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v3.17 * updated libFLAC to version 1.2.1 * added a flush after every log line to help GUIs * "eac3to some.mpls" now also works if the stream files aren't there, anymore * fixed: number of subtitles was not appended to demuxed subtitles' file name * fixed: dialnorm removal (for Nero decoder) failed with some 2.0 TrueHD files v3.16 * added undocumented "-no2ndpass" switch to turn off 2nd pass processing * fixed: two pass processing sometimes produced superfluous sup files * fixed: MPG/EVO/VOB audio tracks with "PES extension 2" were not detected * fixed: very small W64/RF64 files were not detected correctly * fixed: when processing was aborted, log file was sometimes not created * fixed: sometimes specifying a title number addressed the wrong HD DVD title v3.15 * "24.975" is now interpreted as "25.000/1.001" * Blu-Ray "sup" are demuxed with DTS set to 0 again, proper fix will come later * fixed: error code not set for "source file format could not be detected" * fixed: audio resampling from/to 24.975 didn't work properly * fixed: WAV files beginning with lots of zeroes were sometimes not accepted v3.14 * WAV reading was broken for all but very small files (introduced in v3.13) v3.13 * fields and frames are counted and displayed separately now * added DIRAC bitstream parser * added support for "-24.975" and "-changeto24.975" * Blu-Ray subtitle demuxing: PTS value is now written to both PTS + DTS * joining MKV files is now declined with a proper error message * last chapter is now removed, if it's less than 10 seconds from end of movie * fixed: "-normalize" didn't work with stdout, anymore * fixed: audio delay was incorrect when 1st m2ts part contained no audio data * fixed: very small WAV files were not detected correctly * fixed: "eac3to source.eac3 dest.dts -core" crashed v3.12 * fixed: track languages for HD DVD discs were not shown * fixed: MLP channel order was wrong for some specific channel configurations * fixed: "DirectShow reported 255 channels" happened sometimes v3.11 * fixed: MKV subtitle track language wasn't shown v3.10 * Blu-Ray title listing now includes chapter information * fixed: v3.09 didn't show track languages for Blu-Rays v3.09 * added support for MKV "SRT/UTF8", "SRT/ASCII", "ASS" and "SSA" subtitles * increased some internal buffers to avoid AC3 overflow in the "thd ac3 joiner" * fixed: frame counting didn't work for MKV video tracks * fixed: video track FPS change was sometimes declined * fixed: video tracks with "strange" FPS were sometimes handled incorrectly * fixed: clipping removal 2nd pass was executed even for "stdout" * fixed: "eac3to -test" displayed an outdated Nero download link * fixed: specifying a specific playlist still used default playlist's chapters v3.08 * fixed: reading physical disc speed was abysmal (introduced in v3.07) * fixed: read error from physical drive resulted in crash v3.07 * added support for MKV video tracks without sequence headers in bitstream * added support for old style MKV AAC tracks * added support for various MKV "A_MS/ACM" audio formats * added support for various MKV "V_MS/VFW/FOURCC" video formats * added warning for tracks where bitstream parsing failed * demuxing a video track now also complains about video gaps/overlaps * the "-check" option now also complains about video gaps/overlaps * optimized memory allocation * fixed: adding subtitle caption count to filenames sometimes didn't work * fixed: subtitle caption counts in log sometimes had wrong track numbers * fixed: all non-supported MKV tracks shared the same description * fixed: incorrect framerate mismatch complaint was shown for pulldown sources * fixed: FLAC tracks in MKV files don't slow down detection, anymore * fixed: source file detection read 300MB from every source file v3.06 * added MKV reading/parsing support * added demux support for MKV (E-)AC3, DTS(-HD), AAC, MPx, FLAC and WAV tracks * added demux support for MKV "modern style" MPEG2, VC-1 and h264/AVC tracks * reading from (HD) DVD and Blu-Ray drives uses different reading APIs now * empty tracks in TS/m2ts container are not listed, anymore * for 24.000 fps video tracks a little warning is displayed now * when demuxing subtitle files, the number of captions is added to the filename * timestamp derived FPS is used for gap checking instead of video bitstream FPS * fixed: 44.1khz AC3 encoding was still broken * fixed: zero byte stripping pass was done for true 24bit TrueHD tracks * fixed: downconverting WAV files with 0x3f channel mask didn't work * fixed: log output "remaining delay [...]" was sometimes wrong for AC3 tracks * fixed: silent frame creation was tried for E-AC3 although it can't work v3.05 * warning is shown if h264 video bitstream contains "full range" flag * h264 video bitstream "full range" flag is automatically removed * you can disable removal of the "full range" flag by doing "-keepFullRange" * added reader for external DVD, HD DVD and Blu-Ray SUP files * external SUP files can be delayed now * number of HD DVD and DVD subtitles in SUP track is counted and displayed * number of forced and non-forced Blu-Ray subtitles in SUP track is displayed * "-check" option now also works for demuxed audio, video and subtitle tracks * when reading from physical disc drive, 2KB (instead of 1MB) blocks are read * improved automatic skipping over damaged first 5MB of TS/m2ts files * fixed: resampling and Surcode encoding didn't work in one step * fixed: TRP detection crashed * fixed: track listing sometimes contained tracks without description * fixed: h264 with missing framerate in 1st sequence header made eac3to crash * fixed: some AC3WAV files were not detected correctly * fixed: video frame count was not displayed when 2nd pass was executed v3.04 * video track framerates are now shown with up to 3 decimals, if necessary * m2ts/TS framerate is determined by interpreting video track timestamps * m2ts/TS framerate is displayed in the format description (if available) * warning is shown if container timestamps don't match video framerate * warning is shown if video bitstream has a non-standard framerate * video without framerate information: container framerate is used * video without framerate information: framerate can be set (e.g. "-23.976") * video without framerate information: new framerate is written to bitstream * remaining non-fixed audio delay is now shown in log * command prompt colors are restored after eac3to has run through * fixed: 2-pass processing for stripping zero bytes sometimes crashed * fixed: CA (Conditional Access) tracks were shown as "Unknown audio track" v3.03 * fixed: MPEG2 1088 to 1080 cropping was still incomplete v3.02 * fixed: VC-1 stream handling was broken * fixed: destination file extension "*.lpcm" didn't work with 2pass processing * fixed: MPEG2 1088 to 1080 cropping was incomplete * fixed: no log was being created when "temp file could not be interpreted" v3.01 * fixed: m2ts LCPM demuxing didn't work with v3.00 * fixed: TrueHD -> TrueHD+AC3 conversion didn't work with v3.00 v3.00 * broken AC3, DTS, AAC and MPx streams are now automatically repaired * errors in TS/m2ts files are now reported (with runtime) and ignored * damaged first max 5MB and max 5% of a TS/m2ts file are automatically skipped * video/audio tracks which can't be parsed, are now demuxed in raw form * added support for "line 21" closed captions in ATSC/NTSC broadcasts and DVDs * added reading of movie / network name from "line 21" XDS information * for gaps, edits & repairs > 1000ms eac3to now inserts silence by default * for gaps, edits & repairs < 1000ms eac3to now loops audio by default * option "-silence" forces eac3to to insert silence instead of looping audio * option "-loop" forces eac3to to loop audio instead of inserting silence * newly encoded AC3 frame is now used for "silence" instead of file's 1st frame * increased reading block size (might improve reading performance) * optimized TS/m2ts demuxing performance * optimized MPEG2, VC-1 and h264 parsing performance * command line output is colored now (e.g. errors drawn in red) * MPEG2 1920x1088 bitstream is now automatically patched/cropped to 1920x1080 * log file now contains "" and "" indicators * workaround for movie playlists which want the same m2ts file played twice * added version check for eac3to (doh!) * when a read error occurs, reading is tried again up to 3 times * (E-)AC3 frames with -0db dialnorm are now automatically patched to -31db * updated to newer libAften build -> fixes 44.1khz encoding * fixed: sometimes "The last DTS frame is incomplete" was a false alarm * fixed: mkvtoolnix version check didn't work, anymore * fixed: errors were meant to be output to stderr, but they weren't * fixed: automatic gap/overlap fixing with AAC targets aborted processing * fixed: positive edit began a bit too early * fixed: two ID3 tags after each other made eac3to fail detecting the format * fixed: some VOB files were not detected properly v2.87 * fixed: negative edit was done too late (introduced in v2.86) v2.86 * fixed: "1:some.ac3" instead of "1: some.ac3" failed for 2 digit track numbers * fixed: "eac3to source movie.mkv" demuxed video instead of muxing to MKV * negative edit now begins at the specified runtime instead of ending there v2.85 * using "eac3to source video.h264" doesn't demux audio/subtitle tracks, anymore * using "eac3to source movie.*" demuxes video, audio and subtitle tracks * using "eac3to source 1: video.* 2: audio.*" demuxes the specified tracks * AC3 and E-AC3 dialnorm removal now uses "-31db" instead of "-0db" * workaround for DTS files where last byte is missing in each audio frame * fixed: v2.84 sometimes crashed when parsing HD DVD XML files * fixed: v2.84 sometimes chose incorrect XML file * fixed: v2.84 sometimes chose wrong m2ts playlist file * fixed: some actions were eventually applied twice when "-2pass" was used * fixed: AAC encoding quality "quality=0.0x" was passed to Nero as "0.x" v2.84 * fixed: 2nd pass gap removal was tried (and failed) for TrueHD+AC3 targets * fixed: processing aborted when trying to fix gaps in PCM destination files * fixed: more than one RAW/PCM overlaps resulted in lost sync (since v2.81) * fixed: demuxing TrueHD+AC3 stream by title number didn't renew the AC3 part * new option for removing or looping audio data, e.g. "-edit=0:20:47,-100ms" * title sorting criteria changed: resolution is more important than runtime * new option "-lowPriority" sets eac3to to background/idle priority * libav warnings are now assigned to the affected audio track * fixed: "lossless check failed" false alarms for seamless branching movies * fixed: spike removal filter was not active for the very last overlap/gap * improved muxing h264 streams which begin with double sequence headers * source files are now opened with "share read + write access" * destination files are now opened with "share read access" v2.83 * fixed: gap/overlap correction didn't work for FLAC and WAV files * fixed: when clipping was detected, 2nd pass was not always executed correctly v2.82 * fixed: sometimes eac3to stalled before processing (introduced in v2.81) v2.81 * audio gap/overlap fixing is now automatically done in a 2nd pass * option "-normalize" maximizes the volume of the audio data, needs 2 passes * audio clipping is detected and automatically removed in a 2nd pass * "-2pass" activates 2 pass mode (can speedup seamless branching processing) * superfluous zero bytes are now automatically removed in 2nd pass * "-phaseShift" shifts surround channel phase by 90?for DPL II downmixing * spike removal post processing filter now always produces 16bit samples * empty channels are now reported by the bitdepth analyzer as "no audio data" * option "-shutdown" shuts the PC down automatically after processing is done * the HD DVD XPL with the longest title is now loaded instead of VPLST000.XPL * eac3to can now open selected XPL files (e.g. "eac3to ADV_OBJ\VPLS002.XPL") * eac3to can now open selected mpls files (e.g. "eac3to PLAYLIST\00002.mpls") * fixed: TrueHD streams starting with a non-major header failed to decode * fixed: WAV files created by eac3to with empty channels had incorrect header * fixed: RAW/PCM gap/overlap remover sometimes didn't work correctly v2.80 * fixed: FLAC files with missing runtime information were not accepted * gone back to old VOB/EVO auto delay calculation method, more reliable for me * improved TS broadcast audio delay detection * added support for constant bitrate AAC encoding * added support for AAC encoding 0.00 and 1.00 quality v2.79 * improved m2ts file joining overlap detection (mainly for interlaced video) * vob/evo audio delay detection now uses "vobu start presentation time" * program streams which are neither VOB nor EVO are now reported as "MPG" * resampling is now automatically activated for AC3/DTS encoding, if necessary * "Mersenne Twister" random number generator is used for dithering now * zero padded DTS tracks are now displayed as such * fixed: 32bit PCM conversion to floating point was broken * fixed: with some (rare) movies first subtitle began after 50 minutes runtime * only plugins with the extension *.dll are loaded now v2.78 * fixed: h264 interlaced muxing to MKV could result in too long runtime * fixed: transcoding DTS-HD/E-AC3 core sometimes failed to work correctly * improved TS/m2ts audio delay detection * added filter to remove spikes when fixing gaps/overlaps in RAW/PCM audio * each eac3to instance has its own log file now * playlist output now also works with "-log" option * default bitrate for mono & stereo AC3 encodes lowered to 448kbps * default bitrate for mono & stereo DTS encodes lowered to 768kbps * it should be possible to handle TsSplitter splitted TS files via "+" now v2.77 * pcm/raw audio delay is now applied before resampling and fps change * parsing of command line with multiple sources files sometimes failed v2.76 * "-slowdown" now works to convert 24.000 movies to 23.976 * "-speedup" now works to convert 24.000 movies to 25.000 * option "-xx.xxx" (e.g. "-24.000") sets the FPS of the source track * option "-changeToXx.xxx" (e.g. "-changeTo23.976") changes video/audio FPS * modified FPS information is written to video bitstream (VC-1, MPEG2, h264) * demuxing with FPS change option now activates audio track transcoding * SSRC resampling parameters modified slightly to reduce steepness and ringing * fixed incorrect h264 movie slowdown gap/overlap complaints * fixed DTS-HD High Resolution bitrate calculation * dithering is now done differently per channel v2.75 * added (E-)AC3 5.1 "EX" detection * added (E-)AC3 2.0 "Surround" detection * added (E-)AC3 2.0 "Headphone" detection * NeroAacEnc is now fed with up to 32bit float (if available) * resampling option "-quality=low|high|ultra" not supported, anymore * new option "-fast" switches SSRC resampler to fast, but low quality mode * new option "-r8brain" forces use of r8brain resampler instead of SSRC * added support for AES3 PCM streams in TS container * started working on encoder plugin interface v2.74 * "-demux" failed to work for DTS-HD and "TrueHD/AC3" tracks in v2.73 * fixed: DTS-HD tracks could make processing abort at the very end of the movie v2.73 * changed TS demuxing logic to make the broken (!) new SkyHD broadcasts work * DTS core and "TrueHD/AC3" AC3 parameters are displayed separately now * when using "-core" option, eac3to now bases its decisions on core parameters * added WAV/W64/RF64 read/write support for 32bit PCM and 32/64 bit float * option "-full" allows WAV/W64/RF64 output to be native (default <= 24bit PCM) * Surcode DTS encoding is now done with up to 32bit float (if available) * Aften AC3 encoding is now done with up to 64bit float (if available) v2.72 * fixed: per channel bitdepth analyzation didn't work correctly v2.71 * fixed: v2.70 detected Blu-Rays as "TS" without chapters and track languages * fixed: TrueHD downmixing to 2.0 didn't work v2.70 * added floating point support to the complete audio processing chain * added gain functionality, e.g. "-3db" or "+1db" * bitdepth analyzation is now done separately for each channel * fixed: when decoding lossy audio with libav, peaks were clipped incorrectly * fixed: libav MP1/2/3 decoder output was cut down to 24bit * fixed: with some EVO sources the AC3 track was not listed * fixed: if no key frame was found, h264 track in m2(ts) was not listed * fixed: video/audio data before first PAT/PMT was discarded * Blu-Ray chapters now don't contain link points, anymore, unless necessary * added 10db boost to LFE channel, when "-down2" and "-mixlfe" are used * ArcSoft output can now be overwritten to "-2", "-6", "-7" or "-8" channels v2.69 * added high precision SSRC resampler * resampling "-quality" now allows "low", "high" (SSRC) or "ultra" (r8brain) * resampling quality now defaults to "high" (SSRC) * bitdepth is now analyzed separately for original vs. processed data * fixed: downmixing 16 bit DTS tracks to 5.1 or 2.0 didn't work * fixed: Sonic Decoder was incorrectly assumed to decode XXCh DTS files to 6.1 * for movies the Haali Muxer can't handle "-seekToIFrames" is suggested now v2.68 * fixed crash when transcoding Blu-Ray/HD DVD track to FLAC v2.67 * information about HDCD and real bitdepth is now stored into FLAC metadata * information about real bitdepth is now read from FLAC metadata * PTS break: PTS is increased by 1 frame (fixes some false overlap warnings) * fixed: video gap log text was sometimes not correct (runtime information) * added undocumented switch "-neroaacenc="c:\whatever\neroaacenc.exe"" * error log messages are now output to stderr instead of stdout * improved "which mkvtoolnix is currently installed?" check * fixed: mkvtoolnix version check "Oct" date was not interpreted correctly v2.66 * changed eac3to to allow AAC encoding with 7.1 channels (for new Nero encoder) * fixed AGM creation for files bigger than 4GB * added support for Nero's new AAC Encoder download URL * lowered volume of error/success sounds * when there are 2 similar playlists the one with less chapters is ignored now v2.65 * automatic channel remapping for 6.1 tracks with wrong channel mask * automatic channel remapping for ArcSoft DTS decoder 6.1 tracks * fixed: TrueHD -> Surcode encoding didn't work, anymore * fixed: MPEG2 + h264 video gap/overlap removal didn't work properly v2.64 * added channel mask reading support to Blu-Ray PCM track parser * added channel mask reading support to TrueHD parser * added channel mask reading & writing support to FLAC decoder / encoder * changed 5.x channel mask from $03x to $60x * changed 6.x channel mask from $13x to $70x * mono wavs output now creates correct names for some channel masks * when transcoding 6.1 sources to PCM, 7 channel doubling is activated now * fixed: DTS channelmask detection was incorrect for very strange configs * fixed: sometimes the h264 video stream of a Blu-Ray m2ts was not detected v2.63 * fixed: incorrect detection of 6.0 DTS tracks as 5.0 * fixed: incorrect libav DTS channel remapping for 6.x or 7.x tracks * fixed: incorrect ArcSoft DTS channel remapping for "6.0" and "2/2.1" tracks * fixed: v2.61+62 incorrectly decoded 16bit TrueHD tracks to 24bit FLAC/WAV/RAW * fixed: some DTSWAV files made HDCD decoder crash * fixed: DTSWAV and AC3WAV samplerate and bitdepth were reported incorrectly * improved DirectShow channel configuration reporting * undocumented option -progressnumbers now outputs "analyze:" and "process:" v2.62 * fixed: downmixing 16 bit 7.1 DTS tracks to 5.1 stopped working in v2.61 v2.61 * option "-no7doubling" is not supported anymore * option "-double7" added which upconverts 6.1 to 7.1 * added read/write support for Sony wave64 (*.w64) format * added read/write support for RF64 wave64 (*.rf64) format * added write support for AGM format * true bitdepth (e.g. 18 bits) is written to extensible wav header now * when reading 16/24 (true/storage) WAV files, zero bytes are stripped now * added HDCD detection for WAV and FLAC files * added HDCD detection for PCM tracks in VOB/EVO/m2ts containers * added HDCD decoder written by Christopher Key * added new option "-decodeHdcd" to decode HDCD information * HDCD track -> lossy format: HDCD decoding is automatically activated * when DTS-MA and TrueHD tracks are decoded, a check for HDCD is done * fixed some incorrect DTS channel masks * added automatic libav DTS channel remapping * added automatic ArcSoft DTS channel remapping * added channel map manipulation to make funny DTS tracks decode with Sonic * added channel map manipulation to make funny DTS tracks decode with ArcSoft * added channel volume modification to undo ArcSoft mono surround splitting * for TrueHD+AC3 creation AC3 delay and gap correction are disabled now * fixed: DTSWAV and DTSAC3 readers reported too long runtime * fixed: sometimes processing aborted with a "bitdepth reducer" complaint v2.60 * fixed: in v2.59 "-analyzeBitdepth" stopped working for Blu-Ray TrueHD tracks v2.59 * extension ".thd+ac3" is supported now to define destination format * TrueHD tracks without AC3 core can be converted to TrueHD/AC3 now * demuxing a single-part Blu-Ray title keeps the original "TrueHD/AC3" data * demuxing a multi-part Blu-Ray title automatically redoes the AC3 substream * added workaround for Blu-Ray playlists with multiple last "invalid" parts * fixed: "-check" didn't work for LPCM tracks v2.58 * h264 parser rewritten: framerate, pulldown etc is detected reliably now * h264 pulldown is automatically removed from progressive movie sources now * h264 pulldown removal can be disabled by using "-keepPulldown" * h264 muxing now fully supports streams with mixed 23.976 and 29.970 content * h264 1920x1088 bitstream is now automatically patched/cropped to 1920x1080 * h264 filler data is now already removed during demuxing * h264 sources with funny framerates (e.g. Luxe.tv HD) are patched to 25fps now * mixed video/movie h264 streams are now always muxed with 29.970 timestamps * speedup/slowdown now changes framerate information in the h264 bitstream * options "-24p", "-60i" and "-30p" are no longer supported * fixed Blu-Ray seamless branching subtitle remuxing * added workaround for Blu-Ray playlists with a last small "invalid" m2ts part * bitdepth analyzation is now done for decoded FLAC, WAV, PCM, DTS MA, too * bitrate is now also reported for FLAC, WAV and PCM tracks * when encoding AC3, DTS or AAC, the encoding bitrate is reported * fixed: v2.57 incorrectly decoded 16bit TrueHD tracks to 24bit FLAC/WAV/RAW * (M2)TS discontinuities before the first unit start are ignored now * new option "-progressnumbers" replaces progress bar with percentage numbers v2.57 * added automated support for Nero AAC command line encoder * added "quality=0.xx" (0.00 - 0.99) parameter to control AAC encoder quality * added Nero AAC encoder check to the "-test" list * "-test" checks whether a new Haali Matroska Muxer version is available * "-test" checks whether a new MkvToolnix release build is available * "-test" checks whether a new MkvToolnix beta build is available * "-test" checks whether a new Nero AAC encoder version is available * added TRP container support (TS files without PMT/PAT) * parameter "-extensible" is no longer supported (it's default now) * new parameter "-simple" can be used to disable the "-extensible" wav header * decoded TrueHD tracks: bitdepth is now automatically analyzed in more detail * option "-analyzeBitdepth" manually activates extended bitdepth analyzation * DVB subtitle tracks are listed now - can't be demuxed, though * option "-check" doesn't fail on DTS Express tracks, anymore v2.56 * fixed: processing aborted when a VC-1 sequence end code was found v2.55 * AAC bitstream parser added * AAC auto detection added * AAC bitstream delay added * AAC bitstream gap/overlap correction added * AAC decoding (Nero & Sonic) added * old MP2 parser now "officially" and properly supports MP1, MP2 and MP3 * MP3 decoding (libav & Nero) added * added support for MPEG Audio version 2 and version 2.5 * added (limited) support for ID3, APE and LYRICS tags in MP3 and AAC tracks * improved VOB/EVO audio delay detection algorithm * detection and automatic skipping of invalid vob units * options "-60i" and "-24p" are no longer supported for MPEG2 video * improved detection of MPEG2 framerate / pulldown state / mode * improved MPEG2 muxing warnings * several bugs in MPEG2 video muxing fixed * fixed interlaced VC-1 muxing with user data (Nine Inch Nails) v2.54 * VC-1 pulldown removal rewritten (comparable to vc1conv 0.4, but faster) * VC-1 pulldown removal is activated by default * VC-1 pulldown removal can be manually deactivated by "-keepPulldown" option * VC-1 pulldown removal is also available and activated when muxing to MKV now * fixed Blu-Ray subtitle demuxing for seamless branching movies * better task separation when doing multiple operations with an audio track v2.53 * Blu-Ray PGS subtitle demuxing support added * added support for EVO/VOB subtitles which begin very late in the file * MPEG2 video muxing doesn't rely on GOP headers, anymore * all (M2)TS discontinuities are now reported with exact file position * fixed: reading language information from TS files didn't work correctly v2.52 * fixed muxing of MPEG2 broadcasts where "temporal_reference" overruns * MPEG2 bitstream headers are now updated correctly when speedup is performed * MPEG2 bitstream headers are now updated correctly when slowdown is performed * MPEG2 bitstream headers are now updated correctly when pulldown is removed * pulldown removal is now automatically disabled for MPEG2 broadcasts * AC3WAV (SPDIF formatted) support added v2.51 * DTS Express bitstream parser added * DTS Express auto detection added * DTS Express bitstream delay added * DTS Express bitstream gap/overlap correction added * DTS Express decoding (Nero & ArcSoft) added * fixed: 6.1 -> 7.1 channel doubling resulted in wrong channel order * added (undocum.) option "-no7doubling" to disable 6.1 -> 7.1 channel doubling * DTS tracks with funny speaker settings are displayed as "7.1 (strange setup)" * warning is displayed when decoding "7.1 (strange setup)" tracks with ArcSoft v2.50 * ArcSoft DTS Decoder DLL is now directly accessed instead of using DirectShow v2.49 * DTS parser sets correct channel mask now * DTS-HD parser now properly detects format, channels and samplerate * added support for ArcSoft DTS(-HD) Decoder * added several tweaks to make ArcSoft Decoder behave correctly * added ArcSoft test to the "-test" processing * made ArcSoft Decoder default for DTS and DTS-HD decoding v2.48 * 96kHz LPCM tracks in (M2)TS and EVO/VOB containers didn't work correctly * "Applying (E-)AC3 delay" now only shows if the bitstream is actually modified * fixed crash in MP2 reader when checking some PCM tracks * added support for MLP formats 13 - 16 * improved/corrected MLP channel descriptions * MLP parser sets correct channel mask * added proper channel remaps for libav MLP decoding of "funny" channel formats * added proper channel remaps for Nero MLP decoding of "funny" channel formats * added proper channel remaps for Nero AC3 decoding of "funny" channel formats * when doubling 7th channel the channel mask is set correctly now * channel mask is corrected if a decoder doesn't output all channels * channel mask is corrected if channel downmixing is performed v2.47 * improved detection of AC3/DTS tracks in TS/M2TS container * added support for Blu-Ray style LPCM tracks in TS container * fixed 44.1kHz AC3 tracks * fixed crazy audio delay values when no video track was detected * sometimes video/audio tracks were not properly detected in (M2)TS container * MPEG2 demuxing/remuxing incorrectly output the first sequence headers twice * sequence end codes are removed when demuxing video now, too * MPEG2 pulldown removal is automatically activated only for EVO HD sources now * MPEG2 pulldown removal can be manually activated by using "-stripPulldown" * MPEG2 pulldown removal can be disabled by using "-keepPulldown" v2.46 * MPEG2 muxing now fully supports streams with mixed 23.976 and 29.970 content * mixed video/movie MPEG2 streams are now always muxed with 29.970 timestamps * if a movie MPEG2 stream goes video, processing is automatically restarted * MPEG2 pulldown is now automatically removed whenever an MPEG2 stream is read * new option "-keepPulldown" can be used to disable MPEG2 pulldown removal * corrected default WAV channel masks for 4.0, 6.1 and 7.1 * added proper channel remaps for libav AC3 decoding of "funny" channel formats * added general channel mask support * WAV parser reads channel mask from extensible header * (E-)AC3 parser sets correct channel mask v2.45 * Blu-Ray angles are now reported as separate titles * duplicate playlists are not listed in the "folder view", anymore * reduced TrueHD and RAW/PCM gap/overlap threshold to 7ms * reduced (E-)AC3 gap/overlap threshold to 60% of the runtime of one audio frame * reduced MP2 gap/overlap threshold to 60% of the runtime of one MP2 frame * reduced DTS threshold to 60% of the runtime of one DTS frame, but at least 7ms * fixed: Blu-Ray chapter export sometimes wrote incorrect "00:00:00.000" items * improved handling of MPEG2 streams (changes from interlaced to progressive) * video information now shows "with pulldown flags", if applicable * removed "-ignoreDiscon" from help; hint is shown when a discontinuity occurs * added "-ignoreEncrypt" option; hint is shown when a source is encrypted * new option "-extensible" creates WAV files with a slightly different header * fixed some smaller bugs v2.44 * libav is now automatically used when Nero/Sonic decoders are not working * gap/overlap correction of RAW/PCM tracks sometimes aborted * rerunning de/remuxing to correct gaps/overlaps ignored RAW/PCM tracks * "lossless check failed" messages are surpressed on join points now v2.43 * added automatic Blu-Ray playlist parsing * added support for multi part (e.g. seamless branching) Blu-Ray titles * audio gap/overlap detection rewrite completed * added audio gap/overlap correction functionality * added Blu-Ray chapter support * log lines are now prefixed with a track identifier * RAW/PCM delay is used instead of bitstream delay, if possible * fixed: video framecount was missing v2.42 * added support for 16bit DTSWAV files * fixed: Blu-Ray TrueHD support was broken v2.41 * added full MP2 (MPEG2 audio) support including decoding + bitstream delay * added TS/M2TS runtime detection * improved VOB/EVO runtime detection * added TrueHD gap/overlap detection * audio gap/overlap detection logic rewritten (not complete yet) * fixed: log file option didn't work correctly * fixed: some DTS tracks in PAL TS broadcasts weren't detected correctly * fixed: some E-AC3 tracks in PAL TS broadcasts weren't detected correctly v2.40 * video framecount is now also shown for TS/M2TS demuxing/remuxing * "-check" option added to check container for corruption * TS/M2TS: discontinuity check sometimes fired false alarms * HD DVD subtitle language/description was not always correct * title listing is only shown if there are at least 2 titles * if there is only one title, the title is automatically selected * TS/M2TS audio delay detection was broken * improved audio delay detection for broadcasts and badly mastered discs * TS/M2TS video demuxing could eventually add some invalid data * new option "log=c:\whatever\log.txt" specifies the log file path/name v2.39 * simple audio transcoding was broken v2.38 * fixed file path handling bug v2.37 * added HD DVD chapter support * added HD DVD subtitle demuxing support * added pre-freeze detection for Haali Matroska Muxer bug * invalid characters are removed from file names now * log file is copied to destination path (of first destination file) v2.36 * TS/M2TS: discontinuity is only checked for tracks which are de- or remuxed * TS/M2TS: "-demux" creates both a "thd" and an "ac3" file for "thd/ac3" tracks * TS/M2TS: "eac3to source.m2ts movie.mkv" transcodes "thd/ac3" tracks to FLAC * M2TS: track language is displayed (if the file "xxxxx.clpi" is available) * TS: track language is displayed (if the source file contains this info) * video gaps/overlaps in the last 5 seconds of the movie are ignored now v2.35 * fixed broken EVO support v2.34 * TS/M2TS: fixed PAT/PMT reading bug * TS/M2TS: new "-ignoreDiscon" option makes eac3to ignore discontinuity errors v2.33 * added full TS and M2TS support (file joining not supported yet, though) * further improved "-demux" file names * help text and HD DVD track listing is now also written to the log v2.32 * added automatic "VPLST000.XPL" and "HVA00001.VTI" parsing * "eac3to" or "eac3to ." inside of a HD DVD folder lists all title sets * "eac3to someHdDvdMovieFolder" lists all title sets * "eac3to someHdDvdMovieFolder whatever.mkv" converts the longest title set * "eac3to someHdDvdMovieFolder x) whatever.mkv" converts the selected title set * EVO report now contains the EVO display name (if "VPLST000.XPL" is available) * added language to EVO audio track listing (if "VPLST000.XPL" is available) * added EVO audio track display names (if "VPLST000.XPL" is available) * sequence end codes are stripped from VC-1, MPEG2 and h264/AVC * put "-stripPulldown" option back in on request * option "-demux" now writes to "current directory" instead of source directory * option "-demux" now creates files with meaningful names * doing "eac3to src.evo dst.mkv" now creates audio files with meaningful names * doing "eac3to src.evo dst.mkv" writes the audio files to same path as the MKV * after successful (erroneous) processing "success.wav" (error.wav) is played v2.31 * DTSWAV input support added * fixed bitstream delaying of 96khz DTS tracks * improved DTS runtime calculation * fixed DTS audio gap/overlap correction for strange DTS formats * fixed E-AC3 audio gap/overlap correction for strange bitrates * fixed incorrect MKV "default duration" when using "-24p" or "-30p" * fixed incorrect MKV "default duration" when using "-slowdown" or "-speedup" * improved support for "open bitrate" DTS files * slightly improved automatic (E-)AC3 delaying exactness v2.30 * fixed wrong MPEG2 framerate (bug introduced in v2.29) v2.29 * added automatic audio gap/overlap correction for (E-)AC3, DTS(-HD) and LPCM * options "-slowdown" and "-speedup" can now also be used for video muxing * added support for muxing of EVO's secondary video track to MKV * added "-24p", "-30p" and "-60i" options to overwrite detected h264 framerate * fixed some MPEG2 muxing problems * temporarily disabled "-stripPulldown" because vc1conv 0.3 is better v2.28 * new "-seekToIFrames" switch makes Basic Instinct (h264) muxing work v2.27 * fixed h264/AVC muxing crash with some movies (due to too high RAM usage) * fixed missing frames at the end of the movie when doing h264/AVC muxing * fixed non-working "eac3to -test" v2.26 * Haali Splitter replaced with internal splitter for EVO h264/AVC tracks * external raw h264/AVC tracks can now be muxed directly to Matroska * timestamps for h264/AVC MKV videos don't need to be rewritten, anymore * gaps/overlaps in h264/AVC track of EVO files are detected now * h264 aspect ratio is detected and written into MKV now * Haali Media Splitter is not being used at all, anymore * mkvtoolnix is not being used at all, anymore * added detection for MPEG2 interlaced -> progressive mode change * workaround for eacGui bug v2.25 * fixed MPEG2 muxing for interlaced content v2.24 * Haali Splitter replaced with internal splitter for EVO MPEG2 tracks * external raw MPEG2 tracks can now be muxed directly to Matroska * timestamps for MPEG2 MKV videos don't need to be rewritten, anymore * gaps/overlaps in MPEG2 track of EVO files are detected now * VC-1 and MPEG2 aspect ratios are detected and written into MKV now * fixed bug with "-down2" option v2.23 * fixed bug which made some DTS tracks appear dirty although they weren't * fixed extremely big gap detection with Fantastic Four 2 * fixed non cleaned up gaps file bug v2.22 * gap/overlap logic changed completely (optional two pass muxing now) * "-ignoreGaps" parameter is gone v2.21 * latest libav MLP/TrueHD decoder fixes "lossless check failed" bug * latest libav MLP/TrueHD decoder supports & decodes 7.1 TrueHD tracks * Matroska muxing speed dramatically improved * eac3to now detects and handles E-AC3 7.1 tracks correctly * option "-core" extracts 5.1 core from E-AC3 7.1 tracks * added support for small DTS files (< 300kb) v2.20 * changed VC-1 muxing method to fix problems with several movies, e.g. - Unforgiven - Phantom of the Opera - Million Dollar Baby - Fantastic Four 2 * fps value is now also added to MKV header when muxing raw VC-1 stream * added new "-skip" option to skip corruption in the beginning of an EVO file * added extra handling which fixes some EVO authoring bugs v2.19 * fixed h264 bitstream parsing of framerate information format * fixed (again) muxing of some rare VC-1 titles like e.g. POTO USA v2.18 * fixed bug which stopped eac3to v2.15-17 from working on some PCs * fixed h264 bitstream parsing bug (Sum of all Fears) * fps value is added to MKV header now * relaxed VC-1 gap detection once more * TrueHD decoding to stdout fixed (always output as 24 bit now) v2.17 * fixed VC-1 pulldown removal * VC-1 pulldown removal must now be activated by the new option "-stripPulldown" * improved VC-1 gap/overlap detection * new option "-ignoreGaps" disables VC-1 gap/overlap detection * libav E-AC3 decoder background decoding removed again v2.16 * fixed "eac3to -test" crash * fixed "eac3to some.ddp some.wav" crash * made video gap/overlap detection a little more relaxed * WAV header is initialized to 4GB instead of 0GB (for stdout) * fixed incorrect "primary/secondary" text v2.15 * Haali Splitter replaced with internal splitter for EVO VC-1 tracks * external raw VC-1 tracks can now be muxed directly to Matroska * timestamps for VC-1 MKV videos don't need to be rewritten, anymore * some problematic VC-1 movies should mux fine to MKV now (e.g. POTO USA) * gaps/overlaps in VC-1 track of EVO files are detected and displayed now * pulldown can be removed from external raw VC-1 tracks now * pulldown is automatically removed when demuxing EVO VC-1 tracks now * updated to the latest revision of the libav E-AC3 decoder * some minor changes and bugfixes v2.14 * libav TrueHD decoder "end of stream" bug should be fixed now * fixed libav DTS decoder - subwoofer channels is properly decoded now, too * patched libav DTS decoder to output full 24 bit * updated to the latest revision of the libav E-AC3 decoder * when decoding E-AC3 with Nero, libav decoding is also executed at the same time v2.13 * added option to downmix multi channel audio to stereo * added support for VC-1 custom aspect ratios * added stdout output support v2.12 (thanks to Ron/drmpeg for all his help) * video resolution, framerate and mode (progressive/interlaced) are displayed * rewriting timestamps should now always write the correct framerate * after a full EVO/VOB processing the number of video frames is shown * EVO 16 bit and 24 bit LPCM demuxing supported now (need samples for 20 bit) * (E-)AC3 bitstream can be delayed now (similar to delaycut) * DTS bitstream can be delayed now (similar to delaycut) * DTS-HD High-Res and Master Audio bitstream can be delayed now * when demuxing bitstream audio tracks from EVO delay is automatically applied * some little bugs fixed v2.11 * libav E-AC3 decoding is without DRC now * libav AC3 decoding added (without DRC) * libav E-AC3 and AC3 decoding hacked to return full 24 bit * fixed: delay was not applied for lossless audio tracks * fixed crash when parsing PCM files without doing any conversion * TrueHD dialnorm was displayed incorrectly * changed 23.976 to 24/1.001 * fixed some more minor bugs v2.10 * fixed crash which occurred when doing "EVO/VOB -> Surcode DTS encoding" * "eac3to source.evo movie.mkv" syntax replaces "-auto" option * "eac3to 1.evo+2.evo movie.evo" syntax supported now for simple EVO/VOB joining v2.09 * EVO demuxing added with proper delays for all audio tracks * EVO file joining/rebuilding added * automated EVO video remuxing (Matroska) added * automated rewriting of Matroska timestamps to 24p via mkvtoolnix added * multiple operations on the source file can now be run at the same time * switch "-test" tests all external DirectShow filters and tools * latest ffmpeg/libav TrueHD and E-AC3 decoder patches included * latest libAften build included * libav TrueHD decoder is now the default decoder for TrueHD/MLP * support for libav DTS decoding added * fixed a whole lot of bugs (and might have added a few new ones) v2.08 * fixed: bitdepth reducer sometimes crashed when being fed a PCM file * fixed: FLAC encoder sometimes crashed when delay was applied * fixed: some TrueHD files were dithered/processed by Nero when they shouldn't * fixed: Surcode 1.0.29 encoding automation * fixed: source file was deleted when source and dest file names were identical * eac3to output is now always written to "log.txt" * when a crash occurs, "log.txt" is added to the bug report * improved help text + hints slightly * undocumented switch "-check16bit" added * undocumented switch "-mono" added v2.07 * fixed libAV MLP decoding support * added automatic MLP ID20 channel remapping * Surcode 1.0.29 (or newer) home directory detection added v2.06 * doing FLAC -> FLAC now copies metadata from source to destination file * MLP files are correctly decoded now (by both Nero and libav/ffmpeg) * runtime for padded DTS files is shown correctly now v2.05 * added support for libav/ffmpeg decoding of TrueHD/MLP and E-AC3 * added "-libav" switch to force libav decoding v2.04 * don't need dtsac3source.ax, anymore * don't need Nero Splitter, anymore * don't need Sonic HD Demuxer, anymore * replaced hacked DirectShow feeding with a cleaner approach * added support for DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 tracks (only 5.1 decoding) * little performance boost for PAL speedup/down on DualCore CPUs * fixed some bugs v2.03 * new "-debug" switch added v2.02 * fixed: automatic registering of the dtsac3source filter crashed v2.01 * fixed: AC3 encoding sometimes crashed when being fed 24 bit audio data * fixed: AC3 encoded files were invalid when being fed 24 bit audio data * eac3toGUI didn't work with eac3to v2.0 * "eac3to source.ac3 dest.ac3 -slowdown" didn't do anything useful * when a crash occurs, the bug report is automatically copied to clipboard now * some minor cosmetic improvements v2.00 totally new features * AC3 decoding support (Nero's decoder without DRC/dialnorm) * resampling to 44.1/48/96 kHz (by using "r8brain") * apply/reverse PAL speedup (by using "r8brain") * "eac3to sourceFile" will print out source file details strongly enhanced features * dramatically improved performance (no intermediate files, anymore!) * proper 6.1/7.1 downmixing to 5.1 instead of just dropping the back surround channels * RAW/PCM file detection now auto detects channels, bitdepth and endian * WAV is now fully supported as source file format * destination file extension "PCM" creates Blu-Ray style LPCM tracks * bitdepth can be reduced to anything between 14 bits and 23 bits DTS related improvements/changes * DTS-96/24 support added * "open bitrate" support added * strange channel configuration support added * removal of zero padding from DTS files added * eac3to can fix broken DTS-ES files (they decode to 5.1 instead of 6.1 without the fix) * dialog normalization can be removed without removing the additional DTS-HD data now * core extraction must be specifically asked for now (see "-core" switch) AC3 related improvements * did I mention that eac3to can decode AC3 now? * strange channel configuration support added TrueHD related improvements * delay problem (hopefully) solved * fixed: sometimes some audio data in the middle of a track was lost * TrueHD/AC3 interweaved file can be stripped to TrueHD only now various minor improvements/changes * progress bar added * eac3to detects file format independently of file extension * multiple input files can be treated as one big file * "sox" is not needed, anymore * "dump" filter not needed, anymore * "aften.exe" replaced by "libAften.dll" * "flac.exe" replaced by "libFlac.dll" * DTS/DD+/AC3 source filter ships with eac3to now * 8bit support added * crash analyzer and bug reporting added v1.23 * bugfix: sometimes TrueHD decoding resulted in incorrect sampling rate v1.22 * 6.1 -> 7.1 channel doubling was sometimes incorrectly skipped * OS speaker settings now don't have to be 7.1, anymore * added detection of 5.1 output when 6.1 was expected * DTS and DTS-ES files are now forcefully patched to 24 bit by eac3to (workaround for Sonic decoder) * Sonic Audio Decoder is now always used by default for DTS decoding v1.21 * bugfix: 2 channel DTS files were not accepted * added: DTS-ES 6.1 support * added: DTS-HD High Resolution Matrix 5.1 support * added: DTS-HD Master Audio 6.1 support v1.20 * bugfix: some Blu-Ray TrueHD tracks were not accepted * change: eac3to output text slightly improved v1.19 * bugfix: still some TrueHD files were not accepted ("The source file format is unknown") * added: FLAC supported as source/input file format now * added: full delay functionality v1.18 * bugfix: some TrueHD files were not accepted ("The source file format is unknown") * change: EVO files are not accepted as source files, anymore * added: detection and repacking of 16 bit TrueHD tracks * added: proper detection of "DTS-HD Master Audio" and "DTS-HD High Resolution" tracks * added: runtime information for "DTS-HD High Resolution" tracks * bugfix: bitrate information for "DTS-HD High Resolution" tracks * added: decoding of "DTS-HD Master Audio" tracks (Sonic) * added: decoding of "DTS-HD High Resolution" tracks (Sonic) * added: decoding of conventional DTS tracks (Sonic/Nero) v1.17 * TrueHD dialog normalization removal added v1.16 * added decoding support for Blu-Ray TrueHD files v1.15 * bugfixes v1.14 * DTS dialog normalization can be removed now * DTS core can be extracted from DTS-HD track now v1.13 * "eac3to src.ac3 dst.ac3" removes dialog normalization from AC3 files * "eac3to src.eac3 dst.eac3" removes dialog normalization from E-AC3 files * "eac3to src.thd dst.ac3" extracts the AC3 frames from a Blu-Ray TrueHD track and removes dialog normalization v1.12 * tools "flac.exe", "aften.exe" and "sox.exe" are now distributed in the eac3to zip * correct channel mapping for 7.1 LPCM tracks is default now * new option "-down6" allows downconverting of 7.1 tracks to 5.1 * modded "flac.exe" ships with eac3to now, which has no problems with 2GB file output, anymore v1.11 * bugfix: (L)PCM -> DTS encoding automation failed when source and destination folders differed * added: new "-allowDnr" switch allows Nero's audio decoder to apply DNR * added: new "-keepDialnorm" switch disables removal of E-AC3 dialnorm information v1.10 * E-AC3 dialog normalization detection and removal * DRC turned off for Nero E-AC3 decoder * Surcode automation improved * Nero is now the default E-AC3 and TrueHD decoder * the flag "/nero" is no more * there is a flag "/sonic" now to force the use of the Sonic filters v1.09 * multi channel mono wav output added * automated SurCode DTS encoding added * 24bit PCM handling works now (was buggy before) * "-blu-ray" option removed * with PCM input files "bigendian" is default now * with 5.1 PCM input blu-ray style channel remapping is default now * switches "-16" and "-24" are valid for both TrueHD and PCM input now * eac3to now creates the WAV files on its own instead of using sox * target extension ".wavs" results in one mono wav for each channel being created * SurCode DVD DTS encoding automation added * new options "-768" and "-1536" for DTS encoding * TrueHD output is not downconverted to 16bit by default, anymore * new option "-down16" downconverts the raw data from 24 -> 16 bit (not limited to TrueHD input) v1.08 * added PCM input support * automatic detection of PCM bitdepth added (16bit or 24bit) * "-blu-ray" switch remaps PCM channels correctly v1.07 * added "-8" switch for 8 channel support v1.06 * mono E-AC3 support added v1.05 * support for 5.1 TrueHD audio tracks added v1.04 * E-AC3 files bigger than 4GB are supported now v1.03 * AC3 files bigger than 2GB are supported now v1.02 * FLAC encoding works now without any input/output size limits v1.01 * support for FLAC encoding added * bitrate can be specified via command line parameter * ffdshow removed from the filter chain * "ddp" and "ec3" file extensions are accepted now, too * fix: "dd+" file extension didn't work correctly. v1.00 * initial release * can convert a 2.0 or 5.1 channel E-AC3 file to AC3.
Re:CCNA_CCNP 思科网络认证 PAT NAT 端口或地址转换 与端口映射======================# 本章课程大纲        公网地址和私网地址        NAT应用场景        静态NAT  :static  地址转换        动态NAT  :dynamic地址转换        PAT        :端口地址转换        端口映射 :port map        在Windows上同时实现的NAT和端口映射 # 私网地址三类 A类:                      网段) B类: -网段) C类:网段) # NAT 的使用场景        NAT的最初的目的是允许把私有IP地址映射到公网地址,以减缓IP地址空间的消耗。        当一个组织更换它的互联网服务提供商ISP,但不想更改内网配置方案时,NAT同样很有用途。        以下是适于使用NAT的多种情况:         企业内网接入Internet节省公网地址         单向访问         大方向:内网访问互联网(互联网上主机不能够访问内网主机)         小方向:同单位实现两个网段之间单向访问(涉密部门能够访问其他部门,反之不可)         增加一个网段          避免在主干路由器增加到这个网段的路由         在Windows上实现的NAT和端口映射 # 网络地址转换的类型        下面介绍一下NAT的三种类型。         静态NAT 是为了在私网地址和公网地址间,允许一对一映射而设计的。         或者IPv4和IPv6之间的转换(典型)         不节省公网地址,故公网地址的利用效率不高,         无任何安全性,外网可以通过公网地址直接攻击内网主机,好像只增加路由器的工作         适用场景类似代理,可以较方便的更换主机,而无需修改路由器的配置         故应用不够广泛...         动态NAT 可以实现映射一个未注册 IP地址到注册IP地址池中的一个注册IP地址。         多对一,或多对多         比较PAT优势:避免被误认为攻击而被封ip地址         不太节省地址,应用不广泛         复用是最流行的NAT配置类型,也被称为端口地址映射(PAT)。         通过使用PAT,可实现上千个用户仅通过一个真实的全球 IP地址连接到Internet。         缺点:增加延迟,消耗路由器性能 # 端口映射(port mapping) 允许Internet上的计算机通过企业路由器的公网IP地址访问到内网的服务器------------------------------------------------         



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