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Tutorial >> Setting Up the Sample Application
Tutorial >> Setting Up the Sample Application

Instructions to get the Tasian Sample Applications running on your computer.

If you do not have Java 2 and a Servlet 2.2 (or later) container installed:

Download and install the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition from Sun's Web site: Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition Home Page.

Download and install Jakarta Tomcat version 4.0.1 (or later) from the Apache Jakarta Project Web site: Jakarta Download Page. This Servlet container is recommended because it is very easy to install.
Once Java 2 and a Servlet 2.2 (or later) container are installed on your computer:

Download an Tasian binary package if you have not previously done so from the download page.

Extract the compressed Tasian binary package.

Deploy the file "TestCase.war" in the "tutorial" directory to the Servlet container. If Jakarta Tomcat is being used as the Servlet container, simply copy the "TestCase.war" file into Jakarta Tomcat's "webapps" directory to accomplish this step.

Start the Servlet container or restart it if it is already running.

In a web browser, open the URI http://localhost:8080/TestCase/tasian. This URI will only work if your server is running on localhost on port 8080. If it is not, you will need to modify the URI to reflect your server's hostname and/or port number. The above URI should work correctly if a default installation of Jakarta Tomcat was done. If a MDI Window appear in your browser window, the sample applications have been correctly installed.

If you are having trouble, please send us a note to supporter. Please let us know what Servlet container, Java Runtime Environment, and operating system you are using in your message. If you are having trouble with a Servlet container other than Jakarta Tomcat, we do recommend that you try to get things working on Jakarta Tomcat first if possible, although we are willing to help you get Tasian working on whatever platform you choose.

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