The 6th assignment-Topic Selection Presentation

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The 6th assignment-Topic Selection Presentation

1. Task Requirements.

Title: Each of us is more or less benefited from the development of open source. Let us also contribute our strength to the further development of the open source world! Therefore, the requirement of this team assignment is to develop a small program related to open source, including but not limited to the following combinations:

(1) Related to open source platforms, such as Github and CodeChina;
(2) Related to open source communities, such as OSCHINA, SourceForge, etc.
(3) Related to open source software, such as Apache, Linux.
(4) Related to open source enthusiasts, such as open source enthusiasts monthly magazine.


1. The selected works are not limited to any industry or field, and are required to be innovative and practical, which cannot be completely consistent with the functions of existing small programs. (extra points for filling the gaps in the domestic field).

2. The topic selection must be related to open source, and have a deep understanding of the needs from the open source world.

This assignment needs:

1.Make a presentation in class

2.Write a CSDN blog and submit to moodle.

2  Presentation requirements.

       Date of reply: October 25, 2021.

       Time of reply for each group: 10 minutes (6 minutes for speech+4 minutes for reply).

       The team will answer the topic on site and prepare the mutual evaluation form in advance. Consider the indicators of mutual evaluation table:

  1. On-site presentation:
  1. Beautiful PPT: There are pictures and texts, which are related to the topic selection;
  2. On-site statement: Concrete and informative, with clear logic;
  3. Answer: Clear organization, not avoiding answering questions.
  1. Topic selection: whether the topic selection is conducive to the study, acquisition or utilization of open source information.
  1. Innovative topic selection.
  2. Practicability of topic selection
  3. Scope of application and influence of topic selection.
  1. Software design: whether to use appropriate technology to solve problems according to product characteristics.
  1. Complete function
  2. Modern technology
  3. User Experience

3. Description of blog submission.

Deadline submitted by blog to Moodle: 23: 00 on October 26, 2021.

For the convenience of other teachers and teaching assistants, please add a format description at the beginning of the assignment:

Homework course.

Links to classes.

Operation requirements

Links required by the job.

Goal of the job.

What you understand about the specific content of the assignment objectives.

Team name

Team name

Team member student number

Team member student number

Submit a blog essay and publish it in the blog of the team blog. The blog title is set to "EE308 Lab6 Team Presentation and Topic Selection Report", and submit the assignment.

  • Team assignments only need to be published in the team blog, and not by every member of the team.

4. Blog requirements.

  1. Give the team name.
  2. Specific planning and description of the team project to be done.
  3. Team member style: introduce each team member, which may include but not limited to the following contents:
    • student number
    • Member name (can be replaced by nickname)
    • Member character
    • Good at technology.
    • hobbies and interests
    • The expected soft worker role (front end, back end, test, PM, etc.).
    • ..
  4. The group photo.
  5. The team's vision (50 words-100 words) mainly describes the vision that the team hopes to achieve in the future.
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