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Hello,guys.My name is Lin Yixuan. I am a student majoring in Robot intelligence from Maynooth College of Fuzhou University.

1.1 My Hobbies

First of all, I am a person who loves sports very much, especially playing basketball.But since the beginning of college life, I like to go to the gym to exercise.In addition, I will try a lot of online games in my spare time.


2.My Abilities

2.1 Software

· RStudio
· Arduino
· Unity3D

2.2 Languages

· C & C++ :FOR Hardware development, algorithm reproduction,Machine learning.
· Python : FOR Machine learning,deep learning, data analysis.
· Java :For class only
· C# : Game creation based on Unity3D.

2.3 Personal assessment

1.I am mainly good at Python, which is such an excellent and convenient language that I am interested in it and work hard to learn it.I'm familiar with the Pytorch framework,I have learned nump-y,opencv,pandas and several python libraries.I use neural network to complete a task of ancient Chinese classification, and its stability analysis.[Yixuan LIN, Ancient Character Image Classification Model Training, 05/2022, 2022 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, Image and Deep Learning (CVIDL 2022), No.: QU3QJFIBDC]
2.During the holiday, I joined Ruijie Network Company for internship.The main content is to use C++ language to hardware development,Complete automated multithreaded testing of respective devices using python scripts.
3.I've entered a lot of algorithmic contests, and that's what I'm interested in. Although I didn't have any results in the competition, I developed a habit of learning algorithm knowledge at a fixed time every day to complete the competition topics on leetcode.I don't think this is a waste of time, but it greatly improves my thinking ability, especially divergent thinking. I am used to analyzing a practical problem with various algorithms, then estimating the time complexity and space complexity, and completing the optimization.

2.4 Shortcomings

1.I lack basic database knowledge, and I am not good at web pages and background processing
2. My operating system knowledge is not perfect, limited to the command line of linux system, little knowledge of the underlying.

3. Coding Quantity

I rarely count the number of lines of code, but my estimate is 10,000 lines.After this course, I hope the amount of code can reach 15,000 lines, and I can practice the complete project composition.

4. Course Planning

In this course, I want to be a developer and learn how to think about practical problems, come up with solutions, and then optimize the project.I also want to learn teamwork. How to develop and communicate effectively with my teammates

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