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The Aim of This AssignmentSelf Introduction & Course Planning
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🌟Self Introduction

My name is XinTong Yu, a junior student of Maynooth International Engineering College, Fuzhou University. My major is Robotic intelligence and devices (RIDs). I have a wide range of interests, such as photography, Musical Instruments, travel and so on 😃. In my spare time, I often go outdoors to take photos 📸, or play the guitar, piano and so on to relax 🎶.I am also quite interested in what I have learned so far 😍. I hope that I can learn more and more professional knowledge in the future and engage in the career of software developer 🐵.



- C/C++
- Java
- Python
- Matlab
- Arduino

In the past two years of university study, I have learned many kinds of programming languages through courses such as operating system, algorithm and data structure, and engineering calculation and so on. Although I felt a little difficult at the beginning of the learning process, as time goes by, I know more and more about my major and love my major more and more💞 .The following is a drawing of the "Christmas tree" I wrote in C last Christmas🎄.



- Play piano and guitar
- Programming
- Develop software



Personally, I think my biggest defect is that I cannot complete the writing and development of a relatively complex program or software. This is what bothers me a lot 😢, and for more professional theoretical knowledge, my grasp is not very complete and deep.


🌟Coding Quantity

So far, based on my homework, experiments and exercises, I have written about 2000-2500 lines of code. But these lines of code are far from enough for a programmer. I expect that by the time I graduate, I will have written at least 5000-7000 lines of code 💻.


🌟Course Planning

As for the course learning plan, I think the most basic is to master the classroom knowledge, followed by in-depth learning. You can check websites, read books, etc. My expectation is to learn more and more programming knowledge, improve the efficiency of my code writing, and optimize my code and program. And lay a more solid foundation for future work😎.


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nice blog, and 👍




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