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Please recall your first assignment in the summer vacation and your imagination of the software engineering course

In the original learning plan,I hope that in this course, I can improve my code ability.What's more, I hope I canwrite s ome interesting applets to integrate with my last semester's intellective appliance project.
Through this semester’s self-study, I succeeded in deepening the understanding of the front-end, and succeeded in using wechat development tools to design their own small program. My software engineering this semester has improved my programming skills. My partner and I completed our small program through self-learning, I also through two prototype design to learn the basic modeling, really feel their own growth.

Summarize the practice and improvement of this course, including the following contents

1.Count how many lines of code you have completed in this software engineering practice

I have completed about 700 lines of code

2.How much time does each operation of software engineering practice take? (Make a list)

LAB NumberTime(h)

3.Which assignment impressed you most?
Teamwork in the Alpha Sprint, which is also the sprint phase of our game, we don’t have any team members who are athletes but it’s still too difficult for us because our applets involve knowledge, both front end and back end, we didn’t have much contact in the past, and there were a lot of technical difficulties. But all the members of our team have team spirit, after a long time of effort, we finally completed the open source applet.

4.How many hours have you spent on soft work practice? How many hours per week on average?

I spent 100 hours on it, each weak I spent different time.

5.What new software has been learned and used


6.What new tools have been learned and used

HBuilderx, GitHub, CSDN,MoDao,gitee

7.What new languages, platforms and methods have been learned and mastered

JavaScript, unit test, coverage test,UML,

8.Other improvements (e.g., teamwork)

My ability of writing code made great improvement.

2.Write your own ‘The Mythical Man-Month’, which means write experience summary and case analysis in project practice (e.g., personal project, team project).

At the beginning of my personal experiment, I could only use Java. Java was the main programming language I learned in first and second grade. For the later mid-autumn Festival experiment, I encountered difficulties. This semester I also learned more about open source platforms, which will be of great help to me for the rest of my studies. I also learned the importance of teamwork and made up for the lack of learning from my teammates.

3. What do you want to suggest and tell the next practice, or for you at the beginning of school, for you in your freshman year, and for Mr. Zhang at the beginning of school? And expectations for future generations. In particular, do you want to change team players in the next term?

First, knowledge never seems to be enough. You can learn by consulting various resources (such as Github, gitee, and CSDN) . Almost all the relevant knowledge can be found here. Secondly, teamwork is very important. And don’t trust your teammates or expect too much from them. Third, before doing a project, you should first conceive and distinguish, and give a flow chart, which is conducive to further design. For the teacher, first of all, I must thank the teacher, let me improve my front-end ability. But I think the course might need a little more preparation. For Zhang, the class is very lively. The examples and contents of each class are very interesting. But is there too much blogging. As for the teammates, our little program couldn’t have been done without them, and I really appreciate the effort.

4. Please analyze your team. Software engineering practice is a rare serious team cooperation experience in universities. ‘The construction law’ says that there are several stages of team development. Has your team experienced them and finally reached the "creation" stage?

I believe my team has gone through these stages and become a qualified team. In the embryonic stage, our team always thinks we don't have enough knowledge, so we procrastinate or even want to give up. However, under the leadership of two core team members, we supplemented the insufficient knowledge through self-study and entered the preliminary operation stage. In the race stage, we began to communicate and cooperate. Although we disagreed on some issues, we finally reached an agreement. After several team projects, we have become a qualified team, able to complete the assigned tasks and overcome difficulties!

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