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Please add a format description at the beginning of each blog in this assignment


Which course does this assignment belong to

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What are the requirements for this assignment

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Team name


The goal of this assignment


Main body






1 sprint plan: Team name – Sprint plan

(1)Summarize and think about the previous work of the team, and give the improvement scheme

(2)Team division in sprint stage (tabular)

(3)Build and give the GitHub Library of the team project

7 sprint logs: Team name - Sprint log (No.1-7)

The sprint log blog is submitted by the team leader. Each blog needs to write down the log of each member, as follows:,

(1)Describe each student's progress today in the form of a table: the completed task, the length of time to complete the task, the remaining time, and report the problems encountered in completing the task and the way to deal with them

(2)GitHub's check-in record and screenshot of today's project operation shall be given to introduce the development progress and give the burn out diagram of daily progress

(3)Team member contribution table, giving the contribution degree (percentage) and corresponding contribution of team members

(4)It is required to give the complete UML design diagram of the system and the class diagram of the system module in this section every day, report the sub use cases corresponding to the implementation every day, and give the sequence diagram, state diagram and activity diagram of the software, and emphasize the improvement parts in case of changes.


1 pinned sprint collection: Team name-Sprint collection,

(1)place a link to 7 team sprint blogs

(2)Use markdown links and tables to present

(3)Clearly mark the name of each log blog, and the corresponding date, the amount of work completed on that day, the remaining work, and the percentage of the completed work to the total work

(4)The sprint log of the day should be added to this essay in time

(5)The github repository of the team project is attached at the end of the blog

1 sprint summary blog: Team name - Sprint summary

(1)Comes with a link to the sprint plan blog

(2)Contains all the content of the sprint log collection blog

(3)Describe the expected plan of the project

(4)Realistic progress of the project

(5)Process experience of each member

(6)Division of labor of team members and workload proportion in the whole stage

(7)With code warehouse address and PPT link address

1 vlog

(1)Show sprint plan

(2)Show the important contents of the daily sprint log, and show the development process and personnel interaction process

(3)Video content requires at least 7 clips (one video taken every day for integration)

(4)Video requires 5 minutes ± 1 second

(5)BGM required

(6)Establish a theme or main line and string up the vlog


GitHub repository

1. Establish corresponding code repository

2. Set up a team document warehouse to place the PT and test documents for this job along with all team documents and PTTs for previous jobs in this warehouse

3. Use branching or PR to collaborate. For each major advance, release a version corresponding to the industry naming conventions.


1. Project Membership Division and Expected Plan

2. Actual progress curve, burnout chart of the project

3. What problems are encountered and how to solve them

4. The actual architecture of the project: front-end and back-end development framework, technology used, deployment process, etc.

5. Describe project testing schedule, test tool selection and use, project testing review

6. Members'process experience

Defense Process

1. PPT Speech

2. Works show, please show the classmates carrying computers, the computer needs to pre-debug the project to make sure it can run, if you need to use the mobile phone to project to the computer, please pre-debug;

3. Presentation and PT speeches are limited to 10 minutes




On-site review requirements

A) Scoring items including: PPT quality (20'), speech (10'), functional completion (30'), UI design and interactive experience (20'), teamwork (10'), testing (10'); There are also sections for filling in questions and suggestions;

B) Scoring requirements: respect other groups, score carefully, be realistic, use a standard for all groups, the score can truly reflect the quality of other groups'reports and the group's unified opinion, and prohibit flat-boiled situations;

Scoring Criteria

1) Mutual evaluation of the defence teams (30%)

2) Assistant score (50% for defense, 40% for blog, 10% for code specification review), 70% for results

3) Score for this assignment = Responding Team Mutual Evaluation Score + Assistant Evaluation

Proportion of blog score [100 ']

  1. 1 sprint plan [12 ']
  2. 1 sprint summary [5 ']
  3. 7 sprint logs [7 * 8 = 56 ']
  4. 1 vlog [12 ']
  5. 1 sprint summary essay [15 ']
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