EE308 Lab6 Team Presentation and Topic Selection Report

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EE308 Lab6 Team Presentation and Topic Selection Report


The Link Your Class
The Link of Requirement of This Assignment
The Aim of This AssignmentProject Presentation + Selected Topic Report
Team's Nameold eightのhome
MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19104774 & 831901326
My teammate1's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19104898 & 831902212
My teammate2's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID191043596 & 831902113
My teammate3's MU STU ID and FZU STU ID19104596 & 831901327


 PSP Form

Personal Software Process StagesEstimated Time/minutesCompleted Time/minutes
Design Spec90100
Test Report6080


People Introduction

TEAM LEADER : Xiaolong Zhou

Member character : earnest

Good at technology : java,c++

Hobbies and interests : playing basketball

The expected soft worker role : leader

MEMBER 1 :  Yihan Huang

Member character : diligent

Good at technology :  Python Java, Mysql

Hobbies and interests :  coding

The expected soft worker role : back end / front end

MEMBER 2 : Chenming Liu

Member character : dare to innovate

Good at technology : java

Hobbies and interests : playing games

The expected soft worker role : front end

MEMBER 3 : Le Zhang

Member character : down-to-earth

Good at technology : C++, unity

Hobbies and interests : bodybuilding, watch movies

The expected soft worker role : front end


Specific planning and description of project

We wanted to create an app that would help newcomers learn about open source software.It will have four parts

1Stay on top of the news

Keep users up to date with the latest news about open source.The news section is divided into the latest news and comprehensive information.It also adds to the list of top stories.The topics we chose were good for research, access, and use of open source information.

2.About Open source software

Ranking open source software, testing hot open source software, tutorials, etc.This is a great help for beginners in choosing the right open source software. And the topics we chose were helpful in integrating open source information and generalizing open source projects.

3.Technical interpretation

Through the current popular open source project’s technical interpretation, lets the user fully study the open source knowledge.The topics we chose helped users learn about the open source world and conduct research and learning on open source.

4.Customer Exchange Center

Users can write down their own understanding and comments on open source projects here.

The software we design uses the appropriate technology to solve the problem according to the characteristics of the product.In terms of user experience, we will design simple flat language, simple browsing means and visual presentation to make the user have a good experience.

Group Photo

not yet

The team's vision

We hope our small program will help many beginners who want to learn about open source software but don't know how to do it.

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