Fifth assignment of team Witness Paradox: Prototype Design

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This is a blog about the Fifth Assignment made by team Witness Paradox for EE308.In this blog, we will publish our interface prototype design and interface prototype design defense presentation.


  • ①.Basic Information of this assignment
  • ②.Links of documents
  • ③.Team’s division of labor and the proportion of work for each team member
  • ④.Prototype design
  • ⑤.Result reporting
  • ⑥.Team photograph, feeling and evaluations of teammates

①.Basic Information of this assignment

Which course does this assignment belong toEE308
Where are the requirements for this assignment?Requirement of this project
Team NameWitness Paradox
The goal of this assignmentPrototype design

②.Links of documents

interface prototype designclick here to download
interface prototype design defense presentationclick here to download

③.Team’s division of labor and the proportion of work for each team member

Student IDWork DescriptionContribution
832101329 Junyi TengReport designer7.8%
832101326 Binyu LaiPPT designer7.8%
832101304 Rundong ZhuPPT designer7.8%
832101322 Shutong YaoReport designer7.8%
832101330 Mingjiang WeiPrototype Implementer7.8%
832101302 Hongyu DengPPT designer7.8%
832101309 Xiao YangPrototype Implementer7.8%
832101308 Xingda LiPrototype Implementer7.8%
832101303 Weitao LuPrototype Implementer7.8%
832101327 Wutong LeiBlog designer7.8%
832101306 Jiahong SunPresentation7.8%
832101301 Xuebin WangPPT designer7.8%
832101314 Xuqi ChenReport designer7.8%

④.Prototype design

Our team has chosen to use Unity as the tool for building and refining our prototype
For further details, include process and results of prototype design, please check the report of our prototype design report: click here to download

⑤.Result reporting

Possible key points and challenges:
In terms of art: the painting time is high, the difficulty factor is 2 points, and the key parts are patiently painted, and the key frames are inserted into the background part to automatically generate intermediate animation.
Difficulty in making the game: the orientation of the first-person camera in the scene does not match the walking direction of the character, the difficulty factor is three points, because the corresponding data can not be found on the Internet has been solved, by setting the rotation sensitivity of the camera and the rotation sensitivity of the character to the same data to solve the problem, if the sensitivity is different, the rotation Angle is different.

If you want to read the document of our presentation, please click here to download it.

⑥.Team photograph, feeling and evaluations of teammates

The following content does not originate from an individual within the team, but rather is the result of team discussions and summarization,

Feeling: We unanimously agree within our team that thanks to the experience of several members who have previously used the Unity engine to create projects, the process of creating our project prototype has been relatively smooth. However, even so, we still encountered difficulties and differences of opinion on certain details of the prototype, such as specific effects and technical challenges related to scene arrangement. Nevertheless, through democratic discussions within our team and by researching specific materials and tutorials online, we were able to resolve most of the disagreements and issues we encountered. We also acknowledge that only through teamwork and collaboration can we meet our set goals before the deadline.

Evaluation:Thank you to the team members who have previous experience with Unity. We appreciate their contributions and expertise in using the Unity engine / Reasonable division of labor plays a crucial role in promoting the progress of the team.

Several team members are discussing the issues encountered during the programming process:


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