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The Aim of This AssignmentThe summary and reflection of  course software engineering
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1.  Your accomplishment and shortage

  (1) Accomplishment

    And complete programming experiment compared for the first time, I learned a lot of things, of which the most is the way to solve the problem and the ability of self-study, when I met something I can't do things, I now know how to self-study and seek help from others, I think it will have a big help to me after work.


   (2) Shortage

   In my opinion, I still have a lot of shortcomings, for example, I still cannot complete the construction of the back-end database。



   (3) The amount of lines I have writed

     I estimate that I have writed almost 4000 lines of code since I started to learn the coding lanuages.


   (4) The lab that impress me the most

      Of course, the experiment that impressed me most was lab8 Alpha Sprint. In that experiment, I had no idea at the beginning, and then I made a complete front-end interface. It was a hard process, but I also got a great sense of achievement after completing it. I remember very clearly that week I hardly went to bed before 2 o 'clock and watched the instructional video every day for the assignment.

   (5) The time each operation of software engineering practice take

Planabout 15%
Codeabout 60%
Write blogabout 25%


    (6) The hours you have spent on soft work practice




























    (7) The new software I have learned and used

     Wechat developer tools, Modao, Axure, Eclipse, Phycharm


    (8) The new tools I have learned and used

     Wechat developer tools, Modao, Axure, Eclipse, Phycharm


    (9) The new languages, platforms and methods I have learned and mastered

     Platforms:CSDN, GitHub, 人人都是产品经理

     Languages: Phython, HTML, CSS


2.Write your own ‘The Mythical Man-Month’, which means write experience summary and case analysis in project practice (e.g., personal project, team project).

    Coding is really hard. No matter how good you are at programming, your ability to learn and your problem-solving experience are the only things that will slow you down. As you get better at the art of programming, you'll be more sure of that. There's another interesting thing about coding

    You'll never get bored with it. If you ever had, you must have done something wrong, too

   The code that has been rewritten may need to be further optimized or abstracted.

   Programming is probably one of the most frustrating things you'll ever do. In general, programming goes through the steps of trying to solve a problem, getting stuck, trying again, stepping back, having an Epiphany, and finally making the program run. It's normal to feel upset, and it won't go away completely. (As you become more adept at programming, you only have to solve harder problems, and the problems may not even be the same.) You should learn to live with this nagging feeling, because it will make solving problems more and more satisfying.

  No matter how perplexing your problem may be, there is always a solution. As your programming skills improve, you'll have more confidence and better solutions. Not only will this improve the feeling of confusion, but it will also push you further to tackle the more difficult problems. (If these things are too easy, they lose the fun!)


3.What do you want to suggest and tell the next practice, or for you at the beginning of school, for you in your freshman year, and for Mr. Zhang at the beginning of school? And expectations for future generations. In particular, do you want to change team players in the next term?

To me at the beginning of school:  Please take each of your courses seriously, patiently delve into your major, do not muddle along, indulge yourself. Whenever you are not serious about your study, please think about your future. What you do wrong now, you will make up for in one way or another. In the nutshell, take responsibility for yourself.

To professor Mr.Zhang: Thank you very much for your strict requirements on us. Thanks to your strict requirements, I can write more content on my resume in the future. This allowed me to create one miracle after another that I could not believe myself. Although I complained and didn't understand at the beginning, now I have to grit my teeth and stand until the last moment to understand the truth that pressure is power.

To All the teaching assistances who have been so helpful to me(particularly Mr.Guo) : I would like to thank you very much for your patient guidance and hints in the homework. Your profound knowledge of software engineering makes me admire you and I hope I can surpass you in software engineering in the future.

To our team: To be honest, in programming, my teammate Yang zexuan is very talented and serious, and his guidance and solutions have helped me solve the problems in programming for many times. If there is a chance in the future, I still hope to do co-programming with him.


4.Please analyze your team. Software engineering practice is a rare serious team cooperation experience in universities. ‘The construction law’ says that there are several stages of team development. Has your team experienced them and finally reached the "creation" stage?

  I don't think we're at the creative stage yet, because I don't think there's a lot of synergy between our team members.

5. How to prove that you have learned software engineering


Our organization repository address:

The screenshot of our project:








7. Give full play to your personality, including graphics, photos and creativity


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