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等级保护制度已经被列入《关于加强信息安全保障工作的意见》之中,如何对信息系统实行分等级保护一直是社会各方关注的热点。 美国,作为一直走在信息安全研究前列的大国之一,近几年来在计算机信息...NIST SP 800-53

NIST SP800-131Ar1.pdf

At the beginning of the 21st century, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began the task of providing cryptographic key management guidance. This included lessons learned over ...

NIST SP800-37.pdf

T • Enabling more consistent, comparable, and repeatable assessments of security controls in federal information systems; • Promoting a better understanding of agency-related mission risks ...

NIST SP800-108.pdf

When parties share a secret symmetric key (e.g., upon a successful execution of a key- establishment scheme as specified in [1] and [2]), it is often the case that additional keys will be needed (e.g....

NIST SP800-64-Revision2.pdf

1.1 Purpose and Scope The purpose of this guideline is to assist agencies in building security into their IT development processes. This should result in more cost-effective, risk-appropriate ...

NIST SP800-30信息安全文档

NIST SP800-30-Rev1 for risk assessment

NIST SP800-181 NICE 网络空间安全人才框架(NCWF)-中文

NIST SP800-181 网络空间安全人才框架 NCWF,National Initiative for CybersecurityEducation (NICE)中文译本

NIST SP800-26 中文版

NIST SP800-26 NIST SP800-26

NIST SP800-53 AppendicesDEF.pdf


NIST SP800-60 Vol2 Rev1.pdf

Title III of the E-Government Act (Public Law 107-347), titled the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), tasked the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop: ...

NIST SP800-161.pdf

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION nformation and Communications Technology (ICT) relies on a complex, globally distributed, and interconnected supply chain ecosystem that is long, has geographically diverse ...

NIST SP800-137 Final.pdf

3 NIST SP 800-53A, as amended, defines security control effectiveness as “the extent to which the controls are implemented correctly, operating as intended, and producing the desired outcome with ...

nist sp800-53

nist 发布的云计算安全标准

关于NIST SP 800-53新版浅说

关于nist sp 800-53的详细分析,说明。帮助安全人员快速掌握sp 800-53的要点

NIST SP800-41

NIST 800-41,上传一个附件,比较好的资料,写的比较专业了。值得好好学习,也值得推荐一下! 转载于:

5.4 NIST SP800-30 IT系统风险管理指南


NIST SP 800-53A: 联邦信息系统中安全控制评价指南

NIST SP 800-53A: 联邦信息系统中安全控制评价指南,与NIST SP 800-53配套

NIST SP800系列标准

NIST SP800系列标准  SP800是美国NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology)发布的一系列关于信息安全的指南(SP是Special Publications的缩写)。文档很多,也很细,值得大家学习。  在NIST的...

NIST SP800-171.pdf

INTRODUCTION THE NEED TO PROTECT CONTROLLED UNCLASSIFIED INFORMATION oday, more than at any time in history, the federal government is relying on external service providers to help carry out a wide ...

随机性检测标准对比——国密GM/T 0005 vs NIST SP800-22r1a

NIST随机性检测文档NIST SP800-22r1a,A Statistical Test Suite for Random and Pseudorandom Number Generators for Cryptographic Applications。 1 检测项对比 NIST和国密随机性检测项目的对比如下: NIST.

NIST SP 800-53 Rev4 所有控制措施繁中版

NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4 附錄D之後的所有控制措施(繁中版)

NIST SP800-135 rev1.pdf

This document specifies security requirements for existing application-specific key derivation functions in:  American National Standard (ANS) X9.42-2001-Public Key Cryptography for the Financial ...

NIST SP800-22rev1a.pdf

This paper discusses some aspects of selecting and testing random and pseudorandom number generators. The outputs of such generators may be used in many cryptographic applications, such as the ...

NIST SP800-121.pdf

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed this document in furtherance of its statutory responsibilities under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002...

NIST SP 800-90Ar1 Recommendation for Random Number Generation ... 分析与摘选之一

摘要:本文档对随机数发生器文档NIST SP 800-90系列(包括NIST SP 800-90Ar1、SP 800-90B、SP 800-90C)进行简要分析记录。   关键词:密码模块,随机数发生器,密码算法,工作模式,CTR,杂凑算法,HMAC,熵,...

NIST.SP800-90B 熵评估源代码

随机数熵评估标准 NIST.SP800-90B 源代码。 近似熵 最小熵

nist sp800-16标准

nist sp800-16标准,对于信息安全从业人员,培训人员等有参考价值

NIST SP 800-90Ar1 Recommendation for Random Number Generation ... 分析摘选与流程图(合集)

摘要:本文档对随机数发生器文档NIST SP 800-90系列(包括NIST SP 800-90Ar1、SP 800-90B、SP 800-90C)进行简要分析记录。   关键词:密码模块,随机数发生器,密码算法,工作模式,CTR,杂凑算法,HMAC,熵,...

NIST SP800-39.pdf

INTRODUCTION THE NEED FOR INTEGRATED ORGANIZATION-WIDE RISK MANAGEMENT nformation technology is widely recognized as the engine that drives the U.S.... giving industry a competitive advantage in global...

NIST SP800-63-2.pdf

This recommendation provides technical guidance to Federal agencies implementing electronic authentication. The recommendation covers remote authentication of users over open networks....

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