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1 . Please recall your first assignment in the summer vacation and your imagination of the software engineering course

(1)In software engineering through a semester of study, this course I learned very much,, from the beginning of bo cake game to the later, the small program development and project progress report and even class diagram of the relevant knowledge, I benefited from, starting from software small white, study the corresponding steps of software development, and production of the basic knowledge of software, Besides, the team project also improved my team cooperation ability and time arrangement ability. Of course this semester's study, regret is some, we in the team project planning is not done well, also needs to improve innovation ability, in the progress report and project demonstration experiments, we also do not well, but I will try to strengthen their abilities, not just confined to programming and software development.

  (2)  According to my statistics and estimation, I typed about 4000 lines of code in this semester.

Lab 160
Lab 21050
Lab 3900
Lab 4800
Lab 5170
Lab 6200
Lab 7540
Lab 85200
Lab 11360
Lab 12120


 2 . Write your own ‘The Mythical Man-Month’, which means write experience summary and case analysis in project practice (e.g., personal project, team project).

Solution:Personal Project: Lab11 left a deep impression on me.  Because in this experiment, we're dealing with completely new code.  We  didn't know anything about software testing before, so we had to learn it by hand, but there were still a lot of questions.  Therefore, we had to  consult the  teaching assistants and classmates, but under such circumstances, we successfully completed LAB11.  
Team Project: Lab8 must be the most memorable.  In that experiment, our team really worked every day, facing different problems, different  learning contents and different learning pressures. But I found that as long as we persisted, there was no task that could not be completed.   Although at the end of the day, we didn't fully implement all the features of the applet, we did about 50% of what we expected, which is a big  step forward, I think.

3 . What do you want to suggest and tell the next practice, or for you at the beginning of school, for you in your freshman year, and for Mr. Zhang at the beginning of school? And expectations for future generations. In particular, do you want to change team players in the next term?

(1)Find a correct, suitable for their own way forward, will study into the power of life, forge ahead.

(2)For the next practice:Refueling, believe in yourself, certainly can very well going through these challenges.

(3)The courseware you made in class is clear and easy to understand, and the teaching method is unique and attractive. Although the lab assigned to us in recent months is a little complicated, it has increased our knowledge and teamwork level after all, and some experiments are quite interesting. Thank you very much for your teaching this semester!

(4)our team members work well together. I wouldn't want to change the team members for the next semester.

4 . Please analyze your team. Software engineering practice is a rare serious team cooperation experience in universities. ‘The construction law’ says that there are several stages of team development. Has your team experienced them and finally reached the "creation" stage? I think my team is done and is at the final stage.  In the embryonic stage, we were all worried that we could not finish the experiment, but through our efforts and discussions day and night, we could finish each experiment excellently.  In the running In stage, we discussed the experiment every day. Not only that, everyone In our group had stayed up late In order to better complete the experiment.  So our team finally  reached the "creation" stage.

5 . How to prove that you have learned software engineering?

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