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2. Summary and harvest

a. Personal programming

In lab1 it's my first time to make a PSP and use flowing chart to design and implementation process which makes me clearer to understand what the question want and what code and logic I need to write. Expecially PSP,through time dividing and planning I kown what should I do in each period. What' s more, From this task, I tried a lot of things that I had never touched before, such as learning to write CSDN with Markdown and learning how to upload my own code to GitHub. It is also very important that I did some planning and analysis in advance, unlike before, I got the title and started writing code directly.

b. Pair programming

The important thing about a two-person mission is constant communication. We need to know exactly what we are doing and what the other person is doing, so we need to discuss whether there are problems or the progress of the task. In lab2 our cooperation also improved my collaboration and analysis ability. This semi-open assignment also allowed me to develop a user-friendly program as best as I could by combining the thinking of users and developers.

c. On-site programming

We usually go through the task requirements together and figure out what we're trying to achieve in terms of what it looks like and what it does, and then after we've worked out everything that needs to be discussed we're going to come up with a task for each person, whether it's a solo experiment or a larger group. In a two-person experiment we usually program together after the discussion. As for team tasks, we discuss and assign tasks for each group or each person for a week through Tencent meetings.

d. Team project practice experience summary + example/example combined analysis

This particular experiment allowed us to design and implement a website with multiple functions as if we were a real software team. In the experiment we demonstrated our creative imagination and more problem solving skills. After this experiment I learned that teamwork, each member has a different division of labor positioning, just like a good machine needs a lot of good parts, one cannot be missing. I also learned the importance of learning from and imitating. In the first experience of a big team project, we go to the internet to refer to other people's ideas can make us make less mistakes. It can also help us to implement the function better.



Bobing is pair project, we did the prototype togather. after that my partner made some analysis and I written the critical code. Last we did some tests and adjustments togather.



It is the team project, we communicated through tencent meeting. After first meeting, we divided us into three groups to complete the task more specialized. When we met some problem we would like to talk with our small group member. And if there is a big decision, we' d like to make a meeting to communicate.

3. Technology and tools

From lab2, I learned to use ink knife, tried prototype design for the first time, and tried to make a complete web page. I had no experience with front-end design before, so I also learned JavaScript and CSS on github and csdn. It was the first time for me to make a web page, and it was also the first time for me to use html language to write code, which enhanced my ability of independent learning and exploration, and also made me familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At lab3, it also required us to make a web, but it's back-end obviously more complex than lab2. I was assigned to the back-end group, so I need to learn javascript deeply and finally we need to use node.js to run our program.

About course: This course, especially the team project, allowed me to experience a relatively complete process of software development, including demand analysis, prototype design and project report, which made me feel that the course was gradually in line with the society. These are the things that I haven't experienced yet and the things that I think are good about this course. In my opinion, the disadvantage lies in the lack of time given to the team project, because there are more contents of self-study, and more time is needed to complete the project better.

Personally github(lab1 and lab2):
Group github:

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