LAB 4 Second pair programming assignment

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Deadline2021-10-09 23:59pm

This assignment requires the development of a Bobing software based on the prototype of the first pair programming assignment.

Basic format requirements

requirement 0

In order to facilitate teachers or teaching assistants in other schools to understand the actual situation of the course, please add a format description at the beginning of the assignment:

The Link Your Classhttps: ...
The Link of Requirement of This Assignmenthttps: ...
MU STU ID and FZU STU IDeg. 13579_24680
Teammate's MU STU ID and FZU STU IDeg. 13579_24680
Teammate's blog linkhttps: ...
GitHub linkhttps: ...
Video demo linkhttps: ...

The code is as follows:

|The Link Your Class|<concrete link>|
|-- |-- |
|The Link of Requirement of This Assignment|<concrete link>|
|Teammate's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID | |
|Teammate's blog link |<concrete link>|
|GitHub link|<concrete link>|
|Video demo link |<concrete link>|

requirement 1

  • Typesetting style is standard and beautiful.

  • The whole document has a unified style.

  • Pay attention to font and line spacing, picture centering, etc.

Implementation requirements

  • Interface requirements

    • Beautiful design. UI design standard is unified, beautiful and delicate.

    • Users are easy to understand and use, which is in line with the usage habits of mainstream people.

  • Functional requirements

    • Six dice, randomly shaking to produce results.

    • Many people are allowed to participate, which can be in the form of stand-alone version or network, and can automatically judge the result.

Coding requirements

  • Make appropriate code specifications and conduct tests.

  • Using git for version control, two people should complete coding through git cooperation. Both should have code writing and corresponding unit testing.

Blog requirements

  1. Basic format [see Lab1].

  2. Give the student number of the paired partner and the corresponding blog address of this assignment.

  3. Give what you think are the key or difficult functions and programming thinking, at least 2 points.

  4. Give a photo, including the paired classmates, work place, computer, and other items or scenes that can express the working experience of pair programming.

  5. Pair programming experience.

  6. Give at least 3 events that take a long time in coding, arguing, reviewing, etc., and give you great gains.

  7. PSP and learning progress bar. refer to:

  8. Give GitHub link and commit record.

  9. Give a link to the video demonstration of software running.

Grading standards(60)

  • Functional practicability(20)——Is there a basic function?

    • Basic: single machine form, six dice, randomly shaking the output results, allowing multiple people to participate, and automatically judging the results.(15)

    • Advanced: support network connection, and be able to participate in Bobing online.(5)

  • Degree of innovation(5)——Do you have your own innovation?

  • Degree of interface beautification(5)——Is the interface logical and beautiful?

  • Blog description(20)——Is the job content written as required, and the description specification?

  • Code specification(5)

  • Git commit information specification, two people should complete coding through git collaboration.(5)

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