EE308 Lab6 Team Presentation and Topic Selection Report

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The Aim of This Assignment<Project Presentation && Selected Topic Report>
Team name就要满绩
Teamleader's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19103662 && 831902222
Teammate1's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19105665 && 831902229
Teammate2's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19105703 && 831902221
Teammate3's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19103557 && 831902230
Teammate4's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19105860 && 831902226


I. Description and Planning of The Team Project

Main tool:wxml,wxss,JavaScript

First, I'll take a quick look at our applet. This small program was designed primarily for GitHub, an open source platform popular with young people and programmer.


Nowadays, the pace of people's life is getting faster and faster, and fragmented learning is becoming more and more popular. People advocate getting more information in the shortest possible time. In the field of programming learning and application, the open source and drainage of relevant code and knowledge information is very important. The main goal of our wechat mini program is to build a more efficient and convenient window for users to access information from the open source community. So we modeled this application. The small program will push the current popular posts or GitHub selected content through screening, and the system will recommend more posts of the same type according to the user's preferences.
In addition, we are going to add code exercises to the program. Add game exercises after every post and content to help users strengthen learning and memory.


II.Innovation Points

1.Our small program is still about convenience. Through the advantages of the small program itself to reduce the economic cost of obtaining information, time cost. In addition, the nature of the phone itself also determines that our small program can reduce the PC and environment requirements, you can even sit on the toilet to browse the need for posts and information. At present, mobile phones accompany users for much more time than computers.
2.Another novel feature of our mini-program is real-time practice. This function can assist users in learning and help them understand and digest information and knowledge.


III.Introduction of Each Team Member

1.Team Leader: Jiaxin Li


Student Number: 19103662 && 831902222
Personal Character: He has a very cheerful and sunny personality and is kind to all people.
Good at technology: He is good at writing PPT and sharing jokes.
Hobbies and Interests: He likes watching live broadcasts and listening to music, and is interested in everything new.

2.Team Member: Bowen Wang


Student Number: 19105665 && 831902229
Personal Character: He has a very cheerful and positive personality and is the only non-single person in the group.
Good at technology: Computer coding.
Hobbies and Interests: He likes playing basketball. He also likes playing guitar and singing.

3.Team Member: Zichao Hong


Student Number: 19105703 && 831902221
Personal Character: He doesn't talk hard. He's like a legend.
Good at technology: He is good at almost everything about computers.
Hobbies and Interests: He likes movies and games, and he loves computer knowledge.

4.Team Member: Xiao Zheng


Student Number: 19103557 && 831902230
Personal Character: He regards the guitar as his life and likes to share his musical experience.
Good at technology: Back-end computer coding.
Hobbies and Interests: He likes to share his music and ride his bike.

5.Team Member: Heng Zhang


Student Number: 19105860 && 831902226
Personal Character: I am very sunny and positive.
Good at technology: I am good at football,singing and blogs.
Hobbies and Interests: I like playing foottball. He also likes music.


IV.Team Working Photo


V.Hope in The Future

We hope to build on what we already have on this blog and make it profitable in the future.

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