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请问英文高手:奋发有为和自力更生以及年年有余 英文怎么说? [问题点数:20分,结帖人winskeeter]

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OSx86 Creating a Hackintosh 黑苹果完全指南英文版
Unique guide to installing Apple's Mac OS X software on non-Apple hardware If you've always wished you could install Apple's rock solid Mac OS X on your non-Apple notebook, budget PC, or power-tower PC, wish no more. Yes, you can, and this intriguing book shows you exactly how. Walk through these step-by-step instructions, and you'll end up knowing more about Apple's celebrated OS than many of the most devoted Mac fans. You'll learn to build OS X-ready machines, as well as how to install, use, and program OS X. * Now that Apple computers are based on the Intel platform, the same as most PCs, rogue developers in droves are installing Mac OS X on PCs, including those based on the AMD and Atom processors; this is the first book to show how to create an OSx86 machine running OS X * Provides step-by-step instruction on the installation, use, and programming of OS X on your existing computer, as well as how to build OS X-ready machines * Helps you avoid pitfalls and common problems associated with running Apple software on PC hardware * Offers numerous practical hints, tips, and illustrations Create your own Hackintosh with this essential guide.
并发用户数量the number of concurrent users最佳并发用户数量the optimum number of concurrent users最大并发用户数量the maximum number of concurrent users
本人最近收集了一下23钟设计模式的英文解释,分享如下。 --- Abstract Factory Provides one level of interface higher than the factory pattern. It is used to return one of several factories. --- Builder Construct a comple
多核: multiprocessing, 意思就是多重处理, 多个cpu同时干活。         多进程: multiprogramming, 也可以近似认为是multitasking,  意思就是多道程序设计。 单个cpu并发干活, 在不同的进程间切换。         多线程: multithreading,  这个就是我们通常说的多线程, 单个cpu并发干活, 在同一个进程的线程间切换
商场/广场 伊都锦商厦 Itokin Fashion Plaza 飞洲国际广场 Cross Region Plaza 港陆广场 Harbour Ring Plaza         兆丰环球大厦 Zao-Fong Universe Building 申通信息广场 Sun Tong Infoport Plaza 青松城大酒店 Pine City Hotel 锦都大厦 Ji
无论你写信给客户,给经理或是同事,你都一定要感谢他们。人都喜欢被感谢,那就在你的信对读者表示感谢,感谢他们所做的事,甚至事先感谢他们将要为你做的事!你会发现将真诚表达在你的字里行间会让你受益匪浅。邮件的开头 感谢读者是邮件开场白的好办法。感谢您的读者能让对方高兴,特别是之后你有事相求的情况下会很有帮助。Thank you for contacting us.如果有人来信询问公司的服务,就可以使用这
网站建设中常用英文,网站导航栏目英文翻译。         公司简介 PROFILE 或者 COMPANY Profile 或者 Company   或者 about us   公司设备 Equipment   公司荣誉 Glories   企业文化 Culture   产品展示 Product   资质认证 qualitycertification  
Qi(WPC)无线充电协议英文版 接口定义 参考设计 与相关资料
Qi协议 V1.2.3(WPC)无线充电协议英文版 Qi wireless charging is a feature available in dozens of smartphones, and many of the major smartphone makers are participating members of the WPC. For smartphones that do not yet offer wireless charging, third-party manufacturers are integrating power receiver subsystems into smartphone cases or selling charging coils that consumers can insert between the back of their smartphone and the case. Wireless charging is also appearing in a growing number of other consumer product categories—smart watches, power banks, Bluetooth headsets, cameras, electric shavers, etc. Virtually anything that uses a rechargeable battery can be designed to use Qi wireless technology. However, Qi wireless power transfer is not limited to charging batteries: it can also be used to power devices that require electric current and will remain stationary while in use, such as desktop lamps or speakers.