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Leader's Blog (please click here)

1 Team Gathering

1.1 Introduction of Team Members

  • Hanlin Cai (Leader)

    Division of labor: Project Manager (PM)

    Skill: Outstanding organizing ability, UI Design, Front-End

    Expected role: PM, Person of Defense

    One Sentence Declaration: As much as I train the machine to be like human, I am trained to be like machine.

  • Zheng Li

    Division of labor: Backend development

    Skill: Backend development related technologies

    One Sentence Declaration: Keep smiling, keep going.

  • Jiaqi Hu

    Division of labor: Backend development

    Skill: JavaWeb, and other backend development related technologies

    One Sentence Declaration: Smile and did not fade the original intention, will be more bright than yesterday.

  • Zhijun Zhao

    Division of labor: Frontend development

    Skill: nodejs

    One Sentence Declaration: I will work until I die.

  • Yinheng Lin

    Division of labor: Frontend development

    Skill: Prototype design, front-end development

  • Shuying Liu

    Division of labor: Editor

    Skill: Various types of diagrams, file editing

    One Sentence Declaration: If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.

  • Youlin Feng

    Division of labor: Publicity and Distribution

    Skill: PPT production and beautification

    One Sentence Declaration: Let's go Lakers!

  • Shipei Zhang

    Diversion of labour: Backend development

    Skill: Database establishment and data collection

    Expected role: Test engineer

    One Sentence Declaration: Just do it!

  • Jingjie Yu

    Skill: Backend development, file editing and video production

    Expected role: Document editor

    One Sentence Declaration: It is better to retreat and make a net than to admire fish at the source.

1.2 Team Characteristics

  1. Seven of us ranked in the top 10 in our majors (Automation, 2020)
  2. Our previous work has won one national award, one provincial award and published one IEEE conference paper (can be found here).
  3. The most important is, we have meet each other for a looooog time. We believe in each other, and we love each other.

Btw, our Team mainly adopts the team mode of Feature Team. For different functions and projects, we may have different division of labor.

1.3 Our team logo (FZU-MIECer)

1.4 Group Photo

2 Start Action

2.1 Project Introduction (项目介绍)

Our project aims to establish an intelligent IoT garbage management system for urban communities——Garbage Manager.


2.2 Individual Contribution Points

Our individual contribution points are judged by the degree of completion of each person's assigned task. Each person's assigned task is determined by the team leader according to each person's own level, and the percentage of the task in the project is determined by the team leader and team members after discussion.

After that, if the member does not complete the task, the performance evaluation is made by the completed degree, based on the original task share of 90%, and if the member completes the task, the performance evaluation of the original task share is obtained. If the member over-completes the task, the performance evaluation is made on the basis of the original task share of 110%. Finally, the percentage is adjusted to ensure that ΣContribution ratio of each person=total number of people × 100%.

2.3 Contribution Proportion

It is forbidden to make the same score. If there is no evaluation, the team leader's score will be reduced by 50% after the average of the whole group.

NameTask ContentsProportion
Hanlin Cai (Leader)General mind map, burnout map, and defense110%
Zheng LiBack end section100%
Jiaqi HuBack end section amd UML diagrams110%
Zhijun ZhaoFront end part100%
Yinheng LinPrototype of model and UML diagrams100%
Shipei ZhangBack end section90%
Youlin FengPPT and video100%
Shuying LiuBack end section and blog, SRS writing100%
Jingjie YuBack end section, SRS writing90%
Total9 members in our team900% in total

3 Drip Record

3.1 Mind Map and Burnout Map

Persons in charge: Hanlin Cai and Zheng Li

3.1.1 Mind Map

3.1.2 Burnout Map

3.2 UML

3.2.1 Data collection

Persons in charge: Jiaqi Hu, Zheng Li, Hanlin Cai

Description: The data collection part is mainly done by the back-end code of the hardware device installed on the bin, which monitors the capacity in the bin and saves the correct data in the database.

State char Diagram:
Swim Lane Diagram:

3.2.2 User Management

Persons in charge: Zheng Li, Jingjie Yu

Description: The user management part realizes different interfaces and corresponding functions for different groups of people, i.e. normal users and administrators, through different login methods.

Activity Diagram:
State char Diagram:
Use Case Diagram:

3.2.3 Data Processing

Persons in charge: Jiaqi Hu, Shipei Zhang, Shuying Liu


  • Build and debug JavaWEB, database and related server parts of the garbage monitoring system
  • Problems faced by this part: Need to consider the architecture of the database and server side comprehensively, and how to cooperate with the front end to effectively display the data

Problems faced by this part:

  • Need to consider the architecture of the database and server side comprehensively, and how to cooperate with the front end to effectively display the data

Problems solved:

  • Two Aliyun servers is applied to solve the communication problem between the IOT part and the javaweb part
  • swagger API document is applied to solve communication test problem between front and back ends
Entity Relationship Diagram:
Swim Lane Diagram:

3.2.4 Visualization

Persons in charge: Zhijun Zhao, Yinheng Lin, Hanlin Cai

Description: The visualization part is the presentation of the back-end part to users and administrators in the form of an easy-to-operate web page.

Use Case Diagram:

3.3 Learning Progress Bar

Week NNew Code(line)Cumulative code(line)Time spent on learning this week (hours)Cumulative time spent on learning (hours)Important growth
Week15005001212Confirm the peoject topic and prepare the proposal report. Familiar with python, java and javascript.
Week2150020002739Finish the SRS report, defense slides and the demo video. Start the Back-end and front-end development.

3.4 Experience

3.4.1 Selection of UML design tools, reasons for selection and evaluation of tools after use.

The UML tool chosen by our group is ProcessOn

The main reason for choosing it is that it is free and has some UML diagram templates that are easier for first time users to get started as well as convenient. And many people think it has a simple interface, convenient functions, easy to operate, and can also invite collaboration, which facilitates communication and exchange between teams.

3.4.2 Difficulties encountered in this task and solutions

Difficulties encountered:
  1. We didn't know much about UML diagrams before, and we rarely tried to document the process without being required to do so.
  2. Most of us have no team development experience and have not used teamwork tools, such as Shimo Document, Github Teams.
Relevant solution:
  1. After querying and learning various types of UML diagrams, the UML diagram is drawn.
  2. We held two offline meetings to update our progress and we have opened the online channel for efficient team collaboration.

4 Video Clip (演示视频)

The demo video for our project can be found here: Demo video for IoT Garbage Manager (Group 05)


5 Our previous works

The following are the achievements of our previous work since March 2022. And we will continue to improve our IoT system during this EE308FZ group project.

Our latest IEEE paper published in CENIM 2022 can be found here.

The oral presentation given in the IEEE CENIM conference can be accessed here.

5.1 Honors and Awards of our previous works

Dec 2022: Our paper: An IoT Garbage Monitoring System for Effective Garbage Management, have been published in IEEE CENIM 2022.

Oct 2022: Maynooth International Engineering College Best Student Project in Academic Year 2021/2022 (Top 8%, Only One Team in our major).

Aug 2022: Third Prize (Top 5%, Only One Team at Fuzhou University) in China National College Student Computer Design Competition.

June 2022: Second Prize (Top 10%) in Fujian College Student Computer Design Competition.

6 Acknowledgements

First and foremost, we gratefully acknowledge our lecturer Mr. Lin for his generous guidance and support during this work. And we would like to thank Dr. Chin-Hong Wong and Dr. Zhicong Chen for their constructive suggestions.

Also, none of this work would have been possible without the support of the Key Laboratory of Industrial Automation Control Technology and Information Processing, Fuzhou University, China.

Lastly, thanks to our team members. We believe in, support and love each other.

This blog is written by Shuying Liu, and edited by Hanlin Cai.

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