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The Link of Requirement of This Assignmenthttps://bbs.csdn.net/topics/603251839
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 1.link to the sprint plan blog

the sprint plan bloghttps://blog.csdn.net/A112035/article/details/121385677

2.the sprint log collection blog

the sprint log collection bloghttps://bbs.csdn.net/topics/603446165

3.the expected plan of the project

Our expected plan is to enable users to successfully use wechat login function, search function, location function, team function and project planning function.At the same time, it is better to realize the search engine about CSDN and GitHub, as well as other function in the user social module.

It is worth to mention that, since we proposed a magnitude project we plan to devide the project to three stage. Currently, in this seven days, we hope to finished most of functions expect message and searching function. Since there all have lots of limitations in implementation aspect with using Wechat cloud development. We also plan to use Jump external link in team community part which can make our  Workload and Difficulty more reasonable in this week

4.Realistic progress of the project

Day1Create a GitHub library and discussion division
Day2Create learning page, beginner page and map page
Day3Create the personal page and upload the map page.
Day4Database about user information, location and subscription
Day5Create fundamental team project and projects page.
Day6Modify the team project and database
Day7Do some art design about beginner page and project page

The rudimentary stage of this project has been implemented basically. Although there is still some back-end and database function needing modify and process. Since we all spent quite unreasonable time in this week, I think it dose not matter about the rest part that we have not finish or modified.

5.Process experience of each member

Huijuan Ma:

In these days, I realize how hard it is to be a software developper and I am tired about communication as the project manager, which is really an important part in the development of a project. I think it is very hard to unite everyone especially when it is a busy period. It is fair to say that I need to be more patient and stronger to face challenge. To be honest, I can still achieve pleasure during programming, but it will be better if it is not so pressured.

Chenhao Wu:

The majority part of this project I have done is the team and its relative community, During this week, the most of  difficult part is the complex interface functions. It lead to a significant different in learning and building front and back end and database of this part. if there would had a chance I will take more careful on evaluate the Workload and Difficulty in development. And It's better for you to give up when you have to.

Hongqi Jiang:

I make some key control of front page, like the search box, some block of click keys, map and so on. Then I learn to get the location of user to show in the map. There are many things I did not know before so I spend most of to search the code and some code can not use.

Ziying Zheng:

During the past seven days, I have learned part of wechat small program programming, how to use custom components and how to set the appearance of components, as well as the learning of page skipping. I also learned some ideas about vlog shooting and some editing techniques.

Zirui huang:

These seven days are probably the most difficult seven days in this semester. I'm really anxious and tired, so I was forced to watch the university of Fuzhou in the early morning (although I haven't seen it before). But finally, I tried my best to "finish" this semi-finished product, and I feel a little bit of sense of achievement, thanks to my reliable teammates over!  

6.Division of labor of team members and workload proportion in the whole stage

Membersdivisionworkload proportion
Huijuan MaMa: Front end designing, Backend database24%
Chenhao WuFront end designing, Backend database24%
Hongqi JiangFront end designing, Blog writing19%
Ziying ZhengFront end designing, Clip vlog17%
Zirui HuangArt and graphic design, Clip vlog16%

7. warehouse address

 GitHub Libraryhttps://github.com/bigheadOOOO/EE308-LAB6/tree/origin
vlog link关于多毛怪的观察日志_哔哩哔哩_bilibili


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