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The Aim of This AssignmentDesign a Bobing Software Prototype
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Demand Analysis

PSP Form

Prototype Display

Photo of the Working Experience 


Demand Analysis

        What is a “NABCD” model? “NABCD” model consists of the first letter of five words: need, approach, benefit, competitors and delivery. These five parts are a significant way to summarize the characteristics of the project. Therefore, NABCD model can conduct demand analysis on customer need.


        Brother Dong held a Mid-Autumn Festival event (Bobing) in the laboratory yesterday, but there is a situation that the rules need to be manually determined, the dice equipment is not complete, and remote students cannot participate during the period of epidemic prevention and control.

  • Functional Requirements

    1.The number of participants can be one or more.
    2.The results can be determined automatically.
    3.It can be a stand-alone version or a network format.


  • User Interface Requirements


  1. Lively and generous in response to the scene.
  2. Six dices shake randomly to produce results.
  3. The process of this interface should be logically clear, easy for users to understand and use, and conform to the usage habits of mainstream people.
  4. Beautiful design which means that UI design specifications are unified, beautiful and exquisite.


  • Who needs this software?


  1. The one who cannot participate in this game offline due to some reasons like COVID-19 or not present in Fujian Province.
  2. The one who wants to kill time and try something new.
  3. The local but there are no other companions around him during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  4. The one who wants to know about this game through playing by himself.
  • Approach
  1. Use Wechat applets to satisfy the need that six dices can shake randomly in a porcelain bowl and results can be determined automatically.
  2. Allow users to make two choices: single player game and multiple players’ game.
  3. Allow users to create a room or enter a room to play Bobing.
  • UML

This is our start page.

 This is the game instruction part in which there is a score which is used to make a ranking.

 This is the result of this game.

 This is the basic information of users.


  1. The platform of Wechat applets not only improves the efficiency of playing this game, but also publicizes the custom of Bobing.
  2. There is no need to download the specific APP.
  3. The huge Wechat user base can become players of this game.
  4. It minimizes the time of users to know about the rules.


        We compare with two Wechat applets.

This one is so simple that it can only satisfy one person’s need.

This one is too complex because it contains many other useless functions. It may satisfy other users’ need, but not mine.


  1. To spread this applet, we depend on our teachers and classmates.
  2. It is a game based on Wechat, we may spread it with the help of Wechat platform.

PSP Form

Personal Software Process StagesEstimated time(mins)Real Time(mins)
Design Spec6060
Design Review55
Coding Standard--
Code Review--
Test Report6060
Postmortem & Process Improvement Plan· 3030

Prototype Display

        We use Ink Knives as our dedicated prototype model design tool. And the link of our prototype is Our Prototype.

Photo of the Working Experience 


This assignment is to let us design the prototype, get the topic is very confused, because before completely no contact with this aspect of the software. This is the operation let me contact prototype development and ink knife this software use, in the process of creating prototype step by step learning, groping, from the initial simple interface design to later dynamic interaction, is the process of continuous progress, in the end, see the finished product, the sense of achievement is born. In short, this assignment, for me is very meaningful, the process is very pleasant, the harvest is very rich. But there are still shortcomings, such as the tone of the interface is not very beautiful, the function has not been fully implemented and so on. I will continue to work hard, continue to learn, better complete each assignment. Or the phrase, "I can do all thing".

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