Exception decrypting. Decryption failed. 该项不适于在指定状态下使用!

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Exception decrypting. Decryption failed. 该项不适于在指定状态下使用

按照petshop写了一个webconfig中数据库连接加密的方法。 本机测试正常,到其他机器出现以上问题。加密方法每次遗址到不同的机器需要重新加密.也就是说:不同的机器生成的加密后字符串是一样的。

VS2005 数据连接提示:该项不适于在指定状态下使用

今天在 VS2005 的“服务器资源管理器”中的“数据连接”中新建一个连接时候提示:“该项不适于在指定状态下使用。”  把 VS2005 关掉再打开还是如此,重新启动计算机也不行。 原因是:改了操作系统用户的登录密码...

Codeforces1419 E. Decryption(质数)

An agent called Cypher is decrypting a message, that contains a composite number ????. All divisors of ????, which are greater than 1, are placed in a circle. Cypher can choose the initial order of ...

Error decrypting message: Decryption failed due to missing MDC.

<code>Error decrypting message: Decryption failed due to missing MDC.</code>" <img alt="image" src="https://user-images.githubusercontent....

Error decrypting message: Session key decryption failed.

<div><p>That's the code that I'm using. `function decryptData(encryptData){ let result; let sync =...</code></pre>提问来源于开源项目:openpgpjs/openpgpjs</p></div>

Codeforces Round #671 (Div. 2) E. Decryption

Decryption Description An agent called Cypher is decrypting a message, that contains a composite number n. All divisors of n, which are greater than 1, are placed in a circle. Cypher can choose the ...

intermittent failure decrypting... (???)

except every now and again, seemingly without any pattern, decryption fails and returns nil. It's almost random and happens once every 20 to 100 messages. Sometimes with plain text messages, ...

Error decrypting message: Session key decryption failed

<div><p><img alt="email-securely-app_2018-12-25_12-47-43" src="https://user-images.... Tested on macOS and Windows with same result.</p><p>提问来源于开源项目:vladimiry/ElectronMail</p></div>

Ejbca exception decrypting data - java.security.InvalidKeyException

1. exception decrypting data - java.security.InvalidKeyException 这个异常的引起 主要是 jdk的问题,需要为jdk加上 几个加密解密的 第三方资源jar: local_policy.jar, US_export_policy.jar 。 主要是 ...

[Issue] Suspend-module stuck on Decrypting.

<div><p><strong>Revision:</strong> I had initially figured that the problem ...At which it will sit until a power cycle.</p><p>提问来源于开源项目:agherzan/yubikey-full-disk-encryption</p></div>

Error: Error decrypting message: Session key decryption failed. at Message.decryptSessionKeys (open...


Decrypting failed: xxx.rsdf | global name 'Key' is not defined

Decrypting failed: xxx.rsdf | global name 'Key' is not defined </code></pre> <p>So I checked the Source and see: <pre><code> IV = AES.new(Key, AES.MODE_ECB).encrypt(binascii.unhexlify...

All messages gone and stuck on "loading and decrypting..." after using back button to go to home...

<div><p>Happens every time I do it. Android 5.1.1 Nexus 6</p><p>提问来源于开源项目:surespot/android</p></div>

Java企业微信开发_Exception_02_java.security.InvalidKeyException: Illegal key size

今天换了重新装了一个jdk,然后运行昨天还好好的企业微信工程,结果启动的时候就给我报了这么个... 合法的密钥长度。原因是jdk安装时自带的JCE策略文件时受限的, 需要将其替换为 JCE无限制权限策略文件。 背景: ...

Exception decrypting ApplePay token

<div><p>I got this exception whenever I tried to decrypt the payment token <pre><code> paymentTokenFilename = "payment_token.json"; merchantPkcFilename = "merchant.cer"; pkcs12...

Error decrypting secret.ejson

0200] Generation of kubernetes secrets from ejson failed: decryption failed: encoding/hex: invalid byte: u+004d 'm' [FATAL][2019-05-30 19:03:55 +0200] </code></pre> <p>manually ...

Drive is decrypting really slooooooow...

<div><p>I am having an odd issue with Reallymine and I am not really sure what it is that I am doing wrong here. I have reallymine ...</p><p>提问来源于开源项目:andlabs/reallymine</p></div>

javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input length must be multiple of 16 when decrypting with pad...

原文地址:http://songjianyong.iteye.com/blog/1571029 /** * AESHelper.java * cn.com.songjy.test * * Function: TODO ... * ───────────────────────────...

Support API for Encrypting/Decrypting files.

but the damage has already been done, or (2) Support file encryption/decryption only, so that we can encapsulate all of that.</p><p>提问来源于开源项目:defuse/php-encryption</p></div>

Enabled 802.11 Decryption

All subclasses of pyshark.capture now include keyword arguments decryption_key and encryption_type for doing this in Pyshark.</p><p>提问来源于开源项目:KimiNewt/pyshark</p></div>

bsdtar incompatibility when decrypting files.gpg

tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open '/dev/sa0' gpg: encrypted with 2048-bit RSA key, ID B460C43FA28FD091, created 2014-06-19 "keybase.io/vendion <vendion.io>" ERROR: ...

Encryption Class - Decrypting: authentication failed

<div><p>I have used the ...Decrypting: authentication failed. SYSTEMPATH\Encryption\Exceptions\EncryptionException.php at line 34</p> <p>I believe to be following the documentation provided correctly: ...

Decrypting Filecrypt.cc does not work anymore

<div><p>For every link i'm adding from Filecrypt.cc i get the folowing error: <p>Bad server response: 500 Internal Server Error 提问来源于开源项目:pyload/pyload</p></div>

DLC Decrypting failed

ERROR Decrypting failed: tmp_f8ec4ea2c2b756a69800485a6b9a4f.dlc | (18, 'transfer closed with 19 bytes remaining to read') </code></pre> <p>I updated all plugins and this error still pops up....

Making HCA/AFS2 decrypting work.

<div><p>So there've been another big case of using HCA subkeys: <code>Princess Connect: ... You can disregard my original question.</p><p>提问来源于开源项目:vgmstream/vgmstream</p></div>

Decrypting backup failed

<div><p>The instructed ... Whether the password is correct or not the given error is: <code>error reading input file</code>.</p><p>提问来源于开源项目:bitcoin-wallet/bitcoin-wallet</p></div>

javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input length must be multiple of 8 when decrypting with padd


fetch failed:_Apache Spark中的Fetch Failed Exception:解密最常见的原因

fetch failed: 火花执行指南 (GUIDE TO SPARK EXECUTION) Shuffle operations are the backbone of almost all Spark Jobs that are aimed at data aggregation, joins, or data restructuring. During a shuffle ...


十个c语言案例 (1)贪吃蛇 (2)五子棋游戏 (3)电话薄管理系统 (4)计算器 (5)万年历 (6)电子表 (7)客户端和服务器通信 (8)潜艇大战游戏 (9)鼠标器程序 (10)手机通讯录系统


共六章 1.基础章节,从Shader1.0版本到新的4.5版本,介绍每一个版本中特性的用法; 2.Tesslattion Shader应用/基础案例分析 3.Gemotry Shader应用/基础案例分析 4.Compute Shader应用/基础案例分析 5.通过大量案例讲解分析/结合新特性,介绍用法 6.性能调优,如果借助shader加速应用,让你的程序支撑百万级别的场景对象轻松应对 全面解析OpenGL Shader语言,从1.0到4.5版本,全面掌握shader编成,并能够熟练的应用

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