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  • 1 . PSP Form
  • 2 . Learning Process Bar
  • 3 . Programming Thinking and Key Functions
  • - 3.1 Programming Thinking
  • - 3.2 Key and difficult functions
  • 4 . Three major revenue events.
  • - 4.1 Thoughts on the implementation logic of Bo Bing program.
  • - 4.2 Writing key parts of the code.
  • - 4.3 Understanding of view layer and learning JS language to finish UI interface
  • 5 . The Pair Programming Photos & Experience
  • - 5.1 Pair Programming Experience
  • - 5.2 Pair Programming Photos
  • 6 . Final results
  • 7 . Commit History
  • Summary

1 . PSP Form

Personal Software Process StageEstimated Time/minutesActual Time/minutes
Design Spec--
Design Review--
Coding Standard120180
Code Review Planning180180
Test Report2020
Size Measurement1010
Postmortem&Process Improvement3030

2 . Learning Process Bar

DayNew Code
Cumulative code
Learning time this week
Total Learning time
15455456.06.0Have a preliminary understanding and understanding
of the experimentand begin to write the code
267512207.513.5Learned adapted page buttons and designed them
388021001124.5Write key parts of the function code
432024204.529.0Improve the code of all parts of the applet to ensure the
normal implementation of all functions of the applet
559330136.535.5Refine the code for the functional part of the applet and beautify the page
619432073.036.5Test and debug the code and complete the last step: Publish the applet

3 . Programming Thinking and Key Functions

- 3.1 Programming Thinking

  Since it is the first time for both of our teams to create a fully functional software, after reviewing a lot of information on this topic, we feel that without basic knowledge, it is difficult for us to achieve a complete front-end and back-end software within a week. We learned that the WeChat applet development framework is relatively easy to get started, so we decided to use the WeChat applet developer tool as the development tool.
  First of all, we started to follow the teaching videos on the learning website to learn the use of wechat development tools and the code specifications and grammar styles of different files, and gradually completed the front-end page through continuous experiments and exploration. (In the process, I asked myself for the umpteenth time "Are we too stupid? Why is it so difficult?" 😭😭😭 )
  Then, the endless pain began. 💔For the backend database interface and data store construction, we used open source templates in POSCMS. To be honest, due to time constraints, we were unable to master the backend development and could only implement some basic functions. We will continue to refine and improve these features over time.💪
  During the experiment to improve the function of the mini program, we encountered the following difficulties:
  1.Dice rotation ,judgment of results and recording of Bobing results.
  2.Value transfer between pages.
  3.Adaptation of page button positions, button function jumping;

- 3.2 Key and difficult functions

  • ①Award level based on dice results —— “random" function
    Because the final result of Bobing will generate a lot of awards, which leads to the complexity of Bobing's rules and the confusion of coding logic. In the process of sorting out the logic rules step by step, we will continue to modify, experiment and modify. We will show some code here.
if (four === 1 && one + two + three + four + five + six != 21 && one < 4 && two < 4 && three < 4 && five < 4 && six < 4) {"一秀")          
    if (four === 2 && one < 4 && two < 4 && three < 4 && five < 4 && six < 4) {"二举")          
    if (four === 3) {"三红")
    if (two === 4 || three === 4 || one === 4 || five === 4 || six === 4) {"四进")
    if (one == 1 && two == 2 && three == 1 && four == 2 && five == 1 && six == 2) {"对堂")
    if (four === 4 && one !== 2) {"状元")
    if (five == 5 || three == 5 || two == 5 || one == 5 || six == 5) {"五子登科")
    if (four == 5) {"五红")
    if (six == 6 || five == 6 || three == 6 || two == 6) {"六杯黑")
    if (one == 6) {"遍地锦")
    if (four == 6) {"六杯红")
    if (four == 4 && one == 2) {"金花")
    if (four == 0 && one < 4 && two < 4 && four < 4 && five < 4 && six < 4 && three < 4) {"谢谢参与")

onLoad: function (options) {
      a = Math.floor(Math.random() * 6) + 1,
      b = Math.floor(Math.random() * 6) + 1,
      c = Math.floor(Math.random() * 6) + 1,
      d = Math.floor(Math.random() * 6) + 1,
      e = Math.floor(Math.random() * 6) + 1,
      f = Math.floor(Math.random() * 6) + 1;
}//    使用简单的自带函数即可,注意应该在onLoad(){}中写这段代码,使得载入本页面

  • ②Realize multiplayer pancake game in traditional form —— "random1" function.
    On the basis of equation 1, we can achieve single person multiple times of pancakes and carry out results statistics and awards.
    However, if we want to achieve multi person and multi time forum,we need additional functions to count the forum results and issue rewards. This is not easy for us."random1" is used to realize this complex function.
reload() {
    var bobing = this.Def_bobing();//计算博饼大小的函数,逻辑和function一样
    this.judge(, bobing)//这个函数用来判断
    if (this.sumbing() != 0) {
      // 玩家更替的逻辑
      if ( < {
        var temp = + 1
          Gamernum: temp,
      } else {
          Gamernum : 1
    } else {//将得到的结果储存在本地gamerarr系列的数组 = this.bingNum(利用bingNum()统计每个人收获的饼 = this.bingNum( = this.bingNum( = this.bingNum( = this.bingNum( = this.bingNum(
        score1 : this.bingNum(,
        score2 : this.bingNum(,
        score3 : this.bingNum(,
        score4 : this.bingNum(,
        score5 : this.bingNum(,
        score6 : this.bingNum(,
        recode: false
      url: '../index/index',
   * 生命周期函数--监听页面加载
  onLoad: function (options) {
      Gamernumc: app.globalData.People,

  • ③Realize multiplayer pancake game in traditional form —— "random1" function.
      The other is some page image adaptation and action jumping, need to think about the logic is relatively small but because of the first time to use the WeChat mini program development framework, in the code specification we still spent a lot of time constantly debuging, and constantly improve.

4 . Three major revenue events.

- 4.1 Thoughts on the implementation logic of Bo Bing program.

  • How to generate random numbers.
  • Where to store after generation.
  • How to call after saving.
  • How does it correspond to the same map .
  • How to make the map appear in the same position .
  • How to judge the result by six random numbers .
  • How to record the information of each player .
  • How to push information to players .
  • How to test the main function of Bo Boing .

I think that after completing the logic understanding of this small program, my logic understanding ability has been greatly improved.

- 4.2 Writing key parts of the code.

 The most critical part of the Bobing mini-program is determining the player's winning result based on the number of dice .. In this section, we need to determine the number of dice, of which there are six, and the total number of dice, which adds another layer of difficulty to our coding. This is the most logical and complex part of the code. It was hard, but we did it .. When this part of the code is done, we'll have a lot to learn.

- 4.3 Understanding of view layer and learning JS language to finish UI interface

 The previous week, we handled the UI page.Our page design is beautiful enough, but it is also very complex. Therefore, this week it affects our page coding accordingly, bringing us some difficulties.
 In order to complete the UI page we designed, we need to have a good understanding of view layers, and we need to be more proficient in the JS language. For this reason, we have been striving to improve our logic understanding, view understanding, and JS language programming capabilities since the beginning of the experiment; We have paid a lot of effort and effort, and similarly, we have gained a lot.

5 . The Pair Programming Photos & Experience

- 5.1 Pair Programming Experience

 This experiment made me realize that writing software alone is a very difficult task. I think every software on the market today has a strong R&D team behind it, which shows the importance of teamwork. This pairing exercise made me realize that working and learning together can be more productive, while the collision of thoughts and ideas can make everyone on our team make faster progress.😜
 We didn't do pair programming for the first two weeks, and after last week, we have some experience with pair programming. This week's programming task was more difficult and complex than last week's, giving us a special experience, and we were better able to divide the parts that needed to be done individually and the parts that needed to be done together. We were also able to better respect each other's ideas in the face of arguments and not let them take up a lot of time. We were able to
better control and plan our work
, which made it easier for us to complete our programming tasks more efficiently and with greater completion.🙂

- 5.2 Pair Programming Photos


6 . Final results

7 . Commit History



 Through this experiment, I learned that if you want to develop a piece of software, from the initial concept to the main design, from the logical implementation of the function to the construction of the code, plus the final testing and performance optimization, each step will take a lot of time. Communication and collaboration with partners can make things easier to get done. In this experiment, we achieved all the functions expected in the prototype design, but in order to be beautiful and smooth, we had to compromise: give up some image and functional perfection. In addition, due to the limitation of time and ability in the experiment, we have not further improved some functions and there are shortcomings. I hope to further explore and improve these abilities in the following research. At the same time, we hope that in the future, we can develop more interesting and more complete mini-program.😇

That's all,thanks for broswing!🌺


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