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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture企业应用架构模式(中文版&英文版)
Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture企业应用架构模式(中文版&英文版) 好书,不用多说了。
常用 J2EE 应用服务器比较
Weblogic和Tomcat的区别 J2ee开发主要是浏览器和服务器进行交互的一种结构.逻辑都是在后台进行处理,然后再把结果传输回给浏览器。可以看出服务器在这种架构是非常重要的。 这几天接触到两种Java的web服务器,做项目用的Tomcat,看视频看的是WebLogic Server(WLS),都是web服务器,有什么区别和联系呢? (一)先简单介绍一下这两种服
Practical Web Penetration Testing pdf
Learn how to execute web application penetration testing from end to end Key Features Build an end to end threat model landscape for Web Application Security Gain hands-on experience of using tools like Nmap, Metasploit, and Burp Suite Understand the web application vulnerabilities and learn the heart of web intrusion testing Elevate your skills to associate the network vulnerabilities to a web application infrastructure Book Description Companies all over the world want to hire professionals dedicated in Application Security. This topic is misunderstood by the security community. In this book, you will learn how to conduct application security testing using real life scenarios. Practical Web Penetration Testing starts by setting up your environment to perform web application penetration testing. You will then deep dive into different penetration testing concepts like threat modeling, intrusion test, infrastructure security threat and so on. The book will also cover advance concepts. like python scripting for automation. You will then discover end to end implementation of tools like Metasploit, Burp suite, and Kali Linux. Many companies out there deliver projects into production either using the agile methodology or the Waterfall methodology. This book will show you how to assist any company with their SDLC approach and guide you to become an application security specialist. By the end of this book, you will have hands-on knowledge of using different tools for penetration testing. What you will learn Learn how to use Burp Suite effectively Use Nmap, Metasploit and more tools for network infrastructure tests Practice all the Web Application Hacking Tools for intrusion tests using Kali Linux Learn how to analyse a web application using Application Threat Modeling Know how to conduct Web Intrusion Tests Understand how to execute Network Infrastructure Tests Master your skills by automating the Penetration Testing functions for maximum of efficiency using Python Who This Book Is For This book is aimed at security professionals , penetration testers or stakeholders willing to execute penetration testing using prominent tools. Basic knowledge of ethical Hacking will do wonders.
App Architecture: iOS Application Design Patterns in Swift 最新中文版含源码
Chris Eidhof, Matt Gallagher, Florian Kugler联合出品 喵神主持翻译 App Architecture: iOS Application Design Patterns in Swift 包含Source code 有钱请支持正版 没钱请默默学习 原书地址: https://www.objc.io/books/app-architecture 中文原书地址: https://www.objccn.io/products/app-architecture
Engineering Design via Surrogate Modelling: A Practical Guide-1.pdf
This is a book introducing different kinds of surrogate model, including other mathematical knowledge to validate the accuracy of surrogates.It also contains methods about sampling. The book also explains related topic about surrogate based optimization.
Optimizing Java: Practical Techniques for Improving JVM Application Performance
Pub Date: 2018 Learn how Java principles and technology make the best use of modern hardware and operating systems Explore several performance tests and common anti-patterns that can vex your team Understand the pitfalls of measuring Java performance numbers and the drawbacks of microbenchmarking Dive into JVM garbage collection logging, monitoring, tuning, and tools Explore JIT compilation and Java language performance techniques Learn performance aspects of the Java Collections API and get an overview of Java concurrency
J2EE Connector Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration
J2EE Connector Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration一本很不错的书
Computer Architecture 无水印pdf
Computer Architecture 英文无水印pdf pdf所有页面使用FoxitReader和PDF-XChangeViewer测试都可以打开 本资源转载自网络,如有侵权,请联系上传者或csdn删除 本资源转载自网络,如有侵权,请联系上传者或csdn删除
问题A 有 n 个硬币,B 有 n+1 个硬币,谁丢的正面多谁赢,问 A 不输的概率? 注意:不输二字解法我看了一些网上的答案,大多数写的不是很流畅,所以我尝试写一个清晰易懂的解法,相信小白也可以看懂。 首先考察另一个问题:我们分两个阶段来扔硬币,假设在第一阶段A扔了 n 枚硬币,B扔了 n 枚硬币。并且我们设 P(A>B) 是这个阶段A扔出的硬币出现正面的次数 > B扔出的硬币出现正面的