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题意: 使用python编写一个账单管理系统 解析: 用Python编写应用程序,该程序能够记录用户的收入和支出,能够显示余额的变化,用户能够指定时间设定收入与支出。 程序需要从文件中读取信息当作起始条件,随后根据指令进行操作: trancaction:当用户输入该指令后,提示用户输入交易涉及多少钱,正数为收入,负数为支出,然后反应在余额中。 next:进入第二天。但如果用户余额低于0,则打印“你欠债了”,程序结束;否则,程序应该打印到第二天,开始新的一天。 status:显示到目前的情况汇总,而且回根据当前金额与起始金额与用户互动。 regular:用户能够指定一些常规的收入或者指出信息。 help:显示提示信息,提示用户指令的操作 quit:退出程序。 这是一个字符串处理的问题,当用户输出的字符串和指令相匹配则执行相应的操作,如果不是上述的所有指令则打印提示信息。 涉及知识点: 文件读写、字符串处理、数组 pdf原文 INFO1110 / COMP9001 Assignment 1 Money Tracker Deadline: 23rd Sept 2019, 11:59pm AEST (Week 8, Monday) Weighting: 10% of the final assessment mark Overview Brief Description You will write a program that allows the user to manage their finances. The program will be able to record the user’s incomes and expenses, display how their balance has changed, etc. It will also need to be able to handle regular incomes and expenses; for example, the user will be able to specify that they have a $100 income every Sunday, or that they spend $40.50 every Thursday. Implementation details Your program will be written in Python 3. The only modules you may import are sys and the file which you will write yourself. Submission You will submit your code on the assignment page on Ed. To make a submission, you will need to press the “Mark” button. You may submit as many times as you wish without penalty - we will mark the last submission that you make. After each submission, the marking system will automatically check your code against the public test cases. Please ensure you carefully follow the assignment specification. Your program output must exactly match the output shown in the examples. Warning: Any attempts to deceive or disrupt the marking system will result in an immediate zero for the entire assignment. Negative marks can be assigned if you do not properly follow the assignment specifications, or your code is unnecessarily or deliberately obfuscated. Help and feedback You are encouraged to ask questions about the assignment during the Helpdesk and on the Ed discussion board; however, remember that you should not be posting any assignment code publicly, as this would constitute academic dishonesty. The Program Starting the Program The program will be given 1 extra command line argument when it is run: $ python3 (filename) This (filename)will specify a file with information about regular incomes and expenses; see the section on Regular Transactions for more information (it is recommended that you implement this feature last). After handling this file, the program will ask the user for their starting balance, like so: Starting balance: $ The user will then fill out this field with their initial balance, for example: Starting balance: $4.11 —If the starting value cannot be converted to a float, the program should print Error: Cannot convert to float! and quit immediately Starting balance: $cat Error: Cannot convert to float! —If the starting value is negative or zero, the program should print Error: Must start with positive balance! and quit immediately. Starting balance: $-5 Error: Must start with positive balance! Once we have the regular payments and initial balance set up, we’re good to go! The program should now continually ask for input, like so: Enter command: Depending on what the user enters, the program will record new transactions, show some statistics, etc. For example, if the user types transaction … Enter command: transaction …then the transaction operation (explained below) should execute. The program should continue asking for more inputs indefinitely, and execute the appropriate code each time. Operations
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