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1. Please recall your first assignment in the summer vacation and your imagination of the software engineering course
After a semester of theoretical study and practice, I have gained a lot of things. Whether from various angles of software development: topic selection, design, coding development, testing, etc., each stage is an indispensable part of a complete system. In general, pair programming in software engineering makes me understand the meaning of team. Everyone in the development project performs their own responsibilities. Students with professional knowledge in a field can be unique in this field and help other team members. This is the development I see in a good atmosphere; During this development process, I learned a lot of new knowledge from the coding module. For example, I had never been in contact with the development of small programs before. After this team project, I had a thorough understanding of each link of the whole small program production. In general, I am very grateful to the software engineering course this semester for giving me a real understanding of software development and benefiting me a lot.

According to my rough estimate, I have written about 3500 lines of code

Types of experimentsTime spent (h)
Personal homework55h
Pair work50h

2.Write your own ‘The Mythical Man-Month’, which means write experience summary and case analysis in project practice (e.g., personal project, team project).
Personal project: lab11 left a deep impression on me. Because in this experiment, we are dealing with brand-new code. We knew nothing about software testing before, so we had to start learning, but there were still many problems we couldn't overcome at that time. Therefore, we had to consult teaching assistants and classmates, but in this case, we successfully completed lab11.

3. What do you want to suggest and tell the next practice, or for you at the beginning of school, for you in your freshman year, and for Mr. Zhang at the beginning of school? And expectations for future generations. In particular, do you want to change team players in the next term?
I think the soft engineering course is very good in all aspects. After learning software engineering, I have a 0 to 1 understanding of the development of a software, and it also helped me understand the future development direction. What kind of? The suggestion in terms of team programming is that macroscopically, we hope to reduce the restrictions on the type of subject matter, but in order to avoid the uneven software quality of each category in each group, you can set up a scoring group to conduct understanding and research in related fields and then specialize in software quality Carry out a kind of control method.

4.Please analyze your team. Software engineering practice is a rare serious team cooperation experience in universities. ‘The construction law’ says that there are several stages of team development. Has your team experienced them and finally reached the "creation" stage?
I think my team is done and is at the final stage. Students who have expertise in a certain area can play a unique role in this area and at the same time provide assistance to other team members. Therefore, I think we have a relatively good team for this software engineering practice teamwork. Atmosphere, everyone did their best to pay for our online products.Not only that, everyone In our group had stayed up late In order to better complete the experiment. So our team finally reached the "creation" stage.

5.How to prove that you have learned software engineering?
1) New software &tools to learn and use
Ink knife, AXURE, IDEA, WeChat developer tools, etc.
Drawing tools such as processon and gitmind, as well as MARKDOWN editing syntax and GIT.

2)New languages and new platforms to learn and master
JAVA, JavaScript, WXML, WXSS (front-end development based on WeChat applet).

3)New methods of learning and mastering
The collaborative development of GITHUB warehouse team involves the interface data transmission method of front-end and back-end data.

4)Other improvements
The ability of macro control and comprehensive design of software.

7. Give full play to your personality, including graphics, photos and creativity



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