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Now I am a junior college student, my name id Hairuo Tan ,who likes watching movies and doing challenging things. I think I am a person with strong learning ability but little patience. I am not good at long-term learning, but I am enthusiastic and good at doing projects


My specific skills

In the study of programming, the first thing I learned basic usage of python, later learning the c language and c++, and at the same time also carried out some front-end programming study, so I think I have a certain breadth knowledge reserve, is the lack of depth, broad but not master, for me, rather than learning knowledge in the system, I'm better at learning from practice and project

python ;)

  • Know the basic syntax of python
  • Understand some basic python environment configuration
  • I have written python basic game projects
  • Applications such as data processing and crawlers have not been tried, I hope I can fully learn it through this study


c and c++

  • Know the basic syntax of c and c++,And understand its basic logic
  • Know how to use c++ for object programming
  • However, my learning of c and C ++ is limited to the course, which is relatively shallow and has not been applied in real projects. I hope I can fully learn its application through this study

Other Software Applications

  • Understand the basic use of vscode, can use it to write basic web pages
  • Know basic video editing, photo manipulation, know how to use pr and Photoshop


Application of hardware

I have used stm32 and openmv to develop and design cars with different tracking routes, and I know their basic programming methods. I also learned arduinio in the course and understand its basic usage

amount of code

The longest code I've ever written is about 250 lines of python code, and it's basically a little plane fight game, I hope that at the end of the software engineering course, I can complete the amount of code required by my division of labor in the team, and I can independently complete the code compilation of relatively small projects

Course requirements

In this course, I hope I can be familiar with project in the practical work of division of labor and cooperation, I hope I can be independent to complete tasks within the group, the ability to exercise their own code, to improve their ability of group cooperation, at the same time I also hope I can pass this project, can make up yourself in a database, in the aspects such as the lack of theoretical knowledge of a computer system, Learn more so you can use it in the workplace


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