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Hands-On High Performance with Spring 5 pdf
A hands-on guide to creating, monitoring, and tuning a high performance Spring web application

Key Features

Understand common performance pitfalls and improve your application's performance
Build and deploy strategies for complex applications using the microservice architecture
Understand internals of JVM - the core of all Java Runtime Environments
Book Description

While writing an application, performance is paramount. Performance tuning for real-world applications often involves activities geared toward detecting bottlenecks. The recent release of Spring 5.0 brings major advancements in the rich API provided by the Spring framework, which means developers need to master its tools and techniques to achieve high performance applications.

Hands-On High Performance with Spring 5 begins with the Spring framework's core features, exploring the integration of different Spring projects. It proceeds to evaluate various Spring specifications to identify those adversely affecting performance. You will learn about bean wiring configurations, aspect-oriented programming, database interaction, and Hibernate to focus on the metrics that help identify performance bottlenecks. You will also look at application monitoring, performance optimization, JVM internals, and garbage collection optimization. Lastly, the book will show you how to leverage the microservice architecture to build a high performance and resilient application.

By the end of the book, you will have gained an insight into various techniques and solutions to build and troubleshoot high performance Spring-based applications.

What you will learn

Master programming best practices and performance improvement with bean wiring
Analyze the performance of various AOP implementations
Explore database interactions with Spring to optimize design and configuration
Solve Hibernate performance issues and traps
Leverage multithreading and concurrent programming to improve application performance
Gain a solid foundation in JVM performance tuning using various tools
Learn the key concepts of the microservice architecture and how to monitor them
Perform Spring Boot performance tuning, monitoring, and health checks
Who this book is for

If you’re a Spring developer who’d like to build high performance applications and have more control over your application's performance in production and development, this book is for you. Some familiarity with Java, Maven, and Eclipse is necessary.

Table of Contents

Exploring spring concepts
Spring bean wiring configurations
Tuning Aspect oriented programming
Spring MVC optimization
Understanding Spring Database Interactions
Hibernate Performance Tuning and Caching
Optimizing Spring Messaging
Multithreading and Concurrent Programming
Profiling and Logging
Application Performance Optimization
Inside JVM
Spring Boot Microservice Performance Tuning
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