15 Group Sprint Summary

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15 Group Sprint Summary 

1. Brief Introduction

The Link Your ClassFZU-SE-EE308-2022秋社区-CSDN社区云
The Link of Requirements of This Assignment15 Group Sprint Summary-CSDN社区
Team Name15 Group
Team Project TopicRide-hailing system
Sprint Plan Link15 Group -Sprint Plan-CSDN社区
Sprint Collection Link15 Group - Sprint Collection-CSDN社区
Sprint Summary Link15 Group Sprint Summary-CSDN社区
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  • 15 Group - Sprint Summary 
  • 1. Brief Introduction
  • 2. Sprint Summary
  • 2.1 Sprint Plan
  • 2.2 Sprint Log Collection
  • 2.3 GitHub Link
  • 3. Project Expectation
  • 4. Actual Progress
  • 5. Process Experience
  • 6. Division of Labor and Workload Ratio
  • 7. Link Address


2. Sprint Summary

2.1 Sprint Plan

15 Group -Sprint Plan-CSDN社区

2.2 Sprint Log Collection

15 Group - Sprint Collection-CSDN社区

DateLog LinkCompleted workload(%)Remaining workload(%)Proportion of total amount(%)
2022.12.06 257525
2022.12.08 505025
2022.12.10 752525
2022.12.12 851510
2022.12.14 100015


2.3 GitHub Link




3. Project Expectation


4. Actual Progress




5. Process Experience

Yiyang Chen:

In this project, I know how to better plan the time and arrange the division of labor so that we can cooperate to complete a very difficult task for us. I also learned the front-end development tools and javascript language from scratch. In order to use the wechat mini program development tools, I also learned the wxml and wxss languages used by the wechat mini program. This project has trained my ability to learn programming languages and search materials, which I think is a great improvement.I also participated in the project defense twice, which greatly exercised my ability of expression. In the production process of the project, I not only wrote the project's passenger driver client, but also cooperated with my classmates to complete the interactive logic design of the page, which exercised my independent development ability and team cooperation ability.

Shaoqi Li:

In this project, I strengthened the front-end knowledge I had mastered and learned some brand new knowledge and tools. Through this project, I didn't know much about environment construction before, but after a period of learning, I successfully built the environment required by the project. In addition, I also learned from other people's projects and experiences from other people's code during the project production. Through IntelliJ IDEA, I can communicate with team members more effectively and promote the progress of the project.

Chenxi Huang:

harvestHuang ChenxiIn this project, I learned and strengthened front-end knowledge, and learned and applied some brand new knowledge and tools. It is a valuable experience for me to combine the knowledge and tools I have mastered with those of my classmates in the process of teamwork to complete this project together. In the process of project development, I learned to communicate with team members when I encountered difficulties, which was quite different from some previous solo project development. I learned from each other in this process. In the process of front-end architecture, I realized the impact of front-end requirement analysis on the project, and thus understood the importance of software engineering in practical applications. In the process of project development, we gradually made progress in the specialization and industrialization of the project, which also accumulated experience for our future work and laid a certain foundation.

Xinhai Wu:

In this project, I learned the back end from scratch, and I also learned Java as the implementation code. Then there is the use of databases, which back-end implementations cannot do without. I chose redis as the database of the project, mainly because Redis uses memory to store data, so the read and write speed is very fast. The management of the interface is based on EO Link, an electronic order system for electronic order interaction in the supply chain. EO Link can help companies manage order processes more effectively and improve order accuracy and efficiency.
The framework uses Spring Boot, which provides an easy way to build Web applications based on the Spring framework. MyBatis uses the SQL mapping API provided to convert records into objects, thus reducing the associated work. I also learned the following about data visualization:
• Database visualization software: Navicat
• Database SQL monitoring: p6spy
•Redis visualization software: QuickRedis
I feel both hard and excited about the study of the project because this is my first contact with this aspect and the first time to complete a real task. I didn't understand a lot of things in the project at the beginning, but after I had a goal, I really began to learn it. In the end, I was satisfied with the product. Finally, I would like to say that the establishment of software engineering is really meaningful. I believe that this experience and what I have learned during my senior year or postgraduate study abroad will help me go further and further.

Xujie Chai:

I was the main person responsible for the backend and frontend connectivity of the project. It was a valuable experience for me to combine the knowledge and practice learned in the software engineering course with the students. In the process of project practice, I made innovations on the basis of previous project experience, improved my professional handling ability, and cultivated the ability of winwin cooperation with teammates. Most of my previous project experience has been solo, which is very different from working with multiple people. In the process of cooperation, we realized the importance of software engineering in the actual project development. In the process of project construction, we gradually made the project professional and industrial progress, but also laid the foundation for the future work.

Junlong Yu:

This project has been a valuable experience for me. When I used to do software homework, I always did it alone. This time, I learned how to allocate some parts of the same work to other team members, and cooperate with them to complete the task, while reducing the efficiency loss. This project put the software knowledge I have learned into practice, and let me learn a lot of knowledge not in class. What's more, when there is a new project next time, my process of researching materials will be more mature and efficient, and I will believe that there is a solution and actively look for it when encountering difficulties, instead of more negative anxiety like this time.

Zihao Lin:

Completing this project together with the team has accumulated valuable experience for me. I have learned and strengthened the frontend knowledge, learned and applied some brand new knowledge and tools. In the process of teamwork, I combined my knowledge and tools with my classmates to complete this project together. In the process of frontend architecture, I realized the impact of frontend requirement analysis on the project, thus understanding the importance of software engineering in practical applications. At the same time, I have accumulated some experience in Word layout and blog writing

Jiayu Wan:

In this project, I strengthened my backend knowledge and learned some new knowledge and tools. For me, this opportunity is a valuable opportunity to combine the knowledge and practice that I and my classmates learned in the software engineering course. In the process of cooperation, we realized the significance of software engineering in the actual project development. In the process of project construction, we gradually made progress in the project discipline and industry, which also laid a foundation for future work. Through these tools, I can communicate with team members more effectively and promote the project. This project has made me completely improve myself, improved my professional processing ability, and cultivated the win-win cooperation ability with my teammates. I have decided to continue to work in this field.

6. Division of Labor and Workload Ratio

NameCompleted TaskDuration of the TaskProblem EncounteredSolutionProportion

Yiyang Chen

(team leader)

Make the front end, Writing  Blogs, PPT editing, Sprint plan task assignment, logo designer, Presentation of the project10h

The frontend map plugin cannot be called

Download the old version of the map plug-in from the official website, and replace the app id to realize the function

Shaoqi LiMake the front end through IntelliJ IDEA10hHow does the front end call the back end interface for data interactionDownload the plugin. Define path and obtain data interface to obtain data.100%
Chenxi Huangfront-end architecture and client interface design10h There is a gap between the designed user interaction page and the scene requirementsLearn design tools in depth and adjust design ideas and methods95%
Xinhai WuBack-end learning and writing10h Data security is attacked, leaked, or cheatedEncryption technology is used to protect the security of data transmission100%
Junlong YuData collection in the back-end work, , flowcharting,Presentation of the project10hBack-end data collected is not intuitive enough when is shown Introduce the statistical graph plug-in of the official website105%
Xujie ChaiWrite and connect the front and back ends10hNot sure how to start writing already connectedBy looking up information online and constantly learning, what should you do and then do it100%
Jiayu Wanlogo designer,writing Blogs,back-end writing10hThe usage of some functions is unclearCommunicate with classmates in groups and complete the writing of functions90%
Zihao Linfront-end writing,Blogs writing, Sorting out the report10hThe default values assigned to select and input fields in vue do not workThe select component binds the change event, which calls $forceUpdate() to force a refresh100%
total    800%


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Our final demo video: xiwwww/EE308FZ (github.com)




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