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how can I show the correct word? [问题点数:100分,结帖人gdy1039]

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can't set the locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct
can't set the locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct To close off this issue and for future problems: Code: sudo localedef -i lang-f /path/to/charmap lang where la
Tri Tiling(递归) Description In how many wayscan you tile a 3xn rectangle with 2x1 dominoes? Here is a sample tiling of a3x12 rectangle.    Input Input consistsof several test cases followed by
jboss原理-4(injection and ioc).docx
In this article, I will show how you can apply different DI concepts with the help of the JBoss Microcontainer. These concepts will be expressed via XML code (-beans.xml files), but you can also apply most of these features using annotations
1 Apologizing does not always mean that you’re wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego. 道歉不一定代表你错了而对方是对的,只是你认为这段关系,比你的尊严重要。 2 If someon
《What can I hold you with?我要用什么留住你》(博尔赫斯)
What can I hold you with?【阿根廷】Jorge Luis Borges(博尔赫斯) about the poet:豪尔赫·路易斯·博尔赫斯(Jorge Luis Borges, 1899-1986),阿根廷诗人、作家,跟聂鲁达、帕斯齐名的拉美三大诗人之一。代表作有:短篇小说集《恶棍列传》《虚构集》《沙之书》;诗集《深沉的玫瑰》《雨》;等等。 What can I hold y
can't read model: number of return field is not correct
系统里装的是libsvm3.17,下载的一个场景字符识别程序没有标明用的是哪个版本的libsvm。运行程序出现“can't read model: number of return field is not correct”。错误在  “[pl,ac,py]=svmpredict(zeros(size(x,1),1),x,clf{3},'-b 0');”这一行里 之前一直无法解决。在熟悉了解了l
my doc demo show, you can see the doc-view how to develop
Open Watcom manual 1.5.zip 官方PDF文档,带目录标签
Open Watcom manual 1.5.zip 官方PDF文档,已经添加目录标签,包含内容: cguide.pdf Open Watcom C/C++ User’s Guide cguideq.pdf Open Watcom C/C++ Compiler and Tools User’s Guide for QNX 3rd Edition clib.pdf Watcom C Library Reference Volume 1 clr.pdf Open Watcom C Language Reference cpplib.pdf Open Watcom C++ Class Library Reference cw.pdf Open Watcom CauseWay User’s Guide lguide.pdf Open Watcom Linker User’s Guide First Edition pguide.pdf Open Watcom C/C++ Programmer’s Guide tools.pdf Open Watcom C/C++ Tools User’s Guide First Edition wd.pdf Open Watcom Debugger User’s Guide vi.pdf Open Watcom Vi Editor Reference and User’s Guide Watcom使用简明 在Watcom安装目录下有三个程序目录 binnt/binp/binw,对应了 Windows NT/XP、OS2、MSDOS 和 Windows 3.x/9x等系统。当前系统为 Windows 7,使用 binnt 目录下的命令工具,各工具介绍: batserv.exe Batch Server wcc.exe C16 Optimizing Compiler cl.exe C/C++ CL Clone for 386 wcc386.exe C32 Optimizing Compiler ctags.exe CTAGS Utility wcl.exe C/C++16 Compile and Link Utility cvpack.exe CV4 Symbolic Compactor wcl386.exe C/C++32 Compile and Link Utility cvtres.exe C/C++ CVTRES Clone for 386 wd.exe Debugger dbginst.exe Debuger Driver Install wddespy.exe DDE Spy for Windows NT dmpobj.exe OMF Dump Utility wde.exe Dialog Editor for Windows NT drwatcom.exe Dr. Watcom for Windows NT wdis.exe Multi-processor Disassembler fcenable.exe Far Call Optimization Enabling wdw.exe Watcom Debuger ide.exe IDE wfc.exe FORTRAN 77/16 Optimizing Compiler lib.exe C/C++ LIB Clone for 386 wfc386.exe FORTRAN 77/32 Optimizing Compiler lib386.exe C/C++ LIB Clone for 386 wfl.exe F77/16 Compile and Link Utility link.exe C/C++ LINK Clone for 386 wfl386.exe F77/32 Compile and Link Utility link386.exe C/C++ LINK Clone for 386 wimgedit.exe Image Editor mkcdpg.exe WRC Code Page Generator wlib.exe Open Watcom Library Manager ms2wlink.exe Convert MS Response Files Files wlink.exe Open Watcom Linker nmake.exe C/C++ NMAKE Clone for 386 wmake.exe Open Watcom Make novserv.exe Novell Remote Debug Server wpp.exe C++16 Optimizing Compiler parserv.exe Parallel Remote Debug Server wpp386.exe C++32 Optimizing Compiler rc.exe C/C++ RC Clone for 386 wprof.exe Excution Profiler serserv.exe Serial Debug Server wrc.exe Windows Resource Compiler tcpserv.exe TCP/IP Debuger Server wre.exe Windows Resource Editor vi.exe VI Editor wsample.exe Execution Sampler viw.exe VI Editor for Windows wspy.exe Open Watcom Spy w32run.exe wstrip.exe Executable Strip Utility wasm.exe Open Watcom Assembler wtouch.exe Touch Utility wbind.exe Win386 Bind Utility wbrg.exe Browsing Information Merger wbrw.exe Source Browser
The nobel table can be used to practice more SUM and COUNT functions.
解决 `manpath: can't set the locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct`
解决 manpath: can't set the locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct 问题 When login in, the shell prints: manpath: can't set the locale; make sure $LC_* and $LANG are correct 解决 sudo lo...