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How can I enable a PS/2 mouse in RedHat 7.3? [问题点数:50分,结帖人popy007]

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RedHat7 yum 安装Docker
AS7 安装Docker 很容易,但大家视乎都没有提到,yum 安装需要注册redhat developer user才行,系统需要链接OS 开发者订阅,否则无法获取安装包及附属包: 如果注册的用户没有开发者订阅权限,则无法用yum 安装:[root@docker ~]# subscription-manager repos --list This system has no repositori
poj 2506
Tiling Time Limit: 1000MS   Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 7303   Accepted: 3555 Description In how many ways can you tile a 2xn rectangle by 2x1 or 2x2 tiles?
fzu 2058 问题转化 + 二分
题意 A array contain N number, can you tell me how many different pair i,j that satisfy a[i] + a[j] = M and 1 0 思路: 用map记录会超时 所以想到手写二分。思考一下其实满足题目条件的对数和每个数字的位置并没有关系——排序+二分查找(范围来确定个数)即可。 code:
How to install Google Apps (GApps) on your Android Device / Phone
http://senk9.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/how-to-install-google-apps-gapps-on-your-android-device-phone/ Google’s Android OS has often been touted as open – this is true to a large extent. Android
1. Process Control 1.1 Creating new processes: fork() 1.1.1 What does fork() do? 1.1.2 What's the difference between fork() and vfork()? 1.1.3 Why use _exit rather than exit in the child branch of a fork? 1.2 Environment variables 1.2.1 How can I get/set an environment variable from a program? 1.2.2 How can I read the whole environment? 1.3 How can I sleep for less than a second? 1.4 How can I get a finer-grained version of alarm()? 1.5 How can a parent and child process communicate? 1.6 How do I get rid of zombie processes? 1.6.1 What is a zombie? 1.6.2 How do I prevent them from occuring? 1.7 How do I get my program to act like a daemon? 1.8 How can I look at process in the system like ps does? 1.9 Given a pid, how can I tell if it's a running program? 1.10 What's the return value of system/pclose/waitpid? 1.11 How do I find out about a process' memory usage? 1.12 Why do processes never decrease in size? 1.13 How do I change the name of my program (as seen by `ps')? 1.14 How can I find a process' executable file? 1.14.1 So where do I put my configuration files then? 1.15 Why doesn't my process get SIGHUP when its parent dies? 1.16 How can I kill all descendents of a process?
HDU 1056 HangOver (简单数学题)
题意: 意思就是 你输入一个长度,问你最少用几张卡片能 让伸出去的长度大于等于你输入的长度.公式题目题目上面有 Problem Description How far can you make a stack of cards overhang a table? If you have one card, you can create a maximum over
>>>>>coin1pwnable服务器端有pwn因此可以调用remote工具可以使用recvline等内容remote()ssh.connect_remote()socket.connect1.remote("HOST",PORT)可以直接连接Host,此时如果需要连接pwnable.kr//remote(host, port, timeout=pwnlib.tim...
Red Hat Linux 7.3+VMWare 虚拟机搭载ISO文件实战
1.利用XShell 5 把ISO文件上传到/root/Desktop/develop/user/system 2.打开终端,输入:mkdir /media/cdrom [root@marklin ~]# mkdir /media/cdrom [root@marklin ~]# 3.输入:ls [root@marklin ~]# ls anaconda-
杭电ACM 三 重力搭牌
问题及代码: Problem Description How far can you make a stack of cards overhang a table? If you have one card, you can create a maximum overhang of half a card length. (We're assuming that the cards must