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TeamName03-路橙 人间小橘子
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GitHub linkhttps://github.com/EE308-GROUP03


  • Summarize and think about the previous work of the team, record the defense opinions during the defense process, and give improvement plans
  • Sprint team division of labor (tabular format)
  • Build and give the team project's GitHub repository

Summarize and think about the previous work of the team, record the defense opinions during the defense process, and give improvement plans

Summary: We have done prototype design, report preparation, PPT preparation and report before. Our arrangement in the previous cooperation is as expected, and we can continue to work at this pace.

Q1: What is your product positioning
Lu Orange app is an age-appropriate travel app designed for the elderly in the age of big data. It aims to solve the difficulties encountered by the elderly in daily travel, and help the elderly users to keep up with the pace of technological development and enjoy the convenience of the information age through the design of the age-appropriate interface and the simplification of the operation process.
Q2: How do you promote your projects?
In terms of publicity, we mainly pass
We held offline information sessions for the elderly, Wisdom for Helping the elderly, starting from explaining risk prevention knowledge, voluntary activities publicity.
Online ads for the young people around them, such as the elderly and children: pop-up page ads of popular apps. At the same time, we will make full use of Weibo, wechat and other platforms to promote our app
We can invite well-known bloggers for promotion. Although the mainstream platforms are still dominated by young and middle-aged people, the elderly's choice of products suitable for aging still largely depends on the attitude of their children. Nowadays, many middle-aged people are in the situation of having a young and old family. We can cooperate with some daily life bloggers with small and medium fans to create and promote, and accurately push to target groups

Q3: Have you read the relevant documents and understood the specific needs of the elderly, such as large fonts and simple pages
Yes, we did, and we issued a questionnaire about it
We have a more planar operation process, except for the necessary travel route, health code does not provide redundant options, more suitable for the elderly group whose thinking is gradually not flexible
In light weight design concept and scientific ui design, we apply large letters and orange letters, which are conducive to elderly discrimination
The remote control function provides more convenient operation options for the elderly users. When the elderly do not understand the operation, they can help their children remotely.
Q4: Do you have the technology to do it
Yes, our development is probably done

Sprint team division of labor (tabular format)

Team MemberRoleWork
Zhou Miaolan (Team Leader)Front-end Developer and Performance Test EngineerWechat/mobile login and consumer praise module,Performance Test
Chen NuoFront-end Developer and Test ManagerUser ride module,Test Manager
Yang YangFront-end Developer and Automation Test EngineerVoice module, Automation Test
Pan ChenluFront-end Developer and Black Box Test Engineerfriend module ,Black Box Test
Zhong XiaojiaBack-end Developer and Automatic Test Engineerback-end code,Automatic Test
Hu WenjingFront-end Developer and Black Box Test EngineerRemote module,Black Box Test

Build and give the team project's GitHub repository


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