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The Aim of This AssignmentSelf-introduction
MU STU ID and FZU STU ID20124263_832002230


(1) Self Introduction

  • My name is Ruan Zheji, a third-year student who major in robotics and intelligent device system in MIEC.
  • Up to now, I have learned professional knowledge of analog electricity, signal processing, automatic control, algorithm and data structure, etc.
  • In my free time, I like playing video game or playing badminton. Also, I like watching some videos about technology on the Internet and making a small website page by myself.



(2) My skills

    I have studied basic hardware knowledge,programming languages such as Java, C, C++ and python. However, I am not proficient in the above programming languages, so I can only solve some simple problems, such as collecting information about a website with python, writing a small game with java and so on. As for the knowledge of artificial intelligence and so on, it is quite difficult for me to learn, so I haven't learned it yet.


(3) The amount of code you typed so far and the amount of code you hope to achieve after the course comes to an end.

    At present, I write about 5000 lines of code, and I hope to reach 15000 lines after the course.


(4) What you want to get in this course and Which role you want to play in this course?

   Through the study of this course, I hope to improve the efficiency of coding and reduce the error rate of coding. Besides, I hope to learn some front-end or Android knowledge by myself to cultivate my ability to complete a complete project. What's more, I hope to Have a personal understanding of software engineering and apply the ideas of software engineering to practice. In the end, I hpoe to develop good teamwork skills, to learn to adapt to the differences of everyone in the whole team, and to develop a sense of teamwork.

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