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🌟Demand Analysis Based on NABCD Model:

1. N——need:

  With the continuous development of the information age, more people will choose to use smart phones for online activities than time-consuming and energy consuming offline activities.📱.
Mooncake Gambling is an important folk competition game in the southern Fujian region, centered on Xiamen, which is part of the local traditional culture🎲, but most people are reluctant to participate in offline activities because they do not know the rules or have special equipment😰. From this perspective, we launched the "BoBing" program, which can meet the needs of a single person to learn the culture of Mooncake Gambling, but also meet the needs of multiple people to participate at the same time, and can meet the game whether online or not😃.


2. A——Approach:

  (1) Users can log in through WeChat or log in as a tourist (the visitor identity can be changed later);👍
  (2)After entering the page, users can choose single player mode👧 or multi-player mode👫, which can be offline or online. Offline mode requires entering the number of players and playing on the same device; online mode requires creating a room or joining a room already created by others and playing on multiple devices;📶
  (3)After the game starts, click the "Throwing" button, and you can shake the dice to get the random throw results and get the corresponding reward🎁;
  (4)Also during the game you can check at any time to learn the rules, and in multiplayer games you can also check the remaining rewards. You can also see the rewards you have received for each game in the game's history.💷


3. B——Benefit:

  We have designed the "BOBING" program to allow people who love Mooncake Gambling to play it anytime, anywhere and more conveniently, without having to prepare a bowl and dice💞. It also allows people who are new to Mooncake Gambling to quickly and deeply understand the rules of Mooncake Gambling and spread the excellent local traditional culture, so that more and more people can learn about, participate in and love the culture, and let Mooncake Gambling culture go global! 😃

4. C——Competitors:

  Since this is a local traditional culture in southern Fujian, the audience is small in the current market. But compared with the same type of multi-player party games in the market, such as "Truth or Dare", our game brings a sense of accomplishment and good luck and blessing at the same time🌠. And "Truth or Dare" requires people to voluntarily share their experiences or do something embarrassing😥, which is not particularly attractive to family members or strangers. However, there is no age limit for our game, so it can be played in family or group activities.😎

5. D——Delivery:

  We mainly promote through multiple platforms, such as Wechat Moments, QZone, Douyin, bilibili and other platforms.📣

🌟PSP Form:

Pair-working Software Process StageEstimated Time/minutesCompleted Time/minutes
Coding Standard--
Test Report6060
Postmortem&Process Improvement3020

🌟Development Tools and Ideas:

Balsamiq Mockups is a prototyping software from Balsamiq Studios in California, U.S.A. Balsamiq Mockups is especially popular in the field of software product prototyping, especially in the field of web prototyping. The prototypes drawn with Balsamiq Mockups are hand-drawn images that look beautiful and fresh. It supports almost all HTML control prototypes, and also iPhone element prototypes.

  My partner and I were attracted by the hand-drawn style of Balsamiq Mockups, so we chose it. But since it requires nakpee software to export as html file, but the download of nakpee software always has corruption problem, so finally we have no way to export the prototype link. So we recorded a demo video of our prototype in action.
  This is our demo video link in Bilibili: 【BOBING GAME-哔哩哔哩】

🌟Pair Working:

  That's when my team and I were working on the prototype.



 For this experiment, we can summarize the following results:
 1. We optimize the collaboration among team members;
 2. We learned how to design simple, beautiful and easy to understand ui interface;
 3. We have mastered the basic NABCD model;
 4. The difficulty we face is how to connect the functionality of the ui interface to the code, which is a headache.
 For this experiment, we still have a lot to improve, I and my team partners need to continue to work hard!


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