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1. Please recall your first assignment in the summer vacation and your imagination of the software engineering course.

In the course of software engineering, I learned a lot of knowledge through a semester's study, from the blog game to the small program development and project progress report and even the class diagram of related knowledge, I have benefited a lot from a novice programmer to a little experienced programmer. In addition, team projects also improved my teamwork and time management skills. Of course, there are some regrets in the study of this semester. We did not do well in team project planning, and we still need to improve our innovation ability. In terms of progress report and project demonstration experiment, we did not do as well as we expected.


According to my statistics and estimation, I typed about 3500 lines of code in this semester.

Lab 11
Lab 220
Lab 315
Lab 413
Lab 53
Lab 63
Lab 79
Lab 865
Lab 117
Lab 122


What impressed me most was LAB 8. In the last week of the final sprint, everyone worked hard to improve our project every day. Not only the workload was heavy, but also we often had to hold meetings to discuss various problems. That week was an unforgettable experience for me

2. Write your own ‘The Mythical Man-Month’, which means write experience summary and case analysis in project practice (e.g., personal project, team project).

 Throughout the experiment, it has been very difficult. Because for me, my programming ability is actually very weak, in the field of small program development, I am also very strange, at the beginning, I do not know what to do first, because I do not have any small program development experience. So I looked for information on the website to understand how to develop. With relevant understanding, I began to learn CSS and JavaScript, two front-end development languages, and was responsible for front-end page design small programs. The content used in the experiment was almost self-taught, and most of what was learned in class was just theoretical knowledge. Programming language learning mainly rely on their own programming teaching website to learn. Through this course, my learning ability has been greatly improved.

3. What do you want to suggest and tell the next practice, or for you at the beginning of school, for you in your freshman year, and for Mr. Zhang at the beginning of school? And expectations for future generations. In particular, do you want to change team players in the next term?

I want to say to myself at the beginning of the new semester, please seize the time to learn, do not do an ignorant, idler. I am very grateful to Professor Zhang for guiding us this semester, which made me get a brand new course experience. My teammates are easy to work with and good programmers, and I hope to continue working with them.

4. Please analyze your team. Software engineering practice is a rare serious team cooperation experience in universities. ‘The construction law’ says that there are several stages of team development. Has your team experienced them and finally reached the "creation" stage?

I believe my team has gone through these stages and become a qualified team. In the embryonic stage, our team always thought that our knowledge was not enough, so we procrastinated or even wanted to give up. However, under the leadership of several core team members, we supplemented the insufficient knowledge through self-study and entered the preliminary operation stage. And then we started talking and collaborating. Although we disagreed on some issues, we finally came to an agreement. After several team projects, we have become a qualified team, able to complete the assigned tasks and overcome difficulties!

5. How to prove that you have learned software engineering?

Every experiment we do, every report we submit, as well as the PPT and video used in the report and presentation can prove it

7. Give full play to your personality, including graphics, photos and creativity



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