Teamwork——Alpha Sprint

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In order not to miss any homework details, here's a checklist for students to quickly review.

  • Assignments
    • (1) 1 blog post Topical Collection of Essays (record all blog links for this task).
    • (2) 1 essay about the team's code standards, current sprint tasks, and plans (before the sprint begins).
    • (3) 5 Sprint Essays (publish one every two days).
    • (4) 1 Testing Essay.
    • (5) 1 Sprint Summary Essay.


The deadline for this assignment is December 1, 2023, 23:59
Note: Blogs need to be reviewed after publication, so students remember to publish blogs in advance to avoid affecting assignment submission.

1. Assignment Requirements

  • 1 Topical Collection Essay
    * During this task, the team needs a separate top essay to centrally record all the blog links described below for easy viewing and counting by teachers and assistants.
  • Code Standards, Sprint Tasks, and Plans
    * Before the sprint starts, submit an essay about the team's code standards, current sprint tasks, and plans. Refer to Alibaba Java Development Manual Ultimate Edition v1.3.0, Huawei Internal Code Standards, etc. (18%) [Covering Course Objective 7]
  • 5 Sprint Essays
    * Arrange a sprint for ten days during this assignment.
    * Require the team to publish one sprint essays every two days, a total of 5 essays (30%) [Covering Course Objective 3].
    * The essay should display the project burn-up chart.
    * Provide the latest running images/gif/videos of the project program/module (if missing, deduct 1.5 points from the sprint log that day).
    * If a team member's work is development, there must be code check-ins, and provide the content and link/images of the check-in record corresponding to the Issue (if missing, deduct 1 point from the sprint log that day).
    * If a team member's work is testing or other tasks, provide specific results, such as screenshots, test reports, etc. (if missing, deduct 1 point from the sprint log that day).
  • 1 Testing Essay
    * Read and learn from Chapters 2 and 13 of "The Practice of Project Construction", establish parallel testing work during the sprint. Choose and apply appropriate testing tools during the sprint and gradually unfold automated testing. Publish a separate testing essay describing the arrangement of project testing work, selection and application of testing tools, test case documents, test experiences, and project testing comments (10%) [Covering Course Objective 3].
  • 1 Sprint Summary Essay
    * Publish a sprint summary essay describing
    1. Project expected plan, actual progress (can provide project running images, gifs, videos, or runnable project links, project files, etc.) (17%) [Covering Course Objective 7]
    2. The gains and insights of each member during the sprint, teamwork and collaboration, workload distribution in the Alpha phase (20%) [Covering Course Objective 6]
    3. Outlook for the next stage (5%) [Covering Course Objective 7]
  • Project Classroom Presentation, Defense
    * Prepare a defense PPT. Summarize the sprint phase, such as the burn-up chart, project completion, existing issues, and plans for the next sprint, etc.
    * Design your own review form, using Tencent shared documents format

2. Scoring Rules for this Assignment

  1. Defense Score (consistent with previous scoring rules) = Sum of scores from other groups/(total number of groups-1) * 0.25 + Sum of assistant scores/(number of assistants) * 0.35 + Sum of teacher scores/(number of teachers) * 0.40
  2. Blog Score = 82 (Essays) + 18 (Code standards, sprint tasks, and plans)
  3. Score for this assignment = Defense score * 60% + Blog score * 40%

3. Blog Guidelines

1. Submission Rules
  • The blog is submitted based on the submission time on the class assignment page; files to be submitted are based on the submission time on Gitcode;
  • Submit before the deadline, and the score is the actual score;
    • If the post is published and under review (the post shows 404), you can submit the link to the assignment page before the deadline and then wait for approval.
    • No late submissions will be accepted due to upload failures, network issues, or other reasons.
  • Late Submission: Submitting within two days after the deadline is considered a late submission, and the score is the actual score * 50%; writing but forgetting to submit the assignment and late submissions are penalized equally.
  • Missed Deadline: Failing to submit the blog within two days after the deadline is considered a missed assignment, and the score is 0.
  • Assignment Plagiarism: When the teaching assistant finds that two blogs have text/images/code that are too similar, both blogs are considered plagiarized, and both receive a score of -100% (note that this is a negative score!).
  • Forgery of Submission: Although the assignment blog has not been completed, submitting it to occupy a place is considered a forged submission, and the score is 0.
    Note: For assignments submitted in advance, if you can actively respond to teaching assistant and teacher feedback and make corresponding revisions before the deadline, these improvements will be taken into account in the subsequent grading. Early preparation has many advantages. Please note that editing blog content is not allowed after the deadline.
    2. Points to Note

If the class group releases relevant notices, it is also part of the assignment requirements; please check the group notice in time. If you need to fill in related information in the group and fail to complete it before the deadline, deduct 50% of the actual score. If there are any questions about the assignment, please raise them in the class group three days before the deadline. If the assistant makes changes to the assignment requirements, it will be announced in the group; please be sure to check and improve the assignment according to the new requirements. Please respond promptly to the comments from the teacher or assistant and make the corresponding modifications. Even if the assignment is submitted, pay attention to the announcements from the assistant in the class group!

3. For the convenience of teachers or assistants from other schools to understand the course situation, please add a format description at the beginning of the assignment:
Which course does this assignment belong to<Link to the class>
Where are the requirements for this assignment<Link to the assignment requirements>
The goal of this assignment<Specify the specific aspect>
Other references...
4. Clarifying Doubts

If there are unclear aspects of the assignment or if you don't understand something, you can ask in the QQ or WeChat group.

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