06 Group - Sprint log 1

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1.The progress of this sprint

MemberCompleted TasksDuration of the tasksProblem EncounteredHow to Solution
Xie SiyanUI optimization and task allocation8hSome mistakes in UI displaysDiscuss with other front-end developers
Wu JiayiUI optimization and testing7hHow to design a user-friendly interfaceSolving by referring to the UI designed by others
Chen KejingDetermine the back-end development framework9hCodes' logic is incorrectSearch on csdn for a better logical solution
Yu XintongComunicate and Try to writing front-end code8hSome ideas are difficult to implementfind some solution in internet
Wu chenjieComunicate and Try to writing front-end code8hDon't know how to implement some functionsAsk back-end members and find information on the Internet and csdn
Wang SiyiCommunicate with back-end personnel to schedule for these two days8hSome function are difficult to implementfind some solution in internet
Xie ShuhuiTry to writing front-end code9hthere are many bugsFinding some solution in internet and discuss with front-end member

2.record of the stand-up meeting

a. Meeting content

At this sprint meeting, we clarified our initial task division and discussed the task progress in the first stage. The members of different task groups will conduct a phased docking discussion to jointly solve logical problems.

b. Meeting process



3.Progress of the development

a. Github


b. Screenshots


c. Progress

This week, we determined the implementation idea of the basic framework of network appearance and function, and got the basic idea of how to design a user-friendly interface, and started to make the framework. All task groups have done a good job of docking.

d. Burndown Chart


4. Contribution table

MemberContributionContribution degree
Xie SiyanUI design, defense,presentation,PPTmaking100
Wu JiayiUI design, PPTmaking, defense preperation100
Chen KejingBack-end writing, blog writing100
Wu ChenjieBack-end writing, blog writing100
Yu XintongBack-end writing, blog writing100
Wang SiyiFront-end writing, vedio makinng100
Xie ShuhuiBack-end writing, blog writing100

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