07 Group-Sprint Summary

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1. Brief Introduction

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2. Sprint Summary

2.1 Sprint Plan

Sprint plan

2.2 Sprint Log Collection

DateLog LinkCompleted workload(%)Remaining workload(%)Proportion of total amount(%)



3. Project Expectation

Before the mid-term defense of our project, the overall project structure, project preparation and completion of our team were very high. Before the alpha test, our team hoped to make some functions more specific and realized on the basis of the previous work. For example, let's take our original ai interface for model deployment and turn it into an interface that is available to the public, instead of just executing locally.

The main tasks are shown below.

  • Optimize the front-end interface, make the interface more concise and clear
  • Improve backend logic and fix bugs
  • Update ai models and model deployment

4. Actual Progress

  • Login

    The user authenticates by registering a new account and password, and the database encrypts the user password using the encryption method of md5.

  • token validation

    Each operation of the user will register the user token value in the database redis middleware. When the user does not operate for a period of time or the user logs out, the token will expire, so that the functions in the software cannot be used

  • Artificial intelligence

    On the basis of garbage classification, our group added artificial intelligence to realize voice input and output the results of garbage classification. It is convenient for users to query garbage classification results quickly and accurately, and helps them develop the habit of garbage classification

  • Deploying the project

    Our team deployed the backend of the project on a private server, and implemented the design of preventing ddos attacks and basic sql injection prevention. The project uses docker to manage multiple ports and microservices, so as to facilitate subsequent updates and bug fixes

5. Process Experience

  • WenTaoLin (Leader)

    In this project, I was responsible for the implementation of the front-end interface of the project and the docking of the interface. After this group cooperation, I knew nothing at the beginning, gradually learned flutter, gradually improved the ui diagram, and realized the docking of the front-end and back-end interfaces. Use the method of soft engineering and team members to improve a project, experience a complete process in the development process.

  • Wenyong Lian

    As a member of this project, I was responsible for writing the backend code. In the process of implementing specific functions, it is necessary to ensure the safety of users and the availability of functions. Therefore, I refer to the use of some middleware and add it to the project. If I can continue to optimize and have the ability, I want to implement a distributed architecture to achieve fault tolerance and high availability of the overall system.

  • Rongpei Cai

    As the ui engineer of this project, I referred to many mobile apps in the process of drawing ui diagram, and tried the overall color scheme of the project. In the ui diagram drawing, need to be careful and accurate. I also learned and understood the overall trend of garbage classification in the current society, and also had a certain understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of other products on the market. On this basis, I highlighted the advantages of our products through layout.

  • Yi Lu

    I am in charge of the ai part of this project, and our team hopes to integrate ai into the product to make the product better serve users. I learned the deployment method of ai model, understood the current papers of ai model in garbage classification, and adjusted the parameters of this model based on the papers to achieve the accuracy of model prediction. For garbage classification in the general environment, we believe that it is necessary to add artificial intelligence to assist.

  • RunJie Zhou

    As the product manager of this team, I was responsible for integrating the opinions of team members and marking the problems existing in the code of the team to remind the code staff to modify. After the team members completed a module, I tested it as soon as possible. I realize that it is not easy to coordinate the overall project progress as a person, and the importance of the course of soft engineering

6. Division of Labor and Workload Ratio

NameTask ContentsProportion
Wentao Lin (Leader)Front-end engineer21%
Wenyong LianBack end section20%
Rongpei Caiui20%
Yi LuAI20%
RunJie ZhouProduct Manager19%

Code warehouse address : Github Repo

PPT link address : Slides

Video Link address:Slides

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