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The Aim of This AssignmentSelf Introduction & Course Plan


MU: 20124732_FZU: 832001124


1.Personal Profile

2.Skills or Ability

3.Reserch Interests

4.Lack of Ability

5.Code Quantity

6.Course Planning


1.Personal Profile

-Say Hi: 

Hi, my name is Xin Xu (Rita), a junior student majoring in Electronic Engineering from Maynooth International Engineering College, Fuzhou University. I'm an optimistic girl at the most of time, so my friend tends to consider me as their pistachio🌞.

-Some Passions:

Gradually, I'm more fanscinated in the sports like spining and ping-pang, you know, the speed and pace generating from this kind of sports, enable to motivat and refesh me, help me kill the anxious time in daily life. Apart from that, I'm an honest foodie, especailly fonding of spanish food and desserst. As for my idol, ahhh, influendy by my mummy, I became more attacted by Eason Chen, you know, I was lucky enough to witness physically his concert given in the Shanghai in 2020😝.


2.Skills or Ability


languageC++, python
SoftwareMatlab,Keil, ....
MicrocontrollerSTM32, Arduino, Robo pro, ..


Since our major mainly focus on hardware learning, essentially, hardware is closely associated with software, like most of microcontrollers are based on C/C++...

Remember that, when I initailly learned the microcontroller...👇

Ever since my sophomore year...

  • I started to touch microcontroller and wrote progarm/algorithm based on C language in Rob pro——operating an intelligent car to grab and store balls by mechanical arms as well as activating them to track according to regulated route, which refered to sensor detection and machine analysis. In the National Robotic Design Competition this summer, we designed an Intelligent home pick up table tennis robot, and got the 3rd place eventually.🙆💁🙋                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Also, I found my interest in artificial intelligence field——SlimVR. In this period, I tried to optimize the technical limitations of traditional VR equipment which is limited to partial motion tracking, and finally achieved the effect of whole body tracking so as to improve immersive experience on players. Furthermore, I have completely set up my personal space in VR called 'IMMERSILAND', which makes me feel proud.                                                                                             

  • Apart from that, I learned knowledge about the modelling and generation of filtered and modulated signal in the lecture of communication theory.


3.Reserch Interests

In the future, I will take more effort to study in the field of professional embadded technology and machine learning, and continue to explore field of virtual and reality like AR\XR —— I think this is the tendency of the future. 

There is a wonderful website referred to machine learning, I share it with everyone here👇


4.Lack of Ability

To be honest, our class research on algorithm knowledge is not deep enough, especially in the oriented object programming, which leads to some programming problems that we cannot solve in the best way, reducing the efficiency of programming,😢😭

Also, for this class, I have on idea about how to orgnize and arrange the server nicely——I'm still a beginner! 


5.Code Quantity

Actually, I have already finished most of programme assignments by myself, while I think the learning of programming is endless in one's period of study. I hope I could keep a willing to continue programming💪, never give up when encountering difficulties, and keep practicing, so that my code will continue to grow and never end.


6.Course Planning

In this course, I will try my best to cooperate with teammembers in completing the project, at the same time, strengthen my personal ability in designing software structure like achieving and meeting the requirements of analysis from customers. At the same time, I hope that after learning this course, I'm capable of understanding how to arrange a server and write a nice front-page if I have enough capacity, then, evenually independently develop a simple software.


A bit long.. Anyway, thanks for you reading!😛😜😝






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