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  • My Introduction
  • My learning and life experiences
  • My skills and skills I prefer
  • About amount of code
  • Things I want to get and role I want to play in this course

My Introduction

I am an undergraduate student majoring in electronic information engineering at Fuzhou University. I am 21 years old, male and currently a junior student. I have been living in Fuzhou, Fujian for a long time.

My learning and life experiences

During the two years of study in Fuzhou University, I have learned a lot of theoretical knowledge about software and hardware. At the same time, I have a preliminary understanding of the basic laboratory equipment and can operate some basic instruments and equipment.

My skills and skills I prefer

  • Compiling the most basic code in c++ and Python
  • Using the arduino platform.
  • Basic use of MATLAB
  • Make best of search tool

Unfortunately, I didn't do more research and study in these areas, so I only mastered some basic techniques like above.
I am interested in modeling and hardware construction, and I hope to learn and master this knowledge.

About amount of code

My code quantity is relatively low, about thousands, and I hope it can reach tens of thousands after I complete the study and practice of this course.

Things I want to get and role I want to play in this course

I hope that in the course of study to the software engineering thinking and problem solving thinking we needed (not just the code itself more diligence study and learning), I think I will be in the course of harvesting valuable project practice experience and teamwork experience, in the process of team work to complete the project we will be more detailed understanding of the software development process of the project.
I want to play an ordinary team member in the team, because I think my professional skills and various abilities are not sufficient for the leadership position or the main team member of a certain part of the research and development

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