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  • I.Demand Analysis Based on NABCD Mode
  • II.PSP Form
  • III.Development Tools and Ideas
  • IV.Pair Working
  • V.Summary

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The Link of Requirement of This Assignment
The Aim of This AssignmentDesign a Bobing Software Prototype
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I.Demand Analysis Based on NABCD Mode

In this section, I will firstly introduce the NABCD model.NABCD is composed of the first letters of Need, Approach, Benfit, Competitors and Delivery, which refers to demand, practice, benefit, competition and promotion respectively.Through these five parts, the characteristics of the project can be clearly and concisely summarized.


So based on this model, we make a demand analysis for our software “Bobing Game”:

Need:Brother Dong held a Mid-Autumn Festival event(Bobing) in the laboratory yesterday, but the rules need to be manually determined, the dice equipment is not complete, and remote students cannot participate in the epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, I hope that paired students can implement a Bobing software.

Approach:Using Android Studio to development a mobile application that can implement Bobing Game and can allow multiple players to play together.

Benefit:The benefit of this software are very clear. Firstly, we can play Bobing without preparing dice, thinking about the rules, and so on. Secondly, we can play it everywhere and do not be fixed in some places.

Competitors:The competitors may come from two aspects.:
1.The first kind of competitors is the off-line Bobing (Real World). For this kind of competitors, our advantage is that we can play games without real objects. But our disadvantage is that we can not experience the fun of rolling dice in real world.
2. The second kind of competitors is other Bobing Applications. For this kind of competitors, our strength is the clean user interface and easy operations. Given the limited programing skills, we can only implement that multi-players play Bobing in one mobile device and not all play in their own devices. This is our weakness to the second kind of competitors.

Delievery:Since this is a Android mobile application, The delievery strategy is to push it to Android application store so that others can download it and play.


Pair-working Software Process StageEstimated Time (minutes)Actual Time (minutes)
· Estimate3020
· Analysis6060
· Design Spec3020
· Design Review5050
· Coding Standard--
· Design300300
· Coding--
· Code Review-100
· Test100120
· Test Report--
· Size Measurement3030
· Postmortem&Process Improvement10090

III.Development Tools and Ideas

The design tool we use is Modao because it is easy and friendly to new hands.

And the ideas of designing prototype of Bobing Game are:

Decide how many pages are needed. This means that we should determine what user interfaces the Bobing application needs from the very beginning. In our design, there are six pages (interfaces):main interface, number of people selection interface, nickname input interface , game interface, rules interface and the result interface.

Design the logic-relationship between different pages. This means that we need to correlate the different interfaces by triggering conditions. In our design, the logic-relationship between different pages is shown in a picture below:


To be clean and clear. This is very important for our design. If the user interface design is too complex, users will lose interest in using it.

Here is the Prototype link for this experiment:

IV.Pair Working

This is the soul of this Lab. At the beginning, my parter and I did not have a clear division of the work. So we decided to work together for a while before we split up. After a period of cooperation, the prototype of user interface design was completed. Then at that time, we decided to split up, with me continuing to optimize user design and my partner starting the blog writing.




From this lab 2-1, My partner and I have obtained:

(1).How to work with a partner.

(2).Basic usage of software Modao.

(3).Basic knowledge of designing user interface.

(4).Basic knowledge of NABCD Model.

Given that there are still some defects with my lab 2-1, I think we have tried our best with it.

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