目文件同名,自动加入到项目文件(Projrct-View Source)查看)         3 这个就是设计期使用的资源. 注意bmp文件的扩展名要小写,加入时注意类型...
delphi xe10之控件 listview 的强大功能
手机开发中想必 listview 这个控件是用的比较多的,就拿他下手 吧: 声明:下面只是学习的过程和大家分享一下,不是成熟的程序 ,谢谢 1 安装好<em>xe</em>10.2。 2 新建一个 多设备 应用程序   3  放一个 listview 在 窗口上。 在listview 的右键有 designmode 可以打开   以上的几点 基本没什么难度,会<em>delphi</em>的 我想都没问题吧 下面介绍...
delphi xe AES加密解密源码
<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em> 真正能用的AES加密解密源码
在Delphi XE10.2版本可用的GDI+库
只需将pas下的文件添加到程序中即可,在<em>delphi</em> XE10.2版本中可正确使用
delphi XE 10 Tokyo OPC 控件 (含demo)工程可用
<em>xe</em>10 tokyo 可以用,bpl版,有demo。工程上在用,稳定
XE10 的 BDE 补丁
delhpi/cb <em>xe</em>10 的 bde 补丁,亲测能用,免注册。 装好后多出个BDE标签,里面有TQuery、TTable等控件。
DELPHI XE 10.3注册机
亲测可破解<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em> 10.3,安装前最好是把以前版本删除干净,包括注册表
Delphi XE10 TNotificationCenter 发送通知消息后调用摄像头拍照时APP卡死
1. 背景说明嗯...还是之前的APP, 拖了很久的一个迷bug: 调用摄像头进行拍照时&quot;偶然&quot;会出现APP卡死.Delphi版本: Delphi 10 SeattleDelphi的界面框架: OrangeUI 1.67 Seattle (应该跟这个框架没有关系, 这里只是为了尽量描述详细一些) 2. 原因由于问题发现的比较晚, 整个APP都开发完成后才发现...所以只好各种屏蔽代码来排查问题.....
Delphi xe移动开发资料 按往年惯例,今年Delphi的第二个版本XE9应该在9月份发布,如此计算,也就是一个月的时间。 经过对XE8 update1的测试,感觉对于跨平台开发来说,已经实用化,对于企业级的应用非常成熟,个人对XE9的新功能真的是没什么期待,最关心的还是对FMX的持续提升与优化以及效率的改进,尤其是对android及ios平台的支持与开
delphi Xe10.2.3 破解
delphi7 调用XE编译的DLL遇到的坑
最近遇到一个项目,友商提供的WebServise接口,只能用XE的WSDLIMP导出接口文件。 用<em>delphi</em>7导出来的接口文件死活连接不上。那没办法,只能用XE写个DLL去桥接WebServise接口。 原系统是<em>delphi</em>7写的,所以就有标题所写的用<em>delphi</em>7调用XE编译的dll 这里需要注意以下两点 1 <em>delphi</em>7 的PChar 对应XE的PansiChar 2 delph...
[FMX]在你的跨平台应用中使用剪贴板进行复制粘贴 2017-08-10 • Android、C++ Builder、Delphi、iOS、教程 • 暂无评论 • swish •浏览 340 次 VCL 中如何使用剪贴板咱就不说了,FMX 做为一个新的框架,提供了跨平台的剪贴板支持。FMX 对剪贴板的支持来自两个接口: IFMXClipboardService:位于 FMX.
Delphi XE AES-CBC-PKCS7 and SHA256加密解密
Delphi XE AES-CBC-PKCS7加密解密,SHA256签名,实测可用。
Delphi XE 开发android后台服务例程
适合在 Delphi XE8一下 开发android后台服务例程
Delphi XE生成的Apk支持X86(Intel)CPU方法
Delphi XE生成的Apk支持X86(Intel)CPU方法
delphi xe10.1的datasnap 三层结构完整客户端 (可用)
对应<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em>10.1的datasnap 三层结构完整服务端代码,两者配套为整体系统,适合初学者学习。
与java兼容的delphi xe实现des算法单元
本文介绍了在<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em>环境下实现与java兼容的DES算法,并在最后提供了一些个人的在密钥等方面的注意提示,感谢在<em>delphi</em>7下实现DES算法的仁兄。
fastreport for xe10(delphi)
装了<em>xe</em>10后,发现没有fastreport控件。我只是在XE10下安装了,别的版本没试。安装过程我只用了里面的几个文件夹,一、运行‘安装包’里的文件安装;二、用FastReport文件夹覆盖安装完的文件夹内容(我的位置是C:\Program Files (x86)\FastReports\FastReport 5);三、按readme.txt中如下说的做(1. 关闭开发工具。 2. 右键【以管理员身份运行】对应版本的 recompile.e<em>xe</em>,没有管理员权限,小心出问题。 2.1 选择你对应的 IDE 版本。 2.2 选择 Enteprise 版本 2.3 选择 Recompile all <em>package</em>s 2.4 点 Compile 按钮。 2.5 选择 Change Language to: 你的语言. 2.6 点 Compile 按钮。 3. 打开开发工具。 4. FastReports 下的 LibD22 (这个是 XE8 的,请找你对应的版本) 要加入到 开发工具的 Library 路径中。 5. 菜单中选择 Component->Install Packages 6. 点击 add 按钮 选择到 FastReports 的目录 找到 LibD22(或者你对应的版本)选择所有 *.bpl 文件,然后打开。 7. 安装过程中,会有提示 XXX bpl 已经加载。这个不用管。 8. 点击 ok 完成安装。
TeeChart For Delphi RAD XE 安装程序+破解
TeeChart 2011 for Delphi RAD XE 安装程序+crack,绝对可用
Delphi XE10 使用百度定位SDK Jar包进行定位
elphi XE10 在推出了一份代码, 编译后到Android, iOS, windows等环境下后, 从来没接触过Delphi的我, 被赶鸭子上架来做Delphi的开发. 尝试在Delphi XE10中引用第三方Jar包时, 遇到了一些问题, 折腾了2天多才解决, 现总结到这里..
delphixe6 编写的dll面向对象的例子 源代码
<em>delphi</em> <em>xe</em>6 编写的dll面向对象的例子 源代码
密码编码学与网络安全——原理与实践(第三版)(PDF中文版)相关资源: 密码编码学与网络安全——原理与实践(第三版)(PDF中文版)part1(压缩包名:密码编码学与网络安全——原理与实践(第三版).part1); 密码编码学与网络安全——原理与实践(第三版)(PDF中文版)part2(压缩包名:密码编码学与网络安全——原理与实践(第三版).part2); 密码编码学与网络安全——原理与实践(第三版)(PDF中文版)part3(压缩包名:密码编码学与网络安全——原理与实践(第三版).part3) 其余部分可在“搜索”按钮前面的文本框内填上本资源的关键字进行搜索。 或者点击“高级搜索”按钮进入“ 相关下载链接:[url=//]//[/url]
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