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PN7160 is an NFC controller designed for integration in mobile devices and devices compliant with NFC
standards (NFC Forum, NCI).
PN7160 is designed based on experience from previous NXP NFC device generation to ease the integration of
NFC technology in mobile devices by providing:
• A low PCB footprint and a reduced external Bill of Material
• An optimized architecture for low-power consumption in different modes (Standby, low-power polling loop)
• A highly efficient integrated power management unit allowing direct supply from an extended battery supply
range (2.8 V to 5.5 V).
• Support of an external DC-to-DC like NXP PCA941xA (with x = 0, 1 and 2), to provide more output power.
PN7160 embeds a new generation RF contactless front-end, supporting various transmission modes according
to NFCIP-1 (see Ref. [9]) and NFCIP-2 (see Ref. [11]), ISO/IEC14443 (see Ref. [3]) , ISO/IEC 15693 (see Ref.
[10]), MIFARE and FeliCa specifications. This new contactless front-end design brings a major performance
step-up with on one hand a higher sensitivity and on the other hand the capability to work in active load
modulation communication enabling the support of small antenna form factor. It also allows to provide a higher
output power by supplying the transmitter output stage from 2.7 V to 5.25 V.
• Enhanced Dynamic LMA (DLMA) to optimize and to enhance load modulation amplitude depending on
external field strength. It allows higher range communication distance in card mode.
• Independent LMA phase adjustment by step of 5° for type A, B and F
• Dynamic power control which allows to make use of the maximum power in reader mode without exceeding
the maximum power allowed by the standard in 0 distance.
• Card mode receiver sensitivity of 20 mV(p-p)
• Support of single ended receiver
• 1.3 W output transmitter power
Supported transmission modes are listed in Figure 1. For contactless card functionality, the PN7160 can act
autonomously if previously configured by the host in such a manner. PICC functionality can be supported
without host being turned on.

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